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Fortnite Gold Lara Croft skin: How to unlock new Tomb Raider variant

Fortnite developer Epic Games has added a new POI to the Battle Royale island on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Found south of Flush Factory, the new point of interest is the home of recently added Fortnite character Orelia.

The newly added Orelia character can be found alongside a golden assault rifle, which is a useful weapon for taking out the competition.

However, if you visit the area dressed as Lara Croft, you’ll walk away with more than just an assault rifle.

To unlock the golden variant, equip the Lara Croft skin and set a marker to the new island.

If you’re quick, you can run past Orelia and grab the golden assault rifle without having to fight.

Assuming you’re able to grab the weapon before getting killed, you’ll unlock the Golden Lara Croft skin.

Express Online has marked the location on the map below, while a video further down the page shows the exact process of unlocking the variant.

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The golden Lara Croft skin launches alongside a brand new Wild Week theme in Fortnite.

Running from now until next week, Fish Fiesta makes it easier to catch fish and submerged weapons.

“Starting now for one full week, fish (as well as submerged weapons) are hooked on the thrill of being caught.

“In this Fish Fiesta, fishing spots will persist longer AND harbour rare fish more often. Weapons found from fishing spots will only be of the Rare rarity or above. To boot, Pro Fishing Rods have become more plentiful.”

To coincide with the launch of the Fish Fiesta week, Epic Games has released a selection of fish-themed challenges.

The Fortnite Fish Fiesta weekly challenges…

• Get Intel on Wildfire from Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, or Grill Sergeant (1)

• Hunt a Boar (1)

• Spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken (1)

• Gain health in the Storm (1)

• Shockwave Grenade yourself while in the Storm (1)

• Survive Storm phases (10)

• Build in the Storm (10)

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW GFN Thursday Game List revealed: Far Cry, Tomb Raider and MORE

NVIDIA GeForce NOW subscribers can access 15 new games as part of the GFN Thursday update.

This includes Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition, Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, Trine: Enchanted Edition, Shio and brand new release Nigate Tale.

Outriders makes another appearance for GeForce NOW subscribers, only this time it’s the Epic Games Store Edition.

You can see the full list of brand new GFN Thursday games to stream further down the page.

As part of the latest games update, subscribers can also access a brand new reward for Spellbreak.

The Noble Oasis Outfit is available to Founders members from today, followed by Priority members on April 16. Anybody with a free membership can try to earn the reward from April 20.

“It’s first come, first served, so be sure to redeem your reward as soon as you have access!” NVIDIA explains.

“Signing up for GeForce NOW Rewards is simple. Log in to your NVIDIA GeForce NOW account, click “Update Rewards Settings” and check the box.”

In addition to the new games, GeForce NOW subscribers will also notice one or two changes to titles already available with the service.

“GeForce NOW members are getting updates to a few games this week in the form of new expansions or RTX support.

“Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play, online, action RPG is getting an expansion in Path of Exile: Ultimatum. It contains the Ultimatum challenge league, eight new Skill and Support Gems, improvements to Vaal Skills, an overhaul to past league reward systems, dozens of new items, and much more.

“Meanwhile, three games are adding RTX support with real-time, ray-traced graphics and/or NVIDIA DLSS. Mortal Shell gets the full complement of RTX support, while Medieval Dynasty and Observer System Redux get DLSS support to improve image quality while maintaining framerate.”

This week’s complete list of games includes…

• Nigate Tale (day-and-date release on Steam, April 12) – currently available for 15% off through April 18

• AO Tennis 2 (Steam)

• Beholder 2 (Steam)

• Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition (Epic Games Store)

• Outriders (Epic Games Store)

• Postal 4: No Regrets (Steam)

• Sheltered (Steam)

• Shio (Steam)

• Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Steam)

• Torchlight (Steam)

• Torchlight III (Steam)

• Trine: Enchanted Edition (Steam)

• Vigil: The Longest Night (Steam)

• Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest (Steam)

• Yes, Your Grace (Steam)

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

Mini Review: Moon Raider – Cute Visuals Mask A Mediocre Metroidvania

Moon Raider Review - Screenshot 1 of 6

Another day, another attempt to replicate the Metroidvania titles of yore. Moon Raider is an attractive, yet wholly unremarkable game with barely a sliver of originality. Taking place on, well, the moon, you take on the role of Ava, whose mother has fallen ill. In a brief, rather poorly constructed introductory cutscene featuring largely static images and accompanying text, it turns out Ava’s mother is Queen of the Selenites, a hostile race that inhabits the moon. In order to save her mother, Ava must travel there and locate the cure.

Almost everything about Moon Raider is achingly average. It’s not a bad game, by any means, but there’s unfortunately nothing here that stands out amongst its peers. Graphically, it’s cheery and colourful, with decent environmental design and animations. However, the character design falls completely flat; the enemy Selenites look like what a toddler’s vision of an alien would look like, with bulbous heads and big, black eyes, and Ava herself is a bland protagonist with no unique features.

Right from the start, there’s something about the gameplay that feels a little… off. The controls are relatively typical of 2D action titles and actually feel quite similar to Mega Man (albeit with an added double jump ability), but a distinct lack of polish makes the moment-to-moment gameplay feel rough. There are moments where Ava will freeze in place for a fraction of a second, and it’s as if the game can’t quite grasp the concept of performing two different moves at the same time. So basically, if you try to jump and shoot at the same time, Ava will essentially throw a miniature tantrum and just stop. These occurrences don’t last long enough to break up the gameplay, as such, but they’re absolutely long enough to become an irritation.

The game is split into levels — or zones — that largely feel fairly linear, despite numerous branching paths that lead to secrets or collectibles. The cure to your mother’s ailment is fragmented and scattered throughout the levels, and the game encourages the brand of exploration you’d expect from the genre, which works well enough. You’ll also come across various unlocked doors, and these can be opened by pulling the plug in a nearby location, killing the power supply and opening the doorway. This can also be used in other scenarios like disabling a gun turret or freeing captured creatures.

Despite some reasonably pretty visuals, the game’s sound design and audio falls disappointingly short. Every enemy gives an annoyingly unrealistic yelp upon death (think of the Wilhelm scream, but take it down an octave), which you can imagine becomes intolerable after a while. The music is consistently forgettable, with no standout tracks, and nothing that elevates the gameplay or setting. If you’re playing in handheld mode, you’ll want to crank up the volume in the settings, as its default setting is way too low, even with the hardware’s volume cranked up to maximum.

To an extent, we feel we’re being hard on Moon Raider, but compared to the plethora of excellent Metroidvania titles on Switch, this title is just ‘all right’. It’s not bad, but its various flaws mean it’s certainly not great, either. At around three hours in length, there are absolutely worse ways to spend your time, and the game does also include a neat co-op option to increase its longevity somewhat. Ultimately though, if you’re after a thrilling, memorable 2D action title with a dash of originality, this sadly isn’t it.

Fortnite Croft Manor playable adventure: Tomb Raider crossover makes debut in Creative

Fortnite developer Epic Games is teaming up with Square Enix for another Tomb Raider crossover.

To celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Tomb Raider, Fortnite fans can visit Croft Manor within Creative mode.

The Fortnite Croft Manor crossover has a March 23 release date, and a 2pm GMT launch time.

“As announced during Square Enix Presents, Croft Manor is coming to Fortnite Creative as a playable adventure on March 23!” reads a Square Enix tweet.

“Alliance Studios has been hard at work on the hub and we can’t wait for you to play it! Be sure to check out Fortnite Creative and Fortnite.com on March 23 to learn more!”

Lara Croft made a surprise appearance as a guest skin in the recently released Season 6 Battle Pass.

Battle Pass owners can unlock a Lara Croft skin after reaching a certain level. Retro variants are available by completing challenges.

In addition to the Lara Croft skin, Battle Pass users can unlock a host of Tomb Raider-themed items.

This includes the Pry Axe Pickaxe, the Spelunker’s Special Contrail, the Evasive Maneuvers Emote, the Salvaged Chute Glider, and a banner, spray, and emoticon.

In addition to Lara Croft, Season 6 Battle Pass skins include Agent Jones, Raz, Raven, Cluck, Tarana, and Spire Assassin. Footballer Neymar will join later in the season.

The season itself is subtitled Primal, and sees nature reclaim the island. The entire middle part of the map is now overgrown.

As part of the new season, Fortnite players will also be able to tame wolves and use chickens to glide through the air.

With the Primal theme for Season 6, weapons like the Boom Bow will be available, alongside other primitive versions of classic weapons.

Rumours suggest that Batman could also make a return to the Battle Royale island.

If the Batman X Fortnite comic book is anything to go by, the Batcave will be added to the map during the course of the season.

There’s also speculation that Deathstroke will appear in Fortnite, while Catwoman could get a new look.

As for the Caped Crusader, the Batman Armoured skin will be available to fans who purchase the comic.