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Meghan and Harry to ‘appear in TV adverts’ after signing ‘profit-making’ deal with bank

Meghan and Harry to 'appear in TV adverts' after signing 'profit-making' deal with bank

Meghan Markle, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, have joined fintech company Ethic, which invests in the environmental, social, and governance-focused (ESG) sector, marking yet another major corporate partnership for the couple. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signed a flurry of corporate deals in a bid to make a living for themselves outside the Royal Family following a split announced last year. Sunrise royal correspondent Peter Ford has since suggested the couple could appear in TV adverts in their new roles.

He said: “They’ve got a new deal and they have joined with Ethic banking.

“This is a wealth asset management group and they are all about investing the money from the bank into good projects.

“It’s a lovely thing and fits in with what they want to do. They’ve put their own money into it.

“But let’s be very clear about this, Ethic investing is not a charity. It’s a profit-making organisation.

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“Harry and Meghan are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, they are paid ambassadors and sponsors.

“We are yet to see what that involves. It will be much more than putting out this statement.

“Are they going to appear in TV commercials or print ads? There will have to be more to it.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have become “impact partners” and investors at sustainable investing firm Ethic, with Meghan describing investing as a “luxury” that “sounds so fancy”.

The pair signed major deals with Netflix and Spotify, thought to be worth in excess of £100 million, after quitting as senior working royals and moving to the US in a quest for personal freedom and to earn their own money.

The company confirmed that Harry and Meghan had become investors in Ethic, and also have investments managed by Ethic as well.

The firm screens businesses and sectors based on social responsibility criteria, including racial justice, climate, and work issues.

The Sussexes hope their involvement will encourage young people to be conscious of the sustainability of their own investments.

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