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Freedom Day is here – delete the pub apps, they’re recording more than just your orders

Pub App Order Pay Privacy Concerns Update Wetherspoons Greene King Fullers Youngs Update

You might want to delete the pub order apps on your iPhone or Android due to privacy concerns (Image: GETTY • GOOGLE PLAY STORE)

England has now discarded almost all emergency laws designed to stop the spread of Covid-19, including social distancing rules, no limits on the number of people who can meet or attend events, table service will no longer be required in pubs and restaurants, and face coverings will not be legally required in enclosed spaces – like public transport or theatres. Some establishments will still require face coverings and other rules to encourage customers who might otherwise be put off, but these rules can not be legally enforced.

With table service no longer a requirement, it might be time to take another look at the number of pub apps downloaded to your smartphone. These applications, which allowed customers to order food and drink to their table with a smartphone, were hugely popular in recent months. The majority of the biggest pub chains across the UK have launched their own application to make ordering from your seat fuss-free.

But while the prospect of queuing shoulder-to-shoulder with other customers at the bar might not be all-that appealing, it’s worth remembering that some of the most popular apps are recording much more than your drinks order. And that might not be a trade-off you’re willing to make.

Speaking to WIRED about the worrying trend of data collection from these applications, Michael Veale, a lecturer in digital rights and regulations at University College London, said: “When hospitality started to have an obligation to take contact details last year, there was no obvious privacy-preserving tool to do this with. In many hospitality venues, they are still using the technology from the earlier part of the pandemic last year to fulfil orders and table service, which collect unnecessary information.”

Pub App Order Pay Privacy Concerns Update Wetherspoons Greene King Fullers Youngs Update

Wetherspoons launched its ordering app back in 2017 – well before the arrival of coronavirus on British shores (Image: WETHERSPOONS • GOOGLE PLAY STORE)


Wetherspoons launched its pub app before the pandemic gripped the globe. Back in 2017, the Wetherspoons app allows customers to order drinks, snacks, and food to their table. Payment is made through the app with a credit or debit card, or systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which use fingerprint or facial recognition to verify your identity and approve the payment.

While the order app has been around for years, its use has spiked in the pandemic. As you might expect, the Wetherspoons app collects information from any of the forms filled in within the app, including name, home address, email address and phone number.

In order to pinpoint which branch of Wetherspoons you’re in, the app taps into the GPS functionality built into your smartphone. The Android version of the app has seemingly wider-ranging permissions than the iPhone version of the same app. On Android, the Wetherspoons app has the ability to read, modify, and delete items from your USB storage. It can also snap pictures and video from your camera.

Pub App Order Pay Privacy Concerns Update Wetherspoons Greene King Fullers Youngs Update

Greene King offers a similar service to Wetherspoons with its app, but siphons a little more data (Image: GREENE KING • GOOGLE PLAY STORE)

Greene King

Like Wetherspoons, Greene King has an application designed to find and book tables at any of the 1,600 locations across the UK. As soon as you’re inside the pub, the iPhone and Android app can be used to order drinks and food to your table.

Using the app to do any of this will result in the software recording your names, contact details, booking information, loyalty card details, transaction information, date of birth, email addresses, telephone number, and payment details.

While that all makes sense, the Privacy labels in the App Store reveal that Greene King will store your search history, identifying the make and model of your smartphone, as well as how you interact with the app. That makes a little less sense.

Like the Wetherspoons app, the Google Play Store reveals more wider-ranging permissions than the iPhone version of the app. Like its Wetherspoons counterpart, Greene King can read, modify, and delete the contents stored on your USB storage, as well as take photos and videos.

Freedom Day: Dr Philip Lee calls on the government to ‘grow up’


The OrderPay app is used by some 1,500 pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK. The software, available on iPhone and Android, collects the usual name, email addresses, telephone number, and details of how you decided to login to the app. It also stores payment information, but not individual credit or debit card numbers. That all makes sense.

Perhaps more concerning, every time you launch the app, it will siphon GPS data, as well as allergen and dietary information, transaction history – including what you bought and how much was spent, IP address – that can be used to find your location, mobile phone service provider, model of phone, and “cookie, pixel and beacon identification information”, plus nearby Bluetooth signals.

Konrad Kollnig of Oxford University, who built the TrackerControl Slim app that analyses how Android software tracks and shares data, told WIRED that OrderPay sends some of this data to six separate data-tracking firms. That’s the highest number of any of the pub apps analysed. It also shares the location data with the OrderPay head office.

According to Kollnig, that step is completely unnecessary. He explains: “A list of all pubs could be downloaded on the Android device – as is done by the Wetherspoon app.”

In its small-print, OrderPay says that it will hold onto personal data for up to six years and could “transfer your personal information outside of the United Kingdom (UK) and European Economic Area (EEA)”.

Pub App Order Pay Privacy Concerns Update Wetherspoons Greene King Fullers Youngs Update

MyPub is used by a number of different brands, from Slug and Lettuce to WalkAbout (Image: MYPB • GOOGLE PLAY STORE)


Finally, MyPub is the order app used by Stonegate Pub Company, which is behind all Slug & Lettuce and Walkabout locations as well as 4,500 other pubs around the UK. The privacy policy reveals that MyPub might collect names, email addresses, contact telephone numbers, passwords, as well as date of birth, gender, interests, and preferences. This is the first pub app to take note of gender.

All of this information is siphoned and used to “better understand our customers and online users, including profiling”. While that could result in promotions and events that are better suited to the people frequenting these locations… you’re handing over a lot of personal information for a pretty small benefit. When ordering at the bar, you’d be a little taken aback if the bartender had to record your gender, interests, date of birth, name, email address and mobile phone number before handing over a drink – simply so that your local can better understand its customers.

Like a number of the other pub apps in the list, Android users are hit harder with data-collection. According to the listing on the Google Play Store, MyPub can read, modify or delete the contents stored on the USB storage associated with your phone. It can also take photos and videos where necessary and track your location using GPS.

“MyPub and Greene King seem to have the best privacy properties among the apps studied,” concludes Kollnig.

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Tensions erupt as Putin lashes at out UK and orders British sailors: ‘Leave our waters!’

Speaking today, one of Putin’s top officials warned any intrusion near to the Crimea would be met with the “harshest” methods. Following the near clash with the UK vessel last month, Mikhail Popov, deputy secretary of the Kremlin’s Security Council then issued a brutal warning to those aboard the UK’s Royal Navy vessels. In an interview with the state-run Rossiiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, he said: “Similar actions will be thwarted with the harshest methods in future by Russia regardless of the violator’s state allegiance.

“We suggest our opponents think hard about whether it’s worth organising such provocations given the capabilities of Russia’s armed forces.

“It’s not the members of the British government who will be in the ships and vessels used for provocational ends.

“And it’s in that context that I want to ask a question of the same Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab – what will they say to the families of the British sailors who will get hurt in the name of such ‘great’ ideas?”

Russian officials have issued repeated threats to the UK after the HMS Defender was intercepted in the Black Sea.

Although the UK does not recognise Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, Kremlin vessels ordered the Royal Navy ship to leave immediately last month.

After refusing to do so, the Russian FSB Border Service in tandem with the Black Sea Fleet fired warning shots towards the HMS Defender.

Following those warnings, the Russian government claimed Su-24M aircraft performed a preventative bombing run in the path of the UK ship.

UK officials rejected this summary of events and insisted the Royal Navy vessel was performing a freedom of passage operation.

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“What was actually going on is the Russians were doing a gunnery exercise, they had given prior notice of that, they often do in that area.

“So, I think it’s important people don’t get carried away.

“We never accepted the annexation of Crimea, these were Ukrainian territorial waters.”

Russian forces annexed Crimea in 2014 and despite its claims, no state in the West recognises the territory as part of Russia.

Despite this, Putin labelled the incident as a direct provocation against the Russian state.

His deputy foreign minister, Sergey Ryabkov also claimed Russia may bomb UK warships the next time they sailed close to the Crimean peninsula.

He said: “What can we do? We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law.

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Biden orders airstrikes against Iran-backed militia in Iraq and Syria – US troops attacked

The strikes, ordered by President Joe Biden on Sunday, were made in response to drone attacks by the militia against US personnel and facilities in Iraq. “Operational and weapons storage facilities” at two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq were targeted, the US military said in a statement. 

It is the second time Mr Biden has ordered retalitory strikes against Iran-backed militia since taking office in January.

In February, strikes targeted a location in Syria in response to rocket attacks from Iraq.

A statement from The Pentagon said the retaliation shows “President Biden has been clear that he will act to protect US personnel”, and that taking “necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action” is “designed to limit the risk of escalation”.

It is not known whether anybody has been killed or injured.

Iran-backed militia, including Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada, used the facilities, the Pentagon said.

John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, said: “At President Biden’s direction, US military forces earlier this evening conducted defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region.

“The targets were selected because these facilities are utilized by Iran-backed militias that are engaged in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks against US personnel and facilities in Iraq.

“Specifically, the US strikes targeted operational and weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq, both of which lie close to the border between those countries.

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“The United States took necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action designed to limit the risk of escalation – but also to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message.

“As a matter of international law, the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defense.

“The strikes were both necessary to address the threat and appropriately limited in scope. As a matter of domestic law, the President took this action pursuant to his Article II authority to protect U.S. personnel in Iraq.”

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England boss Gareth Southgate 'issues orders over national anthem’ ahead of Germany game

England boss Gareth Southgate has ordered his players sing the national anthem with gusto when they lock horns with Germany on Tuesday, reports claim. The Three Lions go into the match hoping to make the quarter-finals of the competition. And, if they do, a match against either Ukraine or Sweden awaits.

It’s been a slow start from England at Euro 2020.

They’ve won two of their opening three matches 1-0, against Croatia and Czech Republic respectively, and drew with Scotland in between.

England will face off against Germany looking to put their rivals to the sword, with the Three Lions fully aware of how difficult the match could be.

And The Sun claim Southgate has called on his players to sing the national anthem with everything they’ve got to get Wembley going, with the 50-year-old also wanting his coaching and backroom staff to do the same.

A source is quoted as saying: “In previous tournaments, players have been seen half-heartedly mumbling the lyrics — some even remaining closed-mouthed.

“Gareth is hugely patriotic and feels it’s essential that players foster a sense of national pride by learning and singing the words.

EURO 2020: England’s five positives, two negatives from Czech Republic win

“He sat the players down before the tournament and explained cameras would be on them the whole time and that it was essential to show fans just what it means to pull on an England shirt.

“If the players sing, it inspires the crowd and those watching at home.”

The source also added: “There has been some ribbing for the more tone-deaf players but it’s been great for team spirit.”

England have lost to Germany in their last three meetings at major tournaments, in 1990, 1996 and 2010.

But there’s a sense Southgate’s side could be too strong for Joachim Low’s team, who have been inconsistent in the tournament so far.

The 2014 World Cup winners lost to France in their opening match, with Mats Hummels’ own goal consigning them to defeat.


Pogba price set as Man Utd settle on replacement

Barcelona’s strong XI with Ronaldo and two other signings

England have four players in danger after Czech Republic Euro 2020 win

They did sparkle against Portugal, claiming a 4-2 victory despite Cristiano Ronaldo previously threatening to steal the show.

Yet Germany were fortunate to get a point against Hungary, who came precariously close to knocking them out of the competition and going through instead.

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp thinks England have a brilliant chance of going through, labelling this current Germany team as ‘bang average’.

“I haven’t said this too often in the past but nothing about Germany scares me and I’m delighted we’re playing them,” he wrote.

“None of us need telling how they’ve broken English hearts more than once over the years. But this time I honestly believe they are there for the taking.

“It’s a great, great draw because I think both France and Portugal would have given us a far bigger test.

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“Didi Hamann is far better placed than me to comment on German football and he insists this is their worst national team he’s ever seen.

“In fact before the Euros, he didn’t think they would even get out of the group.

“Well, they might have managed that — eventually — but they are bang average. In the first game they were well beaten. There might have only been one goal in it but France had a couple disallowed and weren’t exactly struggling to hang on.

“I know Germany beat Portugal in the second game but we saw how they struggled against a quick counter-attack.

“Then they couldn’t beat Hungary in Munich, so there’s not been much to frighten Gareth Southgate.

“When you’re a manager, there are certain games when you think “this is perfect for us” and this is one of them.

“Everyone will want England to win — probably even most of the neutrals, too — and for once we are right to have every confidence that we will.

“And the best way is for us to have a go, to be positive and get at them.

“We’ve had a couple of 1-0s but we have the players who can open them up, so let’s do it.

“Mats Hummels has been a marvellous defender over the years but he’s had his day and Harry Kane should be licking his lips.

“Harry might not have been at his best so far but you can bet your life he’ll score — and once he does, he’ll go on a run.

“The thing is, we’re winning games and the best player has not been great, so that shows what a chance we have when he does come good.

“And that, believe me, is only a matter of time.”

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Dan Walker given marching orders from wife after BBC host's Euro error 'Go somewhere else'

Dan tied the knot with his wife Sarah in 2001 after they met while studying at the University of Sheffield, and rarely shares insights into his home life.

The broadcaster is a father to three young children; son Joe, and two daughters Susanna and Jessica.

Elsewhere, Dan’s colleague and pal Louise Minchin announced she was stepping down from Breakfast after two decades.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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NASA chief orders researchers to study UFOs amid Pentagon report – ‘We want to know’

Bill Nelson, who recently became NASA’s new administrator last month, said there was not yet any evidence that extraterrestrials have visited Earth but admitted it was too early to rule out the possibility. The US space agency’s research into the phenomena comes as the Pentagon prepares to make public a report detailing all known UFO investigations by the US military.

Speaking on the recent UFO encounter filmed by US Navy pilots, Mr Nelson told CNN: “We don’t know if it’s extraterrestrial. We don’t know if it’s an enemy. We don’t know if it’s an optical phenomenon.

“We don’t think [it’s an optical phenomenon] because of the characteristics that those Navy jet pilots described … And so the bottom line is, we want to know.”

NASA press secretary Jackie McGuinness told reporters that Mr Nelson had not established a formal task force to investigate UFOs.

However, she added that researchers could look into the topic as they see fit.

She said: “There’s not really a lot of data and … scientists should be free to follow these leads, and it shouldn’t be stigmatized.

“This is a really interesting phenomenon and Americans are clearly interested in it [so if] the scientists want to investigate, they should.”

Recent reports have suggested the Pentagon is concerned that the mysterious objects filmed during the recent US navy encounter could be Chinese or Russian “hypersonic” weapon experiments.

The experimental technology which can launch aircraft or missiles up to 4,000 miles per hour would perhaps explain how the mystery objects are able to move in ways that defy the laws of physics.

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The highly anticipated Pentagon report is set to be released by June 25.

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Putin orders Russian government to bring domestic prices under control

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the government until July 1 to stabilize domestic prices for goods.

“The Russian government should ensure the use of a long-term market tool that could guarantee the predictability of prices for goods, as well as domestic market saturation with quality products,” he recommended.
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The president also urged the stimulation of investment activity among companies by reducing the risks of doing business in the country.

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Elvis: The King's heartbroken first orders when he heard mother Gladys had died

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

For the first time ever, Gracelend’s archives were opened to the public for an online tour, hosted by Vice President of Archives and Exhibits Angie Marchese. As we mark the birthday of The King’s devoted mother today, the tour gave a fascinating glimpse into the life of a simple woman who went from extreme poverty on Mississippi to unimaginable luxury but was never able to let go of her fears for her famous son.

Gladys Smith was born on April 25, 1912 in Pontotoc County. She married Vernon Presley on June 17, 1933. Vernon was only 17 and lied about his age when they registered the union.

Vernon built them a two-room ‘trackhouse’ with no indoor plumbing. They could not afford electricity. The pair never forgot their early struggles and it shaped everything they did, even when unimaginable riches poured in.

Elvis was born on January 8, 1935, but his twin brother Jesse was stillborn. Glady also lost her mother ‘Doll’ that year to tuberculosis and family members noted she was unusually protective and fearful around her new child. This would never go away, with Elvis and his mother remarkably close all their lives, even developing their own private baby language.

Glady’s greatest fear was always losing her son, so she was devastated when he received his military papers in December 1957, at the height of his early fame.

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Gladys had slept in the same bed with her son until he was 13 and Elvis never spent a night away from the family home until he was 17.

Elvis later said:  “My mama never let me out of her sight.”

By 1957, the family was living in luxury at Graceland and Elvis lavished his mother with gifts (including a pink Cadillac, even though she couldn’t drive), but Gladys never forgot her roots. 

The Archives Tour of Graceland showed one of her classic dresses, simple and loose in a plain dark colour, with large pockets.

Angie Marchese pointed out the worn edges and stitch marks which showed that frugal Gladys would always repair her own clothes and never waste them.

This was mirrored by Vernon who famously kept every single piece of paper, correspondence and bills that passed through Graceland.

Angie said: “It goes back to growing up with nothing in the Great Depression and having to keep receipts prove you had paid for something.”

Vernon also never threw a single household item from Graceland away.

Angie told viewers that whenever Elvis redecorated, Vernon kept all the old items in the outbuildings rather than dispose of them.

Partly because his son would often change his mind but also, Angie said, because  “Vernon never knew when all of this could possibly go away and you might need something again one day.”

By 1957, Elvis was already constantly away on tour and starting to make movies in Los Angeles and Gladys was lonely and isolated at Graceland.

She told family friend Frank Richards: “I’m the most miserable woman in the world… I’m guarded. I can’t buy my own groceries. I can’t see my neighbour.”

Echoing what would later happen to her son, the emotionally fragile Gladys had started taking pills to sleep, pills to wake up and was drinking vodka through the day to calm her nerves.

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Glady’s sadness is clear in the pictures with Elvis in his military uniform and seeing him off to training camp.

Her health was already failing and she soon deteriorated. On August 10, 1958, Gladys was taken to hospital after driving back with Vernon from Fort Hood in Texas where their son was taking advanced tank training.

Elvis rushed home on August 13 and his mother died of a heart attack the following day. She was just 46.

At the funeral three days later, Elvis sobbed uncontrollably and said: “Goodbye, darling. We loved you. Oh God, everything I have is gone. I lived my life for you. I loved you so much.”

19 years later, Elvis would die, also of heart problems, on the very same day, August 16.

When Gladys died, the newspapers reported that the star was granted temporary compassionate leave from his military service which was extended after: “Elvis was confined to bed temporarily with a virus infection and slight fever.”

Before he returned to Texas, he left strict instructions about his mother’s belongings.

On the archives tour, Angie said: “When she passed in 1958, Elvis ordered that all of her things must stay in her room until he came home from the army.”

After The King himself died in 1977, nothing was touched in the house and Elvis’ own clothes were still hanging in his closet in 1982 when the house was opened to the public.

During that period, Glady’s own clothes were discovered in the attic. Angie revealed that “it was all wrapped in 1962 newspaper.”

Vernon travelled to Germany with Elvis during his miltary service, and when they returned in 1960, he moved into his own house next door to start a new relationship with his second wife, Dee Stanley, who he had married that year.

Elvis’ aunt Delta took over Vernon and Gladys’ rooms at Graceland in 1967.

When the process began of properly inventorying the contents of Graceland before the public openings, a treasure trove was discovered at the back of Gladys’ wardrobe.

Angie said: “Gladys also kept a wealth of photographs in her closet which are filed separately in the archives along with Glady’s wardrobe and personal effects.”

They are part of an extrordinary collection which includes nine million documents, 50,000 photographs, over 3,000 textile and costume items, cars, planes and The King’s personal record collection, with over 5,000 albums.

Texas Supreme Court voids orders that jailed Dallas salon owner for disregarding COVID-19 precautions

Months before COVID-19 cases surged to record highs[1] last year, Shelley Luther was fighting to keep her Dallas salon open despite safety guidelines. She had torn up a cease-and-desist order from Dallas County, and soon was fined $ 7,000 and sentenced to seven days in jail.

Almost a year later, the Texas Supreme Court concluded Friday morning that the county’s order was too vague to enforce, and voided the order holding her in contempt of court.

“The temporary restraining order failed to set forth the conduct required and the legal basis for its issuance in clear, specific, and unambiguous terms,” the court decision said.

Luther’s case had captured nationwide attention as top Republicans in the state worked to petition against the county’s orders. She appeared on “The View” and headlined rallies across the state while receiving half a million dollars in crowdfunding. The conservative support led her to a run for state Senate[2], where she lost to state Sen. Drew Springer[3], R-Muenster, by 13 percentage points in December.

Luther was operating her salon, Salon a la Mode, in blatant defiance of state orders last April, as Gov. Greg Abbott had announced hair salons and barbershops would have to remain closed. Even now, updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say those providing services to clients in hair salons are at risk for contracting COVID-19[4].

Days before the hearing in Dallas County, Luther had received $ 18,000 in refundable loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program, a sum that could have helped cover costs during the pandemic. But she would later say she wasn’t sure how she was allowed to spend it and felt she couldn’t risk closing.

“I am not going to shut the salon,” she had told the judge.

Luther’s vocal opposition drew in Abbott’s team, which reached out to her and asked for guidance on salons opening sooner, according to previous reporting by The Texas Tribune[5].

About a week later, Abbott allowed salons to reopen. But Luther was in jail. The sentence had come from District Judge Eric Moyé, who made a contempt of court judgement after she ignored his original temporary restraining order.

Before he issued the judgement, Moyé said he would consider giving only a fine and allowing her to avoid jail time if she pledged not to reopen her salon until emergency orders were lifted. In a Facebook video, Luther said that if she had to “go to jail to prove a point that what they’re doing is totally unconstitutional, then that’s what happens.”

Texas Republicans took a range of actions to support her. Attorney General Ken Paxton[6] wrote a direct appeal to the Dallas judge, claiming Moyé had abused his discretion and should immediately order Luther’s release. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick[7] offered to pay Luther’s fine and serve seven days of house arrest in place of her jail sentence.

Abbott soon removed enforcement mechanisms from his executive order and said confinement could no longer be a penalty for not following COVID-19 safety restrictions.


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Neelam Bohra

Southwest orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX planes while air travel demand still erratic

US carrier Southwest Airlines announced on Monday an agreement to buy 100 of Boeing’s 737 MAX 7 planes as it plans to retire older jets. It is the largest order for the troubled jet since its grounding in 2019.

The Dallas-based low-cost airline company said that under the deal it would convert 70 of its firm orders for MAX 8 planes to the smallest jets, the MAX 7s. It also added 155 options for 737 MAX 7 or MAX 8 airplanes through 2029.

“This cost-effective order book with Boeing allows the Company to maintain the operational efficiencies of an all-Boeing 737 fleet to support its low-cost, point-to-point route network,” Southwest said in a statement.

It expects to receive 30 of the 737 MAX 7 aircraft in 2022, in addition to 28 MAX 8s this year, totaling 69 units by the end of 2021. The airline said that 17 craft in the 737-700 series will be retired in the same period. It had firm orders for 281 of the jets before Monday’s announcement, including the planes it has already taken delivery of.
Also on rt.com Troubled Boeing 737 MAX returns to US skies after two deadly crashes
In January, Southwest reached an agreement with Boeing to delay deliveries of some of the 737 MAX planes it had ordered due to a plunge in air-travel demand from the Covid pandemic and its first annual loss in almost half a century.

“Southwest Airlines has been operating the Boeing 737 series for nearly 50 years, and the aircraft has made significant contributions to our unparalleled success. Today’s commitment to the 737 Max solidifies our continued appreciation for the aircraft and confirms our plans to offer the Boeing 737 series of aircraft to our Employees and Customers for years to come,” said Gary Kelly, Southwest’s chairman and CEO. “We are proud to continue our tradition of being the world’s largest operator of an all-Boeing fleet,” he added.
Also on rt.com Sharpest decline in aviation history: Passenger traffic plunged 66% last year due to pandemic, IATA says
Southwest’s order comes as the 737 MAX has just reentered service after two deadly crashes caused a nearly two-year global grounding that ended late last year. In November, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared the 737 MAX to fly again, with FAA chief Stephen Dickson saying he was “100% comfortable with [his] family flying on it.”

Brazilian carrier Gol, which operates an all-Boeing 737 fleet, became the first airline to relaunch the jets in December. Later, American Airlines operated the first commercial flight of the jet in the United States. Southwest returned the plane to service on March 11.

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