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'Marbella is extremely safe' Mummy Marbella desperate for return of UK holidaymakers

The British Government has warned travel abroad will likely remain restricted until the end of June to ensure the UK avoids returning holidaymakers import new strains of the coronavirus. The travel and hospitality industries took several blows because of the pandemic and representatives have been urging the British Government to allow tourists to move to and from safer areas to give the sectors a boost. Lisa Hodgkins, the owner of a bar in Marbella, southern Spain[1], told Good Morning Britain: “Marbella is extremely safe.
“Obviously, we have restrictions in place, the same as the UK but Spain, particularly Marbella, we need the Brits. We don’t survive without the Brits.

“I fully understand the UK economy but also you have the aviation industry which is also part of the UK economy.

“Those flights need to be landed at Malaga airport as soon as possible because we’re ready for you.

“We’re also very much about outside dining, outside drinking which is really safe, much safer than being inside. It’s beautiful here, why not come?”

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Spain has recently seen a resurgence of new coronavirus infections but borders have remained open to tourists travelling from other European Union countries.

Residents have lamented the arrival of international tourists while locals still face heavy restrictions to their daily lives because of the pandemic.

Reporter Maria Llull told Newscast businesses have been glad to see tourists from Germany prop up the sector but admitted there are concerns about new Covid clusters emerging.

Ms Llull said: “They are excited because we need German money.

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The managing director for Tui UK and Ireland, Andrew Flintham, said there was still time before the summer season for European countries to get coronavirus cases under control again.

Asked on BBC Breakfast on Monday what the most likely destinations will be when foreign travel resumes, he said: “Cyprus have come out and been very positive, Greece and Turkey have come out and been very positive, and Spain again.

“So I think all these European countries, whilst to a degree they are struggling with their rates at the moment, we are still a significant period away from the summer season properly opening up, we are probably 11 weeks away.

“The world has been changing on a weekly basis, never mind an 11-weekly basis.

“So we are still positive about those destinations. We are also positive that the Caribbean and some of those destinations will open up.”