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The Beatles: Pete Best was 'emotionally smashed' after being kicked out of Fab Four

After John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison formed The Beatles 1960 they began looking for some serious gigs to bolster their fame. The first task on their list was to find a drummer – and they didn’t have to look far. Just four days before The Beatles ventured off to Hamburg, Germany to begin their residency at the Kaiserkeller club, they auditioned and hired fellow Liverpool lad Pete Best into the band.

Pete joined the gang in Germany during their legendary residency slot, where The Beatles started their legacy as the greatest band of all time by playing the club nightly for up to eight hours a day.

Pete remained in the band until 1962, when he was kicked out and subsequently replaced by Ringo Starr.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Roag Best – Pete’s brother, and co-owner of the Liverpool Beatles Museum – explained the drummer’s reaction to being removed from the band.

He explained: “They all got to know each other [in Germany] which was what was such a shock for him when they basically said: ‘You’re done.'”

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Pete went on to start another band of his own – The Pete Best Four – before becoming a civil servant for 20 years. In 1988, Pete started The Pete Best Band.

Roag said of his brother: “Pete says himself, he would have loved to have done the whole journey, but it wasn’t what was planned for him.

“Who wouldn’t want to do that whole journey? As he said, he was there for two years and he had an absolute ball. He had a great time.”

Pete’s time in the band came to an end in 1962 just after Brian Epstein signed The Beatles to his label.

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Roag said: “Do you know what I see on social media all the time? ‘Ringo’s a better drummer, Pete is a better drummer.’

“Do you know what? The bottom line is they were both good players. They’ve got different styles.

“I’m sure Ringo could do what Pete was doing and I’m sure Pete could do what Ringo did.”

When pressed on if Pete’s dismissal was in some way political, Roag simply shrugged: “I don’t know.”

In 2020 Pete opened up to The Irish Times about his exit from the band in ’62.

He said: “We were rockers, we were little hardies, we could handle ourselves. But when I got back home and I told my mother what happened, behind the sanctuary of the front door, I cried like a baby.”

On if he had forgiven Sir Paul McCartney, Pete said: “I’ve nothing to forgive him about … they made a decision as young men which was safeguarding their future.

“Okay, it could have been handled better. I was the fall guy for it, I suffered, but I’m not holding them to task over it. If I’d have been in the same situation and I was another member of the band, maybe I’d have been one of the bad guys.”


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Timothée Chalamet Plays His ‘Weird Little Flute’ In ‘SNL’ Sketch With Kid Cudi & Pete Davidson

Timothée Chalamet made a cameo during a hysterical musical sketch that was inspired by some of Timbaland’s old school beats!

Timothée Chalamet[1], 25, couldn’t stay away from the SNL stage for too long! Just four months after his hosting debut, the actor made a hilarious cameo during the “Weird Little Flute” sketch. In the bit, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd and musical guest Kid Cudi[2] rapped over a beat that appeared inspired by some of Timbaland‘s iconic 90s beats (read: lots of flutes). “Timmy Chalamet loves a weird little flute,” they rapped, as the actor than appeared in an orange-and-black sweater with an instrument of his own. Mic drop!

“We got that drip drip drip we got that brut…the only thing that’s missing is that weird little flute,” part of the song went, showing just some of the strange ways the trio used the musical instrument such as eating ramen, to wake up their moms, or even as a wand like Harry Potter. At one point, Pete couldn’t resist taking his out in a night club! “We in the club, that place is hoppin’….the Cristal is poppin….a girl comes up to me, she goes ‘what’s in your pants?’ And I say, that’s my weird little flute.” After Pete declared he keeps his in a “tiny a– case and I know what one is mine since I got stickers all over the place,” it turned out the guys were just standing in a music store and making a whole lot of noise.

This week’s Saturday Night Live[11] was hosted by Carey Mulligan[12], 35, with musical guest Kid Cudi, 37. The rapper expressed his excitement on social media after he was confirmed to appear, retweeting SNL‘s March 16th Twitter post with a crying emoji along with one that said “soon, soon, soon.” He added, “If u know me, u know snl is a huge dream of mine. This is huge. Cannot friggin wait!” On the day of the show, he shared a photo of Carey in rehearsal adding, “Tonight baby!”

Season 46 has been chock full of incredible music guests, kicking off with Megan The Stallion[13] in September! The “Body” rapper slayed as she performed her song “Savage,” including a powerful message[14] in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Nick Jonas, St. Vincent, and more. “We need to protect our Black women. And love our Black women. Because at the end of the day we need our Black women,” she said on stage during her performance. “At the end of the day, we’re tired of seeing hashtags about Black men,” she also declared, as the words “Protect Black Women” projected on a screen behind her. Other musical guests have included St. Vincent, Nick Jonas[15], Justin Bieber[16], and Dua Lipa.

After a series of unprecedented SNL At Home shows[18] in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series returned to it’s Studio 8H home in New York City last September. With restrictions still in place, show runner Lorne Michaels noted there would be a different approach behind the scenes. “Will the hosts function in the same way where they’ll be there for the whole week?
Yes. It will also be smaller. I don’t think we’ll go in 25 minutes or 30 minutes long at dress rehearsal. We’ll be tighter. We’ll try to mount fewer things, only because of the number of people who can be in the studio — the cast have to leave before stagehands can enter, those kinds of problems,” he explained to Vulture.


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Cassie Gill

Gogglebox cast favourite Pete brutally mocks Susie Dent for Countdown blunder: ‘Wake up!’

Pete Sandiford was quick to call out Susie Dent, 56, after she was upstaged in Countdown’s Dictionary Corner by a guest on the Channel 4 show. Pete mocked Susie’s series of blunders while watching the episode with his sister Sophie on tonight’s instalment of Gogglebox.
The reality TV star couldn’t contain his glee when lexicographer Susie missed a word from the dictionary list that the contestant had found.

After hearing the word, Susie exclaimed: “That is absolutely brilliant.

“Umm, we didn’t see this one,” she then admitted.

Pete and Sophie’s Gogglebox co-stars Ellie and Izzi Warner then shared their shock over Susie’s mishap.

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Pete snuck out of the living room and returned with the adorable Corgi in his arms.

The puppy then caused chaos as he jumped onto the pair’s coffee table and ran to see Sophie.

The cheeky pooch then tried to take a sip of coffee from Sophie’s mug before being shooed away from the beverage.

“Watch his teeth. They’re well sharp,” Pete warned.

Inside Gogglebox siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford’s sylish Blackpool home – photos

Gogglebox returned to Channel 4 at the end of February and brother-sister duo Sophie and Pete were back with their hilarious commentary of the week’s TV. Pete, 26, and Sophie, 24, film from their living room, leaving viewers guessing what the rest of their home looks like. But the fan favourites have given viewers a sneak peak inside their Blackpool home on social media.
In the living room, Sophie is usually seen relaxing in a bright yellow armchair whilst her brother lounges on a sofa filled with cushions and throws. Fans love to see which animated mugs the pair sip tea out of whilst critiquing the latest TV.

Photos show the living room has a dark wooden coffee table, shelves and a stone feature-wall. The room is also adorned with framed photos and candles to give it a homely feel. 

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The kitchen is spacious and the duo seem to take a lot of photographs in there. In one hilarious social media picture, Sophie, Pete and a woman called Julie were dressed up as the Spice Girls.

Sophie was head-to-toe in leopard print embodying Scary Spice, Julie donned a tracksuit and slick ponytail like Sporty Spice and Pete opted for the iconic Union Jack dress made famous by Ginger Spice.

Sophie and Pete have had a starring role on Gogglebox since 2018. As a part of the show, the brother and sister have to commit to 12 hours of filming each week split across two six-hour shifts.

Aside from the show, they stil work regular day jobs with Sophie working as a shop window dresser and Pete works in the insurance industry. 

Sophie and Pete have two other siblings named Harry and Lucy Johnson who do not appear on Gogglebox.

You can watch Gogglebox Friday at 9pm.

Additional reporting by Dan Laurie.