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Mean Girls iconic maths question was wrong reveals expert

A maths expert has revealed that the Mean Girls equation that led to Lindsay Lohan’s iconic “the limit does not exist” answer was in...

Tom Hiddleston reads maths equations on BBC Radio 1 garners over 3 million hits

Playing the title trickster in the series, Hiddleston is also known for his soothing voice and charming way with words. It's no wonder then...

Maths expert's temperature trick is a must for anyone going on holiday

"But it involves some pretty nasty numbers." The brainbox, who goes by @tomrocksmaths on Twitter, adds: "So what we are going to do instead is come up...

Three tricky primary school maths questions that leave adults scratching their heads

And the third and final problem involves another picture. The picture features different pieces of fruit and sums and asks people to work out how...

Schoolgirl spots glaring blunder in maths homework and responds with brutal reply

The response was shared on Reddit and has subsequently been shared widely across the internet. Myrah was asked to write an equation for six scenarios, a...

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