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New York Weather: CBS2’s 10/24 Sunday Morning Forecast

By Matt DeLucia, CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Morning! Skies cleared out overnight and we’re waking up to a true fall chill out there! Temps range from the upper 40s in the city to the mid 30s in some of the outlying suburbs. Grab those coats if you’re headed out.

Expect a decent fall day to wrap up the weekend with more sunshine than yesterday. After a mostly sunny morning, clouds will gradually filter in through the afternoon and evening. It stays dry for any outdoor activities, though. Highs will be in the upper 50s and low 60s.

A warm front associated with our next system moves through tonight, bringing a round of rain for the city and especially points north. By sunrise Monday, much of the wet weather will have pushed out of our area. We’ll be in the “warm sector” to start the work week. That means a mix of sun and clouds with a brief surge of warmth! Temps will climb into the 70s for many, especially to the south and west.

It’s short lived however, as the low and associated cold front approach and move through Monday night into Tuesday. We’re looking at a pretty good soaking with temps back down into the upper 50s. Showers likely linger into Wednesday with another system possible late in the week.

Enjoy today before an unsettled stretch takes hold. Have a good one!

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Best ways to cure a hangover – 4 things to do before bed and in the morning


After you drink alcohol your body is dehydrated so it produces hormones that make your kidney hold on to water.

This increases your blood pressure and can give you a headache, one of the worst symptoms of a hangover.

The TikToker explained: “Your liver is also actively trying to break down the alcohol from last night, creating chemicals called thromboxanes in the process.

“It’s this increase in thromboxanes that leads to flu-like symptoms like nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

“When you drink alcohol you also get dehydrated and lose electrolytes which can lead to a headache in the morning.”

To solve this problem, Octavian recommends drinking plenty of water with salt or electrolytes before, during and after the party to rehydrate and prevent or stop a headache.

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James Martin confirms further delay for new episodes of Saturday Morning as he takes break

James Martin has been fronting the hit show Saturday Morning on ITV since 2017. However, the star recently confirmed a break from filming the series for the summer.

As a result, viewers tuning in on Saturday mornings have been finding themselves watching repeats.

The presenter recently took to Twitter to apologise for this as well as share when they’ll be coming back.

This comes after earlier this morning, one of his fans messaged him asking him the question.

They penned: “So, we are watching your Saturday Kitchen thinking it’s live…

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Earlier this year, the television chef was inundated with support as he announced the show’s break.

He posted about the news in view of his 642,000 followers on Instagram back in June.

James wrote: “Thanks for watching the Saturday show to all of you! It was a hard task to stay on air but let’s hope when we get back in a few weeks we see some normality.

“Record ratings this season so thanks again!

“I will, as always, continue to push the amazing places to eat and stunning suppliers this country has to offer…mega exciting stuff on the horizon so off to crack on, big love.”

Author: Fay Watson
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Daily morning showers may ‘do more harm than good’ – expert issues health warning

There are a woefully slim number of activities in life that require little exertion or thought yet provide health benefits. Showering is one of those anomalies. Your morning shower can sooth stress levels, supply you with energy and wash away nasty toxins from the night. However, daily showering is not an entirely benign activity.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Cheryl Lythgoe, Matron at Benenden Health, explained: “After a great night’s sleep, the first thought for many is to wake up with the morning ritual of a shower.

“Whilst this is great for reviving us and managing the bodies accumulated odours, it can actually cause more harm than good.”

According to Lythgoe, the issue lies in disrupting a delicate balance in the body that helps support a healthy skin structure.

“Maintaining a healthy skin structure is dependent upon the normal oils the body produces and the gentle balance of the good bacteria and microorganisms.”

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As she explained, daily showers, especially in hot water, can disrupt the body’s way of maintaining healthy skin as well as causing dry, irritated and itchy skin.

“Dry skin has a greater chance of offering lower protection against infection and allergens with bacteria breaching the barriers.”

Excessive cleaning different areas of the body also exacerbates the problem, Lythgoe warned.

She explained: “In our germaphobe lifestyle we are using antibacterial products that, again, disrupt all types of bacteria including those that are healthy for our skin.”

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“The results of this are that our immune systems are less effective at managing not only the bad bacteria, but the good too.”

So, what does Lythgoe recommend?

“Therefore – step away from your daily shower ritual, just wash those important areas and allow your healthy bugs and beasties to flourish.”

It is not an exact science but generally showering less frequently than every day may confer health benefits.

“While there is no ideal frequency, experts suggest that showering several times per week is plenty for most people (unless you are grimy, sweaty, or have other reasons to shower more often),” explains Harvard Health.

According to the health body, short showers (lasting three or four minutes) with a focus on the armpits and groin may suffice.

Skipping a daily shower may be inconceivable but “if you’re doing it for your health, it may be a habit worth breaking,” it adds.

Another daily ritual that may present hidden health risks is eating lunch at your desk.

“When our days are busy, we’re feeling lazy, or we just want to catch up with our desk neighbours, many people opt to eat their lunch at their workstation,” noted Lythgoe.

However, as she explained, our desks and workstations tend to have 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, with keyboards alone having 70 percent more bacteria than a toilet seat.

“We also must consider the impact that our mindless eating is having on our long-term health with increased risks of diabetes and heart disease,” warned Lythgoe.

Instead, “aim to move away from your desk when having a meal and concentrate on the meal in front of you – enjoy the taste, texture and colours of your food,” she advised.

“If you aren’t able to move away from your desk then clean it with a detergent wipe prior to eating, pop a serviette down and make sure you remember to clean after your meal as well – no one wants to be on IT’s hit list for a couscous-ridden keyboard.”

Author: Adam Chapman
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Ben Shephard health: Good Morning Britain host in hospital following injury – symptoms

Sharing a video of himself from the hospital bed, Ben Shephard told fellow hosts of Good Morning Britain that following surgery, “the painkillers appear to be doing the job”. Aware that he has a “long, slow” recovery period ahead of him, Ben must prepare for the possibility that his knee may never be the same again. The NHS warned: “Your knee may not be exactly like it was before the injury, and you may still have some pain and swelling.”

People who experience an ACL injury have a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis in the knee.

Reduce your risk of an ACL injury

Strengthen your core, including hips, pelvis and lower abdomen, and avoid moving the knee inward during a squat.

Also perform exercises that strengthen the leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings.

It will also be helpful to emphasise “proper technique” during sports training.

As well as tearing his ACL, Ben also tore his meniscus – a piece of cartilage in the knee that cushions and stabilises the joint.

This can be a “painful and debilitating” injury, noted WebMD, that is common in contact sports, such as football.

A meniscus injury typically occurs when a person suddenly changes direction while running – and it’s common to coincide with an ACL injury.

Symptom of a meniscus tear include:

  • Pain in the knee
  • Swelling
  • A popping sensation during the injury
  • Difficulty bending and straightening the leg
  • A tendency for your knee to get “stuck” or lock up.

To speed up the recovery process, it’ll be helpful to rest, ice, and elevate the knee.

Anti-inflammatory painkillers are recommended, which will help with the pain and swelling.

It’s important to avoid “impact activities” during the recovery process, such as running and jumping.

However, if the tear is large, unstable, or causing locking symptom, surgery might be required.

Author: Chanel Georgina
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