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Anne Nolan talks turning off windscreen wipers in lashing rain as she didn't want to live

Younger sister, Linda, 62, who is battling incurable cancer also told of how she became suicidal after her beloved husband Brian Hudson died in 2007.

Linda had been with Brian since the pair first met in 1979, with them eventually tying the knot in 1981 with the couple going on to have a 26-year marriage.

The blonde star recalled being seen by “two big burly men” who were mental health nurses, adding that if her appointment hadn’t have gone well, she would have been “carted off”.

Speaking of her darker days, Linda said: “I’d written goodbye letters to all the girls, saying, ‘Dear all go you, I know you will understand…'”.

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Linda Nolan admits 'I’m scared of dying' amid cancer battle as she shares hospice decision

She added: “Every time, I worry if it’s spread again. I’m scared of dying. 

“There’s so much to live for. You realise that when you’ve been through all that I have. Every day is a gift.”

While speaking alongside her sister Anne Nolan, 70, who has fought two separate bouts of breast cancer since 2001 before being told she was cancer-free last year, Linda explained she doesn’t want her siblings to become her carers.

She revealed: “I’ve decided I would go into a hospice, I live on my own, I don’t want them to become my carers, I want them to turn up with gin and chocolate.


Coleen Nolan shuts down rumours that her 'diva' remarks were about Loose Women co-stars

However, Coleen shared that she was not talking about Loose Women bosses, continuing: “I think that’s the tragedy really, I am very lucky that Loose Women, whether you’re a fan or not, it’s the only show on telly that has women of all ages, all sizes, all colour.

“Outside of that, because sometimes people go, ‘It’s obviously not sexist because you’re on telly every day’ – yeah but from half 12 to half one.”

“But name anyone my age in primetime co-hosting a show, you just don’t see it and I think that’s really sad,” she divulged.

Coleen has been a host on Loose Women since 2000 and is loved by fans for her honest approach to topics and a refreshing sense of humour.

Coleen Nolan recalls Jimmy Savile wanting to 'look after her' in his room when she was 14

“Sometimes sadly because everything we do we say, Bernie would love this. She was just so full of life and it was, it was… hard.”

The Loose Women star also revealed she “seriously considering” having a double mastectomy following her sibling’s diagnosis, as a hereditary gene in the family means there is an ‘incredibly high’ chance she could develop cancer as well.

“I’ve said, ‘Look what are my chances of this’ and he [the Dr] said, ‘incredibly high’ and although we don’t carry the gene – the known gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 – he said it will be gene related somewhere, it will just be a gene we haven’t found.”

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