‘I just feel like a person’: Milwaukee rapper with cerebral palsy dreams of performing on stage

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — For 24-year-old Milwaukee native Jaquawn Gaston, rap music is more than just a beat and some rhymes. “My music is my everything,” Gaston said. “Whenever I’m doing my music, I just feel free; like I don’t feel like I’m in a wheelchair or like I have a disability.” Diagnosed with cerebral […]


Robotic sleeves can provide arm control to kids with cerebral palsy | Engadget

Children with cerebral palsy might soon use technology to gain some independence. UC Riverside researchers are developing robotic sleeves that provide arm control to kids with cerebral palsy-related mobility issues. Rather than augment the arm like an exoskeleton, the technology will use voltage sensors to detect muscle contractions and predict what the wearer wants to […]


Cerebral palsy doesn’t hold back pitcher for San Diego City College baseball team

Dylan Vaughn’s condition presents no limits to his abilities or his attitude. SAN DIEGO — “You know what? Baseball is such a beautiful game,” said Dylan Vaughn.  Vaughn is simply remind us of a simple fact.  His teammate Andre Petties Wilson says Dylan is always up. “Dylan has a crazy spirit. Just, it’s indescribable.” Dylan […]


March is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month | Prince William Living

Provided by Prince William County Office of Communication Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage or abnormal development that often occurs before birth, but the damage can also occur during birth. Cerebral Palsy, or CP, is the most common motor disability in children. It affects movement, posture, eating, coordination and balance, according to CP […]


Awesome man asks a girl with cerebral palsy to prom.

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Psychiatric Disorder Prevalence Higher in Adult Cerebral Palsy

Adults with cerebral palsy, especially those with intellectual disabilities, are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, compared with the general population, a review of seven datasets shows. The body of literature on psychiatric issues in children with cerebral palsy (CP) is increasing, but population-based studies of psychiatric issues in adults with […]