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Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Bitcoin plummets as gains wiped – Musk’s Dogecoin also drops

Alexandra Clark, Sales Trader at the UK based digital asset broker GlobalBlock, wrote: “Cynthia Lummis has encouraged ‘people to buy and hold’ bitcoin in their portfolios, adding that with Congress flooding the economy with trillions and trillions of dollars, ‘there’s no way’ the value of the US dollar will not be debased.

“As well as promoting bitcoin as a store of value, the senator also defended Bitcoin’s environmental record, inviting miners to the state of Wyoming.

For the first time in weeks, bitcoin managed to gain over the weekend, which corresponds with the largest ever downward adjustment in bitcoin mining difficulty and a spike in daily accumulation by whales.

“Bitcoin mining difficulty fell by a staggering 28 percent this week and whales caused the biggest daily accumulation spike of 2021 with 60,000 BTC being purchased in one day.

He added: “Grayscale has rebalanced its portfolio in a way where Cardano (ADA) is now the company’s third-largest holding.

“As it stands, Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for 67.47% of the fund, Ethereum (ETH) 25.39%, Cardano (ADA) 4.26%, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 1.03%, Litecoin (LTC) 0.99% and Chainlink (LINK) 0.86%. The firm also revealed it is exploring Solana, Polygon, and a range of DeFi tokens for single asset trust funds.

Algorand also presents exciting opportunities. Since its launch in 2019, it has secured hundreds of millions in funding for its development and has numerous third parties operating within its ecosystem.

“Whilst it is not yet a threat to Ethereum or Cardano, with its smart contract capabilities, solid transaction speeds, and focus on being a bridge between centralized and decentralized systems, it certainly looks promising.

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Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Elon Musk's reign of terror continues – Bitcoin plummets 4.2%

Katharine Wooller, managing director UK and Ireland of Dacxi, a crypto wealth building platform, said cryptocurrency has already made a massive impact and that its future is “bright”.

Ms Wooller told Express.co.uk: “The future for crypto is bright; the speed of adoption the last 18 months has been nothing short of spectacular, and it has been widely accepted as an asset class by major investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds, with an estimated third of institutional investors exposed to cryptocurrencies.

“In payments, too, the major players are integrating crypto, including Paypal, Mastercard and visa.

“The majority of the world banks also are considering switching to central bank digital currencies; this includes the Bank of England which is considering what has come to be dubbed ‘Britcoin’.

“This is a key strategic gain for the industry on a number of fronts. It is a great sign of the dominance of crypto technology, which will increasingly be seen as standard, and that the majority of the world’s population will be using crypto, albeit sometimes without realising!”

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Holidays: Finland crowned happiest country in the world but UK plummets in ranking

After a difficult year amid the coronavirus pandemic, the World Happiness Report for 2021 has been unveiled. For Britons eager to jet off on holiday in the future to a “happy” nation, or even expats looking to relocate, the report offers an insight into the highlights of certain countries around the world.
Despite the impact of coronavirus and a reported global decline in mental health, there has been no change to the top spot.

For the fourth year in a row, Finland has come out on top as the “happiest” county in the world.

It was followed by Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and Netherlands, who took second, third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

The five other nations completing the top ten include Sweden, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Austria.

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However, it was bad news for the UK which plummeted six places in the happiness ranking, from 13 to 18.

Despite this, researchers found that UK emotions changed more than life satisfaction did throughout the year.

What’s more, while they noticeably hit a decline during lockdown, they were able to “recover faster” once the Government eased rules.

Mental health, in particular, has been a key factor in the UK’s ranking according to experts.

The report further explained: “In the UK, in May 2020, a general measure of mental health was 7.7 percent lower than predicted in the absence of the pandemic, and the number of mental health problems reported was 47 percent higher.

“However, after the sharp initial decline in mental health, there was a considerable improvement in average mental health, though not back to where it started.

“But a significant proportion of people (22 percent in the UK) had mental health that was persistently and significantly lower than before COVID-19.”

The report was conducted differently this year, with more of a focus on the relationship between wellbeing and COVID-19.

In previous years, experts have based the report on levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption income.

Despite a change in focus, however, experts pointed out the top ten remained mostly the same with the exception of Iceland rising two places and Norway dropping from fifth to eighth place.

However, there was good news for Germany which sprung from 17th place to seventh.

There was also a positive leap for the US which, despite the pandemic, rose from 18th to 14th place.

Other nations which made it into the top 20 include Israel, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, China and France.

The top 10 “happiest countries in the world” according to the Global Happiness Report 2021 are as follows:

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

4. Switzerland

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Norway

9. New Zealand

10. Austria

11. Israel

12. Australia

13. Ireland

14. United States

15. Canada

16. Czech Republic

17. Belgium

18. United Kingdom

19. China

20. France