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Hashimoto: Tokyo Paralympics could still see some fans

Organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto said a decision on Paralympic fans would be made after the Olympics close on Aug. 8.

TOKYO, Japan — Tokyo Olympic organizers are holding out hope that the Paralympic Games might allow some fans.

Organizers and the International Olympic Committee on Thursday banned all fans from Olympic venues in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures because of surging COVID-19 cases.

A smattering of Olympic venues in outlying areas of Japan will allow some fans. Fans from abroad were banned several months ago as too risky.

Organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto, speaking at a Friday briefing, said a decision on Paralympic fans would be made after the Olympics close on Aug. 8. The Paralympics open on Aug. 24 and will involve 4,400 athletes. The Olympics involve 11,000.

A state of emergency imposed by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga goes into effect on Monday and ends on Aug. 22.

“After the Olympics Games close — as soon as possible — we would like to make a decision,” Hashimoto said. “Because if it’s postponed any further it will impact the preparations for the Paralympics.”

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Tokyo reported 822 new COVID infections on Friday. It was the 20th straight day that the number was higher than seven days previously. New infections on July 2 was 660.

Japan’s prime minister’s office said Friday that 16.8% of Japanese have been fully vaccinated.

The Olympic flame arrived on Friday in Tokyo and was unveiled at the Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium. It will not circulate around the city. The torch relay, which began in March in northeastern Japan, has been pulled from all streets in Tokyo leading up to the opening ceremony on July 23.

The relay will take place on a few Tokyo islands off the coast of the mainland.

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Rice University student to represent U.S. in Paralympics in Tokyo

Rice University student to represent U.S. in Paralympics in Tokyo

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Ahalya Lettenberger is living her dream!

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet. And it probably won’t sink until I go it’s just been a whirlwind.”

Lettenberger is a Rice University student, majoring in bioengineering. But next month, she will represent the USA in swimming at the Paralympics in Tokyo.

“I’ve been dreaming about this moment forever, so just thinking about wearing red, white and blue and being able to represent my country, I mean, I dream about it every day,” Lettenberger told ABC13.

Lettenberger was born arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), which is a muscular-skeletal disorder that affects her legs, but not her drive to be great in the pool.

“I really want my story to inspire others – especially others with disabilities and I want to do that in all aspects of my life.”

With Paralympics gaining in popularity, a bigger light will shine on Lettenberger and other Paralympian’s in Tokyo

“We work just as hard as any other athlete, so to get that recognition and publicity, that’s just really, really amazing,” she said.

Lettenberger openly admits her love for parmesan cheese, and with the new rules college athletes can profit off their name image and likeness, she has one company and product she’s ready to endorse.

“Parmesan cheese is my favorite food. It’s always my fun fact that parmesan is my favorite food, so yea Kraft is my dream company to work with,” she said.

Joe Gleason is a sports producer and photographer for ABC13 Houston, where he’s worked for more than 25 years. Follow Joe on Twitter, and see more of his work at ABC13 Sports

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