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Man, 65, suffers horror toilet trip after 5ft python emerges to ‘pinch’ his genitals

The 65-year-old Austrian shared how he bolted off of the seat after he felt a “pinch”. Turning around, he discovered the 5ft albino python in his toilet bowl.

He was taken to hospital for “minor injuries” and medics also checked for an infection.

The man, from Graz, suffered the bite below the belt at 6am local time on Monday.

After calling the emergency services, a local reptile expert arrived at his apartment and removed the snake.

Officers said the snake owner had been referred to prosecutors for negligent bodily harm. It is unclear if he will be charged

Mr Stangl said he had never been called out to anything like this in 40 years of working with reptiles.

Albino reticulated pythons are the world’s largest snakes, but do not attack humans by nature.

However, they will constrict or bite if they feel threatened or if they mistake something for food.

Author: Dylan Donnelly
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