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Elvis Presley’s romance with teenage dancer after seeing her photo in a nightclub

Elvis Presley returned from Germany in 1960 with a newfound love of women. Not long after that, he brought Priscilla Presley to Graceland to live with him – but his womanising didn’t stop just because his fiancée was in the country. The singer reportedly spotted a photo of young Sandy Martindale in her father’s Los Angeles nightclub in 1961, prompting the start of another relationship for the King of Rock and Roll.

Sandy spoke to Elvis.com.au in 2015 where she recalled how she got on with Elvis during the 1960s.

At just 14-years-old, Sandy’s photo was enough to completely “bowl Elvis over”.

She recalled: “He called me to go out, but I had to tell him I had school the next day.

“The next night Mom drove me to the club to meet him.”

She laughed: “My mother came with us on our first dates. I was so embarrassed I cried.”

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Sandy went on to describe her first date with Elvis.

She said: “Elvis had a date with a gorgeous actress that night and there I was, with my little ponytail.

“He was 24. He held my hand, kissed me on the cheek and I was a goner.”

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Sandy went on: “In Viva Las Vegas that’s me with Ann-Margret and Elvis dancing at the roulette table.”

Eventually, in 1967, Elvis broke it off before going on to marry Priscilla.

But even after his marriage began, the King maintained stayed in contact with Sandy, remaining friends until the end.

The youngster described being “devastated” when she last saw Elvis backstage at one of his last Las Vegas concerts – just before he passed away in 1977.

Sandy went on to marry Wink Martindale, a renowned American DJ, radio personality and TV producer.

Wink became fast friends with Elvis over the years, playing a number of his songs on his TV and radio shows.

The couple has since appeared on Sirius’ Elvis Radio to share stories about the King.


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Elvis Presley’s ex Linda Thompson reunites with King’s stepbrother at old Las Vegas Hilton

Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson has revisited Las Vegas where she spent many months with The King during his residences there in the early 1970s. Elvis dated the former Miss Tennessee model from 1972-1976 and they lived together at Graceland. During her recent trip to Las Vegas, the 71-year-old paid tribute to Elvis by visiting the old Hilton hotel, originally called The International and now Westgate, where The King performed two shows a night.

Linda even met up with Elvis’ step-brother David Stanley, who was the son of Vernon Presley’s second wife Dee Stanley.

Having stayed at The Palazzo Las Vegas at The Venetian resort, the 71-year-old shared photos from her “nostalgic” trip down memory lane.

She wrote on Instagram: “What a great few days & nights in Vegas! I love @palazzovegas where I usually stay.

“It was so nostalgic getting to revisit the city where I lived for 9 months of the 4 1/2 years Elvis & I were together!”

Linda added: “I had a lovely lunch & sweet visit with Elvis’s stepbrother David Stanley at the old Hilton international which is now the Westgate.”

The King’s former girlfriend also spoke of watching Bruno Mars perform and compared him to Elvis.

She wrote: “’Ima leave the door open’ for more 24 karat magic after seeing Bruno Mars in concert! What an astonishing performer!

“He is an amalgamation of Prince, James Brown, Elvis & Michael Jackson – yet uniquely his own style & magic!”

On revising Graceland, Linda wrote on her Instagram: “I took a walk down memory lane today at my former home, where I lived for 4 1/2 years – Graceland in Memphis.

“I also revisited the airplanes that I flew on to countless concerts all around the country with the greatest entertainer who ever lived, Elvis Presley.

“It’s surreal to remember decorating with him the legendary jungle room, stained glass peacocks in the living/music room, the fabric covered pool room, TV room & other areas – as well as the Lisa Marie airplane.

“I will always be grateful for the rarified honour of having been so close on such a deeply personal level to such a true icon – and for having been loved by him.”

Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia: ‘King wasn’t strict, but he’d find out if you broke trust’

Billy added: “We all pretty much had the same goal in mind which was take care of Elvis and his needs.”

The Memphis Mafia would also hang out with The King at his concerts and on movie sets.

In another video, Billy remembered how he first started working for Elvis in 1961 when he was shooting Follow That Dream.

He said: “Boy, it was quite something to be able to live that experience at that time. My Mom and Dad got to come down too and my brother, to watching the filming of it all, that was another treat.”

Elvis Presley’s cousin on first seeing The King record in 1958 – ‘I couldn’t believe it’

Elvis Presley shot to fame in 1956 and moved his family into Graceland a year later. One member of his Memphis Mafia inner circle was his cousin Billy Smith, who was just a boy at the time. And now over 60 years later, he’s shared his memories of first seeing Elvis record in the studio back in 1958.

Appearing on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel with his son Danny, Billy said: “When I first went to hear Elvis record was in 1958.

“He was home on leave and had to do a session because he had to have so many songs in the can before he was overseas and all.”

From 1958-60, The King did his army service in West Germany, while his manager Colonel Tom Parker rolled out some pre-recorded singles to keep the star in the public eye while he was away.

Elvis Presley‘s cousin shared: “And I remember I was in the Studio B with him and all I could do was stand there and watch him.”

Billy continued: “He’d have a break…I’d go get him water…but I finally got to thinking, ‘He don’t like this much’.

“He didn’t say anything, but I just thought, ‘He’s probably not real crazy about me gawking.’

“So I finally got the hint enough for myself that I went on and watched him from a distance.”

Yet even from further away, Elvis’ cousin was amazed at the talent he was witnessing.

Billy said: “It was just something different. To put my finger on it, I can’t. But I feel like so many of Elvis’ fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

“It’s just that one little difference that made Elvis extra special.

“When Elvis picked a song to record, he usually looked at it and thought, ‘What can I do with it?’, especially during the movie days.

“I think he put his heart and soul into every song he recorded, good or bad.”

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Elvis Presley’s ex-lover claims The King was in Washington DC to see her not Nixon – WATCH

On December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley managed to arrange a meeting with President Richard Nixon in The White House’s Oval Office. The King was concerned with the youth culture of the day and wanted to offer his help. But did you know his former lover Joyce Bova claims Elvis was primarily in Washington DC to see her?

While Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley, Joyce claims she had a romantic relationship with The King from 1969 to 1972 as recounted in her recently updated book Don’t Ask Forever – My Love Affair with Elvis.

Speaking with Elvis Presley expert Billy Stallings Spa Guy in the video below, Joyce said: “The one about Nixon makes me wild because Elvis was here to see me not Nixon!

“I wrote [the book] as my little tribute to Elvis because he was an amazing human being as everyone knows.

“And it’s just my little part…just a couple years, three years. The lies that have been told around me have been really hurtful all these years but I keep a low profile.”

Joyce was 24 when she met Elvis while working for the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

The two hit it off in Las Vegas back in 1969 and she even claims she was pregnant with The King’s child at one point.

As for Elvis travelling to DC in December 1970, Joyce says that the star had come to find her after they had a nasty argument in Las Vegas, while meeting Nixon was an afterthought.

On December 30, she was with The King when he stopped off at a donut shop in the US capital – a story that has been reimagined by Michael Shannon in the movie Elvis and Nixon.

Joyce continued: “We drove in and they saw that it was Elvis in the limousine…they weren’t blacked out windows back then.

“They went absolutely crazy, they loved him and he loved them and he was having a wonderful time.

“Ben [the limo driver] went in and got the donuts and Elvis got out and then Sonny followed right behind getting a little nervous to make sure everything was going to be okay. And Janice and I both stayed in the limousine with the windows rolled down; listening to everything and having a good time.”

Today, the donut shop is gone and a Kentucky Fried Chicken replaced it on Bladensburg Road at New York Avenue.

Joyce’s tell-all book synopsis includes: “Within the pages of her book she details what life was like with the superstar and the ‘man’, describing the ups and downs (literally), mood swings, medical problems and exhilarating, heart-pounding performances in Vegas and on tour.

“She recounts the truth behind the Presley/Nixon meeting in December 1970 and the fact that Elvis was in D.C. to find her after a nasty argument in Vegas, and that Nixon was an afterthought.

“Don’t Ask Forever tells about life at Graceland, the antics of the Memphis Mafia and, finally, Joyce’s realization that Presley had fallen victim to prescription drugs.

“You will laugh and cry at Joyce’s candid and revealing story. It is an intimate but vivid portrait of the “brightest star that will continue to shine forever”. A must read for every Elvis fan.”

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Elvis Presley’s family on how The King would have handled teenage Lisa Marie’s boyfriends

Elvis Presley’s only child Lisa Marie was just nine-years-old when her father died on August 16, 1977. Sadly The King didn’t live to see his daughter grow up, but now their family have shared how they think Elvis would have handled a teenage Lisa Marie bringing boyfriends home to Graceland. A fan sent in the question to Elvis’ cousins, who run the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, for their expert advice.
Danny Smith, who knew Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley as a child, responded to the question, having consulted his Memphis Mafia parents Billy and Jo Smith.

The question was: “Had Elvis have lived longer, how would you imagine he’d handle a teenage Lisa bringing boyfriends home.”

Elvis’ cousin replied: “Elvis was open-minded…he would probably have that father talk.”

Danny reckons The King would have said to a boyfriend of Lisa Marie: “Son, I could be your best friend or I could be your worst damn enemy. You choose.”

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Danny added: “As Lisa matured and got into [boys], I think he would have been just like he was when she was a child.

“Like a lot of fathers are over their daughters. Somewhat overprotective, but want[ing] to lead her and let her live life and go through life.”

A few years ago, Lisa Marie spoke of growing up at Graceland with her father on CBS’s The Talk.

She said: “He and I spent a lot of time together upstairs; the upper part of Graceland is basically his room and my room.”

Lisa Marie would take full advantage of how her father was a night owl who would be asleep when she was up.

She remembered: “He would sleep all day so me and my friends pretty much had the run of Graceland.

“And I knew that nobody was going to tell me what to do because they would get fired. I was, truly a terror to be honest.”

When asked what traits of her father’s she has, Elvis’ daughter replied: “His personality and intensity levels I can emulate pretty well.”

Elvis left the Graceland estate to Lisa Marie and the Memphis mansion was opened to the public as a museum in 1982.

Today the property is the second most-visited home in the US after The White House.

While fans can tour the mansion, the upstairs remains off-limits as it was The King’s private space in life, so remains so in his death.

Nevertheless, it’s Lisa Marie’s request that those rooms are perfectly preserved like Elvis just got up and left.

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Elvis Presley’s Graceland upstairs bedroom: The King ‘liked it dark and very, very cold’

Danny, who was a teenager when he knew The King, replied: “Yes, Elvis liked it dark and he liked it very, very cold.”

In fact, it was so cold that Memphis Mafia member Lamar Fike would joke that you could hang meat in there.

So when his friends were hanging out in his bedroom, Elvis would hand out sweaters and racquetball jackets to keep others warm.

The King’s cousin added: “When he was at the hospital, he put aluminium foil over the windows, to keep the light out, to keep it darker.”

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Elvis Presley’s final moment with Lisa Marie hours before he died upstairs at Graceland

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Both cover tracks, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain features on Elvis’ 1976 album From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.

While Unchained Melody is the opening track on The King’s final record, 1977’s Moody Blue.

Around 6:15am, the two couples left the racquetball court to return to the main house.

In a recent virtual live tour of Graceland, archivist Angie Marchese recounted what Elvis did next after playing the piano that fans can still see there to this day.