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Jon Jones warns Ngannou to ‘pray he knocks him out’

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This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Jon Jones warns Ngannou to ‘pray he knocks him out’

The online war of words between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is showing no signs of abating, with the UFC light heavyweight legend lashing out again after the current heavyweight ruler mocked him as being “a decision fighter.”

Jones and Ngannou have been going back and forth in recent days despite UFC chief Dana White stating that a potential superfight between the pair is all but dead due to Jones’ financial demands.

That has not stopped the former longtime 205lbs champion from talking up his chances against Ngannou – who was crowned UFC heavyweight king with an explosive second-round KO of Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 in March.

Jones is bulking up in a bid to step into the UFC heavyweight fold, and took umbrage at Ngannou after the African powerhouse said he would “take care of” Jones before turning his attentions to boxing and world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

After warning Ngannou that he would steam through the UFC heavyweight ranks “like dominos”, Jones had yet more words for the Cameroonian KO artist in his latest Twitter outburst.

“Pray you knock me out because if you don’t, I’m going to break you, and that’s a promise,” Jones wrote to a man who has finished his last five octagon opponents inside the first two rounds.

Ngannou, 34, responded to the threat with disdain, retorting: “Please don’t make me laugh. When is the last time you break somebody out?”

“You’re a decision fighter,” Ngannou added in a subsequent tweet. “And you’ve barely won a fight lately. But you’re going to break me out.”

Jones – who has seen seven of his past eight octagon victories come by way of the scorecards – did not take the remarks lying down.

“A decision fighter? I carried the record for most submissions in the light heavyweight division for many years my friend,” Jones fired back.

“You are what we call a one trick pony… every champion I’ve ever faced punched hard. I see right through you.”

“I would rather be a decision fighter than a last for two rounds fighter,” Jones added in another tweet.

“Honestly, I respect you and your story. I don’t feel the need to have to crush you in a verbal battle to what I’ve done to everyone since 2011…

“I’m just telling you now, if you want to start this Internet talk, be sure to keep it up. Most people that talk sh*t with me go quiet after a while. Everyone’s going to the first to smash Jon Jones, very popular theme,” added the 33-year-old.

Jones is yet to suffer a legitimate loss in 28 professional MMA contests, and famously became the UFC’s youngest ever champion when he won the light heavyweight title aged just 23 by beating Mauricio Rua a decade ago.

Success in the octagon has been followed by controversy outside of it – including run-ins with the law and doping authorities.

Jones last fought in February 2020 when he defended his title against Dominick Reyes, only to vacate it in August amid a pay row with the UFC.

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After Ngannou was crowned heavyweight champion, Jones demanded that the promotion “show him the money” to set up a superfight between the pair.

Talks stalled before they even got started, with UFC boss White accusing Jones of asking for a minimum of $ 30 million for the contest – something the fighter himself has disputed.

Instead, White has suggested heavyweight veteran Derrick Lewis will be the first title defense for Ngannou, who last week proudly displayed his belt on a tour of his homeland.

While fans might not get to see Ngannou and Jones meet in the octagon, in the meantime they are swinging hard at each other online.

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Beefed-up Jon Jones pounds treadmill at 20mph as UFC star warns Ngannou

Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Beefed-up Jon Jones pounds treadmill at 20mph as UFC star warns Ngannou

Money might still be a sticking point but Jon Jones is apparently not giving up on his ambitions to face UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou, pledging to take down the giant Cameroonian and bring the belt back to America.

Jones and UFC boss Dana White have been engaged in a high-stakes blinking contest over the terms of a superfight between the light heavyweight legend and human wrecking ball Ngannou, ever since the latter was crowned heavyweight champion with a typically destructive KO victory over Stipe Miocic last month.

Jones has demanded that the UFC “show him the money” in a concerted campaign in which the 33-year-old has accused his paymasters of short-changing him down the years.

Dana White, meanwhile, has claimed that Jones requested a minimum of $ 30 million to meet Ngannou in the octagon – something the fighter himself has laughed off as lies.

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With the talks seemingly at an impasse, Jones is nonetheless continuing his efforts to bulk up and make the step to heavyweight.

Showcasing a burst of speed to accompany his burlier new frame, Jones shared footage on his social media accounts of himself hitting a treadmill at 20mph (32 kph).

“250lbs sprinting 20mph,” Jones wrote in the text accompanying the clip.

Jones has not been shy to showcase his bulked-up physique as he chases a big-money showdown with the heavy-hitting Ngannou.

For his part, the Cameroonian powerhouse has stoked talk of a fight in recent days by claiming he would “take care of” Jones before shifting his attentions to the boxing world and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

That came as Ngannou, 34, proudly displayed the fruits of his labor with a tour of his homeland, where he was mobbed by adoring fans.

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Jones, though, was having none of it.

“Ran through the light heavyweight division on talent, about to run through the heavyweight division like dominoes off pure hard work,” the former longtime light heavyweight ruler wrote.

“The greatest title in the world is coming back to the greatest country in the world…

“If you think you are going to run through America, you are wrong.”

Jones is yet to be handed a legitimate loss in 28 professional MMA contests, and still sits atop the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings despite his ugly pay wrangle with White and not having fought since he defeated Dominick Reyes by unanimous decision more than 12 months ago.

White has said that he is targeting heavyweight veteran Derrick Lewis as the next opponent for Ngannou, rather than Jones.

Ngannou and Lewis have fought once already, putting on a dire display for fans at UFC 226 in July 2018 – a fight which Lewis won via decision.

‘The Black Beast’ lost his one previous title shot against Daniel Cormier later that year, but has put himself back into contention with a series of four wins on the spin.

For fans though, the match-up to make is clearly Ngannou versus Jones – and the fighters themselves seem just as committed to making it happen.

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Tyson Fury makes Anthony Joshua promise as he challenges UFC champion Francis Ngannou

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Tyson Fury makes Anthony Joshua promise as he challenges UFC champion Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury took to social media to take aim at a trio of heavyweights from three different fields in a Thursday night rant on his Instagram story.

Unsurprisingly, the main target of his social media tirade was fellow heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua, as “The Gypsy King” mocked “AJ” before daring him to prove his comments wrong.

“While I’m on a rant. I may as well call out one more person,” he began.

“A big, useless dosser. Not a real fighting man. A hype job. Bodybuild(er), crossfit, big, ugly s***house. That’s Anthony Joshua.

“AJ, if you’re out there, let’s make this fight happen, you big dosser. You big s***house bum dosser.

“I’m gonna smash your face in, too, and there’s not one thing you can do about it.

“Prove me wrong, sucker. Prove me wrong. I’m number one, uno.”

Fury and Joshua signed a two-fight deal to face each other, but a date and location has not yet been finalised for their eagerly-anticipated first meeting.

Fury had previously stated that there had been interest from Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, the United States and England as potential hosting countries for their heavyweight title unification battle.

Earlier this month, promoter Eddie Hearn stated that the pair had agreed on a preferred site.

“Both sides have approved the site offer they want to go with,” he told Behind The Gloves.

“We are now finalising the site offer and we’re in a good place.”

Prior to his message to Joshua, Fury had already taken aim at WWE superstar Drew McIntyre and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, who he said he’d be happy to face in the ring.

“This is a message to Francis Ngannou and the UFC guys,” he said.

“Look. You want some of this Gypsy King money? You know where to come and find it. You want some of this Gypsy King power? I’ll give it (to) you.

“Any time, any place, anywhere. Seven days a week and twice on Sunday, you big ugly dosser.”

Ngannou may well have seen or heard about Fury’s message, as he later tweeted a short message tagging him, saying he’d face Fury after he defeats former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in his next title defence.

“I’ll take care of @JonnyBones first then come after @Tyson_Fury.”

'Francis Ngannou can beat Tyson Fury with a boxing training camp': UFC champ's striking coach Dewey Cooper to RT Sport (VIDEO)

'Francis Ngannou can beat Tyson Fury with a boxing training camp': UFC champ's striking coach Dewey Cooper to RT Sport (VIDEO)
By Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong is a Moscow-based British journalist, reporter and presenter for RT Sport. Follow him on Twitter @DannyWArmstrong

Francis Ngannou possesses the boxing ability to beat ring superstar Tyson Fury, that’s the opinion of the UFC heavyweight champ’s striking coach Dewey Cooper, who masterminded the Cameroonian’s title-winning KO of Stipe Miocic.

Former pro boxer and Muay Thai world champion Cooper refined Ngannou’s straight left that sat Miocic down once before a final switch-flicking blow to grasp the heavyweight belt at the second attempt against the likeable American in March. 

While making a post-fight appearance on podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Ngannou told the former ‘baddest man on the planet’ of his desire to fulfil a “primary dream” to compete in the noble art, and to fight another Tyson, the current unbeaten WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

In an interview with RT Sport, Cooper expressed his belief that with the correct amendments to his charge’s training camp, a victory against ‘The Gypsy King’ would be entirely attainable.  

“Tyson Fury right now is the best boxer in the world. Tyson is difficult for any heavyweight because of the attributes, the speed, the boxing ability, the good defence, the confidence and swagger,” Cooper said.

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“Tyson’s a real one and Tyson is a tough fight for anybody in boxing. But Francis definitely can fight any heavyweight with time and amending the training a little bit. He can definitely do it because Francis does have power.

“However with a boxing glove the power would decrease a little bit compared to what it is with the MMA gloves because MMA gloves is only 4 ounces while a boxing glove is 10 ounces so that makes a difference. A lot of little intangible things.

“Of course he can box and of course he could eventually beat someone like a Tyson Fury for sure.”

Cooper knows a thing or two about the squared circle himself, having compiled a 19-3-3 record as a cruiserweight and heavyweight in a pro career that spanned more than two decades, before going on to win seven world titles as a trainer with notable names such as Vegas-based Jessie Vargas and Kazakhstan’s Beibut Shumenov.

Manchester man Fury is no stranger to facing devastating power in the ring; he prised the WBC belt from Deontay Wilder by stoppage in February last year, who is reckoned the hardest puncher ever to grace the sport and still, despite Ngannou’s worthy claims, the planet. 

The 6ft 9in fighter insisted it would take only one round for him to “smoke” Ngannou, but Cooper thinks the gulf isn’t that big, and that with some changes made to the France-based fighter’s training regimen, he could beat Fury “for sure”.

“The championship MMA fight is 25 minutes, a championship boxing fight is 36 minutes. And let me tell you something – those 11 minutes makes a big difference when you’re not getting taken down,” Cooper said.

“You can’t lay on the ground, you can’t go for submissions. It’s punching up, tying up momentarily being broken and keep punching again.

“So the anaerobic aspect has to be on point to a lot of people who do MMA think boxing is much easier until they box then they realize boxing’s way harder than people think. More people died in boxing than any other fight sport that should tell you something right now. Boxing is a very dangerous sport to be involved in.

“But to answer your question, he can do it. He can do it. Just has to be formatted in the right situation in the right time frame.”

Fury is scheduled to face fellow Brit Anthony Joshua next, after ditching the idea of a trilogy with Wilder in favour of a unification fight with the WBO, IBF and WBA heavyweight titleholder, and recently claimed a date will to be announced this week.

This article originally appeared on RT Sport News

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‘Not my most gracious fall’: Stipe Miocic JOKES about brutal KO in first statement since losing UFC heavyweight title to Ngannou

‘Not my most gracious fall’: Stipe Miocic JOKES about brutal KO in first statement since losing UFC heavyweight title to Ngannou

Dethroned UFC heavyweight Stipe Miocic has issued a first public statement since his crushing KO defeat to Francis Ngannou in their title fight at UFC 260 in Las Vegas last weekend.

Cameroonian powerhouse Ngannou finished Miocic in the second round of their main event contest, first catching him with a straight left hand then following up with another concussive strike and a hammerfist on his grounded opponent before the bout was called off. 

Miocic had gamely attempted to recover from the initial blow from Ngannou, even catching his rival as he pushed forward, only to take more damage and crumble from the knees in one of the more excruciating-looking knockouts in recent UFC memory.

The 39-year-old Cleveland fighter may have lost his title and been temporarily relieved of his senses, but he certainly hasn’t relinquished his humor, updating fans with a message on Instagram in which he reflected on his defeat.

“First and foremost, I’m ok. I know that fall wasn’t my most graceful fall, but I was unconscious, so it happens,” Miocic wrote to his following of 1.5 million on Monday.

“To my family friends and fans, especially Croatia & Cleveland… I love you and I’m sorry. I hate letting you down. To my team, thank you. I know you feel every loss just as much as I do. We win as a family, we lose as a family. Losses aren’t fun, they always sting for a while, but that’s the beast of this business.

“You can’t win them all, and it’s important to understand that losing is just as much a part of sports (and life) as winning. Don’t ever forget God will always put you where you’re meant to be at that exact moment. You can’t dwell on what you should have done better, but you can learn and improve from it and come back more prepared next time.”

A cautious Miocic had been clearly outworked by the composed Ngannou in the first round at the UFC Apex, but claimed that he was starting to feel his rhythm before the concussive conclusion to the evening.  

“Unfortunately, I deviated from game plan. I felt great coming into the second round, I saw it was beginning to go as planned,” Miocic wrote.

“He was getting very winded, and I came in overzealous and unprotected. I wasn’t in a good posture to take the hit. He saw the opening, and did what any great fighter would have done. That was my error that I accept, it won’t happen again. 

“Lastly, I’d like to congratulate [Francis Ngannou] and his team on a well earned victory. Saturday night was your night, enjoy your victory! For now, I’m going to enjoy the down time, spend some time with my family, and welcome our son into the world this summer… stay tuned, God bless.”
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Many will take that message to mean that Miocic is not contemplating calling it quits despite the devastating nature of his defeat on Saturday night.

The two-time champion is still widely recognized as among the greatest – if not the greatest – heavyweights ever to do it in the UFC, and holds the division record for the most successful consecutive title defenses in the promotion, with three.  

Meanwhile Ngannou, 34, captured the title as well as revenge for the unanimous decision defeat he suffered to Miocic in their first title fight back in 2018.

After Saturday’s title coronation, the French-Cameroonian star vowed that he was ready for the immediate challenge of former longtime light-heavyweight ruler Jon Jones, who is stepping up to heavyweight in anticipation of a blockbuster showdown.
Also on rt.com ‘I’m ready’: Francis Ngannou eyes Jon Jones fight after brutally knocking out Stipe Miocic to become UFC heavyweight champ (VIDEO)
However, comments from Jones and UFC boss Dana White in the aftermath of Ngannou’s win have thrown that prospect into doubt, with the former proclaiming “show me the money” and the latter insinuating that Jones would in reality fear the challenge posed by the formidable Ngannou.

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Another test for ‘The Predator’ could lie in former opponent Derrick Lewis, who outpointed Ngannou when the pair met in July 2018.

Since then, Ngannou has won all five of his trips to the octagon inside the opening two rounds – including Saturday’s title clash with Miocic.

UFC fan favorite Lewis, 36, is similarly famed for his punching prowess and is riding a run of four straight victories. ‘The Black Beast’ lost his previous shot at the heavyweight title when he was submitted by Daniel Cormier in December of 2018.   


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Predator: The remarkable and unlikely rise of UFC heavyweight knockout artist Francis Ngannou

Predator: The remarkable and unlikely rise of UFC heavyweight knockout artist Francis Ngannou

Regardless of whether or not he raises aloft the UFC heavyweight title at this weekend’s UFC 260, Francis Ngannou’s rise to the summit of mixed martial arts has been a triumph against the odds.

Perhaps no fighter in the UFC has had a more unlikely journey towards title contention than 34-year-old Ngannou. Born into poverty in the Cameroonian town of Batie, he was forced to confront many of the demons which had sent so many of his peers off the rails.

The young Ngannou had almost no formal education to speak of. Even as a teenager, his developing frame had made him the target of recruiters for several rival gangs in his area, but Ngannou resisted the lure of (some) money and the associated trappings of gang life which has cost the lives of so many young men on the African continent. 

He had other motivations entirely. Perhaps influenced by his father who had a fearsome reputation as a street-fighter, the young Ngannou soon realized that he didn’t want to follow the same path; one where violence is the quickest path towards respect. 
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I don’t find it fun to talk about [my childhood],” Ngannou told ESPN this week. 

“It’s not happy. It’s sad. I always admire people when I sit around and see people, friends or somebody else, talking about their childhood; their friends when they were kids, all the things they were doing, their cartoons, kind of like culture.

I feel like those are the missing parts of my life, no matter what I do, I can’t really fill it up. That’s why in some way, I’m still trying to deal with that childhood. Winning a UFC belt, for me, would be my own way to answer that, would be my own way to show those people that, well, after all, I wasn’t bad.”

Between his childhood and this weekend’s opportunity to win the UFC heavyweight title, Francis Ngannou has lived the lives of ten men. 

After deciding to leave his homeland to pursue his dream of becoming professional boxer, Ngannou migrated north towards Morocco – but as he explains, this was just the first step in journey which would helping him realize his athletic dreams.

It came at a cost: eating from bins, two months in a Spanish jail and countless nights spent sleeping rough on the streets of Paris.

My journey from Cameroon to Morocco was about one year,” Ngannou explained. “One year in illegal situations, crossing borders, living in the bush, finding food in the trash, living this terrible life.”

It didn’t get better quickly, either. Ngannou’s ultimate destination was Europe and he chose Spain as the gateway to his new life – only to immediately come to the attention of immigration personnel, and subsequently jail.

It was more stressful than scary,” Ngannou said of his stint inside. “When we got to Spain, for the first while, we kind of relaxed, even though we were in jail. We knew we were going to go to jail when we got there. We would be free after, but we were going to go to jail [first]. 

There was a lot of pressure in our minds. It was like a mental prison, not a physical prison. It was very hard.”

All things, as they say, must pass – and so they did for Ngannou. He eventually landed in his chosen destination of Paris, the capital city of a country which shares a mother tongue with his native Cameroon.

And while the hardships were still plentiful, it was here that Ngannou says he soon began finding his feet.

I was homeless then, but at that moment, it wasn’t difficult for me anymore,” he said. “You might think being homeless in Paris in the fall when it’s coldwas not great, but the enthusiasm that I had at that time.

Beyond everything, I was happy to be in the land of opportunity. I was happy to have my own life and be able to chase my own dreams. So that’s definitely one of the happiest moments of my life.

Even though I was sleeping in parking lots and I didn’t have food or money, I was just free. Compared to where I was in Morocco, a parking lot was like a five-star hotel.

In Paris, around a decade after he first made a promise to himself to pursue combat sports, Francis Ngannou stepped into a fight gym for the first time in his life – and despite having quite literally never even heard of the sport, he soon found himself encamped in Paris’ renowned MMA Factory, where his dreams would quickly extend out in front of him.

It took me almost 10 years to step in a gym for the very first time, but I always believed it would happen,” he said. 

From here, most MMA fans know the rest. After winning five of his first six fights between late 2013 and the summer of 2015, Ngannou was headhunted by the UFC and opened his account in the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization by wracking off six finishes in a row and very much fulfilling the nickname handed to him: Predator. 

The final of those wins, a downright shocking uppercut KO of Alistair Overeem, earned him an opportunity to dethrone UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic in January 2018 – a fight in which Ngannou’s relative inexperience was soundly taken advantage of by the champion.

Now though, with four more KO wins under his belt, Ngannou is returning for seconds at this weekend’s UFC 260. If he is able to seize the world title from around the waist of the most dominant heavyweight titleholder in UFC history at the second time of asking, it would represent perhaps the unlikeliest path to UFC gold yet.

But judging by his background, it won’t be the toughest fight he has ever been in. 
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‘Africa vs everybody’: Francis Ngannou winds up Stipe Miocic & Tony Ferguson as he targets history in UFC heavyweight title clash

‘Africa vs everybody’: Francis Ngannou winds up Stipe Miocic & Tony Ferguson as he targets history in UFC heavyweight title clash

UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou has posed with champion Kamaru Usman and declared “Africa vs everybody” ahead of his title showdown with Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, causing ex-champ Tony Ferguson to respond with his own message.

Thunder-punching Ngannou wants to become the first Cameroonian, African and Frenchman to win a UFC crown when he faces heavyweight king Miocic in Las Vegas on Saturday, and he shared a photo of himself in the gym with welterweight title holder Kamaru Usman beforehand.

The 34-year-old has spoken of his humble beginnings in Cameroon as a youngster, where he worked as a sand miner before moving to France to pursue his celebrated MMA career.

In a cheeky response to the man who has said he hopes to inspire Africans to dream big, ex-UFC lightweight champion appeared to support US fighter Miocic by replying: “Merica’.”

Ferguson added his customary tagline of CSO – “champ s**t only” – in a dig at Ngannou’s prospects of dethroning giant veteran Miocic.

Ngannou posed with Ferguson in the city where he will fight at the weekend in a post shortly after ‘El Cucuy’s’ brutal defeat to Justin Gaethje in May, which denied him the chance of a title shot against lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Tony Ferguson – the type of guy who is a beast,” he wrote at the time, grinning alongside Ferguson in a parking lot. “Think I can do some of his training methods.”

The number one-ranked heavyweight has spoken emotionally about his career path and rags-to-riches story in the build-up to meeting Miocic.

“This journey now is not only mine,” he explained to Bloody Elbow about his loyalties that go beyond patriotism. “It’s for all Cameroonians and for the whole of Africa and all of France, too.

“See where I’m from and see where I am today. This inspires a lot of people and gets a lot of people excited, so that they want to do something by themselves.

“In Africa, in many parts of the continent, people do not allow themselves to dream, because what they dream of [seems] unreal. But I’m just trying to show that everything is possible.

“That dream, you can allow yourself. You have a right. It doesn’t matter what was the beginning or how you began.

“What’s more important is where you arrive. As long as you prepare for your arrival and you have the right mindset, you can do it.”

Ngannou has predicted that the first UFC event in Africa will take place in Nigeria, where Usman and middleweight champion Israel Adesanya were born.

Usman has had a busy week of training and socializing with fellow fighters, meeting Abu Azaitar, who is training with Javier Mendez and a team that includes one of the trainer’s fighters, Nurmagomedov.

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ took a photo with lightweight champion Nurmagomedov and his cousin, Umar, while Azaitar, who is facing Marc-André Barriault, thanked the team and Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, who he said had arranged a belated birthday gathering for him at his home in Las Vegas.

“[He] made me feel like I had a family in Vegas,” said Azaitar. “On the same day, my uncle, who I loved very much, passed away. It teaches me to be grateful and appreciate every single moment with my loved ones.”
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