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It is legal to bury somebody in your back garden and you don't need planning permission

According to The Natural Death Centre, the single fact regarding private land burial which most surprises people at the outset is that for a limited number of interments, planning permission is not required adding: “The reason is simple – the presence of a very small number of burials would not constitute a ‘material change of use’, hence no such consent would be required.”

The registered charity points out that the following rules must be followed if you want to do an ‘at home’ funeral – which is what Location, Location, Location star Kirstie Allsopp did in 2014.

She buried her mum Lady Hindlip in a wicker coffin in the garden of her Dorset home but has recently admitted that it wasn’t easy following her mother’s last wishes.

Kirstie Allsopp buried her mum in the back garden back in 2014

The basic law is this: it IS possible – and not illegal – to bury a loved one in your backyard but you must get the consent of the owner of the freehold of the land.

The freeholder should check there are no restrictive covenants attached to the title deeds or registration of the property that prohibit burial and you must follow the minimum groundwater protection requirements.

What are the rules?

The Environment Agency also points out that the site should:

– be 30m from any spring or any running or standing water.

– be more than 10m from any ‘dry’ ditch or field drain

– be at least 50m away from any well, borehole or spring that supplies water for any use.

– when preparing a grave, make sure there is no standing water when it is first dug and that it’s not dug in very sandy soil.

– there should also be at least 1m of soil above and below the body after burial.

Other things to consider

You must contact your local council and let them know what you are planning.

You may need to speak to the environmental health department, too, according to the government website.

The owner (or owner’s agent) of the land on which the burial has taken place must prepare and keep a burial register in a safe place, too.

That said, The Natural Death Centre points out that this doesn’t have to be a fancy book from legal stationers.

A simple document will do it as long as it records the essential details of the deceased, and the date and place of interment with an accompanying plan showing the grave’s location.

The Natural Death Centre can provide a sample form. They add: “One final point with regard to people in authority. As private land burial is not a common event it is quite likely to attract attention and if you give your local police advance notice of the funeral they will not be wrong-footed into suspecting some improper act!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Biden Offers Work Permission to Migrants Who Were U.S. Crime Victims

The Biden administration announced Monday that it will speed the process of issuing temporary work permits to some undocumented immigrants who are victims of crime in the United States and who agree to cooperate with law enforcement, giving thousands of people faster access to temporary protections while they wait for a final visa determination.

The change will benefit immigrants who have applied for the U visa, a program that currently has a backlog of 270,000 applications, a number that grew significantly during the Trump administration. The average wait just to get placed on an official waiting list for temporary work authorization is now at least five years, up from about 11 months during the 2015 spending year.

The U visa provides a path to citizenship for victims of certain crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Congress only allows the government to issue 10,000 such visas a year, leaving many other applicants on a waiting list for future years and vulnerable to deportation.

Under the new policy, the government will make faster decisions about whether to grant four-year work permits to immigrants waiting for U visa determinations. This will give applicants the ability to “work and remain safely in the United States while they provide valuable support to law enforcement to detect, investigate or prosecute the serious crimes they have survived or witnessed,” the acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Tracy Renaud, said in a statement on Monday.

The work permits will not be granted to everyone who applies, and will require registering fingerprints and other biometrics with the government. It was not immediately clear how quickly applicants would receive temporary permission to work once the government believes they are applying in good faith.

The change is part of President Biden’s efforts to roll back the restrictive measures of the last administration and make it easier to immigrate to the United States, with shorter and simpler forms.

State and local law enforcement officials have cheered the U visa program, which started in 2000, but have raised concerns in recent years about the delay in granting protections to undocumented immigrants whom they rely on for help in investigations.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which promotes limits on immigration, has said the U visa program is already vulnerable to fraud and abuse, and fast-tracking work permits will only make that worse.

“That’s going to be a huge incentive for people to apply, knowing that they’re only getting a cursory review and a four-year work permit,” Jessica M. Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the center said.

Author: Eileen Sullivan
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Capcom Facing $12 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Using Artist's Photos Without Permission

Resident Evil 4

If Capcom hadn’t already suffered enough from last November’s data leak, it’s now facing a $ 12 million lawsuit.

Designer Judy A. Juracek took action on Friday in a Connecticut court within the United States, alleging Capcom used copyrighted photos from her 1996 book Surfaces without her permission.

Her work contains a collection of more than 1,200 texture photographs intended for visual research. It also comes with a CD-ROM of all of the images which commercial companies must license in order to use.

At this point, you should be able to see where this is going. Juracek claims Capcom didn’t take this important step and apparently, over 200 of her images have been repurposed across various video games. The lawsuit shows over 80 of these – covering series like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

One of the many examples highlighted was the logo of Resident Evil 4. Here’s a look (via VGC):

Resident Evil Comparison

In addition to this, there’s a claim that one of the images found within Capcom’s data breach had the same file name as one from the Surfaces CD.

Juracek’s legal reps are asking for $ 12 million in damages for copyright infringement and $ 2500 – $ 25,000 for each photograph used. The lawsuit also references previous allegations made by a filmmaker in April, who accused Capcom of plagiarising monster designs in Resident Evil Village.

You can read more about Capcom’s data leak in our previous post and see the full case over on Scribd.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Khloe Kardashian’s Team Working Hard To Remove Unedited Bikini Pic Posted ‘Without Permission’

A bikini photo of Khloe Kardashian that hasn’t had any apparent Photoshop or retouching is circulating online, and her team is demanding it’s removal.

The Kardashian sisters have been accused of Photoshopping[1] or altering swimsuit and other revealing photos in the past. But a bikini snapshot of Khloe Kardashian[2] that appears to be completely unedited has been making the rounds online, and the 36-year-old’s team is not happy about it. “The color edited photo was taken of Khloé during a private family gathering and posted to social media without permission by mistake by an assistant,” Tracy Romulus, chief marketing officer for KKW Brands, said in a statement to Page Six[3].

She went on to add that “Khloé looks beautiful but it is within the right of the copyright owner to not want an image not intended to be published taken down.” A source told the website that the photo was taken over this past Easter weekend and “features some edits.”

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian rocks her body in a skin-tight outfit on May 15, 2017 in New York City. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

In the photo, Khloe is seen wearing a super skimpy leopard print bikini while standing in front of the pool at mom Kris Jenner‘s Palm Springs estate. The Kar-Jenner family had gathered there to celebrate[4] Easter weekend. The mother of one still looked incredible in her swimwear, though her body didn’t have the apparent airbrushed finish to make her skin appear absolutely smooth and flawless[5]. The chiseled obliques that she sports in many Instagram posts also weren’t nearly as apparent. Below is a bikini photo of Khloe in Palm Springs that she shared to her Instagram on Apr. 2:

Khloe’s face was makeup free, and as a result didn’t have the heavy amount of contour she claims to use[6] to make her nose seem more narrow. Yet her face was still so pretty and Khloe looked far more like herself that she has in some of the Instagram posts she’s shared where fans literally ask what happened to her face[7] to make it appear so incredibly different.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian’s look has evolved over the years. She’s seen here attending the ‘Burlesque’ movie premiere in Hollywood on November 15, 2010. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

It’s not only her fans who have discussed Khloe’s dramatically different looks. Talk show host Wendy Williams[8] questioned how much work the Keeping Up With the Kardashians[9] star allegedly has had done during her Hot Topics segment on Mar. 11. “Khloe, Khloe, Khloe I don’t know whether it’s just the nose and the lips, or whether it’s a mini face lift, but you’re only 36-years-old,” Wendy said, adding “I know that you broke the stress of being compared[10] to the rest of your sisters and people making fun of you.”

The host later added, “It is a lot of work… and she’s only 36. It is a shame. It wasn’t like she needed all of that. Well, the nose job is good though.” Khloe has always shot down rumors that she’s undergone plastic surgery, though she did admit in 2016 that she tried fillers[11]. “[Fillers] did not work for me. I looked crazy, and I still think the effects are in there,” she confessed to Botched plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow on Kocktails With Khloe. “It was a bummer and now I’m afraid to do it again,” she added.

Khloe has hit back at at least one hater recently. After a user did a TikTok video about her ever changing looks, the Good American Jeans founder wrote in the caption of an Instagram repost, “I don’t want anyone to kiss my ass. I’m not asking for that. But what I am asking for is for people to realize just what articles like this does to someone’s soul and confidence. I am so very grateful and appreciative of anyone who stands up to bullying or people writing story’s simply for clickbait. Defending someone, Especially when we don’t know one another makes me heart happy. That’s the person I am. I like to defend what is right,” adding, “Thank you everyone for you sweet comments.”[12][13]


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