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How Andy Murray raged at accusations he ‘doesn’t like England’: ‘Nonsense!’

The 34-year-old has progressed into the next round of Wimbledon after defeating German Oscar Otte in the second round yesterday. The match was a nail biter, with Murray taking the first set 6-3 before finding himself two sets to one down. But the Scotsman fought back to win, setting up a third round match against Canadian Denis Shapovalov tomorrow. The two-time Wimbledon winner has won fans across Great Britain with his performances at the tournament since making his first appearance in 2005.

However, Murray once fumed at the suggestion he “hates England” after he expressed his support for Scottish independence.

On the day of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, Murray announced he would be voting Yes.

In March 2015, he explained why he came to the decision.

He said: “I was lying awake at night, I wanted to say something.

“My feeling is that Scotland is its own country. Every countr

Andy Murray news: Murray has won Wimbledon twice

Andy Murray news: Murray has won Wimbledon twice (Image: getty)

“The thing that irritates me the most is somehow you can’t be pro-independence and [pro-British]. When I compete for Great Britain, I love it. That’s a fact.”

However, Murray also revealed he had become frustrated with the suggestion he didn’t like England.

He continued: “The whole notion of me disliking English people is nonsense.

“I work with them on a regular basis, I’m going to marry one, my family-in-law is going to be English. I live here. It’s just nonsense.”

Andy Murray news: Murray supported independence

Andy Murray news: Murray supported independence (Image: getty)

Murray’s backing of independence was a rare political intervention from the British number one.

On Brexit, he was a lot less open with how he voted.

Two months before the EU referendum, Murray said he was staying quiet after the controversy his comments on independence had caused.

He said: “I haven’t really given it (Brexit) any thought at all. I’ve had a lot going on this year. I’ve just become a father a few weeks ago. That’s what’s been at the forefront of my thinking this year, rather than anything political.”

Murray was asked if he had any regrets about coming out in support of Scottish secession.

He responded: “I don’t regret giving an opinion. I think everyone should be allowed that. The way I did it, yeah, it wasn’t something I would do again.

Andy Murray news: Murray branded the Brexit debate 'divisive'

Andy Murray news: Murray branded the Brexit debate ‘divisive’ (Image: getty)

Andy Murray news:

Andy Murray news: Murray represents Great Britain (Image: getty)

“I think it was a very emotional day for a lot of Scottish people and the whole country and the whole of the UK, it was a big day.

“The way it was worded, the way I sent it, that’s not really in my character and I don’t normally do stuff like that.”

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other reporters in 2019, Murray said Brexit had been divisive

He said: “Right now everything is unbelievably divisive. There is no middle ground any more.

“You have your view, someone on their other side has another view, and you cannot see a compromise on either side.

“I don’t think that’s a good way to enter into any kind of discussion about anything, certainly not something as important as the future of Britain.

“When there’s a referendum, if it’s 51-49 or 54-46, it’s not big enough, it’s not clear enough.

“It should be a much bigger percentage to change something, so you know that’s really the direction the country wants to go in.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express

Harry Redknapp 'wasn't a nice guy' and personality 'was a myth' Rowan Vine raged

Redknapp is one of the country’s most loved football managers, earning acclaim for his spells leading Tottenham Hotspur into the Champion’s League, and being the last Englishman to lift the FA Cup, while in charge of Portsmouth. He earned a wealth of new fans after becoming King of the Jungle on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, with viewers enchanted by his relaxed and engaging manner. The 74-year-old’s love of jam roly-poly, as well as his long marriage to wife Sandra, also proved vital in bewitching admirers back when his popularity was at its peak in 2018.
Described by some as one of the greatest managers to never lead the England national football team, Redknapp’s warmth was also felt by a number of players.

The likes of Peter Crouch and Jermaine Defoe, strikers who followed Harry to a number of clubs including Tottenham and Portsmouth, have spoken highly of his influence on and off the pitch.

Yet, according to Vine – who made 13 appearances for Portsmouth at the start of his career – Redknapp’s off-field persona was completely different to when he was on the training pitch.

Speaking to Under the Cosh podcast, the 38-year-old recalled how, when Redknapp took over the reigns of Portsmouth in 2002, he played a couple of games before being shipped out on loan to Brentford.

When asked what Redknapp was like, Vine said: “Back then, I didn’t like him.

“He wasn’t the Harry you saw on I’m A Celebrity, it wasn’t all the jam roly polys you know. It was like the old 51:10 [mobile phone] was out, and he was like, ‘Who the f**k does he think he is?'”

He claimed: “I liked Harry, and he’d say now that he likes me, because we do get on now, I’ve seen him and we’ve interlinked a few times.

“But back in the day he wasn’t a nice guy.”

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Redknapp’s last job in management came during a doomed spell in 2017 when he managed Birmingham City for just 13 games.

After a long playing career, Redknapp started out as a manager at AFC Bournemouth in 1983.

But Vine’s remarks were completely different to what viewers found of Redknapp when he appeared on the popular ITV show.

TV critic Emma Bullimore told BBC Radio 5 Live after Redknapp won that he was “the favourite all the way through”.

She added: “With all of his little idiosyncrasies and little catchphrases, he was absolutely brilliant entertainment value and a very worthy winner.

“There was no game plan, there was no pretence, he was just himself. He came across as such a genuinely nice man.”

Under the Cosh is available on YouTube and from other podcast providers.