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New driving law proposals: Speed limits could be reduced to 20mph to 'save lives'

Experts at GEM Motoring Assist have called upon safety organisations to see the “benefits of lower speeds”. They are hoping to persuade Governments to introduce “low-speed streets” as quickly as possible to help “save lives”.
A recent study from Bristol showed the introduction of a 20mph limit was associated with a 63 percent reduction in fatal injuries between 2008 and 2016.

There also appears to be widespread supper for lower speeds to be introduced as well.

A Department for Transport survey found 70 percent of motorists agreed a 20mph limit was the right speed for where people live.

A poll in Scotland suggested 65 percent were in favour of the proposals.

They said introducing 20mph limits in some areas has helped to “reinforce” speeds in some areas where averages had crept up.

The report said the move to introduce 20mph limits was “generally supported”.

Many local residents see the scheme as beneficial to local residents and pedestrians.

They said: “The study shows that 20mph limits are generally supported and there is little call for the limit to be changed back to 30mph; even though most residents and users do not perceive vehicle speeds to have changed.

“Local residents and other road users generally perceive the 20mph limits as beneficial for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists.

“From a driver perspective, they make driving at a slower speed more acceptable.”

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Elderly drivers could need to get a driving licence signed by GP under new proposals

Victoria Batman has started a campaign to require extra checks on road users after her 11-year old son Josh died following a crash involving an elderly driver. She has embarked on a campaign to change the law to ensure elderly drivers are safe to drive before they get beyond the wheel.
But there is no legal limit on what age drivers must stop using their cars.

Drivers are supposed to tell the DVLA if they have a medical condition which would disqualify them from holding a licence.

However, some police forces have reported as many as 30 percent of over 70s with medical conditions fail to inform the DVLA of the issue.

Department for Transport data has also revealed over 70s are more likely to be involved in driver error collisions.

“I understand that old people are reluctant to give up their licenses as it is key to their independence.

“It’s a way of getting out and communicating with others, it stops them feeling isolated and alone.

“There’s plenty of capable 70-year-old drivers, it’s not everybody, but at the moment the checks and the law aren’t strong enough.”

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Martha Stewart, 79, Jokes She Got ‘A Lot Of Proposals’ After Sexy Pool ‘Thirst Trap’: ‘I Had To Ignore Them’

While appearing on ‘Ellen,’ Martha Stewart revealed just how much fans actually thirsted over her viral swimsuit photo. Even Howie Mandel ‘couldn’t stop looking at the picture.’

It wasn’t the only time Martha posted a thirst trap — or received a thirsty comment. Months later on Feb. 4, the cookbook author shared a glamorous selfie[5] of herself after a round with her beauty team. Drew Barrymore[6] couldn’t resist commenting, “Again, I don’t care if it’s inappropriate… YOU ARE SO HOT.” From Howie to Drew, the consensus is unanimous: Martha is hot!

Like Martha said, though, she is a busy woman. In 2020, she starred in a new HGTV show called Martha Knows Best which followed the star as she tackled gardening projects on her farm in New York.


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