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Davina McCall deletes blistering post slamming Princess Diana statue ‘It feels stiff’

Still, Lorraine was less than impressed as she added: “I just don’t think it does her justice.

“I know there was good intentions [behind it],” she said before she was cut off by Mr Myers.

He said: “Are any modern statues any good? That’s the issue. It’s from her later years. They wanted to represent the time she was more confident in her humanitarian work. Whether they have achieved that is a matter to debate.”

While Lorraine may not be a fan of the statue, she admitted: “I don’t know, I know the outfit, that was on a Christmas card wasn’t it, well that’s where they think it came from.”

Author: Daniel Bird
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Davina McCall speaks out on 'awkwardness' of living with ex husband after split

The presenter eventually moved out and rented a place, which was the beginning of her “new phase”.

“I thought, ‘OK, we can look forward now.’ It was transformative.

“Since then, I’ve really tried to simplify my life and scale it down, which has been a very positive thing.”

Back in 2017, Davina posted on Instagram some cryptic messages before confirming her split with Matthew, admitting she had “made many mistakes” in her life but their children will always be their “number one priority”.

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