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Streets of Rage 4 DLC contains an incredible Easter egg for Berserk fans

Streets of Rage 4 DLC contains an incredible Easter egg for Berserk fans

One of last year’s finest games got even better this week, as Streets of Rage 4 received its first DLC.

Mr. X Nightmare adds a brand new survival mode, the ability to customise character movesets, and three new characters.

This includes Max Thunder from Streets of Rage 2, as well as Estel Aguirre from SoR 4, and classic boss character Shiva.

“The fight continues in Wood Oak City,” reads the official description.

“After the events of Streets of Rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare themselves for future threats.

“Axel, Blaze and their mates will start a very special deranged training with the help of Dr. Zan, who built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates every kind of danger they could be facing.”

Elsewhere, the new Streets of Rage 4 add-on adds a whole host of new weapons, including giant fish, a Pugil Stick and a lightsaber.

There’s even something for Berserk fans, as developer Dotemu pays homage to the classic Manga series.

As you can see from the image below, the Streets of Rage 4 DLC contains a giant sword that looks very similar to the one wielded by Guts in Berserk.

Berserk writer and illustrator Kentaro Miura recently passed away, so it’s nice to see Dotemu pay tribute.

Speaking of Streets of Rage 4, Nintendo Switch owners are still waiting for the expansion to come to the console.

The Switch version was delayed at the last-minute due to an unforeseen issue.

Fortunately, the brand new Streets of Rage 4 DLC will be coming to the Nintendo Switch within the next couple of days.

The news was confirmed by Dotemu on Twitter: “We are still working hard to fix the tech issue affecting Switch players for SOR4 DLC.

“We believe that it should be fixed in the following days as we need to restart the validation process to get the fix live.”

Fans can purchase the DLC as a standalone expansion to Streets of Rage 4, or as part of a bundle.

Over on PlayStation, the Streets of Rage 4 base game and Mr. X Nightmare DLC bundle can be purchased for £16.99.

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Euro 2020 fans rage as ITV Hub crashes for France vs Switzerland

Euro 2020 fans rage as ITV Hub crashes for France vs Switzerland

Football fans have been left furious after ITV Hub crashed in the opening minutes of France’s Euro 2020 match against Switzerland. Online viewers missed Haris Seferovic’s opening goal, with their screens frozen on Switzerland taking a corner in the fourth minute.

ITV’s coverage of the tournament has been widely praised, but the broadcaster’s credit in the bank took a hit on Monday night.

After a brilliant 5-3 win for Spain over Croatia, fans tuned in to watch the second last-16 tie of the evening at 8pm.

But they were not treated to Switzerland’s shock opening goal, because their screens were stuck on the Swiss left-back Ricardo Rodriguez preparing to take a corner three minutes and 23 seconds into the match.

That meant Seferovic’s textbook header from eight yards following a run and cross from Steven Zuber in the 15th minute was missed by thousands, who then took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

“This game is so exciting. ITV hub letting me watch this corner for 10 minutes in a row,” one fan wrote.

“I’ve heard of time wasting but Ricardo Rodriguez taking 10 minutes to take a corner in the 3rd minute is taking the p**s. Cheers ITV hub,” said another.

“Rumour has it, switzerland are still taking the corner over on the itv hub,” wrote one.

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That statement did not go down well with football-hungry fans, though.

“Any apologies? Do you care? That poor bloke has had to take that corner 3,257 times because of you guys,” a fan replied.

“Just let @BBCiPlayer host all the games, it’s far better,” said another. “You can even go backwards on the stream on iPlayer, far superior imo.”

“Well done on realising this in a record-breaking 30 minutes during a popular live broadcast! Speedy,” said another.

“Scrap the whole thing and rebuild with HD and UHD capability and do the same with Britbox too. Both of your services are shambolic and so behind the competition,” said a comment.

“Glad BBC is showing the England vs Germany,” said another fan.

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3 shot in flea market parking lot in suspected road rage incident on Airline Drive in N. Harris Co.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — Three people were shot in the parking lot of a flea market Sunday night in north Harris County in what authorities believe was a suspected road rage incident.

The sheriff’s office called it a “random act of violence.”

Deputies responded to the 8700 block of Airline Drive near Gulf Bank Road, where Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a tweet that three people had been shot.

According to an update from officials early Monday morning, a man driving in the parking lot fired several rounds.

Two of the people who were struck were transported to the hospital. All three victims are expected to survive.

The shooter is on the run, and there’s no description of his vehicle.

Police told ABC13 they are reviewing surveillance video.

This latest shooting on Airline makes eight shootings on Houston-area roadways in the past six days.

3 shot in flea market parking lot in suspected road rage incident on Airline Drive in N. Harris Co.

If you do find yourself in a road rage incident or dealing with aggressive drivers, TxDOT says there are things you can do to try to get out of the situation safely.

“Just don’t make any eye contact, don’t even look at the person. Just continue to move on. Just back away. Just maybe take another exit. Definitely call law enforcement if you feel threatened,” said Danny Perez with TxDOT.

TxDOT also said doing the following can help:

  • Stay calm. Keep your emotions in check.
  • Plan ahead and anticipate delays.
  • Focus on your own driving. Be cautious and considerate.
  • Avoid creating a situation that may cause provocation.
  • Give angry drivers plenty of room.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Use the left lane only when passing.
  • Use your horn sparingly.
  • Don’t tailgate or flash your lights behind someone.
  • Don’t yell obscenities or make inappropriate hand gestures, and don’t respond to drivers who do.
  • If you’re concerned for your safety, call 911.

How to survive dangerous road rage encounters

Woman shot while driving on Highway 288 during altercation with Mercedes driver

6-year-old boy witnessed killing of dad in road rage incident: ‘I didn’t know what was happening’

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Portugal travel fury: Holidaymakers rage at testing farce -‘making my life misery'

Portugal travel fury: Holidaymakers rage at testing farce -‘making my life misery'

Portugal’s main airport Faro has been a scene of chaos and crowding in recent days and Britons desperately try to obtain testing and flights to get home before Tuesday’s quarantine rule comes into force. However, the stress has become so much for some travellers they have slammed the Government for making their lives “a misery”.

Though the Government had said it would try and give some warning for passengers if a nation was to go onto the “green watch list”, the Prime Minister added that he would “not hesitate” to make sudden changes if necessary.

Alan Richards, currently on holiday in Portugal with his family, slammed this rapid change from green to amber.

“Thanks very much for making my life a misery and making what should have been a holiday for the family and a long-awaited one,” he told BBC News.

“Yes, we do accept that things change, but you need to give people time to get home.

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“This four or five days or whatever it was has not been enough time for tens of thousands of people who, by the way, followed his guidance and went to a green listed country.”

Similarly, Craig Stanley, who had jetted off on a re-arranged holiday with his wife, said the nation’s green list status meant they were unable to rebook their travel plans for a later date.

“We’re very frustrated obviously because this already was a holiday we had planned last year but we rearranged for this year,” he said.

“Because Portugal was on the green list we had to go, we couldn’t rearrange it.

“So we thought we were good to go. The Government promised to give notification of seven days.

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“We were only coming for a week so we thought everything would be fine. Then on the second day we were here they moved the goalposts and suddenly there is a mass panic trying to find a flight and get tests and all the other things.

“We have just run out of time and flights and everything so we are very frustrated.“

In the race to return home, some travellers have reported being turned away from flights, despite having acquired all of the UK’s requested paperwork and having provided evidence of negative COVID-19 tests.

Mick Hurley from Manchester said: “We arrived to board our flight from Porto to Manchester.

“We had our tickets checked a couple of times and our information, our documents that we were required to bring along with us.

“When we were just about to board our flight, our final check the Ryanair staff said we did not have the right test information for our Covid status.

“They disembarked us and popped us out the other side of the airport and left us to it. We’ve spent the rest of the day with this queue behind us queuing for another type of Covid test.”

Holidaymakers have spoken out about overcrowding at airports, with more than 100,000 Britons expected to be in Portugal currently.

According to data from mobility research business Huq Industries, between May 17 – when Portugal became a green list country -until May 31, a total of 221,064 Britons travelled out to the country.

As of May 31, the number of Brits who had travelled back from Portugal stood at 108,887. That leaves the 112,177 currently stuck there.

Anastasia Odegov, who had been on a family holiday with her parents and younger brother, explained: “My brother has school as we managed to put him on a flight earlier but it was also quite stressful. My mum gets quite stressed because of her travelling by herself with my brother.

“She sent us a photo and there was such a huge line all until the entrance of the airport.

“Instead of the two hours that you usually go, it would be three and a half or four hours. Instead of a family holiday is now just me and my dad here.”

Upon the latest traffic light announcement, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps defended the swift move as a “safety first” decision.

Mr Shapps told BBC News: “I want to be straight with people, it’s actually a difficult decision to make, but in the end, we’ve seen two things really which have caused concern.

“One is that the positivity rate has nearly doubled since the last review in Portugal, and the other is that there’s a Nepal mutation of the so-called Indian variants which has been detected.”

He continued: “We just don’t know the potential for that to be a vaccine defeating mutation and simply don’t want to take the risk, as we come up to June 21.”

In a statement, he added: “The public has always known travel will be different this year and we must continue to take a cautious approach to reopening international travel in a way that protects public health and the vaccine rollout.”

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Billie Eilish tour: Fans rage at 'expensive' ticket prices – 'Why the f**k?'

Billie Eilish tour: Fans rage at 'expensive' ticket prices - 'Why the f**k?'
After the release of her latest song, My Power, Billie Eilish announced her first set of shows since her previous world tour. 2019/2020’s Where Do We Go? Tour was axed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The new tour, titled Happier Than Ever Tour, is due to take place in 2022 following the release of her second album of the same name. However, following the release of the tickets this week, her fans have been left gobsmacked at the ticket prices.
Billie is spending a large portion of her tour in the UK where she is playing in five cities.

Throughout her time in Britain, the young singer is playing Belfast, London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.

At the moment, only some ticket prices for gigs have been revealed.

Prices for the Manchester events begin at £46.30 and go all the way up to £100. Meanwhile, her Birmingham tickets kick-off at £39 and go up to £90.

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Fans of Billie have now spoken out on Twitter with their disappointment over the pricing.

One wrote: “Wow those are some expensive tickets compared to the last tour. I guess demand sets the price right there…”

Another said: “Why the f**k are Billie Eilish tickets so expensive?”

With a third writing: “I wish @billieeilish tickets weren’t so expensive.”

Since then, however, Billie has exploded in popularity.

The young star has since won a number of Grammy Awards.

In the beginning of 2020 Billie won the Album of the Year award at the ceremony. She also claimed the Top Female Artist gong at the Billboard Music Awards.

This year she won Record of the Year and Best Song Written for Visual Media at the Grammys.

The latter award was for Billie’s James Bond song No Time To Die, which was released to coincide with the upcoming 007 film of the same name.

This was a particularly great achievement as she is the youngest-ever Bond singer thus far.

Tickets for the Happier Than Ever Tour are available now.

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Road rage incident prompts lockdown at Round Rock store

Road rage incident prompts lockdown at Round Rock store

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A road rage incident in which one person is accused of pulling out a gun on another driver prompted a lockdown in the La Frontera area of Round Rock Saturday afternoon.

A Round Rock police spokesman said officers responded around 2:45 p.m. after receiving reports of an alleged road rage incident.

The RRPD spokesman couldn’t say where the incident started, but said the two drivers involved in the incident were in a parking lot in the 100 block of Sundance Parkway. The area is in the northwest intersection of Interstate 35 and State Highway 45.

The Sam’s Club was put on lock down out of an abundance of caution but it has since reopened.

RRPD said one person was detained.

A DPS helicopter was also assisting but has since left the scene.

Author: Chelsea Moreno
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Man shot on feeder road during possible road rage shooting in Spring, authorities say

Man shot on feeder road during possible road rage shooting in Spring, authorities say

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are investigating whether a shooting on the North Freeway may have been sparked by road rage.

It happened on Thursday around 1:45 p.m. in the 25000 block of I-45 N in Spring.

Deputies said a man was shot while driving on the feeder road near Louetta Road. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to fully recovery. Two others were in his bullet-riddled truck at the time of the shooting.

“It was shocking. I didn’t expect to get that phone call,” said Gabriela Ibarra, the victim’s co-worker.

Ibarra said she was driving just ahead of the victim. They were all heading to a job site when the shooting happened.

“He got hit in the lower abdomen,” she said. “I would recommend people be careful.”

Investigators said the suspect, who was described as a Hispanic man with “neatly trimmed facial hair” possibly wearing a baseball cap and a blue shirt, may be driving a tan Chevrolet truck with a white hood and a white tailgate.

Tammy Morris, who was an innocent bystander, told Eyewitness News her car was hit by gunfire.

“I heard a sound go off like it was a backfire, but after you hear about four or five ‘Pow! Pow! Pow!’ … it was more like gunfire,” she recalled. “Then I heard it hit my truck. Then the truck next to me sped off and went under the underpass of the freeway at Rayford and I pulled over immediately to check my truck and myself to see if anything had been shot. My truck had been shot a couple times by some stray bullets.”

The shooting is potentially the third road rage shooting just this week in the Houston area. On Monday, the Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office responded to one near Humble. Houston police responded to a road rage shooting in north Houston that same day.

Anyone with information about Thursday’s shooting is urged to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 and refer to case #21A297798.

You can also submit an anonymous tip to Multi-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867).

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Glenn Close fans rage over Oscar snubs ahead of 2021 ceremony: 'Enough is enough!'

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Glenn Close fans rage over Oscar snubs ahead of 2021 ceremony: 'Enough is enough!'

Others however weren’t so sure, with one admitting: “Yes, Glenn Close deserves an Oscar but not THIS one.”

“I don’t think it’s in the stars tonight for poor Glenn Close…..” a second winced.

If the actress fails to win again, she will be tied with the late Peter O’Toole as the Academy’s most “reliable runner-up”.

Ahead of the ceremony, Close shared a few snaps of her pre-red carpet glam to Instagram, showing off her CBD-infused pedicure and a cheeky photo of her enjoying a drink in her robe while waiting to get dressed.

Despite her losses, she said about her history at the Academy Awards: “It was 38 years ago I went on the red carpet for the first time and it’s been an incredible journey and I’m just so happy to be here.”

Venice bans cruise ships from historic centre after years of local rage at giant vessels

Venice bans cruise ships from historic centre after years of local rage at giant vessels

Until then, large vessels must dock at the industrial Marghera Port, far from the Grand Canal.

“Anyone who has visited Venice in recent years has been shocked to see these ships, hundreds of metres long and as tall as apartment buildings, passing through such fragile places,” Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said on Thursday.

The ruling comes after years of public anger from residents at the huge cruise ships sailing so close to the historic centre.

Cruise ships drop off an estimated 30,000 visitors during the peak summer months in Venice, which has a population of 55,000.

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Paulina Porizkova Admits It Was Hard To Cope With ‘Rage & Grief’ After Being Cut From Ric Ocasek’s Will

Paulina Porizkova Admits It Was Hard To Cope With ‘Rage & Grief’ After Being Cut From Ric Ocasek’s Will

Paulina Porizkova opened up about her roller coaster of emotions following the death of her husband Ric Ocasek & being cut from his will.

Paulina Porizkova[1], 55, was separated but living with her husband[2] of 30 years, Ric Ocasek[3], when she found him dead in their living room in September 2019. In the years that followed, Paulina learned that she had been shockingly cut out from The Cars frontman’s will, leaving her ‘without money for groceries’ and heartbroken. “I felt so betrayed. I felt like he lied. His last public words to me were a lie, and I felt that was really, really unfair,” the model explained[4] on the HollywoodLife Podcast[5]. “I was in this happy LaLa Land of thinking, ‘Oh, just because we’re no longer going to be married doesn’t mean that we’re not family forever… that we’re not going to be best friends.’ This man knows me better than any other human being in the world. Obviously, he didn’t feel the same way, and that was a blow.”

Paulina explained that Ric’s “last public words” was the publicizing of his will that seemingly “disinherited” her. “It was really kind of hard while I was also really missing him. Rage and sadness are not super compatible,” she admitted. “I was sort of waffling between this tenderness and sadness for having lost him. And then this rage of what he thought was a good idea.” Paulina made clear that she and Ric were heading for a divorce and she “never would have expected to just take over everything,” but “only thought that I should be allowed to get what one would get in a divorce — half of everything that we had made together.”

Paulina Porizkova Admits It Was Hard To Cope With ‘Rage & Grief’ After Being Cut From Ric Ocasek’s Will
Paulina Porizkova with her late husband, Ric Ocasek. (Shutterstock)

A year and a half after Ric’s passing, Paulina is “in a better place”[6] and living in an apartment that is right next to her first NYC place when she came to the city as a young model from Czechoslovakia. She revealed that turning to Instagram to write about her grief helped her heal and find forgiveness. “I felt like doing it publicly was a way of healing for me, because I got slapped with this, and also felt like I had to defend myself a little,” she said. “As I started sharing my feelings with others, I read all the replies and found that there’s a lot of women struggling with feeling invisible, a lot of women struggling with loss and grief, and all the same feelings.”

Paulina added, “It felt so good to not feel alone. They would tell me that they felt good to not feel alone. It became a community, like a healing space, with a couple of trolls[7] poking up once in a while to provide a little spice.”


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