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Willie & Korie Robertson Admit They’ve ‘Felt Nervous’ For Their Biracial Son In New Show

‘Duck Dynasty’ stars Willie and Korie Robertson have opened up about raising a biracial son while tackling racism in their new Facebook Watch show.

Duck Dynasty[1]‘s Willie Robertson[2] and Korie Robertson are tackling the big topics in their upcoming Facebook Watch series, At Home with the Robertsons, which premieres on April 5. In the first episode, Love and Hip Hop stars Yandy and Mendeecees Harris will sit down with the pair for a discussion about racism and growing up Black in America. During an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, the couple revealed why they wanted to have such an “important” conversation on their new show. “They [Yandy and Mendeecees] had such a special warmth about them and they came from such a different place than I had, growing up in Harlem,” Korie explained.

“They were able to give some advice from their perspective [to son, Will] so it was really interesting having that conversation with them. I think we need to take that into account that a lot of us grew up differently, whether we grew up really urban, or like us in the country and it’s different, yes it’s a big country, but there’s people that have grown up a lot differently.” The couple[3], who adopted a biracial son “Little Will” when he was just five weeks old, said they “felt nervous” for him at times.

“I think it’s really important to have this conversation, to listen … and hopefully bring people along to the conversation.” Willie then chimed in, “We have a bi-racial son and we’ve felt nervous for him, and they could feel that, as well. And so hopefully just the nature of the show itself, you know, that we can help put this racism away and so that was a great conversation. It’s tough, it’s a tough topic but it’s kind of where we are, right? It’s where we are in America, it’s what a lot of people are talking about which is the nature of the show.”

Each episode is set to feature celebrity guests who will sit down for open conversations, to find common ground on culturally dividing topics. “What got us interested in doing a show like this is really because of all the division and fighting that’s going on in America,” the father-of-five[4] told HL. “It just seemed like a little way to help that out and bring people together to actually talk, and not just talk at each other and screaming on social media.”

Korie added, “I think a big family like ours is the perfect one to do something like this because as a big family, we don’t always agree on everything. Will and I don’t always agree on everything, but it’s important as a family to sit around and talk about the issues. Just like it’s important for us as a country to talk about the tough issues and actually really listen to one another, and at the end of the day even if we disagree, sit around the dinner table and laugh and talk and have fun together.”


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