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‘Why would that be a bad thing?’ Djokovic vows to keep talking tennis politics as champ responds to Nadal’s claim he is ‘obsessed’

Serbian tennis great Novak Djokovic has reacted to comments from rival Rafael Nadal about his “obsession” with winning Grand Slams and setting new records, countering that he has never had problems with “verbalizing” his targets.

The world number one said that he doesn’t think he is obsessed with anything in life, adding that he feels only “passion and huge desire” to conquer new heights in tennis.

Of course, I want to win more Slams, yes,” world number three Nadal told Metro. “No doubt about that. But I never get – I mean, Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused,” 

Not in a negative way. No, he’s more focused on just these things and it means a lot to him, all of this stuff. He’s always saying and talking about these records, and well done for him. But it’s not my approach to my tennis career.”

Responding to the comments made by his rival, the 18-time Grand Slam winner said that he sees nothing bad in expressing the ambitions he sets for himself.

“I do not know why would that be a bad thing – not just in terms of records, but anything: politics in tennis, for instance,” Djokovic said during a press conference in Belgrade before the start of the Serbia Open.

I am going towards achieving my goals and I have never had a problem verbalizing it. Maybe someone cannot say something and then stick to it, but I never found it hard to say: ‘I want to break that record or reach a certain goal.’

I cannot speak on [Nadal’s] behalf – I do not know the way he thinks, but it is his right to voice an opinion, how he sees me in regards to records and so on.

“Personally, I do not feel that I am obsessed with anything in life; what I feel is passion and huge desire.”

The 33-year-old all-time great clinched his latest Grand Slam in February, defeating Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Australian Open.

Last month, he set a new ATP record for the most weeks as world number one, surpassing Swiss superstar Roger Federer’s total.
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