Self-driving cars from GM’s Cruise block San Francisco intersection in latest problem for autonomous vehicles

A robot car of the General Motors subsidiary Cruise is on a test drive. Andrej Sokolow | picture alliance | Getty Images Automotive and tech executives have long promised that autonomous vehicles would drive better than humans, but that wasn’t the case for a fleet of Cruise cars in San Francisco this week. The company, […]


‘It’s a problem!’ Britons’ early retirement mass exodus puts strain on inflation

Many older workers are now becoming what is known as “economically inactive”, where they are neither in work or looking for work. However, according to Clare Lombardelli, Chief Economic Advisor at the Treasury, this could have major economic implications.  Speaking at King’s College London, Ms Lombardelli addressed the phenomenon known as “The Great Resignation”. She […]


It’s a problem

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The Metaverse Developer Pay Problem — Virtualization Review

In-Depth The Metaverse Developer Pay Problem The emerging metaverse hasn’t quite coalesced into a “thing” yet, but everyone pretty much agrees it’s going to shake things up across the board, including a lot of jobs. That includes software developers, who are now deciding if they should venture into the world of 3D virtual worlds, augmented […]


Netflix’s LGBTQ+ Rep Is Great (But We Can’t Ignore The Problem)

Recent Netflix shows have championed LGBTQ+ representation and stories, but there is a large problem that the platform needs to deal with. Netflix has been releasing new content with some massively positive LGBTQ+ representation, however, there is a larger negative problem with the platform that viewers cannot ignore. Recent years have seen a shift in […]


‘Real problem for old people’ GB News guest shares fraud warning as Brits set to lose £3bn

“He was asking me, ‘And what exactly were you using that £100 for?’  “I said, ‘It’s none of your business.’ He said, ‘Sir, I need to know whether it’s fraud or not?’  “I said, ‘You don’t need to know anything, you need to know I took £100, I transferred it to somebody, end of.’” Breakfast […]


Pet Overpopulation is a Big Problem in East Texas

We all remember celebrities such as Bob Barker or Drew Carey signing off on the television show The Price is Right asking all viewers to spay and neuter your pets to help control animal population. This is not just some tag line used to wrap up a game show, overpopulation of pets in East Texas […]


Ukraine and the problem of “futurelessness”

What does it mean to live in history? In a very obvious sense, we’re always living in history. But there are those moments that feel different, where you can sense that the stakes are massive and that the shape of the future depends on how it all turns out. The war in Ukraine is very […]


Racism could ruin the metaverse if tech doesn’t improve diversity now, CTO warns: ‘It absolutely is a problem’

The tech industry’s disappointing track record on issues of diversity could have serious consequences when the metaverse comes along. For years, tens of millions of people of color have endured unwelcome experiences on social media platforms built by mostly white and male tech CEOS, including harassment and hate speech. Many users have also had their […]


Amber Heard’s team urge Johnny Depp to do own interview if has ‘problem’ with ex-wife

Amber Heard’s team have fired back at Johnny Depp after a spokesperson said on his behalf that the Aquaman actress was “reimagining” their highly publicised libel trial. In a new statement released to, Amber’s spokesperson urged Johnny Depp to give NBC’s Savannah Guthrie an interview like his ex-wife. The statement read: “If Mr. Depp or his […]