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Aldi shoppers gobsmacked by what ‘queue jumper’ does when he gets to front of the line

During a trip to her local Aldi, a woman let a young man cut ahead of her when she was lining up for the till. She said that she was fine with him taking her place as he only had two items – but seconds later she was left in awe of what he did when he reached the checkout.

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, the man’s generous act at Aldi Clockface in St Helens earlier this week made the woman’s day.

To thank her for her kindness, when the man reached the front of the line he decided to pay towards her shopping bill.

The man allegedly gave the cashier serving them £5 and “refused to take it back”.

His wholesome act was later shared on social media by the woman, being met with a huge response from people praising the “wonderful young man”.

The post said: “I would like to say a big thankyou to a lovely young man who was behind me at the till in Aldi Clockface at around 1pm.

“He only had two items so I said to go in front of me. He gave the cashier £5 and said to put it towards my shopping, he refused to take it back.

“I have kept the kindness going and put it in the charity box at the till. Thankyou again.”

Fellow shoppers were overwhelmed with happiness by the kind act, sharing their thoughts in the post’s comments.

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Thousands stuck in online Covid vaccine queue with many wrongly told they're not eligible

Thousands have rushed to the NHS website to book their Covid-19 vaccination after the Government opened up appointments for all 25-29 year-olds in England this morning. So many people have flooded the website, new users are being added to a virtual queue system – faced with a wait while some 11,000 people ahead of them book an appointment.

A number of people have reported seeing a message informing them “you are now in a queue, lots of people are trying to book an appointment”, but the queue system never updates to reveal their position or the remaining time they’ll have to wait. Some people have shared screenshots of the NHS booking site crashing during the wait, with an error message apologising for “technical difficulties” although thankfully, these issues don’t appear too widespread.

But while that’s probably to be expected with such a large age group becoming eligible for vaccination overnight – after all, Health Secretary Matt Hancock only confirmed that appointments would be available to over-25s for the first time at the despatch box in the House of Commons yesterday – there does seem to be a glitch somewhere in the NHS system.

According to some people who managed to get to the front of the queue, their appointment is being rejected. The NHS site informs them that they’re “not eligible” for the jab. A number of younger people have taken to social media to highlight the issues with the booking system this morning.

Some users, sharing their experience on Twitter, have claimed they were waiting for more than thirty minutes to get through to the booking form to find their local vaccination centre – only to be told they are not eligible.

You cannot delete NHS Covid-19 app even when restrictions end

With vaccinations now open to the 25-29 age bracket, some three million more people are eligible for a vaccine. Under-40s in the UK are being given Moderna or Pfizer vaccinations, due to concerns about blood clots with the Astra-Zeneca jab developed with teams at the University of Oxford.

Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday, Matt Hancock confirmed: “From this week we will start offering vaccinations to people under 30, bringing us ever closer to the goal of offering a vaccine to all adults in the UK by the end of next month. From tomorrow morning, we will open up vaccination to people aged 25 to 29.”

Across the UK, more than 40,460,576 adults have received their first jab, while 27,921,294 second vaccines have been administered. Two jabs are required for the highest level of protection against the virus, while trials are ongoing to determine whether a third “booster” shot could help quash future waves of Covid-19 in the autumn and winter

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Call of Duty Warzone servers down: Server Queue messages back before map release

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

Warzone server queues are back tonight as Activision prepares to release a new Call of Duty map for the popular Battle Royale mode.

Gamers are currently seeing queue message popping up, confirming a countdown timer on nearly all platforms.

However, the estimated wait being tracked by the game isn’t going down for many, with the screen looking to be frozen.

Issues are expected as developers Raven Software launch the new Verdansk 84 map today.

Gamers can expect server queues to continue over the next hour or so, until the new event has been completed.

Call of Duty Warzone servers are down for some, meaning you can’t access the game, or any parts of your accounts.

Rebirth Island will play a role in the new event, with a message explaining: “RICO-W is experiencing extreme electrostatic interference and is no longer able to provide updates via regular communications.

“With our final message, we are updating the order given last night at 21:00: Return to Rebirth Island. Repeat to all Operators: Return to Rebirth Island.”


Call of Duty Warzone server queue update as live Nuke Event extends to Rebirth Island

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

UPDATE: Today’s Warzone server queue issues are expected to continue on and off following developers Raven Software releasing a new patch to help with issues.

According to the latest COD news, The Destruction of Verdansk Playlist will continue until 11pm BST, while the new Rebirth Island experience will be available until the next Warzone update is released.

This is scheduled to happen at 5am BST, on Thursday, April 22. The event list now reads:

  • 2P PT: Seek safety from Verdansk on Rebirth Island
  • 9P PT: Update your comms (console) and investigate Rebirth Island
  • 12:00P (4.22) PT: Return tomorrow to Rebirth for updated instructions

ORIGINAL: The good news is that while Warzone server queues are back, gamers are reporting getting through them pretty quickly.

And for those who have been receiving server errors, the current advice is to back out and start again.

As ever, these issues could continue for some time as everyone tries to access Warzone servers.

This is part of the new Nuke Event, which is now live in-game and available across all platforms. However, some gamers are also reporting problems staying in the event, which starts with dropping and finding a Juggernaut suit.

A message from Activision adds: “Operators, The above quote should ring true for us today, as in less than an hour, you will be launching the most massive coordinated effort that Operation Rapid Sunder has ever seen.

“Over the past year of our Operation, we had our differences and disputes. Over the past year of our Operation, we made errors and even lost some objectives. Indeed, over the past year of our Operation, there were even some “friendly fire” incidents.

“But this is the same task force that infiltrated Verdansk day in and day out, whether it be on the brightest days or the cover of night. This is the same task force that swayed the mercenary Shadow Company from our enemies to our fellow Operators. This is the same task force that overcame the nightmares of October 2020.

“And this is the task force that saved the world from evil once before. It’s time to do it again.

“To the Operators active in Verdansk, we must honor the spirits of our fallen squadmates and bring them justice, no matter what host these parasites have taken over.”

PlayStation Direct Queue: PS5 restock live from Sony

PlayStation Direct Queue
Any gamers who think they have a bit of luck about them can put it to the test right now in trying to buy a PS5.The PlayStation Direct store in the United States is currently live and offering the chance at purchasing a PS5.

The good news is that the PS5 Direct Queue is open to everyone, meaning you don’t need to have been invited.

The downside is that there is probably very little chance of buying a console based on how many will be trying.

If you join the PS5 restock event now, you’ll probably find yourself in a queue that could run for over an hour.

It should also be noted that this won’t be available to those who don’t have the correct PlayStation Network details, including gamers from the UK.


A message on the PS5 Direct site states: “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue.”More information shared on the PS5 Direct Queue site reads:


You will hear a chime. Make sure to unmute your device. You will be automatically redirected to direct.playstation.com.

If you are on a different tab, a pop-up will prompt you click to enter the site. You will have 10 minutes to proceed.

Once you click enter site, you will be redirected to the page you originally navigated to, from there you can begin your shopping journey.

PLAYSTATION DIRECT RULES:ONE PS5 console per household. Please note if you have already purchased a PS5 console on direct.playstation.com, you will not be able to purchase a second console.

If you reach the front of the queue, be sure to have your PSN account info ready. Do not forget to grab a DualSense Controller and a PS5 game to begin your next-gen journey and qualify for free shipping!

PS5 consoles require you to use a PSN account to purchase.

As ever, you will need a bit of luck to be chosen to buy a console from the PlayStation Direct site today.

And it should be noted that PS5 Direct is only available in the United States and will not be an option for anyone with a UK Credit or Debit Card.

This article originally appeared on Daily Express

Call of Duty down: Warzone players hit with server maintenance queue error

Call of Duty down reports are on the rise right now with Warzone players reporting widespread server issues. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a huge spike in Call of Duty down reports, with the majority of reported issues surrounding server connection. Down Detector UK has registered a peak of more than 4,000 reports of Call of Duty down, while downdetector.com says over 90 percent of reported COD issues today are to do with servers.
On Twitter Call of Duty players have been tweeting in their droves that they’re experiencing issues, with players saying they’ve been receiving a server maintenance and queue error message when they try to play online.


While another posted: “Warzone server down”.

And one added: “@CallofDuty why is server down cod”.

As the Call of Duty down reports surged in the official Activision Support website confirmed server issues with Warzone.

The Activision website said: “We’re currently experiencing connectivity issues.

“This incident is under investigation.”

Activision confirmed that the issue with Warzone servers was affecting all platforms.

The latest COD down issues come as Treyarch has begun teasing the Warzone S2 mid-season update.

It looks like the next big Warzone update will be arriving next week and could be bringing with it new season 2 maps like Mansion and Golva.

Teasing the inbound Warzone update, Treyarch this week tweeted: “Next week, new mysteries of the Dark Aether await”.

More to follow… 

‘How come you jumped the queue?’: Fans demand answers over Amir Khan Covid jab after ex-boxing champ posts snaps receiving vaccine

Amir Khan is used to getting opponents in trouble with his jab but has found himself on the receiving end of social media queries about how he managed to qualify for a Covid vaccine slot despite not being in a relevant age group.

Former world champion and Olympic silver medalist Khan, 34, confirmed Wednesday that he has received a vaccination against Covid-19, confirming on Instagram that he had received the much sought-after shot.

Finally got my Covid vaccine. Feel fantastic. #Staysafe #nhs #nhsstaff #thankyou,” he wrote in accompaniment of the post. 

Within minutes, though, Khan was inundated queries from fans about how he received a jab that his age group in the UK does not yet usually qualify for.

The UK’s Covid-19 vaccination program has only opened to over-60’s since the end of February – and given Khan’s age and fitness, he is not considered to be high risk.

Rules dictate that specific at-risk groups are eligible for the vaccine at the moment, including the elderly and critical healthcare workers.

How did you get it so soon at your age?” one person responded to Khan.

How come? Lots of people older and more vulnerable than a fit fighter? I don’t get it? Still waiting for mine,” wrote another.

A third wrote that they “couldn’t think of anyone less deserving” of early access to the Covid-19 vaccine, referencing various Covid guidelines that Khan has appeared to flout in recent months.

In February, Khan was slammed after being found to have driven a 230-mile round trip to attend a dinner at an upmarket restaurant, and in December he was photographed embracing Cristiano Ronaldo at an awards ceremony in Dubai just days after he had come into contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case.
Also on rt.com LeBron James accused of ‘wishy-washy’ vaccine stance as he refuses to say if he will get Covid jab
He has also come under fire for attending various parties and large gatherings on at least two instances during the UK’s lockdown restrictions.

Speaking to Mail Online, Khan’s father, Shah, explained that his son was given the jab after explaining to his GP that he is in regular contact with his mother, who is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Obviously, Amir’s mother is very sick and he spends time around her so he, and even I and the rest of the family, have had our shots,” he said.

He’s not a carer for her but he spends time with her. I don’t know the ins and outs but I know he approached his doctor and explained the situation.”
Also on rt.com ‘It’s man-made to test 5G’: Boxer Khan spreads coronavirus conspiracy claims, suggests pandemic could be ‘population control’ plot


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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold Wars server queue returns, Warzone status news

There is good news and bad news for Call of Duty fans today, with an ongoing server outage causing multiplayer issues across PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.

COD fans are reporting that Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War servers are still down, following good news for Warzone players.

The official Activision server status site suggests the same thing; that Warzone servers are returning to normal whilst Cold War remains affected.

Cold War is currently using a queue system, meaning that it might take several minutes to log in. The Cold War queue usually states a certain time until you can sign in, but then reset due to high demand.

The good news is that reports of a server outage are dropping, meaning that more gamers are getting back online.

The latest message from Activision on the situation reads: “We’re currently experiencing connectivity issues. This incident is under investigation.

“This incident is still open, and we are working to restore online services as quickly as possible.”

From what has been shared so far, this new outage does not appear to be one that will last a long time, and could be fixed within the hour.

Until then, Cold War gamers may struggle to connect to live games, and Black Ops queuing will remain in effect until things improve.

There is no ETA on when servers will be back online and there has been no word on what has left gamers across PS4, Xbox One and PC unable to connect.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory, Season 8 patch notes, Switch release and Solo queue

New Apex Legends Season 8 Chaos Theory patch notes have been released today, and it confirms some big changes coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

From what has been shared so far by Respawn, March 9 will include the start of a new event.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event will add a new rewards track, boasting fresh cosmetics, this time featuring legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins.

According to Respawn, gamers will be able to earn 1,000 points per day, and challenges refresh daily.

Stretch challenges will focus on the hardcore fanbase, which will reward four unique badges if completed during the event. These challenges also stack with an existing Battle Pass so that you can complete multiple at once.

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory event also introduces a brand new set of 24 themed, event-limited cosmetics.

A message from Respawn confirms: “Inspired by the warriors of the Frontier, our Legends are donning fierce new looks as they drop into the arena.

“All 24 items will be available through direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event. If you collect all 24 event items, you’ll unlock the Bangalore Heirloom set.

“Bangalore took this Pilot’s knife off a cold-blooded opponent. Since that day, she’s made it her own.

“After the event ends, the Bangalore Heirloom will become available via heirloom crafting. A few more nitty gritty details on how this Collection Event will work: First, the crafting costs for the skins are returning to their regular pricing now that the Anniversary Collection Event has ended.”

Today’s Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes also revealed that other big changes are happening to existing characters.

The big highlight is for Caustic players, with the Nox Gas Grenade cooldown increasing from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.

And Nox Gas damages will also start using a flat rate of 5hp per tick instead of ramping up from 6hp → to 12hp.

The development team explained to fans this week: “Caustic is brutally effective at slowing down engagements. The entirety of his kit revolves around gas with a large area of effect, slow, vision obstruction, and direct health damage. It’s proven to be too oppressive in too many scenarios, especially considering teammates can play in gas relatively unimpaired.

“Significantly reducing gas damage (without taking it away completely or having it affect armour instead) seems like a fair compromise that stays true to the character while making him less oppressive on the receiving end.

“We will be monitoring the data and gameplay closely. If these changes hit Caustic’s appeal or effectiveness too hard, we will revisit accordingly.”

Respawn has also confirmed that the launch of Apex Legends’ next update will bring new options to the game.

While Respawn isn’t going as far as offering a new Apex Solo Queue, they provide a new no-fill matchmaking option.

No-Fill Matchmaking will make it possible to play the game as a solo Legend, but it will come with some hefty challenges.

In the lobby, you’ll now see a checkbox entitled “Fill Matchmaking” and this will lead to the matchmaking system attempting to fill your squad to Duos or Trios, whichever you queued for.

Unchecking this box and clicking Play will send your party into your selected playlist without filling your team with other players.

And one of the biggest updates coming to the Apex Legends platform will be the launch of the Nintendo Switch version, scheduled as part of the March 9 patch.

Switch players will be given 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass, as they are getting a few weeks into the Season.

And for the first two weeks after launch, playing Apex Legends on Switch will also earn you double XP.