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Four-day week: Iceland trial of shorter hours on same salary prompts UK demand on Twitter

Four-day week: Iceland trial of shorter hours on same salary prompts UK demand on Twitter

The trials took place between 2015 and 2019 and saw workers paid the same for shorter hours. The results showed productivity either remained the same or even improved.

The trial run by Reykjavík city council alongside the Icelandic national government included one percent of the working population cutting their work week from 40 hours to 35-36 hours.

Workers reported feeling less stressed and their work-life balance improved.

People have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the trial.

“We’re still using a working week model from the 19th Century despite 21st Century technology and productivity. It’s time to update how we work,” a user from the UK said.

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“Five days on and two off is a massive imbalance. Four on and three off would be much better,” a user from the UK said.

One user from the US said: “Once again reminded that a three day weekend/four day work week would do amazing things for our collective well being.”

Another from the US wrote: “Yet another, ‘DUH! We’ve been saying this for decades now!'”

“It’s time to make the three-day weekend permanent. Nothing will be lost except a lot of misery,” a third user from the US wrote.

Will Stronge, director of research at Autonomy, told the BBC: “This study shows that the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector was by all measures an overwhelming success.

“It shows that the public sector is ripe for being a pioneer of shorter working weeks – and lessons can be learned for other governments.

“Iceland has taken a big step towards the four-day working week, providing a great real-life example for local councils and those in the UK public sector considering implementing it here in the UK.”

Last year, a poll conducted by Survaton found that 63 percent of the British public support shifting to a four-day work week with no pay reduction.

The poll found that only 12 percent were against the idea.

Following the success of the trial, around 86 percent of the workers in Iceland started to negotiate contracts with permanently shorter hours.

Gudmundur D Haraldsson, a researcher at the Association for Sustainability and Democracy, said: “The Icelandic shorter working week journey tells us that not only is it possible to work less in modern times, but that progressive change is possible too.

“Our roadmap to a shorter working week in the public sector should be of interest to anyone who wishes to see working hours reduced.”

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Author: Isabella Marsans
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Condo Collapse Near Miami Prompts Frantic Search for Survivors

Condo Collapse Near Miami Prompts Frantic Search for Survivors

Relatives of Paraguay’s first lady and an Argentine couple with a 6-year-old daughter were among those unaccounted for, according to South American officials, news reports and relatives. Paraguay’s foreign minister, Euclides Acevedo, identified the missing relatives of President Mario Abdo Benítez’s family as Luis Pettengill, a cattle rancher, and his wife, Sophia López Moreira — a sister of the first lady, Silvana López Moreira. An employee of the family and the couple’s three children are also missing, he said.

Lisandro Sabanés, a spokesman for Argentina’s foreign ministry, said that at least nine Argentines who were believed to have been in the building were unaccounted for.

A Chilean man, Claudio Bonnefoy, is also among those missing, according to his daughter, Pascale Bonnefoy. Ms. Bonnefoy, a Chilean journalist who writes for The New York Times, said her father, who is 85, lives in an apartment on the side of the building that collapsed. He lived with his wife, María Obias-Bonnefoy.

“Their apartment is in the rubble,” Ms. Bonnefoy said.

Along the beach in front of the remains of the building, a crowd of people gathered throughout the day somberly gazing at the rubble.

Raysa Rodriguez, 59, who lives in the part of the building that remained standing, said she was awakened by what she thought was an earthquake. She then escaped down an emergency stairwell and off a second-floor balcony onto a rescue ladder.

“When I opened the door, I’m like, ‘There’s no more building,’” said Ms. Rodriguez, who has owned a ninth-floor unit in the building for nearly 20 years. “They are not going to be able to find those people.”

Mr. Cohen, the lawyer rescued via crane, said he and his wife were asleep when he heard what sounded like a loud thunderclap. When they opened the door to their unit, “It looked like it had been hit by a missile.”

“I am always happy to be alive,” Mr. Cohen said, “but I’m even happier today.”

Patricia Mazzei and Richard Fausset reported from Surfside. Joseph B. Treaster, William P. Davis, Johnny Diaz, Giulia Heyward, Michael Majchrowicz, Neil Reisner and Amanda Rosa contributed reporting from Surfside; Ernesto Londoño from Rio de Janeiro; Daniel Politi from Buenos Aires; and Santi Carneri from Asunción, Paraguay. Mike Baker, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Jenny Gross, Christine Hauser, Sophie Kasakove and Alexandra E. Petri also contributed reporting. Susan C. Beachy and Kitty Bennett contributed research.

Author: Patricia Mazzei and Richard Fausset
This post originally appeared on NYT > Top Stories

40-foot fall from cliff prompts wilderness rescue at Barton Creek Greenbelt

40-foot fall from cliff prompts wilderness rescue at Barton Creek Greenbelt

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Passing, shooting, tackling and dribbling are all part of the training regime in the days leading up to an Austin FC game, but there’s another aspect of the game that coaches and the medical staff must prepare for before a road trip — elevation.

The elevation at Q2 Stadium is around 775 feet above sea level. The higher you are, the lower the oxygen content in the air, the harder it is to breathe, especially when you’re exercising.

Author: Billy Gates
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Road rage incident prompts lockdown at Round Rock store

Road rage incident prompts lockdown at Round Rock store

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A road rage incident in which one person is accused of pulling out a gun on another driver prompted a lockdown in the La Frontera area of Round Rock Saturday afternoon.

A Round Rock police spokesman said officers responded around 2:45 p.m. after receiving reports of an alleged road rage incident.

The RRPD spokesman couldn’t say where the incident started, but said the two drivers involved in the incident were in a parking lot in the 100 block of Sundance Parkway. The area is in the northwest intersection of Interstate 35 and State Highway 45.

The Sam’s Club was put on lock down out of an abundance of caution but it has since reopened.

RRPD said one person was detained.

A DPS helicopter was also assisting but has since left the scene.

Author: Chelsea Moreno
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

UFO sighting over Exmouth prompts claims of similar eerie phenomena

UFO sighting over Exmouth prompts claims of similar eerie phenomena
Astronomers are yet to confirm whether we are alone or not in the Universe, but conspiracy theorists with a smartphone believe they know the truth. A sighting of a supposed UFO over Exmouth is doing the rounds on the internet. A video of the phenomenon, uploaded to popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel UFO Institute, shows a bright red object making its way across the sky.
The object in question does not seem to have any discernible features, but it does eerily creep through the video.

The person who witnessed the phenomenon said: “So I saw this flying over my garden in Devon today. Some say a lantern but it’s in my opinion far too big and fast?”

Others quickly jumped on the sighting, stating they had seen something similar.

One person said: “I saw this exact same thing a couple years ago, I was outside around 10pm waiting on my pizza and saw a glowing orange sphere, almost exact same elevation, not very high at all, and just slowly cruising just like that.”

Another added: “A friend filmed exactly the same thing going in a straight line over Stevenage a perfect sphere with no light extending beyond it.”

However, some were quick to point out a more logical explanation.

YouTuber Zombie Bat said: “That’s just sunlight at dusk reflecting off an aeroplane.

“I see that all the time. And the orb effect is just because the camera auto focus is not locked in on the moving image properly.”

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While there is no proof that UFOs are here, the sightings and claims from conspiracy theorists can lead to bigger questions.

Chris Impey, university distinguished professor of astronomy at University of Arizona, wrote for The Conversation: “While UFOs continue to swirl in the popular culture, scientists are trying to answer the big question that is raised by UFOs: Are we alone?

“Astronomers have discovered over 4,000 exoplanets, or planets orbiting other stars, a number that doubles every two years.

“Some of these exoplanets are considered habitable since they are close to the Earth’s mass and at the right distance from their stars to have water on their surfaces.

“The nearest of these habitable planets are less than 20 light years away, in our cosmic ‘back yard’.

“Extrapolating from these results leads to a projection of 300 million habitable worlds in our galaxy.

“Each of these Earth-like planets is a potential biological experiment, and there have been billions of years since they formed for life to develop and for intelligence and technology to emerge. Astronomers are very confident there is life beyond the Earth.

“As astronomer and ace exoplanet-hunter Geoff Marcy, puts it, ‘The universe is apparently bulging at the seams with the ingredients of biology’.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Weird Feed

Overdue VHS Tape of 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' Prompts Arrest Warrant

Author: Neil Vigdor
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Overdue VHS Tape of 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' Prompts Arrest Warrant

They once dotted shopping plazas in America with ubiquity, beckoning binge watchers with shelves of VHS cassettes, microwave popcorn and boxes of candy — and a reminder to “Be Kind, Rewind.”

Video rental stores, pushed closer to the brink of extinction by streaming services like Netflix and changing technology, may be a thing of the past but an overdue rental became an issue of the present for a Texas woman.

The woman, who was identified in court records as Caron Scarborough Davis, recently learned that there was a 21-year-old outstanding warrant for her arrest in Oklahoma.

Her offense?

Prosecutors said that Ms. Davis had failed to return a copy of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” a television sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2003. She rented the tape of episodes from a video store in Norman, Okla., in 1999, according to court documents.

She was charged with embezzlement of rented property, and a warrant was issued for her arrest in March 2000. The store where she rented the tape, Movie Place, closed in 2008, according to KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma.

In a charging document, prosecutors said that Ms. Davis “did willfully, unlawfully and feloniously embezzle a certain One (1) Videocassette Tape, Sabrina the Teenage Witch of the value of $ 58.59.”

Ms. Davis, 52, discovered the outstanding warrant for her arrest after she got married and tried to change her name on her driver’s license, KOKH reported on Thursday.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” she said.

Ms. Davis said motor vehicle officials referred her to the district attorney’s office for Cleveland County, Okla., where a woman explained the charge against her.

“She told me it was over the VHS tape and I had to make her repeat it because I thought, ‘This is insane,’” Ms. Davis said. “This girl is kidding me, right? She wasn’t kidding.”

Ms. Davis could not be immediately reached on Sunday.

On April 21, prosecutors dropped the embezzlement charge against Ms. Davis in consideration of the “best interest of justice,” according to court documents. KOKH Fox 25 had contacted prosecutors the previous day about the charge.

Greg Mashburn, the district attorney for Cleveland, Garvin and McClain Counties in Oklahoma, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday, nor did Tim D. Kuykendall, who was the district attorney when the warrant was issued.

Sandi Harding, the general manager of the world’s last Blockbuster video store, in Bend, Ore., said in an interview on Sunday that bringing criminal charges for an unreturned movie seemed overly punitive.

“We’ve definitely not sent out a warrant for anybody for that,” she said. “That’s a little a bit crazy to me.”

Blockbuster assesses daily late fees of 49 to 99 cents for overdue videos up to 10 days. After that, the store charges customers up to $ 19.99 to replace one of its DVDs or Blu-ray discs, Ms. Harding said.

In some cases, the store, which does not rent VHS cassettes, will refer past-due accounts for collection, she said.

“We would never charge someone $ 100 for a copy of ‘Scooby-Doo’ that they never returned,” she said.

It was not immediately clear who owned the now-shuttered video store where Ms. Davis rented the tape or whether she owed any late fees. She told KOKH Fox 25 that she had no recollection of renting the video, saying that she lived with a man at the time who had two young daughters.

“I’m thinking he went and got it and didn’t take it back or something,” she said. “I have never watched that show in my entire life — just not my cup of tea.”

Suspect in custody after SWAT situation prompts reverse 911 in south Austin neighborhood

Suspect in custody after SWAT situation prompts reverse 911 in south Austin neighborhood

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A suspect is in custody after a robbery call led to a SWAT situation at a south Austin house on Saturday night.

Austin Police says officers responded to reports of a robbery in the 7100 block of Whispering Oaks Dr. around 5:30 p.m., which is near William Cannon Drive and West Gate Boulevard.

When officers arrived, they found one victim and learned the suspect was allegedly hiding inside a house nearby and was potentially armed.

SWAT responded to the scene along with hostage negotiators, and after about three hours, police were able to make contact with the suspect and take him into custody.

Police say a reverse 911 call was used to inform neighbors of the situation.

Residents nearby were asked to stay inside and avoid the area while the situation was unfolding.

The suspect will be arrested and charges are pending.

Police say no one was hurt.

KXAN Staff

This article originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Fentanyl exposure prompts hazmat response at Nassau Bay apartment

Fentanyl exposure prompts hazmat response at Nassau Bay apartment
NASSAU BAY, Texas (KTRK) — An emergency response to fatal overdose turned into an evacuation and a hazardous material event Sunday at a Nassau Bay apartment building.It happened around 9:15 a.m. in the 18100 block of Point Lookout.

Police and EMS responded to the call when they learned about the possibility that fentanyl may be inside the apartment, according to a statement by Nassau Bay police.Exposure to a small amount of fentanyl can be fatal.

Crews evacuated the apartment and called out hazmat crews to decontaminate the scene before continuing an investigation into how the person inside the apartment died, police said.

A regional hazardous materials response team was among the groups called out to help contain the incident.Space Park Drive was closed between Point Lookout Drive and Saturn Lane in front of Voyager at Space Center Apartments Sunday so crews could stage gear and personnel during the cleanup.

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