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Furlough alert: Workers face ‘financial nightmare’ as HMRC ‘clawback’ payments – act now

FURLOUGH payments will soon dry up as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme comes to a close. As the scheme comes to an end from September 30, it has been hailed as a “qualified success” but affected workers could still be hit by unexpected demands from the Government. As 2022 approaches, HMRC may “clawback” money from those who have overclaimed and ahead of this, Britons have been urged to get their budgetary affairs in order.

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Holiday park threatens cancellations unless guests clean toilets in Covid nightmare

Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Padstow, Cornwall, has asked guests to volunteer to help clean toilet blocks after staff were told to self-isolate by the NHS Test and Trace app. The Park sent an email titled “Dunkirk Spirit” and said if guests were not prepared to help they might have to cancel bookings.

Owner Patrick Langmaid, 56, says he had no choice but to ask guests to help out due to “desperate times”.

Mr Langmaid said: “I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s holiday, I am genuinely exploring all means to keep the business open while healthy people are still being told to isolate.

“Two out of my 27 members of staff have been pinged from the app. One was pinged because her partner had tested positive and quite rightly isolated. The second received a ping, and was provided with the PCR tests from us. It came back negative as did the several lateral flow tests.

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One disgruntled holidaymaker said: “They use guilt tripping language almost likening this situation to Dunkirk. I can’t believe a holiday might be cancelled if I don’t want to spend my time cleaning the communal toilets. It’s just horrifically inappropriate to ask paying customers to scrub away.”

Mr Langmaid has assured guests that if he is forced to cancel holidays then a full refund will be made but warned that holidaymakers won’t be able to rearrange dates.

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Windows 10 users hit by ‘nightmare’ bug that’s giving them an impossible choice to make

That’s now leaving Windows 10 users with a huge headache as it appears the only other way to fix the issue is to uninstall the vital KB5004945 update.

“We are seeing the same problems and the only solution right now is to uninstall the update,” said one user on Zebra’s forum page.

Clearly, uninstalling KB5004945, will mean users are able to print again but it will then leave their PC open to attack from hackers.

As Microsoft explains: “A remote code execution vulnerability exists when the Windows Print Spooler service improperly performs privileged file operations. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could run arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.”

Author: David Snelling
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Briton slams EU restrictions after losing holiday money – ‘it has been a nightmare’

Due to concerns about the Delta variant, some EU countries like France, Germany, Portugal or Italy, have tightened entry restrictions on UK tourists, imposing mandatory quarantine for non-vaccinated Britons.

Some other nations like the Balearic Islands in Spain, are also urging Governments to impose tougher entry requirements for Britons going there on holiday.

Italy changed its rules last week without warning, introducing a mandatory five-day quarantine for all UK visitors.

A Briton who had a holiday booked in the country said it is “literally a nightmare” to go on holiday from the UK this summer.

“We had a trip booked to Italy and with the changes in the restrictions last week, we were forced to change our holiday completely.

“We lost a lot of money,” he admitted.

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“As we didn’t book directly with the airline, our travel agent charged us enormous fees to change the destination of our flights and didn’t allow us to get a refund.

“We have now rebooked flights for a destination that hasn’t imposed mandatory quarantine for Britons yet, which is Greece, but those ‘quarantine-free’ countries are now way more expensive,” he explained.

“It has literally been a nightmare trying to organise a holiday out of the UK this summer.”

When booking a holiday, now Britons have to take into consideration not only the UK’s traffic light system in case they have to self-isolate on their return, but also if the destination has imposed mandatory quarantine or has shut its borders to UK tourists completely.

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The holidaymaker continued: “The UK is in a tough situation right now. It is almost impossible to go on holiday from the UK.

“This summer is way worse than last summer in terms of being able to enter other countries.”

Italy is also on the UK’s amber travel list, meaning a mandatory at home quarantine is required upon return.

The holidaymaker explained that hotel owners in Italy seem “desperate” for Britons to go there, as some advised him to go anyway and suggested he could skip the quarantine.

“Obviously it’s hard to judge but we need some kind of clear indications, both from the UK and the EU side, so we know where to book our next holiday without being afraid restrictions might change in two days,” he said.

Although the majority of countries are following German and France suit and imposing stricter entry requirement for UK arrivals, other countries like Greece have refused to follow the EU’s steps.

Greece’s prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis slammed the potential ban and rejected calls from Angela Merkel for British tourists to be quarantined on arrival.

“My personal assessment is that there is no need to impose additional restrictions on travel from countries where this mutation already exists.

“At the end that is up to the individual member states to take those decisions,” he said.

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Holiday phone bill nightmare: EE announces post-Brexit EU roaming charges for Britons

The provider has announced that from January 2022 it will cost some £2 a day to access 4G and 5G data, calls and texts while in Europe.

“This move means that customers joining or upgrading with EE from July will have to pay £2 a day to use their data and minutes across Europe from 2022.

“EE says the move will support investment in its UK-based services, but this is ultimately a backwards step for consumers.

“Unfortunately, when one provider makes such a bold decision it can mean that others follow, so we’ll be watching to see what O2, Vodafone and Three do next.”

He issued advice to EE customers, existing and potential, after the announcement.

One wrote: “They politely waited a bit straight after Brexit….”

Another said: “Doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I’ve never really rated EE for roaming anyway, especially out of EU as their charges were just ridiculous.”

“Disgusting that @EE are reintroducing roaming charges, despite saying they’re werent in January!! #ripoff,” one wrote.

Another said: “Another “win” for the s*** show of Brexit.”

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Holiday nightmare: Families face four hour airport waiting times when arriving back in UK

Britons can now travel abroad to the UK’s green list countries, including Portugal, Gibraltar, Iceland and more. However, long waiting times at airports during the coming weeks and months could throw summer holidays into chaos.

Travel experts had previously warned of possible long queues and waiting times at airports during the summer holidays, but this is the first time the Government has confirmed it could happen.

Last month, the Border Force union warned that holidaymakers arriving at UK airports could face queues of up to 10 hours.

The ISU, the union for borders, immigration and customs workers, also predicted long queues at the British border due to increased coronavirus checks.

In early May, Lucy Moreton, professional officer at the ISU, said: “We saw delays for seven or eight hours last summer, and with all the additional checks then we could see people waiting as long as 10 hours.

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“There’s no way around the delays at the border because Border Force officers will have to check the Covid status of all arrivals and that takes around 15 minutes per person.

“So, people from all over the world will be mixing inside for a long time.”

The UK’s travel ban was lifted on May 17, meaning that Britons can now travel to certain countries quarantine free.

These countries are listed “green” and are Australia, Brunei, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel and Jerusalem, New Zealand, Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Singapore, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, and St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

Britons can also travel to countries on the UK’s amber and red lists, but they will have to take additional coronavirus measures and quarantine for 10 days.

However, travel industry bosses have called for more clarity on when more destinations will be added to the green list amid criticisms the Government has been too cautious in unlocking international travel.

EasyJet boss Johan Lundgren said: “The decision to put so few European countries into the green tier is simply not justified by the data or the science and is inconsistent with the approach to reopen the domestic economy.

“So we call on the Government to provide transparency on decision-making and clarity on when we can expect other European countries to join the green list so that consumers and airlines alike can plan for this summer.”

Additionally, Airlines UK, an industry body that represents British flight carriers, urged Mr Johnson and his Government to make “major additions” to the list during the next review tomorrow, June 3.

Chief executive Tim Aldersdale said: “This is a missed opportunity and, with so few countries making it onto the green list, represents a reopening of air travel in name only.

“By contrast, the EU has said vaccinated people will be able to travel without restrictions, which leaves the UK at risk of falling behind and not opening up International travel to key markets across Europe as well as the United States.”

The traffic light system will be reviewed every three weeks, with four key tests to determine which category a country will fall into.

These are the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, the rate of infection, the prevalence of variants of concern, and the access to reliable scientific data and genomic sequencing.

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Windows 10 update causes ANOTHER nightmare, and this time it’s bad news for Chrome users

On a Google forum, one affected user wrote: “My Chrome is no longer launching. Well, it launches, but my webpages crash, new tabs crash, even trying to load settings or bookmarks, that webpage crashes. The application doesn’t crash, just the webpages. I’m not sure what’s going on. I ran sfc /scannow in CMD to no avail, I ran a Memory Diagnostic which came up dry. I reinstalled Chrome, and rebooted to nothing.”

While another posted: “I have the same issue and have been searching for solutions on the internet for an hour when I came across this thread. Maybe this is a widespread issue? I feel a little relieved now tbh cause I tried all those suggested solutions but none worked”.

And on Reddit another posted: “All my extensions including tabs are crashing, found a post, that maybe EAF+ is the problem, but didn’t change anything. I also tried disabling all extensions and sandbox, same answer.Chrome sites (Settings, …) are also crashing. Reinstalling also didn’t do anything, hope someone will find out, what is wrong.”

Thankfully, as Microsoft-focused blog Windows Latest has reported, it looks like Google is on the case. A product expert from the firm posted to the official Chrome forum stating that the issue has been caused by the “user data directory”.

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Angela Merkel nightmare as majority of Germans want to oust CDU at next election– new poll

German Chancellor Ms Merkel has previously said she will step down from her leadership role after nearly 16 years. But just four months ahead of the crucial election, her Government have suffered a new blow. A poll from the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy of 1,028 people between April 23 and May 6 revealed two-thirds are calling for a new Government, while more than 67 percent want “different policies in many areas”.
The poll also revealed around half of those surveyed would like a clear coalition statement from the parties, while the remaining half does not consider this to be a priority.

Only a fifth (20 percent) are in favour of Germany possibly having a minority Government, while 57 percent want new elections if the winning result is not enough for a stable majority.

Environmental and climate protection are cited as the most important issues when it comes to the need for a different policy, with more than 55 percent believing there should be a change in direction on this topic.

Just over half would like a different refugee and integration policy, while this is followed by pensions, education, fighting the coronavirus pandemic and the housing market.

Allensbach differentiated according to party affiliation on the refugee policy, and the poll showed supporters of the CDU, AfD and FDP consider this to be the most important of all.

The refugee policy from Ms Merkel came in for heavy criticism from rival political parties, so there is little to suggest those surveyed in this poll have changed their minds.

For the majority of men, the issue of refugees is considered most important, while for women it is climate protection.

When compared regionally, in eastern German states the demand for a new refugee and integration policy is considered a priority, and in the western states it is climate policy.

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During their election campaigns, no political party has talked in depth about pensions, but the issue ranks second among supporters of five of the six parties, and is only different among supporters of the Green.

In another blow to Ms Merkel last week, Germany was warned in inflation could jump to above three percent as the German Chancellor’s time at the top ends in chaos.

But Isabel Schnabel, a German economist who is also currently serving as an executive board member of the European Central Bank (ECB), said this increase would be comparable to the bank’s strategy and would not require any change in the currently extremely loose monetary policy.

The financial expert told NTV in Germany: “What we are seeing is that the pandemic has caused very pronounced fluctuations in inflation.

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“You could see that inflation plummeted massively into negative territory last year, and this year we saw that there was a sharp rise in inflation.

“That will go even further. In Germany, we anticipate that inflation may well exceed three percent.”

Ms Schnabel was also asked if there is any route out of the expansionary monetary policy.

She replied: “If we actually see that suddenly there was a very rapid inflation development, which is really not apparent at the moment, then of course we would have to take our measures and of course we would have to do it gradually.

“You have to prepare for it, especially through communication, so that everyone has the opportunity to gradually adapt to it.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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US fuel shortage ‘NIGHTMARE’ a direct consequence of terrible policy decisions – analyst

The ransomware cyberattack that paralyzed one of the US’ biggest and most vital oil hubs – the Colonial Pipeline – has resulted in fuel shortages in eight states across the US East Coast.

The outage caused rising fuel prices with the national average climbing to more than $ 3 a gallon for the first time in six years.

However, the current crisis shouldn’t be attributed to the pipeline shutdown alone, according to Jeffrey A. Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research.
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According to him, the shutdown of the network, which transports gasoline and other fuel through 10 states between Texas and New York, has inevitably affected supply.

“There are inflationary pressures rising across the US due to money printing and increased consumer spending,” said Tucker.

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“A fuel shortage is a nightmare for anyone who remembers the 1970s. Life is about to get very scary in the US – a direct consequence of a series of terrible policy decisions dating from 2018 to the present,” the analyst told RT, adding that the nation seems to be returning to those days.

However, according to the president of Lipow Oil Associates, Andy Lipow, the effect of the outage is regional. He pointed out that the Colonial Pipeline primarily serves the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States.
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“It’s in those regions that we are now beginning to see gasoline shortages at the pump that are becoming more widespread… In the rest of the country, fuel supplies are unaffected,” said Lipow.

“We’ve already seen in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states the retail price of gasoline has risen eight cents a gallon and it could go even higher if gasoline supplies are trucked in from longer distances from terminals outside of the region,” he added.

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