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“Unvaccinated pandemic”: The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States has increased by 26% from the previous week

U.S. officials said on Friday that the delta change of COVID-19 is reflected in the major strains of the world and is driving a surge in deaths across the United States, almost entirely among unvaccinated people.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in the news that COVID-19 cases have increased by 70% from the previous week, and the number of deaths has increased by 26%. Most of the surge occurred in vaccines. Bulletin for counties with below average vaccination rates.

“This is becoming an unvaccinated epidemic,” Varensky said, adding that 97% of COVID-19 patients in the United States are not vaccinated.

According to officials, four states accounted for 40% of the increase in cases, and Florida alone accounted for one-fifth of the country’s new cases in the past week.

Along with Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Nevada are listed as states with a significant increase in cases.

Jeff Zients, the White House coronavirus coordinator, said that “if and when” deployment is needed, the United States has enough to strengthen the supply of needles, but the focus now is to persuade those who are still hesitant to protect themselves and their families. On the positive side, Zients stated that approximately 5 million people in the country have been vaccinated in the past 10 days, many of whom are from states with low vaccination rates so far.

Currently, according to CDC statistics, 65.2% of the eligible population over the age of 12 have been vaccinated at least once, and 56.5% have been vaccinated, but there are big differences among the 50 states.

Teenage singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo) spoke at the White House in Washington, DC on Wednesday. Her “Good 4 U” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list this summer. Rodrigo shot a video there to encourage young people to get vaccinated in the case of coronavirus trends in the United States. (Susan Walsh/Associated Press)

US officials emphasized young people in targeted vaccination messages, saying they were hospitalized more frequently than at the beginning of the pandemic. Earlier this week, the White House brought teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo) into the White House to serve some public service establishments.

In contrast, 79.3% of Americans over 65 were vaccinated, and the proportion of one-time vaccinations was 9% higher.

Los Angeles County restores indoor mask regulations

State and local officials are reconsidering the use of masks, most notably in Los Angeles County’s announcement late Thursday.

As cases in many parts of the United States have risen to worrying levels, the county has a population of 10 million and Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, is among the jurisdictions that have recommended or mandated the wearing of masks or other epidemic restrictions in recent days. One.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said on Twitter on Thursday: “We require everyone in public places and indoors in businesses to wear masks, regardless of vaccination, so that we can stop the increase in the level of transmission that we are seeing.”

(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News)

The agency said the authorization will take effect one minute before midnight on Saturday night.

Before the announcement, Los Angeles County had reported more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases for six consecutive days. As of Wednesday, nearly 400 people had been hospitalized for COVID-19, an increase of 275 from the previous week. Nine new COVID-19 deaths were reported on Wednesday.

More than 1,500 new infections were reported on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, California’s Sacramento and Fresno counties recommended that people who are vaccinated wear masks indoors. Officials in Austin, Texas, on Thursday urged unvaccinated or other high-risk groups to avoid travel, indoor gatherings, eating out and shopping, and to wear masks.

Earlier this week, Yolo County, California, also recommended wearing masks indoors. In Springfield, Missouri, children and teachers were required to wear masks during summer school.

Masks still need to be worn on public transport: CDC officials

Despite these trends, this week a group of Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to ban the wearing of masks on public transportation, arguing that as more and more Americans are vaccinated, these regulations no longer make sense. Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs stated that the transit mask regulations “only those who like to control our daily lives will comply.”

In mid-May, the CDC stated that in most places, fully vaccinated people can avoid wearing masks indoors—but there are some exceptions, such as border crossings.

People walked past the Salt Lake City International Airport on July 1. Air passenger traffic has picked up this month, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that wearing masks in public transportation is still essential. (Rick Bowmer/Associated Press)

A senior US health official signed a comprehensive order requiring masks to be worn on almost all forms of public transportation. He said masks are a key tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Marty Cetron, director of the Global Immigration and Quarantine Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told Reuters on Thursday that the agency’s “current position” is that the authorization should not be revoked.

“Masks are really powerful, and we should make sure they are part of our arsenal,” Cetron said in an interview. “We wear masks not just to protect ourselves-we wear masks because it is our way of caring for and expressing concern for each other.”

Regulations that have been implemented since January require all passengers to wear masks when in planes, ships, trains, subways, buses, taxis and carpooling, as well as in transportation hubs such as airports, bus or ferry terminals, train and subway stations, and ports.

Watch | Delta Air Lines is looking for unvaccinated Americans:

Even with the increase in the number of cases, the COVID-19 vaccination rate in the United States has begun to decline, mainly in areas with low vaccination rates. Officials are trying to incentivize vaccines, but they say they may need to take more drastic measures. 1:58

The requirement to wear masks has always been a huge source of friction on American aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday that since January 1, it has received 3,420 reports of unruly passengers, of which 2,559 were due to refusing to wear masks.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated that July 11 was the busiest day since February 2020, with nearly 2.2 million passengers.

“I know we are all just over emotionally, but I do think that if we realize that the virus is the enemy, not your compatriot or the person sitting next to you or the person sitting next to you or a piece of cloth, we will be together Success must be on the face,” Cetron said.

There is no expiration date for CDC transit mask orders. In April, TSA extended its mask requirements to September 13.

During Donald Trump’s administration, efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote the mandatory use of masks during transportation were blocked.

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British retirees get just 29% of their previous pay as the UK lags the EU – ‘so worrying’

State pension payments may rise by eight percent next year as dramatic earnings predictions were made. The news drew fresh questions on the feasibility and sustainability of triple lock rules.

Sarah Coles, a personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, reflected on how Rishi Sunak may act in light of these developments.

Ms Coles said: “Rishi Sunak set the cat among the pigeons by departing from the usual line to defend the triple lock at all costs.

“The reference to fairness to taxpayers and pensioners, and highlighting concerns about costs, was the Chancellor waving bolt cutters around the triple lock – either to signal a break away from the policy or to gauge the reaction.

“The crisis has thrown up an inherent problem with the mechanisms behind the triple lock, because it’s unable to cope with sudden and spikey wage changes.

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Ms Coles went on to break down how UK pensioners are lagging behind many other countries in the developed world: “However, the function of the 2.5 percent guarantee was to build in gradual improvements to the state pension over time.

“This can be seen in the context of the fact that on average in OECD countries, pensioners receive 63 percent of their previous pay, while in the UK they get 29 percent.

“The Government could choose to boost the state pension in one hit instead of taking this gradual approach, but at a time of Government penny pinching, this seems unlikely.

“Any removal of the 2.5 percent guarantee without an overall rise in the state pension would effectively mean signing us up to the current level of the state pension for the foreseeable future.

“This would have far-reaching consequences not just for today’s pensioners, but for today’s taxpayers who hope to draw a reasonable state pension in future.

“The state pension is the bedrock for millions of retirement incomes, so it’s no wonder that threats to the triple lock are so worrying for those who rely on it.”

The difficulty facing UK retirees was recently highlighted by a House of Commons Library Briefing Paper written by Roderick McInnes.

This report, produced in mid-April, compared the pension systems among UK, EU and OECD savers and within this report, the Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index was utilised.

This index annually cross-examines the pension systems of 39 countries, utilising more than 50 indicators.

In its latest report, it was revealed that the UK placed 15th in the table, achieving an overall score of 64.9 (out of 100) with a corresponding grading of C+.

In comparison, The Netherlands topped the leaderboard with a score of 82.6 and an A grading.

Overall, EU countries dominated the top 10, with Finland, Sweden and Norway all making an appearance and eight European countries scored a higher grade than the UK.

Author: Connor Coombe-Whitlock
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PSG stars moan that no-nonsense Champions League ref

Uncompromising Dutch ref Bjorn Kuipers, who was once branded “disrespectful” by Neymar after booking the Brazil playboy for arguing with him, has been backed by many fans after two PSG players accused him of swearing at them.

Experienced Kuipers has a reputation for letting matches flow and occasionally giving as good as he gets to players, and the 48-year-old was tested at times on Tuesday night as he oversaw Paris’s tame Champions League semifinal exit at Manchester City.

A multi-millionaire through his ownership of a supermarket chain in his homeland, Kuipers held his own with some of the most valuable and most notoriously dramatic players in the world – and two have now accused him of dropping the f-bomb on them.

“We talk about respect with referees,” Ander Herrera told RMC about an alleged war of words between Kuipers and one of his teammates.

“The referee tonight said ‘f*** off’ to Leandro Paredes. If we say that, we get a three-to-four match ban.”

Fellow midfielder Marco Verratti, who curiously claimed that PSG had the better of a game in which they were beaten 2-0 and did not manage a shot on target, offered even more extraordinary claims.

“He said ‘f*** you’ to me,” confided Verratti. “I talk to referees a lot but I never say that or I get a 10-game ban.”

Angel di Maria was sent off in the second half, mirroring the first-leg fate of Idrissa Gueye, who was sent off for a horrendous tackle on Ilkay Gundogan that many felt had severely endangered the City playmaker.

“They lost their nerve and started to kick us,” two-goal hero Riyad Mahrez told BT Sport on Tuesday. “After the red card, it was more comfortable.”

Fans offered a mixed reception to the duo’s allegations, with many pointing out that players are routinely heard directing choice words at officials on the pitch at a time when largely empty stadiums mean that their voices can be picked up clearly.

“Honestly, this cements Bjorn Kuipers as the best ref in the world,” said one. “PSG players are masters in the dark arts and he wasn’t having any of it.”

Another admitted: “Not surprised. They were harassing him non-stop. Must have taken all of his will power not to smash one of them in the face.”

Kuipers booked Neymar for dissent during a 2018 World Cup group stage game between Brazil and Costa Rica in Russia, and did so again when the world’s most expensive player complained about his treatment by the opposition when Paris played Napoli last year.

“The referee told me something he should not have,” Neymar told ESPN afterwards. “It was disrespectful. I do not want to repeat what he said to me. However, somebody high up should do something.

“He cannot be as disrespectful as he was with me. On the pitch, we are asked to show respect towards the referees. We should get the same in return.”

A Neymar fan account was predictably scathing towards Kuipers after his latest set-to with their hero. “Bjorn Kuipers is still the worst and most unprofessional official that’s ever been in the sport,” they insisted, calling him a clown.

Few seemed to feel the same. “He doesn’t buy into the moans and the flops and lets players get stuck in,” said a supporter. “He allows the game to flow, which is so much better as a viewer.”

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Author: RT
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Next Argos PS5 restock date could have been revealed, 'DOUBLE' previous allocation

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

The caveat to all of this is that Argos restocks typically drop in the wee hours of the morning, with PS5 restocks in the past going live at 1am.

So if you do want to get hold of a PS5 with the next Argos restock you’ll have to be prepared for a late night.

As always with rumours, it’s best to take the information with a pinch of salt.

However, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter does have a strong track record of being right, with their information – and leaks from other PS5 stock tracker accounts – proving invaluable to those still trying to pick up the hugely in-demand next-gen console.

Argos like other retailers don’t tend to officially announce the time and date that their next PS5 restocks will be going live.

So the information from accounts such as @PS5StockAlertUK have proved invaluable to those looking to purchase a PlayStation 5.

Virgin of Guadalupe statue replaced after previous gunfire incident at SE Houston church

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was found vandalized outside of a southeast Houston church in January was finally replaced Sunday morning.Queen of Peace Catholic Church held a replacement statue inauguration in the 3000 block of Telephone Road at 9 a.m., honoring the new Virgin Mary as parishioners adorned the area with flowers.

The video above shows the new statue living on top of a few steps outside in the church’s green space.According to parishioners, the statue was hit by at least six bullets back in December of 2020, leaving holes in the venerated object.

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Witnesses said the person responsible is a man who was wearing a red suit and a black hat.

“I just think it’s something evil, you know? It’s something that’s not good. We were scared because it’s right across the street,” said Ruby Garcia, who lives in the area.

Garcia’s mother cleaned the previous statue every other day and said she was extremely upset.

“It’s just ridiculous. The first thing I thought about, I said, ‘Well, what if someone had been there and gotten shot accidently because some stupid person passed by shooting it?'” wondered Irene Garcia, another resident of the area.Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to contact authorities.

The site, located just feet away from Telephone Road, is visited often by parishioners and others in the area for prayer and inspiration.

Queen of Peace Catholic Church was established in 1945. It wasn’t clear when the statue was installed.

Our Lady of Guadalupe traces its roots back to 1531 when an apparition of Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared five times in Mexico, according to historical accounts[2]. A cloak containing an image of her is located at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites[3] for the Catholic faithful.

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