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‘Get off my TV screen’ Furious radio host rages at Dr Hilary in rant over mask ‘hypocrisy’

TalkRADIO host Patrick Christys has branded Dr Hilary Jones a “rampant hypocrite” after he was spotted not wearing a mask while watching the tennis at Wimbledon this week. Dr Hilary, who regularly appears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning, also faced a backlash from viewers after footage of his appearance emerged. Mr Christys proclaimed that it was “one rule for them, and another rule for us” during his furious radio rant on coronavirus restrictions. 

Mr Christys said: “There is a TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones.

“He is a suave man, he is always on your telly on Good Morning Britain or This Morning, saying we all need to wear masks in public.

“He says everyone has a deep-seated public duty to abide by the rules. Then he goes to Wimbledon, sits in the royal box and doesn’t have a mask on in a crowd full of people.

“You rampant hypocrite! Get off my TV screen. How dare you sit there in Wimbledon without a mask on, when you tell us we need to wear masks in public.”

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He continued: “You’re responsible for the fear and the panic.

“You’re responsible for the fact that 70 percent of people still want restrictions to continue after coronavirus. Where do you get off?

“We should book him on the show because I’d love to have it out with him.

“It has really wound me up. It’s one rule for them, one rule for us. They are Project Fear.

“How can you say that was a Covid-secure event? Absolute lunacy, the hypocrisy of these people.”

He added: “They’re being cautious, they’re being sensible, and it’s a big, vast open-air arena.

“So these are mitigating circumstances so, you know, I obeyed the rules.

“Of course I got the negative feedback like everybody else, but I abided by the rules.

“If we live with Covid we have to use these mitigating behaviours.”

Earlier this week, an Ipsos Mori poll for the Economist found that a sizeable minority of people in the UK would be happy for Covid restrictions, including a 10pm curfew, to be in place indefinitely.

Around 70 percent of those polled said they thought the rules on wearing masks in shops and public transport should remain in place for at least another month.

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Four killed in Cyprus as ‘most destructive’ forest fire rages

Hundreds of firefighters and several firefighting planes deployed as fire rages for a second day in Troodos mountains.

Four people have been found dead as a huge fire raged for a second day in Cyprus, razing tracts of forest in a blaze one official called the worst on record.

The blaze, fanned by strong winds, affected at least 10 communities over an area of 50 square km (19 square miles) and destroyed several homes in the foothills of the Troodos mountain range, an area of pine forest and densely vegetated shrubland.

The victims, thought to be Egyptian nationals and agricultural workers, were found dead close to Odou, a mountainous community north of the cities of Limassol and Larnaca.

“All indications point to it being the four persons who were missing since yesterday,” Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said on Sunday.

“We are experiencing the most destructive fire since the founding of the Cyprus republic in both material damage, but also unfortunately in terms of human lives,” Nouris said.

Nouris said firefighting aircraft and ground crews are focusing their efforts on two massive fire fronts between the villages of Odou and Vavatsinia. He said authorities are “cautiously optimistic” that they’ll make progress in beating back the flames, but strong wings expected later in the day could hamper efforts.

He said 36 people who had been evacuated from their homes have been taken to hotels in the capital, Nicosia, while food and water is being supplied to Melini village residents.

Hundreds of firefighters and 11 firefighting planes have been fighting to stop the blaze, the state radio broadcaster RIK reported.

Residents of villages watch a fire in the Larnaca mountain region [Petros Karadjias/AP Photo]

The European Union’s executive institution, the European Commission, said firefighting planes had departed from Greece to battle the fire. Italy and Israel are also reportedly deploying aerial firefighters to help Cyprus.

The EU’s emergency Copernicus satellite was also activated to provide damage assessment maps of the affected areas, the Commission said in a statement.

“It is the worst forest fire in the history of Cyprus,” Forestries Department Director Charalambos Alexandrou told Cyprus’s Omega TV.

Attempts were being made to prevent the blaze from crossing the mountains and stop it before reaching Machairas, a pine forestland and one of the highest peaks in Cyprus.

The cause of the fire, which started about midday on Saturday, was unclear. Cyprus experiences high temperatures and drought in the summer months, with temperatures in recent days exceeding 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

Police said they were questioning a 67-year-old person in connection with the blaze.

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‘Isolation needs to be scrapped!’ Monty Panesar rages to Esther McVey on GB News

English cricketer Monty Panesar erupted at Tory MP Esther McVey as they discussed coronavirus in schools. While speaking on GB News. Mr Panesar insisted that the Government’s isolation policy for children was not working. He called on the Government to scrap the strategy and look at other ways to deal with COVID-19 in schools. 

He also added that, as things stand, children are less impacted by coronavirus and were losing out on crucial education time by missing school. 

He said: “I think the self-isolation rule needs to be scrapped now.

“It is not working and I think the Government have plans to do it in September.

“All children can do is a lateral flow test, that can really help in the morning.

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“If it is negative, you go back to school.

“That is why I think it is something that will work.

“At the moment the system isn’t working, children are less affected by Covid at the moment.

“But they are the ones who are suffering with their education, they are falling behind.”

Ms Mcvey also voiced her frustration at the Government’s strategy.

She said: “Children are not getting their education.

“We all know that education is a key indicator to what you do later in life, about wealth, about health and career prospects. 


“How are we going to stop, this ridiculous self-isolation process?

“This is not working in schools, it is not working in businesses. 

“If there is a trial on the daily testing, maybe it will work but I know a lot of people are saying, the people that are least affected by Covid, children are now being the most affected by Covid for multiple reasons.”

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Author: Gerrard Kaonga
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Can YOU break quarantine? Angela Rayner rages Boris is 'taking the pi**' with new rules

Government policy has mandated quarantine for people entering the UK from several countries this year. The traffic light system created three tiers, splitting nations into green, amber or red lists. People entering from red or amber nations will need to quarantine, but not if they enter the UK for a specific purpose.

Who can break quarantine?

Travel quarantine rules differ for those entering the UK from countries on the red or amber lists.

People can’t enter from a red-listed country unless they are British, Irish or have UK residency rights.

Travellers may only enter from an amber country if they isolate for ten days and take Covid tests on days two and eight.

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She said it was just another example of “one rule for those at the top and another for everyone else.”

Ms Rayner added the “lowest-paid working people” shouldered most of the pandemic workload.

She said: “This is an offensive slap in the face for them and shows this Government’s true colours.

“This makes a total mockery of the sacrifices of the British people during this pandemic and this double standard is an insult to frontline workers that the British people will rightly be disgusted by.”

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham joined her, stating the Government made “the wrong move at the wrong time.”

While Labour MP Richard Burgon stated ministers had created another rule “for the rich.”

Football pundit Gary Neville also took the opportunity to poke fun at the policy.

He joked everyone should “do what you want” as “we all bring value to the economy!”

The Government previously faced criticism like this when it refused to add India to the red list.

At the height of the country’s devastating second wave, people accused ministers of prioritising the economy over lives.

In April, when the Delta variant had started thriving in the country, public health officials warned ministers not to undo “progress we have made” by keeping India off the list.

Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said there “a political element” may have determined the move as the UK pursued a trade deal with India.

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'I'm so angry' Elton John rages at 'philistine' Brexit chiefs who 'f***** up' fishing deal

He raged: “I’m so angry. I’m livid about what the government did when Brexit happened, they made no provision for the entertainment business, and not just for musicians, actors and film directors, but for the crews, the dancers, the people who earn a living by going to Europe.

“People like me can afford to go to Europe because we can get people to fill in the forms and get visas done, but what makes me crazy is that the entertainment business brings in £111 billion a year to this country and we were just tossed away.”

Elton continued: “The fishing industry – which they still f****d up – brings in £1.4 billion and I’m all for the fishermen, but we’re talking about over a hundred billion pounds of difference here, and we weren’t even thought about,” claiming that “the arts don’t matter” to those in power.

Speaking to The Guardian, Elton revealed that he has been in discussions with Lord Strasburger in the House of Lords about his beliefs.

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'Good grief what is going on with this list' British Airline Association head rages

Mr Strutton spoke on television today after the news that pilots are calling for urgent action to help the aviation industry. The head of the BAA claimed the Government is “all over the place” when it comes to its travel traffic light system.

The BAA boss went on to say the Government could offer help to the struggling aviation industry, but it is “not what the Government’s doing”.

He said: “What the Government could say is let’s be open and honest, we don’t really want people travelling abroad, let’s just stop it.

“If the Government wants to say that, and then it can pay some compensation to the industry that it’s effectively shutting down for the year.

“But that’s not what the Government’s doing. The Government’s saying well we do want people to travel but to certain places.”

Mr Strutton added: “On the green list at the moment there’s Australia and New Zealand, but places like the Faroe Islands, the Sandwich islands – I mean, good grief, what the hell is going on with this list.

“I think everyone in the country just wants clarity about the summer.

“Can people go on holiday or not?

“Can the aviation industry get up off its knees and have some business this summer or not?

“Just tell us straight Government.”

Mr Strutton continued: “If you take an airline or an airport, they can’t survive on a quarter of their normal business.

“It’s in the summer that the whole international business makes its money.

“Last summer was a write off because of the Covid crisis and the restrictions in place.

“If we have another summer written off, there are estimates by the International Airport Transport Association that 860,000 jobs in the UK have either gone or at risk in international travel and aviation.

“That’s a big number of jobs depending on what the Government does next.”

The BAA boss appeared on Sky News after data was released this week revealing that flights in and out of the UK had fallen by 75 percent last June compared to the same period in 2019.

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