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Rumour: Metroid Prime Trilogy For Switch Ready To Go, According To Industry Insider

Metroid Prime Trilogy

We’ve got an update on the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster that’s supposedly heading to Nintendo Switch.

According to the proven industry insider and VentureBeat journalist, Jeff Grubb, the development of the Switch version has already been completed and it’s now just a matter of Nintendo finding the “right time” to release it.

On this week’s episode of the Giant Bomb show (pay wall), the source of the latest update said the video game giant is waiting for best moment to reveal and release the trilogy – with the pandemic still causing some problems along with the delay of Metroid Prime 4.

Here’s exactly what Jeff had to say (thanks, VGC):

“The game is done and Nintendo is holding it. I think Metroid Prime trilogy is done and whether or not Nintendo releases it now or later depends on other factors… I think that game is sitting in their pocket for whenever Nintendo decides it’s the right time, and Nintendo’s done this a lot recently so it’s not unusual, it’s not a sign of some bad thing happening, it’s not a sign of a lack of faith in Metroid… Nintendo can afford [to sit on it] and that’s how they’re treating it.”

“I think a big problem for Nintendo for quite some time during the pandemic was QA… I think Nintendo was focusing its quality assurance resources on one or two big projects at a time and that meant that some games that were basically finished were sitting on the side, while they had their lockdown secure QA processes focused on one or two more important games… Japan is still dealing with these issues so I don’t think those processes are going to open up any time soon.”

“The other factor for Metroid Prime Trilogy is that it’s definitely going to be a marketing beat for Metroid Prime 4, almost certainly. So right now we’re getting Metroid Dread this year and then I would imagine that Metroid Prime trilogy is something they’ll release close to the release of Metroid Prime 4, whenever that is.”

Back in 2019 the Game Informer senior editor at the time, Imran Khan, said the trilogy collection for Switch had been “long done” and also hinted how there was “more Metroid stuff” to anticipate. This was followed by a Swedish retailer listing the trilogy in May last year.

More recently, the former lead designer on all three Metroid Prime games shared their own thoughts about the trilogy coming to the Nintendo Switch and thought it was unlikely to happen. This response didn’t go down well with some people within the Metroid community.

Do you think we’ll ever see the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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Gary Neville brands Boris a ‘liar’ as Prime Minister faces questions amid racism row

Gary Neville sends a cheeky message to Boris Johnson

At a press conference today, the Prime Minister was asked whether he and his ministers had stoked up division in the country in relation to their views on football players taking the knee. Sky News’s Beth Rigby asked the Prime Minister today: “For many people your own record undermines your image as a unifying Prime Minister. “What are you going to do to change that?”

In response, the Prime Minister rejected any allegations he had stoked division in the UK.

Commenting on social media, Gary Neville said: “Liar.”

During his press conference in Coventry today, the Prime Minister was pressed on his stance on those fans who booed England players taking the knee.

The Prime Minister insisted he always disagreed with those who booed the players.

Gary Neville

Gary Neville issued a one-word response against the PM (Image: GETTY)

Gary Neville

Gary Neville: Mr Johnson faced questions today (Image: GETTY)

He also admitted there is “still a long way to go” in ending racism in the UK.

Last month, England players took the knee against Romania and were met with boos by certain sections of the crowd in Middlesbrough.

Asked to comment on the matter, his spokesman claimed Mr johnson respects the rights of those who want to protest peacefully.

They added: “On taking the knee, specifically, the Prime Minister is more focused on action rather than gestures.

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Gary Neville

Gary Neville called the PM a “liar” (Image: Twitter )

“We have taken action with things like the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities and that’s what he’s focused on delivering.”

After the Euro 2020 final, three England players were racially abused across social media platforms.

Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho all received vile attacks on social media following England’s loss to Italy on Sunday night.

Following the abuse the three players received, the Government has claimed it will take further action to force social media platforms to remove hate and racist abuse online.

Bukayo Saka calls out social media companies over racial abuse [Latest]
Sadiq Khan savaged after Wembley Euro security ‘ballsed up’ [Update]
Four arrested after Rashford, Saka and Sancho racially abused [Report]

Gary Neville

Gary Neville: The players were booed last month (Image: GETTY)

Gary Neville

Gary Neville: Fans gather to lay cards and flags at Rashford’s mural (Image: GETTY)

The Prime Minister met with representatives from the social media giants to encourage them to do more to tackle hate online.

Under the Online Harms Bill, Ofcom will be in charge of enforcement and could issue fines of up to £18million or 10 percent of annual global turnover if social media firms do not act quick enough to remove comments.

Changes to football banning orders, introduced in 1989 to stop repeat offenders, will also come in following a 12-week consultation of the Online Harms Bill.

Four people have been arrested after the England trio suffered disgusting racial abuse on social media.

The UK Football Policing Unit said: “Following England’s defeat against Italy on Sunday a torrent of racist comments aimed at some of the team’s black players appeared on platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“A hate crime investigation is underway by the UKFPU, with a dedicated team of investigators working their way through a large number of reports from across the country.

“So far, dozens of data applications have been submitted to social media companies and four people have been arrested by local police forces.”

Chief Constable Mark Roberts, the National Police Chiefs’ Council football policing lead, said: “The racial abuse aimed at our own players following Sunday night’s game is utterly vile and has quite rightly shocked and appalled people across the country.

Gary Neville

Gary Neville: Members of the public gathered at the mural over the last few days (Image: GETTY)

“Our England team have been true role models during the tournament, conducting themselves with professionalism and dignity.

“I’m disgusted there are individuals out there who think it’s acceptable to direct such abhorrent abuse at them, or at anybody else.

“The UKFPU investigation is well under way and work continues to identify those responsible.

“We are working very closely with social media platforms, who are providing data we need to progress enquiries.”

Adblock test (Why?)

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Theragun Prime review: Massages at the tap of a button? Just what EVERY home office needs!

Theragun Prime Review New Features Price UK Reach Review

The triangle-shaped design makes the Theragun Prime easy to hold in any position (Image: THERABODY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS )

Working from home has a number of advantages – you get more time in bed each morning, you’ll never have to trek to your local Royal Mail distribution centre because you missed a delivery, and you’re around when the kids get home from school. However, when it comes to posture and pains… it’s almost all disadvantages.

Forced to leave behind our desks in offices across the UK almost overnight, many have spent the subsequent 15 months perched on stools, hunched on folding chairs, or sprawled out on sofas with our laptops balanced precariously on knees, a stack of books, or kitchen counters. Let’s be honest, none of these set-ups are renown for their ergonomic benefits.

That’s something we all should be concerned about. According to research by the US National Institutes of Health, without proper care, roughly a fifth of those who experience lower-back pain will develop persistent symptoms within a year. It’s a similar story for those struggling with neck aches and joint pain.

And that’s where Thergun comes in.

This clever gadget is designed by the team at Therabody to ease all of the aches and pains caused by a cobbled-together home office – or anything else for that matter. While the company has been around for some time, Dr. Jason Wersland founded the company back in 2009, the strains of the global pandemic have brought the US brand to a greater audience.

Express.co.uk heaved ourselves off the sofa and tested a Theragun Prime to find out whether this health gadget is worth the cash…

The first-generation Theragun – named as a portmanteau of “Therapy” and “Gun” – was developed by Dr. Jason Wersland who, after a traumatic motorcycle accident, was left with debilitating pain. It’s amazing how much of the DNA of that original product, which looks like something from a Black And Decker catalogue – or one of the later sequels in the 50 Shades Of Grey series, can still be found in the latest fourth-generation gadget.

Express.co.uk took delivery of a fourth-generation Theragun Prime, which has a triangle-shaped frame that can be held from any of its three sides. This simple design makes it incredibly easy to aim the Theragun at hard-to-reach spots, like your lower back, shoulder blades and hamstrings. The entire frame is made from a tactile plastic that’s grippy enough that it’s not going to slide out of your hand during a sweaty post-run session. Elsewhere, there’s an On/Off switch, buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the percussion, and a variety of interchangeable heads to target specific muscle groups. And that’s it.

Theragun Prime Review New Features Price UK Reach Review

Theragun Prime is safe to use across your body (Image: THERABODY)

Therabody says the triangle shape is designed to handle the device without adding any strain to your wrist, hands or arms. It’s definitely true that using the device for prolonged periods doesn’t trigger any more pains or aches to flare up. The best indication that Theragun’s clever triangle design works incredibly well is the fact that lower-priced competitors have flooded Amazon and other online stores with almost identical designs.

But while the rough shape is easy enough to copy-paste, Therabody has a few other tricks up its sleeve that make it worth the investment over its competitors.

First up – the motor. As the name suggests, percussive therapy uses a vibrating tip to pound your muscles, recreating the experience of a deep-tissue massage at the touch of a button. As such, the gadget needs to be pretty powerful, but not too loud. With the latest generation, Therabody says it has made the motor 70 percent quieter than previous versions. On top of that, the company says its motor has enough grunt to deliver a 60 percent deeper massage than other consumer devices on the market.

That all sounds great on paper, although it’s important to state that Theragun Prime is not what we’d call “quiet” by any stretch of the imagination. It is possible to use the fourth-generation model stretched out on the sofa while watching television… but you’re going to need to crank-up the volume before you start your massage.

But while there’s still room for improvement when it comes to the noise of the Theragun, we’ve got no complaints about the massage itself. No muscle knot is a match for the ferocious motor fitted to the Theragun Prime. LEDs denote which of the five built-in speeds you’re currently using – 1,750 percussions per minute, 1,900ppm, 2,100ppm, 2,200ppm or 2,400ppm) and how much battery life is left in the tank.

Theragun Prime Review New Features Price UK Reach Review

With this fourth-generation model, the battery life has received a healthy boost (Image: THERABODY)

Therabody says the battery cell in the fourth-generation model is rated for 120-minutes of continuous use. While we never tried a two-hour endurance session to test that claim, we were able to pick-up the Theragun once a day for over a fortnight without even thinking about recharging. So, don’t worry about forgetting the charger if you decide to take the Theragun Prime on your holidays – it’s got more than enough stamina.

Finally, the last secret weapon that puts Theragun Prime above its rivals – the companion app on Android and iPhone. When you first unbox the Prime, the idea of pressing its pounding nozzle deep into your thigh or shoulder seems a little intimidating. Not only that, but since our academic qualifications centre on being able to write proper, we’re no experts when it comes to muscle groups and the best percussive therapy routine.

Theragun Prime Review New Features Price UK Reach Review

Therabody has designed a stellar app with a number of curated exercises when working at home or exercising (Image: THERABODY)

Thankfully, that’s where the smartphone app comes in. It’s packed with step-by-step instructions that guide you through some of the most effective routines. The app syncs with the Theragun Prime in real-time, so it can tell you when you’re applying too much pressure to a muscle – or not enough. And it also advises which attachment to use.

The guides are sorted into a number of handy categories, including First-Time User, Run Recovery, Hiking Warm Up, Yoga Recovery, and, of course, Work From Home.

As you use the Therabody app, the suggested routines will be tailored to your tastes. So, if you’ve never looked into the guides around climbing… the app will assume that’s not an activity you’re interested in, for example.

Theragun Prime Review New Features Price UK Reach Review

With a maximum of 2,400 percussions per minute, Theragun Prime is a powerful tool (Image: THERABODY)

Theragun Prime review: Final Verdict

  • Pros: An amazing deep tissue massage at the push of a button, brilliant battery life means you can leave the charger at home, comprehensive guides in the app for beginners
  • Cons: At full pelt, the motor be a little quieter, price could be a little more affordable

Whether it’s the hours spent hunched over a laptop, or a busy workout schedule at home or back in the gym… the Theragun Prime is phenomenally adapt at untangling knots or relaxing any tightness in your muscles. The powerful motor and brilliant battery life means a deep tissue massage is always just a button press away. Bliss.

The cleverly designed companion app includes a dizzying number of guides that provide step-by-step instructions for runners, cyclists, and Work From Home-ers who want to target specific muscle groups. It’s clever stuff and ensures the Theragun Prime is never intimidating – even if this is your first percussive therapy device.

At £275, the Theragun Prime is reasonably pricey. However, if you have no plans to return to the office, buy an ergonomic desk chair, or relax your gym routine… it’s a no-brainer. The comprehensive app and two-year warranty puts it ahead of the competition.

And if the Theragun Prime seems a little too pricey, the Therabody app also works with the entry-level gadget from the percussive therapy brand, the Theragun Mini costs £175.

Israel: Netanyahu vacates prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem

Netanyahu vacates prime minister

Israel’s former premier Benjamin Netanyahu has left his official residence a month after losing office.

Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formally departed his official Jerusalem residence nearly a month after he was unseated by his successor Naftali Bennett.

“A little after midnight the Netanyahu family left the residence on Balfour [Street],” a spokesman for the family told journalists in a statement on Sunday.

Moving trucks were spotted outside the residence and black Audi cars were filmed being towed from the property over the weekend.

The hawkish Netanyahu served as Israel’s premier for 12 straight years following an earlier three-year term.

He remained in office even as he went to trial on charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. He denies the charges and says they are a left-wing plot against him.

He led Israel through four deeply divisive elections in less than two years before right-wing nationalist Bennett was sworn in on June 13 to head an ideologically disparate coalition, unseating him.

However, Netanyahu did not vacate the prime ministerial residence.

Instead, he continued to host dignitaries including Nikki Haley, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations under President Donald Trump.

In late June, Netanyahu and Bennett’s offices announced July 10 as the final date for the former premier to move out.

Netanyahu left after midnight on Sunday, slightly after the deadline he agreed to.

“Crime Minister”, an organisation that has mounted weekly protests against Netanyahu outside the residence for more than a year, mocked him on Sunday.

“The defendant and his family fled as the last of the thieves in the night,” the group wrote on Facebook.

The residence had become a symbol of the Netanyahus’ scandals, and was the scene of weekly protests against Netanyahu for much of the past year. Demonstrators called on the then-prime minister to resign while on trial for corruption.

Bennett is to take over the prime minister’s residence on Sunday.

Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister wish England luck in Euro final

Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent good luck messages to the England team ahead of Sunday’s Euro 2020 final against Italy at Wembley.

Gareth Southgate’s side have reached the European Championship title match for the first time, ending England’s 55-year wait for a major final appearance.

“Fifty-five years ago I was fortunate to present the World Cup to Bobby Moore and saw what it meant to the players, management and support staff to reach and win the final of a major international football tournament,” she wrote.

“I send my good wishes for tomorrow with the hope that history will record not only your success but also the spirit, commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourselves.”

Her grandson, Prince William, is set to be the senior royal representative at the final in his role as president of the English Football Association.

Meanwhile, Johnson praised England’s stars for lifting the nation’s spirits with their run to the final.

In an open letter to Southgate and his England squad, Johnson wrote: “I wanted to congratulate you and all the players on your amazing performance and achievement in this Euro 2020 tournament.

“For most people in this country, it is the first time this has happened in all their lives.

“You have lifted the spirits of the whole country, and tomorrow we know you can lift that trophy too.”

He attended England’s semi-final victory against Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday.

Johnson wore an England pin on his blazer as he was pictured holding up a flag in Downing Street.

“We are not just hoping or praying. We believe in you, Gareth, and your incredible squad,” he added in his letter.

The English editions of many of Britain’s Sunday newspapers devoted their front pages to the historic match.


Originally published as Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister wish England luck in Euro final

Haiti’s President Is Assassinated in His Home, Prime Minister Says

President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti, center, with his wife, Martine Moïse, in Port-au-Prince in 2019.
Valerie Baeriswyl/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti was assassinated in an attack in the early hours of Wednesday at his home on the outskirts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, the prime minister said.

Mr. Moïse’s wife, Martine Moïse, was also shot in the attack, Prime Minister Claude Joseph said in a statement. Her condition was not immediately clear.

“A group of unidentified individuals, some of them speaking Spanish, attacked the private residence of the president of the republic and thus fatally wounded the head of state,” the prime minister said.

Mr. Joseph said in a telephone interview that he was the one running the country at the moment.

The news rocked the impoverished Caribbean island nation 675 miles southeast of Miami. Haiti has a long history of dictatorships and coups, and democracy has never fully taken root.

In recent months, the streets of Haiti have become clogged with angry protests demanding the removal of Mr. Moïse. He had clung to power, ruling by decree for more than a year, with many — including constitutional scholars and legal experts — contending that his term had expired.

Since a devastating earthquake 11 years ago, the country has not rebuilt, and many say it is worse off, despite billions of dollars of reconstruction aid. Armed gangs control the streets and have taken to kidnapping even schoolchildren and church pastors in the middle of their services. Poverty and hunger are on the rise, and the government has been accused of enriching itself while not providing even the most basic services.

Mr. Joseph said that the president had been “cowardly assassinated,” but that the murderers “cannot assassinate his ideas.” He called on the country to “stay calm” and said he would address the nation on Wednesday. He said the country’s security situation was under the control of the police and the army.

But international observers warned that the situation could quickly spiral out of control.

Didier le Bret, the former French ambassador to Haiti, told France 24 that the political situation was volatile. A new prime minister, Ariel Henry, was scheduled to be sworn into office on Wednesday. Because that had not happened, it was not clear who was running the country, he said.

“It is a big question mark,” he said, warning that the situation could lead to wider violence.

Harold Isaac, Elian Peltier and Constant Méheut contributed reporting.

Protesting in Port-au-Prince in March.
Valerie Baeriswyl/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Jovenal Moïse had been struggling to quell growing public anger over his attempt to hold onto power despite the opposition’s insistence that his term had expired.

Mr. Moïse had been ruling by decree for more than a year. Many, including prominent jurists, contend that his term ended in February. Haiti has been rocked by protests against his rule, and also has suffered a surge in gang activity.

The opposition said that Mr. Moïse’s five-year term should have ended on Feb. 7, five years to the day since his predecessor, Michel Martelly, stepped down. When Mr. Moïse refused to leave office, thousands of Haitians took to the streets, setting trash and tires on fire as they demanded his resignation.

In response, the government announced the arrest of 23 people, including a top judge and a senior police officer, who the president said had tried to kill him and overthrow the government.

“The goal of these people was to make an attempt on my life,” President Moïse said at the time. “That plan was aborted.”

Mr. Moïse insisted that he had one more year to serve, because his term did not begin until a year after the vote that brought him to the top office amid accusations of electoral fraud.

The protests this year were part of broader unrest, with heavily armed gangs clashing on the streets and attacking police stations.

“While exact numbers are still unclear, preliminary estimates suggest that thousands of people have fled their homes and sought shelter with host families or settled in informal shelters,” the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said last month in a report on the situation.

Haitians took to the streets of Port-au-Prince in March to protest the new Constitution promoted by Jovenal Moïse.
Jean Marc Herve Abelard/EPA, via Shutterstock

Despite public unrest and fragile political support, in the months before President Jovenal Moïse was killed he was pursing an aggressive agenda that included rewriting the country’s Constitution.

Among the provisions he was pushing for was one that would grant Haiti’s leader immunity for any actions while in office, leading critics to charge that he presented a threat to democracy and was setting the country on a course toward authoritarian rule.

“We need a system that works,” Mr. Moïse said in a telephone interview with The New York Times in March. “The system now doesn’t work. The president cannot work to deliver.”

The United States, whose support is critical for Haiti, had called on the country to hold presidential and legislative elections as soon as technically feasible. It also opposed the effort to draft a new constitution along the lines Mr. Moïse proposed.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined the Biden administration’s tougher stance during a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in June.

Even though many were critical of Mr. Moise’s approach to reshape the government, many Haitians say a new Constitution is needed.

The current one has created two competing power centers in the country — the president and prime minister — which often leads to friction and a fractured government.

The draft Constitution would have abolished the Senate, leaving in place a single legislative body elected every five years, and replace the post of prime minister with a vice president who answers to the president, in a bid to streamline government.

Author: The New York Times
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easyJet has no plans to axe face masks even if Prime Minister lifts rule on July 19

On Monday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared the steps towards “freedom day”, revealing his plans to axe the face mask mandate across the UK. However, budget carrier easyJet has said it currently has no plans to follow this onboard flights.

Instead, the Luton-based carrier says it will keep its mask rule for passengers as long as relevant health experts and “key industry governing bodies”.

In a statement, an easyJet spokesperson said: “At present, there are no changes to easyJet’s onboard mask policy and we will continue to keep this under review.

“We continue to be guided by our inhouse medical adviser and a number of key industry governing bodies that airlines follow including the WHO (World Health Organisation), Icao (International Civil Aviation Organisation), Easa (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and public health authorities across Europe, and at present their guidance around the wearing of masks onboard remains unchanged.”

easyJet’s current rules state: “Wearing a face mask on easyJet flights is mandatory for all passengers aged six years and older and crew, and you’ll not be permitted to board if you arrive at the gate without one.

READ MORE: Green list warning: Infections SPIKE – will Majorca & Ibiza go amber?

“You’ll also be required to wear a mask to enter and travel through the airport terminal at your departure and arrival airport.”

Passengers who are exempt from wearing a face mask must “bring a signed doctor’s letter or medical certificate with you to the airport” when travelling.

easyJet explains this must “state that you’re exempt from wearing a face mask.”

It adds: “This must have your name on it, the details of the medical practice and also, be dated within the last 12 months.

“We do not accept downloadable exemption certificates or lanyards.

“This helps to ensure that you, our crew and all of our passengers can travel comfortably and confidently throughout the journey.”

easyJet only accepts FFP2 or equivalent certified masks, surgical masks or cloth masks.

It explains: “It’s important that the masks we wear provide the best possible protection. That’s why we’re no longer allowing scarves, face visors or masks with valves.

What do you think? Join the debate in the comments section here


Spain: British tourism slammed as nation sees Covid rise [COMMENT]
Cornwall named the best road trip destination in Europe  [RANKING]
Spain expat says ‘perfect time is now’ to relocate [INSIGHT]

“If your mask isn’t suitable, you may be refused travel.”

Face mask rules also apply to staff and crew.

The decision follows in the footsteps of fellow European carrier Ryanair, which has also said face masks will remain a requirement for passengers onboard.

“In order to protect the health of our passengers and crew, the use of face masks will still be mandatory across all Ryanair flights, regardless of the departing/destination country,” a spokeswoman for Ryanair told the BBC.

Addressing the nation on Monday evening, the Prime Minister says the UK is on track to lift its face mask and social distancing mandates.

“If we can’t reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and the school holidays, we must ask ourselves ‘when will we be able to reopen?’” he said during the briefing at Downing Street.

If his plans go ahead on July 19, this would mean mask-wearing in many places would become voluntary.

However, even Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said he will continue to “carry a mask”.

He told Sky News: “For the foreseeable future I will be carrying a face mask because it is the sensible thing to do.”

Along with masks onboard, airlines, such as easyJet, are likely to continue many of the Covid safety measures which were put in place to combat the pandemic.

For easyJet this means heightened cleaning measures onboard.

Passengers must also handle their own luggage and are encouraged to minimise contact with surfaces throughout their journey.

Author: Aimee Robinson
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DEAL OF THE DAY: Simba slash 40 percent off mattresses in Prime Day sale – hurry to shop

Simba has launched major discounts on its mattresses for this year’s Prime Day. Known for comfortable and cooling designs, don’t miss the chance to get this limited-time offer.

Designed to promote airflow and cooling, British sleep brand Simba is known for creating innovative mattresses that are comfy and make sleeping easy.

With prices slashed up to 40 percent off, Simba is discounting some of its top mattress for Prime Day.

Including bestsellers like the Simba Hybrid® Pro and Simba Hybrid®, these deals are live and running until Tuesday 22 June 2021, 23:59PM.

Prices start from £149 up – don’t hesitate to shop now.

Available now for Amazon Prime members, customers can get several products in all sizes from king to single.

The perfect addition to any bedroom, Simba’s mattresses are ideal for hot summer evenings and are great for the family.

Get a good night’s sleep with Simba’s mattresses and shop the deal.

Here’s what’s on offer.

Simba Hybrid® Essential

Reduced by 40 percent off, this mattress is made with four layers of comfort and includes both spring and foam.

Cooling during the summer, it pushes warm air away and ensures a comfy night’s sleep.

From £300 up, Available on Amazon.

Simba Hybrid® Mattress

Get the best night’s sleep with this gravity-defying design that’s got patented Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer.

With five layers, it’s the ultimate in comfort and now discounted by 40 percent off.

From £365 up, Available on Amazon.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written completely independently, see more details here.

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Guide: Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Best Deals On Nintendo Switch Games, Consoles, Micro SD Cards And More

Looking at the original prices for these deals, makes me shocked.

If I recall correctly, the original uk RRP for the Switch was £279, and yet here the Switch plus a £50 game is £350. Meaning a price inflation of £20.
Has the pandemic inflated prices that much? Or is it the new revision ? Overpriced either way for a console over 4 years old.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

First iPhone 12, now AirPods Pro are dropped to a new low in Prime Day sale

Amazon’s Prime Day sale continues today and it’s good news for all Apple fans. The first of the big price cuts came yesterday when the online retailer slashed the cost of the iPhone 12 to under £570 – that’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for this flagship device.

Now there’s another epic deal with the hugely popular AirPods Pro getting a price that’s pretty hard to believe. These noise-cancelling earbuds would usually set you back £249 but, right now, you get them on Amazon’s website for just £187.99 – that’s a saving of over £60.

The AirPods Pro are the most premium in Apple’s range of music makers and feature sound-blocking technology along with a customisable fit. There’s also around 5 hours of music playback with the buds getting a refill once placed back in their charging case.

If this deal has got you thinking of upgrading your Apple tech Express.co.uk has rounded up all the best deals including money off the Apple Watch and iPad.

Of course, to get these deals you’ll need to be a Prime member but Express.co.uk has an easy way of getting the discounts without paying Amazon for the subscription service. Find out more details here.

Prime Day runs until 23.59pm on 22nd June, with Amazon promising a whopping 2 million deals will be available globally.

The online retailer is also boasting that Prime Day 2021 will feature the largest number of deals in the shopping event’s 7-year history including featured lightning deals running from 08.00am on 21st June, which offer price cuts on top-tier brands, categories, and products.

“This Prime Day, we’re offering Prime members millions of deals from great brands which we know our customers love. We’re also continuing our support for the small businesses selling on Amazon by running our ‘spend £10 get £10 offer’, which will help thousands of smaller companies in the run up to Prime Day,” said John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager.

“As a Prime Day first, we’re also delighted to be increasing our donations to charity when customers shop through AmazonSmile, so there is plenty for everyone this year.”

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