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AMH levels by age chart: What is a healthy range? What your AMH levels are telling you

AMH levels by age chart: What is a healthy range? What your AMH levels are telling you

There is some limited evidence that AMH can be used as a genera gauge for menopause, but isn’t as definitive as using a timetable.

One recent study by MultiCenter found that AMH measurement could help doctors estimate when your final period will come.

Some people believe that AMH levels can help predict a baby’s gender, but there’s no evidence to suggest this is true.

Mark P Trolice, Medical Doctor and director of Fertility CARE: The IVF Centre, and professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, said: “Male and female foetuses will produce different amounts of AMH during the pregnancy. 

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PSA levels by age: What is a healthy range? The signs you should look out for

PSA levels by age: What is a healthy range? The signs you should look out for

For men in their 60s a PSA score higher than 4.0 ng/ml is considered abnormal, while the normal range is between 1.0 and 1.5 ng/ml.

For men in their 70s, a PSA level of up to 5ng/ml is considered normal, while there are no PSA level limits for men aged 80 and over.

A PSA score may also be considered abnormal if it spikes by a certain amount in a single year.

If your PSA levels rise by more than 0.35 ng/ml in a single year you may have to go for further tests.

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Blood pressure chart: What is a healthy range? 8 signs your blood pressure is too high

Blood pressure chart: What is a healthy range? 8 signs your blood pressure is too high

Blood pressure, when too high, is often related to unhealthy lifestyle habits like drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy foods, being overweight and not doing enough physical exercise. When it’s left untreated, high blood pressure can seriously drive up your risk of developing numerous long-term health conditions, like coronary heart disease and kidney disease. Low blood pressure is much less common, and is sometimes brought on by medicinal side effects.

What is a healthy blood pressure range?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood within the human arteries and is produced primarily by the heart muscles contracting.

Blood pressure is measured using two recorded numbers.

The first looks at systolic pressure and is measured after the heart contracts at its highest level.

The second, called diastolic pressure, is measured before the heart contracts at its lowest, while blood pressure elevation is referred to as hypertension.

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Eight signs your blood pressure is too high

Hypertension can be terrifying because many people who get it won’t experience any symptoms.

In some cases, it may take years or decades for the condition to reach levels high enough that symptoms become obvious.

Even then, it’s easy to attribute the symptoms to other health ailments, but acting for a symptom of high blood pressure can be fatal so be extra wary if you think you could be affected.

The best way to know if you have hypertension or your blood pressure is too high is to have regular readings, but signs to look out for include:

  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nosebleeds
  • Flushing
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Chest pains
  • Visual changes
  • Bleeding in the urine

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Elderly drivers urged to use online licence renewal tool offering a range of benefits

Elderly drivers urged to use online licence renewal tool offering a range of benefits

The DVLA says “more and more licence holders” are now choosing the online service as drivers can secure a range of benefits. New figures from the DVLA show around six in 10 over 70 year olds now use the online tool.

“The next time you need to renew your driving licence, our advice is to try the online service and see for yourself just how easy and convenient it is.”

As well as saving on the price of posting off an application, drivers can also benefit from quicker delivery times.

Whereas a postal application could take weeks for a new driving licence to arrive, the online service promises delivery within five days.

Using GOV.UK customers can be assured they are dealing with the official DVLA and that applications are safe and secure.

She said: “It is fantastic to see more drivers over the age of 70 choosing to renew their licences online.

“The sharp increase in online renewals since 2016 is testament to how quick and easy this process is and I hope the trend will continue as more people choose to experience these benefits for themselves.”

Drivers can renew an expired driving licence through the GOV.UK website for just £14. 

However, drivers renewing ebcaise they resch 70 years old do not need to pay for tehir new card. 

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Pound to euro exchange rate trading in ‘tight range’ but market lacking ‘impetus’

Pound to euro exchange rate trading in ‘tight range’ but market lacking ‘impetus’

The pound to euro has been trading in a tight range in recent weeks. Today, with Boris Johnson to unveil his plans on whether or not to ease further restrictions on June 21, the exchange rate continues to trade in a tight range, according to experts.

“Indeed, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is willing to accept a delay of up to four weeks to the final stage of England’s reopening roadmap.

“Sunak has in the past been regarded as more keen to lift lockdown constraints than some cabinet colleagues.

“However, that position has since been clarified, that he was more concerned that when restrictions are lifted, the move can be permanent.”

Plans out of lockdown will be announced by the Prime Minister today.

What does this mean for travel money?

For those looking to jet off on holiday to green list countries, there remains uncertainty about international travel.

It comes after Portugal was added to the amber list after first being added to the green list. 

Ian Stafford-Taylor, CEO of travel money specialist FairFX said: “Britons hoping for an overseas break should keep an eye on any announcements and watch the pound closely to make sure they’re getting more bang for their buck by securing the best rates available for their travel money.”

This is most likely to be last minute for many with travel plans changing constantly. 

James Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Currensea also explained that Britons should only swap their foreign currency once they are certain their travel plans are going ahead. 

Post Office Travel is currently offering a rate of €1.1229 on orders over £400.

If customers place an order of more than £500, they can get a rate of €1.1393 at the time of writing.

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First U.S. Vaccine Donations Will Go to ‘Wide Range’ of Nations in Need

First U.S. Vaccine Donations Will Go to ‘Wide Range’ of Nations in Need

And the president has pledged to donate up to 60 million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. But those doses, also made at the Emergent plant, are not authorized for domestic use and cannot be released to other countries until regulators deem them safe. If they are not cleared for release, Mr. Biden would have to agree to donate more of the three vaccines used here to fulfill his 80 million promise.

The president has described the vaccine donations as part of an “entirely new effort” to increase vaccine supplies and vastly expand manufacturing capacity, most of it in the United States. To further broaden supply, Mr. Biden recently announced he would support waiving intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines. He also put Mr. Zients in charge of developing a global vaccine strategy.

But activists say simply donating excess doses and supporting the waiver are not enough. They argue that Mr. Biden must create the conditions for pharmaceutical companies to transfer their intellectual property to vaccine makers overseas, so that other countries can establish their own vaccine manufacturing operations.

“Peter Maybarduk, the director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program, called Thursday for the administration to invest $ 25 billion in “urgent public vaccine manufacturing at sites worldwide” to make eight billion doses of vaccine using mRNA technology within a year, and to “share those vaccine recipes with the world.”

Asked recently whether the United States was prepared to do that, Andrew Slavitt, a senior health adviser to the president, sidestepped the question, saying only that the United States would “play a leadership role” but still needed “global partners across the world.”

On Thursday, Mr. Zients said the United States was lifting the Defense Production Act’s “priority rating” for three vaccine makers — AstraZeneca, Novavax and Sanofi — that do not make coronavirus vaccines authorized for U.S. use. The shift means that companies in the United States that supply the vaccine makers will be able to “make their own decisions on which orders to fulfill first,” Mr. Zients said.

That could free up supplies for foreign vaccine makers, allowing other countries to ramp up their own programs.

Abdi Latif Dahir contributed reporting.

Author: Sheryl Gay Stolberg
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Marks and Spencer brings back 'luxury' sandwich range to help with high demand

Marks and Spencer brings back 'luxury' sandwich range to help with high demand
Marks and Spencer has brought back its entire Food On The Move Range for the first time since the start of the pandemic after weekly sales of sandwiches have risen by 20 percent since lockdown restrictions first eased on April 12. The high-end supermarket is also launching four new “luxury” sandwiches along with the rest of the range.
With the UK seeing lockdown restrictions easing, many are opting for take-out sandwiches from shops like M&S.

The company has seen demand for the popular lunchtime food rocket, despite the majority of office workers still working from home.

It said that weekly sales have risen by 20 percent since April 12 and some city centres, like Cardiff, Cambridge, Exeter and Norwich, have seen weekly sandwich sales grow over 170 percent.

M&S’ Senior Food On The Move Buyer, Sophie King, explained that we are seeing a rise in the number of outdoor social occasions which could explain the demand.

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She said: “The humble sandwich is getting its moment to shine once again, as customers are drawn back by the convenience, great quality and extensive range we have on offer – a simple luxury for those suffering with WFH lunchtime fatigue!

“M&S was the first retailer to launch pre-packed sandwiches in the UK in 1980 and today we have over 55 options.

“To help with this return in demand, we’ve brought back our FULL range of sandwiches, wraps, rolls, salads and sushi sets into stores for the first time since the start of the pandemic, including customer favourite sandwiches the chicken & bacon, BLT, egg & watercress and prawn mayo which has been our best-seller since its introduction in 1981.”

Customers can also pick from four new sandwich fillings, which are available right now.

Aldi and Lidl updated shopping rules as lockdown restrictions ease [COMMENT]
Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons shopping rules ahead of May 17 [EXPLAINER]
Morrisons install more Perspex screens despite rules easing [INSIGHT]

Launching into M&S Collection range, the new sandwiches are made with flavoursome ciabatta bread.

The flavours include Aberdeen Angus beef, watercress and chutney ciabatta as well as smoked salmon, avocado and egg mayo ciabatta.

Chargrilled chicken, smoky bacon and tomato ciabatta is also on the menu as well as mature cheddar, pickled onion and chutney ciabatta.

The sandwiches retail for £4.75.

For those heading to store to pick up a lunchtime treat, M&S is asking customers to adhere to its guidelines and safety rules.

Social distancing rules have been enforced as well as safety equipment such as hand sanitising stations.

A statement said: “To help keep our customers and colleagues well, our stores will have additional social distancing measures in place. Please be kind and give everyone space.

“Colleagues across our stores and supply chain have been provided with additional hygiene products to use – from hand sanitiser to Perspex screens at till points – and extra cleaning is taking place to keep up our excellent standards for you and our team.”

The retailer has regularly updated its customers with its safety rules throughout the pandemic.

This has been done so in line with Government guidance.

With lockdown restrictions easing across the UK, supermarket bosses have been in talks about the relaxation of rules in stores.

However, Morrisons’ CEO Davis Potts said they were here to stay for quite some time and the supermarket has even made the decision to fit more plastic screens in areas like its cafés.

He said: “We will keep our screens…We acted pretty rapidly to install them last year and they are an important part of making sure we are protecting staff and our customers and I’m certain it’s the right thing to do to keep them.”

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Video: Remembering The 3D Classics NES Range On Nintendo 3DS

Video: Remembering The 3D Classics NES Range On Nintendo 3DS

Remember when Nintendo got Arika to bring a bunch of NES games to the 3DS? These games were part of the short running series known as the 3D Classics line, which contained six games like Kirby’s Adventure and Kid Icarus, and even had a stereoscopic 3D enhancement.

The series kicked off with 3D Classics: Excitebike and finished up with 3D Classics: Kid Icarus – so it was relatively short-lived, but these versions are still arguably the best way to experience these NES titles.

Arika went to the extent of faithfully restoring each game in its entirety, and then adding additional enhancements such as widescreen, weather effects (in the case of Excitebike), new backgrounds, and more to some of these games. Get the full rundown in Jon’s video above and tell us in the comments how many of these 3D Classics you played back in the day.

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Asda shoppers applaud hidden detail in new school uniform range

Social media has erupted with congratulations for Asda’s new range of children’s uniforms that are designed with one major difference.

The supermarket’s online campaign introducing their new ‘Easy on Easy Wear’ range, which is specifically designed for children with sensory-sensitive needs, has gone viral.

Parents have congratulated them for doing away with scratchy seams, fiddly buttons and other details which make school mornings stressful, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Writing on Facebook, ASDA said: “We’re the first UK supermarket to sell clothing designed for children with specific or sensory-sensitive needs such as autism.

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“George’s new Easy On Easy Wear range replaces fiddly buttons with easy close fastenings, uses softer thread on seams, and has care instructions printed on the fabric rather than using labels.

“Elasticated waistbands make trousers easy to put on, and ensure they are extra-comfortable too,”

Tom Purser, head of campaigns at the National Autistic Society, said: “Parents often tell us how sensory sensitivities can mean that autistic children struggle with clothing, like an itchy label, a scratchy seam or an uncomfortable fabric.”

He added: “Finding clothing their children can wear can make shopping for clothes time consuming and stressful. Many parents have to scour specialist shops for everyday items that other families are able to buy easily.

“So, it makes a real difference when a major retailer takes this on.”

The uniforms are already proving popular, and Asda’s post has racked up more than 2,300 likes, over 555 comments and almost 1,000 shares.

Responding to the post, one shopper wrote: “Brilliant Asda well done about time someone did something for autistic children.”

“Absolutely amazing well done Asda shall be investing in some of this next year,” said somebody else.

A third person wrote: “This is great. As a parent, I’ve lost count how many tops I’ve ruined by trying to get the sewn in labels out!”

Asda shoppers have applauded the move
Asda shoppers have applauded the move

“Excellent idea, thank you so much Asda, this will make school days far less traumatic,” exclaimed a fourth.

However, some shoppers took the opportunity to comment about the lack of clothing catered towards adults with autism.

One individual said: “This is awesome! but – where are the adult ranges? these children with autism don’t just grow out of it. where are the work appropriate adult clothing for autistic and sensory sensitive adults?”

“Hopefully this will be the start of seeing these kids grow up and still feel supported and comfortable into adulthood.

“Plus, who doesn’t hate the stupidly massive 15 labels in all the clothing these days?”

Another agreed: “A definite need for an adults range as well.”

“Now do it for Adults as well please,” requested somebody else.

[email protected] (Rachel Pugh, Lisa Baxter)

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Sharpshooter: UFC superstar Chimaev takes to firing range with heavy weaponry ahead of octagon return (VIDEO)

Sharpshooter: UFC superstar Chimaev takes to firing range with heavy weaponry ahead of octagon return (VIDEO)

Khamzat Chimaev might be classified as a lethal weapon inside of the octagon but the surging UFC star has once again showed off his fondness for something a bit more high-caliber as he await potential summer return.

After a stunning showing of three wins (in two weight classes) in the span of just 66 days last year, it had seemed as if Chimaev’s path to MMA superstardom was unfurling in front of his eyes.

One by one they came, with John Phillips, Rhys McKee and then Gerald Meerschaert quickly defeated by the Chechen-born Swede before they could even muster any real offence of their own. 
Also on rt.com All guns blazing: UFC sensation Chimaev fires MACHINE GUN on visit to Chechen homeland after meeting Kadyrov (VIDEO)
He was primed to announce his arrival as a serious threat to the summit of the welterweight division when he was paired with top contender Leon Edwards late last year, but a Covid diagnosis – and the subsequent recovery thereof – meant that the wheels slowed on Chimaev’s march towards UFC gold.

UFC boss Dana White revealed that Chimaev’s recovery was being delayed because the ultra-active fighter just couldn’t stay out of the training room and allow his body an opportunity to recover, and if White might have prescribed a new hobby for the fighter to keep him mind off things, it seems like he has found it.

Footage posted to Chimaev’s Instagram account Friday afternoon showed ‘Borz’ firing a high-power submachine gun at a shooting range – the latest such instance which shows his fondness for high caliber weaponry.

In January, during a visit to his native Chechnya Chimaev met with local leader and well-known MMA fan Ramzan Kadyrov where he once again was offered the opportunity to fire a machine gun at a shooting range – though this footage has since been deleted from Chimaev’s Instagram page.

And Khamzat isn’t the only undefeated fighter to have done just this, after Floyd Mayweather did the same in Grozny in 2018 after attending a combat sports event with Kadyrov. 
Also on rt.com ‘Natural born sniper’: Mayweather takes shooting practice on Chechen trip to meet Kadyrov (VIDEO)
The latest footage, however, suggests that Chimaev has fully recovered from Covid-19 ahead of his return to training and next fight, which is tipped to take place in July.

No name, date or location has yet been announced this time around – but Chimaev will certainly be hoping that he won’t be firing blanks in his comeback fight.


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