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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warned about ‘deadly’ commercial strategies

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warned about 'deadly' commercial strategies

Since stepping back as senior royals last January, the Sussexes have signed a string of lucrative deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify. They have also been accused of hypocrisy for taking private planes – which emit a notoriously large carbon footprint – while preaching about the importance of climate change.

Their Archewell Foundation has also been accused of asking people to share their personal stories of “compassion” to fund commercial ventures.

On its website, the foundation said: “Share your story for a chance to be featured. Tell us: What does compassion mean to you?

“How have you—or someone you know—actioned compassion in your community?

“Or, describe a time where you have felt connected with friends, family, or your community, despite the distance.”

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He also went on to suggest the nature of their endeavours is “overly commercial”.

He added: “I think they’re getting to the point where it could be deadly from a brand perspective because it will start to raise questions of their true intent and alignment with some of these causes that are part of the rollout.”

It comes as a royal expert said the couple struggled to stir up significant interest after their fake royal tour in New York.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti argued that regardless of how Meghan, 40, and Harry, 37, dress it up, their trip to New York was not a royal tour. 

While speaking to Express.co.uk, he claimed the duo were on a “fake royal tour or working holiday”.

He added, the pair may have been filming as part of their upcoming Netflix project, further distancing themselves from royal tour standards.

Mr Sacerdotti also commented on how much attention the duo receive and whether they can successfully capture the attention of the American audience.

Mr Sacerdoti speculated: “I think it is interesting because I think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have aimed themselves at a US market.

“Now they are not part of the working Royal Family it was fascinating to see them engage in that sort of fake royal tour.

“It was basically just a holiday in New York and it turns out, from the concealed microphones and the cameraman following them who wasn’t known to most of the other press lot there, it seems it was a working trip.

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Prince Charles set for ‘seismic’ royal tour to make ‘big noise’ in support of climate

Prince Charles set for 'seismic' royal tour to make 'big noise' in support of climate

Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers sees Prince Charles taking an “absolutely massive” move on climate change as the royal could visit China next year. Mr Myers notes how the Prince of Wales has already been mingling with international leaders at major events to talk about climate change. While nothing has been officially confirmed, Xi Jinping has extended an invitation to Charles, 72, to visit and talk with major Chinese CEOs about climate change next year.

Speaking on Pod Save the Queen, Mr Myers looked at Prince Charles’ recent speech at UN Biodiversity Conference hosted in China.

The future king called for the world’s biggest polluters to pay more to tackle climate change.

The heir charmed over attendees when he spoke in Mandarin – and was invited by Xi Jinping to speak in 2022.

Charles attended the event virtually and urged China to join the Sustainable Market Initiative.

Mr Myers looked at how Charles could continue the debate when he ascends the throne, commenting: “I think it’s very, very interesting.

“This is starting a conversation that he’s obviously trying to take globally so we may see him in China next year.

“And that will be absolutely massive because if he is, as the next head of state, a big noise on the international stage.

“We’ve seen him talking at Davos, we’ve seen him talking to UN leaders.

The prince said at the UN event: “China is, of course, critical to our shared future on this planet.

“It is, therefore, my great hope that, together, we will be able to work towards establishing a China Council as part of my Sustainable Markets Initiative….in order to help accelerate the green economy globally.

“This Initiative aims to help find immense and accelerating solutions to the practical problems posed by climate change, and to scale them up to promote the global cooperation which is critical to achieving a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

“I am delighted that we now have an opportunity to engage with you all as representatives of the Chinese private sector.”

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Prince William rivals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as Earthshot prize moved to US

Earthshot Prize: Prince William delivers speech

The prize is a “new global prize for the environment, designed to incentivise change and help to repair our planet over the next 10 years”. During the award ceremony, the Duke of Cambridge issued a passionate rallying call for youngsters not to give up hope in this “decisive decade”. He urged people to feel “inspired and to act and demand”.

During his speech, William announced next year’s Earthshot will take place in the US.

He said: “Now I hope you can agree London and the UK has put on quite show for our first year, so for the second year we need to pass the baton to a country whose leadership is essential for all five of our Earthshots.

“Where better than the nation that inspired the moonshot all those years ago.

“I am delighted to announce the Earthshot prize will be heading to the United States of America in 2022.”

Prince Harry and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Harry and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (Image: PA)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Image: Getty)

However, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have mocked William’s move to the US after Harry and Meghan relocated to California after stepping down from the Firm.

One Twitter user, @jozzzaphen, simply wrote: “Knew it.”

Another Twitter user, @Viv_Oyolu, wrote: “He needs to have a ‘signature’ project like Invictus Games, so he can say look, I’m doing something too.”

A third Twitter user, @ThisJavier, added: “Sibling rivalry.

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Meghan and Harry with William and Kate

Meghan and Harry with William and Kate (Image: Getty)

“Prince Harry: Check out the awesome Invictus Games I created.

“Prince William: Hold my brandy.”

@eily1978 added how they predicted the Duke of Cambridge would go to the US next year.

Tonight’s Earthshot Prize ceremony saw a number of A-list celebrities including Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Dame Emma Thompson.

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Royal Family tree

Royal Family tree (Image: Express)

Presenting the winning award in the protect and restore nature category to the government of Costa Rica, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, said: “Nature is vital to us all.

“A thriving natural world, regulates our planet, nurtures our physical and mental health and helps feed our families.

“But for too long, we’ve neglected our wild spaces and now we’re facing a number of tipping points.

“If we don’t act now, we will permanently destabilise our planet and we will rob our children of the future they deserve.”

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Sir David Attenborough

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Sir David Attenborough (Image: PA)

Kate arrived wearing an Alexander McQueen dress made for her in 2011, while her husband wore a dark green velvet blazer and a polo neck which co-host Dermot O’Leary later jokingly described as “looking very Bond”.

No stars flew to London for the event and guests were asked by organisers to “consider the environment when choosing their outfit” for the awards inspired by the Apollo moon landings, nicknamed Moonshot, which helped advance mankind’s technological achievements.

Among the winners were projects restoring coral reefs, redistributing unwanted food to the disadvantage and a project battling the issues contributing to air pollution in India.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge (Image: PA)

William’s dad, Prince Charles, took to Twitter to comment on the event.

He said: “I am very proud of my son, William, for his growing commitment to the environment and the bold ambition of the Earthshot Prize.

“As a world, we need to come together to inspire, reimagine and build the sustainable future we so desperately need.”

He signed the tweet: “HRH The Prince of Wales”.

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Prince William ‘can’t possibly comment’ on question which has implications for Charlotte

Prince William ‘can't possibly comment’ on question which has implications for Charlotte

On Sunday 17 October at the Alexandra Palace, the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony will see Prince William and his judges give a £1 million prize to a winner in each of the five categories created for the occasion (the restoration and protection of nature, air cleanliness, ocean revival, waste-free living and climate action). To promote the event, Prince William used Instagram to reach the Cambridges’ online community and answer unfiltered questions from the general public.

On top of showing off his Spanish skills and a view of his private office, the monarch received a special question on a particular animal which forced him to hold his tongue.

In fact, the father of three chose to refrain from commenting as he was scared his daughter might disagree.

When asked if unicorns were real, he broke out into a huge grin and referenced Prince Charlotte.

“Well, I think if you talk to my daughter, she’d say they were real,” he joked.

“Obviously, it’s a trade secret, so I can’t possibly comment.”

The Prince’s use of Instagram is part of his new strategy to revitalize the monarchy according to royal author Duncan Larcombe.

In an interview with Closer magazine, he says the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “letting their actions do the talking.”

He believes their message is simple: “We’re going to keep going, we’re still here, we’re not backing down, we’re carrying on.”

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“So in their charity work, they’re focusing on things like mental health, wildlife conservation, and even things like cyber-bullying which is a real modern-day issue.”

According to the latest YouGov poll, Prince William and Kate Middleton are respectively the third and fourth favourite royal in the UK across all adults.

However, across Millennials, William jumps to second place while Kate falls to fifth right after Meghan Markle in fourth place.

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Prince William pays touching tribute to Prince Philip during BBC climate change interview

Prince William pays touching tribute to Prince Philip during BBC climate change interview

During an interview with the BBC’s chief political correspondent Adam Fleming, the Duke of Cambridge spoke openly about what the world needs to do to combat climate change. The national broadcaster aired Prince William’s 30-minute interview on BBC One on Thursday at 11.35pm.

However, during the Duke’s discussion with Mr Fleming, the most eagle-eyed royal fans may have spotted a touching tribute to the Duke’s late grandfather Prince Philip.

Slightly over Prince William’s right shoulder, viewers can see a photo of the Duke of Edinburgh and William’s eldest son, Prince George.

Prince Philip, who after 73-years of marriage to Queen Elizabeth became Britain’s longest-serving consort, passed away at the age of 99 in April 2021.

The photo, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge, shows Prince George holding a book while sitting in the Iron Duke’s horse-drawn carriage.

Known throughout his life for his love of racing, members of the Firm have spoken candidly about accompanying Prince Philip in his horse-drawn carriage.

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Prince William recently wrote: “I will never take for granted the special memories my children will always have of their great-grandpa coming to collect them in his carriage and seeing for themselves his infectious sense of adventure as well as his mischievous sense of humour!”

The snap, taken in 2015 in Norfolk, was previously shared by Prince William when he was paying respects to his late grandfather following his death.

Alongside the photo, the Duke of Cambridge wrote: “My grandfather’s century of life was defined by service – to this country and Commonwealth, to his wife and Queen, and to our family.”

William added: “My grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation.

“Catherine and I will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support The Queen in the years ahead.

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“I will miss my Grandpa, but I know he would want us to get on with the job.”

While the Prince’s tribute to his late grandfather may have been spotted by more attentive viewers, Mr Fleming questioned the Duke about another ornament in Kensington Palace.

Sitting under the table where the photo of Philip and George was placed, the BBC’s chief political correspondent pointed out the Cambridges’ have a “weird dog sculpture”.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast yesterday, Mr Fleming said: “We were in Kensington Palace, some royal armchairs and little nik-naks around the room.

“This is including a little weird dog ornament and for part of the podcast we watched a little bit of the TV show that he made with David Attenborough.”

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But Mr Fleming also used the interview at Kensington Palace to ask Prince William about environmentalism and his Earthshot Prize.

The Duke of Cambridge issued multiple warnings about the future of the planet.

“I want the things that I’ve enjoyed – the outdoor life, nature, the environment – I want that to be there for my children, and not just my children but everyone else’s children,” he said.

William added: “If we’re not careful we’re robbing from our children’s future through what we do now. And I think that’s not fair.”

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