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Gemma Atkinson shares untold detail of beau Gorka’s proposal ‘I was holding a bag of poo!’

Revealing that the coronavirus pandemic has complicated plans, Gemma added that her and her fiancé have agreed to tie the knot abroad.

She said: “We’re not going to do it, obviously, this year cause of everything that has gone on, the only thing we have agreed on so far is that we’re gonna do it abroad.

“Gorka wants his family to be able to order drinks at the bar and understand the waiters.

Gemma continued: “They [Gorka’s family] don’t speak English and my lot don’t speak Spanish, so we’ve said we’ll meet halfway.

“So that’s all we’ve agreed on, it’s gonna be abroad. And hopefully not this year, but the year after – if I can tolerate him that long obviously,” she added.

Author: Sabina Rouse
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Cilla Black’s surprise ultimatum to Ringo Starr after unexpected proposal

When Cilla Black was building her career in Liverpool as the UK’s most iconic songbird, she made a lot of friends along the way. During the 1960s she made quite a name for herself by performing alongside The Beatles in the legendary Cavern Club venue. Through the years, Cilla became very close with the band, particularly Ringo Starr.

In the 2020 documentary, Cilla: The Lost Tapes, further information about the star’s private life was revealed.

During this ITV doc, Cilla​’s private getaways with the Fab Four member​ were detailed, including their skiing trips in Europe.

However, they seemed to be just friends at the time, quashing any romance rumours that might have cropped up.

That is until Ringo proposed to the singer – but she could not take the request seriously.

She said in the documentary: “He was like a best friend, even though he did ask me to marry him.”

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Cilla went on to add with a laugh: “I guess he was desperate.”

She explained that she thought Ringo was feeling a lot of “pressure” from the other members of the band, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

She continued: “All of the other Beatles had girlfriends.”

Cilla recalled telling Ringo to “post the [wedding] bands in 48 hours and I’ll do it”.

She wasn’t worried about this, however, as she “just knew” his offer was not as sincere as it seemed.

Ringo either was joking or simply chickened out, and never sent Cilla the rings.

A few years later Ringo married his first wife, Maureen Tigrett, in 1965.

Cilla herself got married in 1969 to her manager Bobby Willis.

She wasn’t thrilled by the man at first, however.

As revealed in the documentary, Cilla said: “It certainly wasn’t love at first sight. I actually fancied the opposite.

“He was funny, incredibly funny and he was incredibly good looking.”

Cilla and Bobby had three sons together – Ben, Robert and Jack Willis.

Bobby tragically died in 1999 after suffering from lung and liver cancer, aged just 57-years-old.

Cilla died in 2015, aged 72-years-old, after suffering a stroke caused by a fall.


Author: Callum Crumlish
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James Martin reacts to Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster’s proposal ‘Hold you to that!’

“No, it doesn’t interest me in the slightest, mainly because I’ve catered for so many weddings, really,” James told the Sunday People in 2019.

“I admire people who do it, that’s fine, but I’m quite happy. I don’t need to spend 60 grand on a day, no, I’m more than happy thanks.”

James also revealed that he and Louise are not planning to start a family, with the TV star instead preferring to focus on his work.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs today at 9.30am on ITV.

Author: Michelle Marshall
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Kym Marsh ENGAGED: Ex Corrie star to marry Scott Ratcliff after birthday proposal

Kym Marsh, 44, said she is “over the moon” after the 32-year-old Army Major asked her to marry him. She told OK! Magazine: “I can’t believe it. It’s been the best birthday surprise ever. I can’t stop smiling.” The couple have been dating since 2018 after being introduced by mutual friend Antony Cotton.

The ex Coronation Street star teased fans with “exciting news” on her Instagram page ahead of her announcement this evening.

She could be seen beaming for the camera as he husband-to-be took over camera duties.

In view of her 478,000 followers, she commented: “Some really exciting news to tell you, swipe up!”

The actress previously said he believes the pair were “made for each other”.

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The Morning Live presenter has three children; David, 26, Emily, 24, and 10-year-old Polly.

Kym sadly lost her fourth child Archie, who she shared with Jamie, in 2009.

The actress became a grandmother for the first time back in 2019 after her daughter Emily gave birth.

At the time, Kym shared a picture of the newborn’s hand touching hers.

She captioned the post: “Last night was a night I will never forget. I became a “Loli” for the first time!!!

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BBC masterplan backfires: Bizarre new anti-London proposal condemned as 'condescending'

The BBC has announced plans to introduce “bespoke” regional voiceovers between programmes in a bid to make the corporation feel less London-centric. BBC1 shows broadcast in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will feature announcements made in local accents. But social media users have heavily mocked the plans, with several saying the move shows the BBC are still out of touch with its audience.

Dozens of people have criticised the plans on Twitter, with several pointing out the BBC should instead focus on its reporting.

One person wrote: “More condescending crap from BBC.

“Just give us unbiased reporting. The accent doesn’t matter.”

Another person said: “It’s the attitude NOT the accent that matters! BBC News still don’t get it.”

A third wrote: “If the condescending lefties at the BBC understood northerners, they would realise they don’t need broadcasters speaking to them ‘in their own accent’.

“These are proud people who wear jacket and tie in the club.

“They just want a patriotic, British BBC.”

Another person said: “They don’t get it….licence payers want objective, unbiased reporting not patronising local accents #DefundTheBBC.”

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The plan to use regional accents was announced by the BBC’s director of nations, Rhodri Talfan Davies.

The move forms part of the corporation’s “across the UK” initiative.

Mr Talfan Davies said: “We are tailor-making the feel of the channel for more areas.”

In an interview with Sky News, the BBC boss was quizzed on whether the move was “a little bit condescending and superficial” but he denied the claim.

He said: “It would be superficial if we weren’t also radically shifting our focus across network television – if I was to say: ‘Let’s give BBC1 a northern voice.'”

Mr Talfan Davies also revealed programmes such as BBC2’s Newsnight and Radio 4’s Today will go on the road to different cities.

He said: “If we’re all living within the M25 bubble, that inevitably has an impact on the editorial choices we make.

“So I believe it will make a difference.”

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Newsom's Plan: California’s Middle-Class Taxpayers Could Get a Rebate Under Proposal

“The inequality of the pain in the current downturn is striking,” said Richard Auxier, a researcher with the Tax Policy Center.

In addition to the proposed rebate checks in California, Mr. Newsom’s office said on Monday that it would ask the Legislature to approve $ 12 billion in new spending on homelessness over the next two years. If passed, that amount would be the most the state has ever committed to homelessness — 10 times greater than last year and more than the federal government allocated for homelessness in the American Rescue Plan.

“Nothing of this scale has ever been proposed in California history,” Jason Elliott, a senior counselor to the governor, said. “We can’t manage this problem any longer. We need to start solving this problem.”

Most of the money is intended to expand the state’s supply of housing through new construction or converting existing real estate for people living on the streets. In an indication of how homelessness has permeated almost every aspect of the state’s business, it would be parsed through a dozen departments.

California’s spiraling homeless problem has become a crisis up and down the state. It is most severe in coastal centers like Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the sight of sidewalk tents and freeway-side shanties are now an accepted part of the landscape, but has also exploded in smaller interior cities like Fresno and Bakersfield.

On any given evening, more than 100,000 people in the state sleep outside, accounting for about half of the nation’s unsheltered homeless count, even though the state accounts for 12 percent of the United States’ population.

Last year, with the pandemic raging and armed with billions in federal disaster and stimulus funds, Mr. Newsom’s office created a novel program to buy distressed hotels and repurpose them as permanent supportive housing, or housing that is paired with on-site social services. The program, called Homekey, used about $ 800 million to acquire some 6,000 new supportive units and has since inspired other cities and states to create their own hotel-buying programs.

Mr. Newsom’s new budget aims to vastly expand the Homekey concept, allocating $ 7 billion in grants that local governments could use to buy and rehabilitate existing buildings.

Author: Shawn Hubler, Conor Dougherty and Jill Cowan
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In close vote, digital kiosk proposal gets approval from Houston City Council

HOUSTON, Texas — After lengthy debate, Houston City Council voted 10-7 to approve a proposal for the installation of up to 125 digital kiosks in areas of Houston with high-pedestrian activity such as downtown and the Galleria.The 8-foot tall kiosks will provide information about local sights and attractions in addition to advertisements.

Over a 12-year contract, the city will make a minimum of $ 11 million to $ 16 million, although projections from the kiosk vendor, IKE Smart City, note the city could make up to $ 50 million from the devices over the same time period.

The approval of the proposal required amending the city’s existing sign code, which ends Houston’s 40-year ban on the construction of new billboards.

Council Members Michael Kubosh, Amy Peck, Sallie Alcorn, David Robinson, Robert Gallegos, Mike Knox and Greg Travis voted no on the measure. Dissenting council members’ concerns ranged from the affect on city beautification efforts and walkability as well as concerns over a lack of influence over the types advertisements displayed on the kiosks.

“People today that are traveling to Houston are traveling with mobile phones. We could produce an app and QR codes, and I think there is a better way to achieve the same goal,” At-Large Council Member Mike Knox said.

Council Member Letitia Plummer, who voted in favor of the proposal, also expressed hesitation over the revenue’s allocation to the general fund. Plummer said she would have preferred the funds go towards more specific initiatives, especially those aimed at under-served communities.

Council Members in support of the measure said it drives revenue, draws attention to local businesses and aids the city’s efforts to present itself as a tech-friendly city.

“What I’d like to challenge our council members to consider is this: The energy industry is a lot different than it used to be,” Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin said. “How do we blend our future with the innovation center that we’re building.”The kiosks are flood resistant, serve as emergency call boxes and air quality monitors, and provide Wi-Fi access within a 30-meter radius, a presentation from the Houston City Council Economic Development Committee stated. They also feature games and information about local attractions.

Cooke Kelsey, chair of the Scenic Houston Advocacy Commission, said the group is concerned the kiosks counter a longstanding agreement between the city of Houston and beautification advocates to ban new billboards.

“Forty years, seven mayors and a string of unsuccessful court challenges have come and gone without one new billboard going up in Houston,” Kelsey wrote in a May 3 news release. “We cannot retreat from the decades of work to protect neighborhoods and local businesses from visual blight. City Council must say no.”

In a statement to Community Impact Newspaper, Anna Baerman, IKE Smart City development director, said the kiosks will only be placed in commercial areas rather than residential streets and will not obstruct pedestrian right of way.

“In terms of kiosk placement, the city will work through the council offices or other neighborhood organizations to engage the community, including property owners adjacent to proposed kiosk sites to educate and inform them of IKE’s features and functionality,” Baerman wrote.The approval launches a two-year planning process, and the first kiosks will be installed by 2024, the City Council presentation stated.

Other cities with IKE Smart City kiosks include San Antonio, Cleveland, Columbus, Baltimore and St. Louis.

“It adds to the pedestrian’s landscape and it continues to build upon Houston’s image as an innovative city…and all of this will come at no cost to the city,” Houston Director of Innovation Jesse Bounds told the economic development committee.

This content was provided by our partners at Community Impact Newspaper.

Author: Community Impact Newspaper

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Tallulah Willis Is Engaged: Bruce & Demi Moore’s Daughter, 27, Shares Videos Of Diamond Ring & Proposal

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s youngest daughter is getting married! Tallulah Willis is showing off her diamond engagement ring from her fiance Dillon Buss.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s daughter Tallulah Willis is the happiest girl in the world today, as her boyfriend Dillon Buss just pulled off a surprise marriage proposal in their backyard. The 27-year-old shared a series of photos to her Instagram on Tues. May 4 of Dillon at first down on one knee holding out the ring, while Tallulah put her hands up to her mouth in total surprise. In the next picture the answer was an obvious “yes,” as she bent over to plant a kiss on Dillon while wearing a cute peach colored sun dress.

Tallulah was next seen in a photo in Dillon’s arms, with her legs wrapped around his waist as they passionately kissed. In the final snapshot, the newly betrothed couple could be seen holding each other’s faces with their hands, staring lovingly into one another’s eyes as they celebrated being engaged. Tallulah wrote in the caption, “with absolute most certainty” as her answer to his proposal. The couple has been dating for about a year, and quarantined together in 2020 with her family in Idaho. Dillon seems to have found a trustworthy pal to hide in the bushes and get snapshots of the moment he proposed.

Dillon shared his own series of photos of their engagement and the moments that followed. He wrote in the caption, “I can finally call you my fiancé. Love you forever Buuski Lu, you are my best friend.”

Tallulah decided to blind her Instagram followers with a video of the stunning ring Dillon gave her. It appears to be a multi-carat emerald-cut yellow diamond set in a gold band. The stone absolutely glittered as Tallulah moved her hand around so that her new engagement ring really caught the light.

Her famous family and friends were quick with the congratulations. Tallulah’s  sister Scout Willis, 29, commented, “weeping, i am so f*cking excited,” while eldest sis Rumer, 32 wrote, “I love these crazy kids. Congratulations @dillonbuss and @buuski I love you both so immensely and I am so excited for you.” Tallulah’s step mom Emma Heming left a series of excited red heart emojis in the comments.

Iconic model Christie Brinkley recalled, “Just thought of you as a little girl 7 or 8 years old on the tennis court in PC just a little whisp with your extra loooooong legs and your gigantic glamorous movie star sunglasses and suddenly your getting married…spontaneous tears of joy, so happy for you both,” along with red heart emojis, while her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook added a series of black heart emojis. Supermodel Helena Christensen marveled, “Oh how incredibly wonderful wow I’m so happy for you,” while the likes of Gracie McGraw, Nick ViallSharna Burgess and more sent along deep congratulations.

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What is Austin's Proposition F? Supporters, opponents and experts explain strong mayor proposal

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters have a decision ahead of them: whether to approve Proposition F — a ballot measure that would replace the city manager with an elected “strong mayor” as the city’s chief executive. A panel of supporters, opponents and experts explored what the decision means for the city in a conversation during a KXAN Live event Monday.

KXAN Live anchor Will DuPree and KXAN politics reporter John Engel hosted the discussion featuring Nelson Linder and Andrew Allison from Austinites for Progressive Reform — the group behind the strong-mayor proposal — and Jesus Garza and Nico Ramsey with Austin for All People, which opposes the change. Jen Rice of Houston Public Media and former city council member Daryl Slusher provided analysis.

Proposition F would give the mayor veto power over all city council decisions and the responsibility to appoint most department leaders. Nearly every current member of the Austin City Council has come out in opposition to the proposal. Supporters of the strong-mayor proposal believe the structure provides greater accountability than the city manager-council structure.

“As cities grow, and as things change or don’t change, you need to make a more effective system. The question for me is, can Austin be a better, more inclusive city? The answer is yes,” Linder said, adding the fear that having a strong mayor “running errant does not square with reality if you know Austin, Texas.”

“The council-management system has worked for the City of Austin,” Garza countered. “The fact of the matter is, the mayor and council set policy. The mayor and council approve the budgets.”

He added a strong mayor system “puts an awful lot of power in one individual.”

The City of Houston has a mayor-council, or strong mayor, structure of government, like is being considered in Austin.

But Rice, the Houston Public Media reporter, pointed out the Houston mayor has control over the city council agenda — a power not granted in the strong mayor proposal before Austin voters. A ballot initiative in Houston is attempting to pull back some of that power.

“It sounds like what’s going on in Austin is people trying to find more of a middle path, frankly, because it doesn’t have that much control that goes to the mayor,” Rice said. “I’m really interested, and I think it’s a really nuanced conversation, and I’m really interested to see what Austin voters are going to do.”

Early voting is now underway for the May 1 municipal election in Austin. Proposition F is one of eight measures on the ballot.

John Engel

This article originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Biden infrastructure proposal prioritizes funds for emerging technologies

President Biden[1]’s newly unveiled infrastructure proposal includes billions of dollars in proposed funding to invest in “technologies of the future,” with a particular focus on ensuring the U.S. can compete on the global stage against countries such as China. 

The proposed investment package, which totals[2] around $ 2.25 trillion, proposes that over $ 180 billion be set aside for enhancing research and development of new and emerging technologies, along with addressing racial and gender inequalities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. 

“President Biden is calling on Congress to make smart investments in research and development, manufacturing and regional economic development, and in workforce development to give our workers and companies the tools and training they need to compete on the global stage,” the plan released by the White House reads. 


The plan includes asking Congress to appropriate $ 50 billion to allow the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish a technology directorate, which would research issues including semiconductors, biotechnology and advanced computing. 

“We are one of the few major economies whose public investments in research and development have declined as a percent of GDP in the past 25 years,” the proposal reads. “Countries like China are investing aggressively in R&D, and China now ranks number two in the world in R&D expenditures.

“In order to win the 21st century economy, President Biden believes America must get back to investing in the researchers, laboratories, and universities across our nation,” it adds.

In addition, Biden asked Congress to provide $ 30 billion to spur research and development in rural areas and job growth, along with $ 40 billion for upgrading research facilities and infrastructure nationwide. Half of the $ 40 billion will be reserved for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and other minority institutions, along with funding for a national climate lab at an HBCU. 

Biden proposed an additional $ 55 billion for ensuring the U.S. can lead on climate science research and development, and $ 25 billion to prioritize research and development efforts at HBCUs, such as through the creation of 200 centers of excellence for research efforts at HBCUs and other minority institutions.  


The plan comes amid intense bipartisan focus on Capitol Hill around funding research and development around emerging technologies in order to compete with China. 

Biden’s proposed $ 50 million for the National Science Foundation is half of what Senate Majority Leader Charles SchumerChuck SchumerIntercept bureau chief on Democrats’ efforts on minimum wage: ‘Might as well go for it’ Schumer kicks into reelection mode The disgrace that was the Biden press conference MORE[4][5][6][7][8][3] (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Todd YoungTodd Christopher YoungOvernight Defense: Congress looks to rein in Biden’s war powers | Diversity chief at Special Operations Command reassigned during probe into social media posts Congress looks to rein in Biden’s war powers House panel advances bill to repeal 2002 war authorization MORE[10][11][12][13][14][9] (R-Ind.) proposed last year in the bipartisan Endless Frontiers Act. [15]

The legislation is at the core of Schumer’s renewed effort to compete with China, with the Senate leader announcing last month that he had directed all relevant Senate committee chairs to begin work on a legislative proposal around enhancing U.S. technology efforts. [16]

While several leading Republicans criticized the overall package on Wednesday, Schumer said in a statement that he “looks forward to working with President Biden to pass a big, bold plan that will drive America forward for decades to come.”

[email protected] (Maggie Miller)