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Richard Branson’s Brexit rant before space flight: ‘UK will rejoin EU!’

Sir Richard has worked for almost two decades to venture beyond the Earth and has been dreaming of the feat for much longer. His Virgin Galactic offshoot has long since wanted to send paying passengers to the edge of space and back. On Sunday, he achieved just that, in the process beating fellow entrepreneur Jeff Bezos to the finish line, who will launch his own service this week.

Shortly after the flight, Sir Richard tweeted, along with a photo of himself in zero gravity: “Welcome to the dawn of a new space age.”

While Sir Richard has over the years become known for building an empire with his ‘Virgin‘ brand, the businessman attracted more publicity during the Brexit campaign and in the aftermath of the vote.

A stalwart of the Remain camp, Sir Richard several times warned that Britain would dwindle outside the EU.

The self-made billionaire said he was willing to bet that eventually, the tide would turn and the UK would rejoin the bloc within the next ten years.

This, he said, would be done even without the need for a second referendum.

He told the South China Morning Post in 2017: “I would be willing to forecast that if they continue without allowing a second referendum, within 10 years Britain will be back in the European Union again.

“A lot of people my age will have died out and young people will overwhelmingly realise what a mistake was made and they will vote to join the European Union again.

“It is just sad to see the damage that is going to be done in the meantime.”

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“We’ll carry on investing in the UK but we won’t be investing as much if Brexit goes ahead.”

He claimed his businesses, from airlines to health and financial services, had lost about a third of their value in the one year after Brexit.

In response to Sir Richard’s various comments, a Virgin Group spokesperson previously told Express.co.uk: “Since 2015, Virgin Group has continued to invest significantly in its businesses in the UK and across the globe.

“Investments in the UK include £75million into Virgin Care, money which has gone directly towards supporting front line NHS services, paying the salaries of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.

“Not a penny of profit has ever been taken from the NHS, nor will it ever be. Significant support has also been given to Virgin StartUp, which is a not-for-profit, supporting more than 3,000 entrepreneurs so far in starting and scaling their businesses.

“In addition, Virgin Group has committed $ 250million (£180m) to help Virgin businesses and protect jobs under threat from the global pandemic – a large proportion of this will be invested into UK companies such as Virgin Atlantic.”

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‘Get off my TV screen’ Furious radio host rages at Dr Hilary in rant over mask ‘hypocrisy’

TalkRADIO host Patrick Christys has branded Dr Hilary Jones a “rampant hypocrite” after he was spotted not wearing a mask while watching the tennis at Wimbledon this week. Dr Hilary, who regularly appears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning, also faced a backlash from viewers after footage of his appearance emerged. Mr Christys proclaimed that it was “one rule for them, and another rule for us” during his furious radio rant on coronavirus restrictions. 

Mr Christys said: “There is a TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones.

“He is a suave man, he is always on your telly on Good Morning Britain or This Morning, saying we all need to wear masks in public.

“He says everyone has a deep-seated public duty to abide by the rules. Then he goes to Wimbledon, sits in the royal box and doesn’t have a mask on in a crowd full of people.

“You rampant hypocrite! Get off my TV screen. How dare you sit there in Wimbledon without a mask on, when you tell us we need to wear masks in public.”

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He continued: “You’re responsible for the fear and the panic.

“You’re responsible for the fact that 70 percent of people still want restrictions to continue after coronavirus. Where do you get off?

“We should book him on the show because I’d love to have it out with him.

“It has really wound me up. It’s one rule for them, one rule for us. They are Project Fear.

“How can you say that was a Covid-secure event? Absolute lunacy, the hypocrisy of these people.”

He added: “They’re being cautious, they’re being sensible, and it’s a big, vast open-air arena.

“So these are mitigating circumstances so, you know, I obeyed the rules.

“Of course I got the negative feedback like everybody else, but I abided by the rules.

“If we live with Covid we have to use these mitigating behaviours.”

Earlier this week, an Ipsos Mori poll for the Economist found that a sizeable minority of people in the UK would be happy for Covid restrictions, including a 10pm curfew, to be in place indefinitely.

Around 70 percent of those polled said they thought the rules on wearing masks in shops and public transport should remain in place for at least another month.

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‘What planet are you living on?!’ Brussels chief aghast as Danish MEP erupts in angry rant

The Danish People’s Party MEP launched a bitter rant at the Brussels chief during a heated plenary session in the European Parliament on Tuesday. Mr Kofod slammed theEU’s Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs over the bloc’s failure to manage the European migrant crisis. Ms Johansson sat stony-faced as the Danish MEP accused her of “living on another planet” if she thought the EU refugee crisis had been resolved.

Mr Kofod told the plenary session: “It’s quite surprising to be sitting here listening to the debate and suddenly the Commissioner says that Europe is no longer in a migration crisis.

“Commissioner, what planet are you living on?!

“This is a time of whole people migrating. We have mass immigration from the near East and Africa that really is shifting the sands of the landscape of the Europe we love.

“We are seeing ghettos, more and more criminality in Scandanavian and European countries,” claimed the MEP.

There are areas where rule of law no longer applies!” the MEP claimed.

Mr Kofod continued: “You must acknowledge the existing problems of migration in this continent.

“If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t solve the problem.”

“This system will never resolve the issue and I’m really disappointed!”

The clash claim amid reports that Belarus’s dictator Alexander Lukashenko is “deliberately” forcing arriving migrants to the border with Lithuania in an attempt to trigger a crisis for the EU.

Reporter Konstantin Eggert told DW News: “In the last 24-hours there were 130 plus migrants that crossed the border which is more than the whole of last year.

“This is being repeated for days and weeks and probably even more.

“The situation is becoming very serious.

“Charles Michel has promised today his and the EU’s help to the Lithuanian president and the government who is struggling to accommodate all those people.”

He continued: “Data from the Lithuanian border guards shows that the Lithuanian-Belarussian frontier has become completely porous.

“People are just climbing over a fence and running across the border!

“Belarus suspended its participation in EU’s eastern partnership and in the EU migrant readmission agreement which obliged Belarus to take illegal migrants, crossing from his side, back.”

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Author: Tim McNulty
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Kathy Burke’s furious rant about equality: ‘Shouldn’t expect praise!’

The actress is known for her no-nonsense, direct style perfectly outlined in her Channel 4 series, ‘Kathy Burke’s All Woman’. It was here that she travelled around the UK talking to “all kinds of people”, exploring what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Following a similar formula, she will now grace screens with her ‘Money Talks‘ series, which sees Burke poke her nose through the doors of some of the county’s richest – and poorest – homes, and follow people’s daily lives.

It has been noted that she wants to “start a debate” on the subject of money, promising to be full of her “good natured bluntness” and willingness to ask awkward questions in off-key situations.

The same might be said of her opinions on the UK’s political figures and modern-day, social issues.

In an interview with The Guardian in 2019, she hit out at people who had praised Theresa May as having done a good job as Prime Minister because she was a woman.

Asked whether she had any respect for Mrs May “as a woman holding the country’s highest office”, Ms Burke responded decidedly: “I think that’s crap.”

She continued: “If we want equality, we shouldn’t then expect to be praised just because we’re doing a certain job.

“That’s not equality. Equality is acknowledging that she did a s*** job.”

It was around this time that Mrs May announced she would be standing down as Prime Minister after a tumultuous three years.

Her negotiations with the EU had been unsuccessful and she had come up against a wave of dissent within her party.

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“I really feel for young people, I don’t know what they’re going to do.

“Especially living in London, they can’t afford a place to live and they won’t be able to afford to eat soon.

“Look at Hoxton [in east London].

“Hoxton was a s***hole, and now it costs a fortune to live in someone’s bin shed.”

While many look forward to her newest broadcast venture, others are less sure.

Lucy Mangan, writing in The Guardian, said there is a “danger that the powers that be are trying to turn Kathy Burke into the working-class Miriam Margolyes”.

She said that the programme is too similar to Ms Burke’s ‘All Woman’ and as a result “reproduces the same weaknesses”.

Anita Singh was less critical.

She commended Ms Burke for not “scoffing at the ostentatiousness” of her subjects’ mansions and belongings.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, she said: “She was similarly broad-minded when listening to Megan Barton-Hanson, a former Love Island contestant, explain that she can make at least £20,000 a week selling access to ‘intimate’ photographs of herself on the OnlyFans website.

“Nor did she have a problem with the young TikTok influencers who claimed to be making up to £150,000 a year through endorsement deals by producing brain-deadening video content (sample: a girl sitting in a bath of milk with some rose petals in it), although she did note that their mansion was rented and they were selling a fantasy lifestyle.”

You can stream ‘Kathy Burke: Money Talks’ on All4.

Author: Joel Day
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Rio Ferdinand snubbed after dragging Sir Alex into Brexit debate during bizarre EU rant

The England legend has played a central part in the BBC’s coverage of the Three Lion’s incredible journey in Euro 2020 as they prepare to take on Ukraine in the quarter-finals this evening. He was spotted celebrating wildly alongside fellow pundits Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer after England secured a historic 2-0 win over Germany. Ferdinand, who played 81 times for the national side and is one of the most decorated English footballers of all time, often uses his experience to give an expert insight into games.

But he also risked sparking the fury of Brexiteers when he commented on the prospect of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) just days before the vote in 2016.

He wrote on Facebook: “The question about our future in Europe isn’t about Conservative vs Labour, it’s not about which bunch of politicians we want running the country. It’s much bigger than that. 

“It’s not about the next five years, it’s about the next 50. Probably even longer. 

“It’s about the sort of country our kids are going to grow up in, and how the rest of the world will look at Britain from now on. 

“And from all I’ve heard on both sides of this debate, I think our country is at a pretty important fork in the road, and the decision we make could take us to very different places.”

After his passionate opening remarks, Ferdinand stated that he is “for remaining part of the EU” and he gave three reasons for it – one of which bizarrely appeared to take inspiration from his former manager.

He stated: “I think that politics is a team game. 

“I worked for the greatest manager of all time. Sir Alex Ferguson always taught us that no individual is bigger than the team, that just because we played for Man United – a massive, famous club – didn’t mean we could swan around doing our own thing. 

“We had to work even harder, and be even more of a team, to get where we wanted to be. And I think Europe is a bit like that. 

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“For myself personally who struggles to make ends meet week-to-week with low wages and four kids, something needs to give.

“With all due respect Rio you don’t have the same worries as the majority of the population.”

Another added: “Rio, the advantages of being in the EU which you are talking about are the reason why it was made in the first place. 

“But this union is not serving the purposes it was made for and clearly it does not look like it is going to.”

And a third claimed: “Rio we love you and you’ll always be a legend to us, but I’m sorry pal this is more scaremongering coming from the rich and mighty.

“We are all able to make our own choice without being told these unfound facts.”

A record sum of almost £5million has been bet with Betfair on hot 15/8 favourites England winning Euro 2020, as more of the public believe football is coming home than ever before.

Author: Callum Hoare
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ITV News reporter erupts at hecklers in foul-mouthed rant – 'Gonna bang you out!'

The ImJustBrum video was shared on Twitter by Luke Addis.

Later, he says “Why don’t you go and get a job and then I’ll come behind you and start being an idiot” while dancing a jig.

Mr Watkinson continued: “Where do you work? Footlocker? Or McDonald’s?

“Mate how about sorry for trying to mess up my work? How about that? Do you know how hard it is to broadcast live to half a million people? Do you know how hard it is to concentrate?

“It’s quite hard, without someone in the background going ‘Ooh I’m on TV!’”

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Stacey Solomon fans say she's 'out of touch' over Royal Family rant

Stacey Solomon has been slammed by fans after a rant about the Royal Family on Loose Women resurfaced on social media.

The singer and fiance of Joe Swash has been the subject of controversy as the clip was shared on TikTok, showing her get into a debate with co-hosts Jane Moore, Linda Robson and Christine Lampard.

The debate concentrated on the British people’s fixation on the Royal Family, which Stacey said she didn’t understand.

During the conversation Stacey said it was “frustrating” because she “didn’t see the purpose of all of that money going to this one entire family”.

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Stacey knew her opinion is dissimilar to many others who love the Royal Family

She explained: “I’m probably gonna be of the opinion of nobody else in the entire world but I just don’t get it [the Royal Family]. I don’t get any of it.”

Other hosts then chimed in to say how the Queen was “brilliant” and that she’s “worked really hard”, reports the MailOnline

She said: “It’s freezing cold outside and people are homeless and these people [the Royals] have like houses to spare.

“It does sometimes become a little bit frustrating because I don’t see the purpose of all of that money going to this one entire family.”

Stacey Solomon faces backlash for her opinion on the Royal Family
Stacey Solomon faces backlash for her opinion on the Royal Family

After the clip was re-shared on Friday, many fans were quick to flood social media with their arguments against her views.

One wrote: “‘On Stacey Solomon criticising the Royal family…. it is a far more complicated argument than what is presented. But at least it opens the door to a proper debate on them…. which is needed…”

Another added: “I used to like Stacey Solomon, but not anymore after what she has said about the most loved Royal Family in the world. Coming from a Finn – you Brits don’t know how lucky & blessed you are! If Conservatives are the only party left defending the Royals, then they have my vote!”

An impassioned fan also commented: “The Royals do lots for charity, so spouting about homeless people and spare houses doesn’t mean the royal family don’t ‘have a point’. They were here way before ‘celebrities’ and that whole culture.”

“The irony of Stacey Solomon asking what the point of the Royal Family is…” a fan tweeted.

“Stacey Solomon complaining about the Royal Family and using the homeless argument, when she earns a lot of money and spent £1.2m on a house recently. Out of touch springs to mind…”

Author: [email protected] (Chris Harper, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Fans scream conspiracy as analyst is CUT OFF by US TV

Football commentator Jon Champion was abruptly taken off the air by producers at US network ESPN after launching into a fierce tirade against the influence of American owners in Premier League football.

Sunday’s game between Manchester United and Liverpool was called off amid scenes of fan protests and clashed with police in and around Old Trafford, as irate Red Devils fans demanded that their be voices heard in opposition to the unpopular leadership of the Glazer family, the chief owners of the club for more than 15 years.

Also on rt.com Manchester United’s Premier League game with Liverpool postponed amid fan unrest at Old Trafford

The protest was largely seen as a necessary one by the English football community (though reports of fans engaging in clashes with police have been rightfully condemned in all quarters) amid fears that US billionaires are pillaging the soul from football in pursuit of adding a few more zeroes to their sporting portfolios at the expense of the club and its fans.

This opinion was trumpeted by UK football commentator Jon Champion during an appearance on ESPN Sunday, as he savaged the influence of the Glazer family on Manchester United and bemoaned their attempts to transform the famous club from a community-based entity to a soulless “franchise” – although Champion was unable to finish his diatribe after being abruptly cut off.

In response to a comment from former United States international Taylor Twellman in which he said that most major teams in the country are seen as “franchises“, Champion offered a furious rebuke.

Don’t mention that word, I hate that word,” Champion shot back. “Because that has no place in our lexicon when we talk about European sports clubs. 

They’re clubs with beating hearts, not franchises. You have Manchester United, one of the Super League clubs… owned by the Glazer family who are widely despised as absentee owners. 

They bought the club by loading debt onto it. They don’t show any signs of care for it. 

And yet this is the thing which dominates the lives of so many of its followers, that’s why…

It was at this point that the plug was pulled on the broadcast, with a few seconds of dead air before an announcer advised that they will return to Champion and Twellman in the studio later on the show.

Footage of the incident soon went viral and forced ESPN into damage control mode, saying that Champion was silenced due to a technical error and not because of the content of his rant.

Soon after, ESPN released the full clip which shows the conclusion of the discussion.

So my question – little bit tongue-in-cheek, little bit serious – is when they buy Erling Haaland for £160 million this transfer window, are these fans on the field taking pictures, are they going to be that upset?

Yes,” Champion said. “They genuinely are, because this is above winning titles, signing players.

This is the existence of their heartbeat, their club and that is what some of us in America don’t always understand.”

Also on rt.com ‘We do NOT own Man U’: NFL guru Jay Glazer in case of mistaken identity as he receives torrent of abuse after Old Trafford protest

Champion’s polemic was quickly endorsed on social media, with numerous fans thanking him for having the courage to hit out at the occasional incongruity which exists between American sports and its European counterpart.

One fan condemned the incident, sarcastically referring to the United States as the so-called “land of free speech“.

Others described ESPN’s handling of the segment as “disgraceful“, while one more thanked Champion for “not letting the point get lost” before he was “silenced“.

Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Bitter MEP launches extraordinary anti-UK rant: Claims 'Brits fleeing nation' over Brexit

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

The allegations were made by German politician Manfred Weber who leads the influential European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament. Speaking to Deutschland Radio he also claimed recent rioting in Northern Ireland was “Brexit violence” that “occurs because of Brexit”.

Mr Weber said: “The actual result of Brexit is that food deliveries to Great Britain have plummeted by 40 percent, investments by British companies in Europe have increased by 20 billions, the Brits are fleeing their own country, because they know the single market is important.

“And 30,000 European students who studied in GB in 2019 can no longer study there this year. Because Erasmus no longer applies.

“These are the actual effects and that is why Brexit is a big mistake for all involved.”

The remarks come as on Sunday Goldman Sachs predicted the British economy will grow by a “striking” 7.8 percent this year.

This is because the UK’s successful coronavirus vaccine scheme is allowing the Government to gradually lift the lockdown.

The EU’s vaccine programme is lagging significantly behind with France, Germany and Italy going into lockdown to battle a third Covid-19 wave.

Britain chose to stay out of the EU’s coronavirus vaccine procurement scheme and instead sourced its own jabs.

Mr Weber controversially argued Brexit was not behind the UK’s success.

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Most of those vaccinated in the UK received the AstraZeneca jab developed by Oxford University.

EU countries have repeatedly u-turned on this vaccine, with some banning it for certain age groups or even outright.

As part of the Brexit trade deal approved by Boris Johnson some checks now take place on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

This has infuriated Northern Irish unionists and contributed to Arlene Foster announcing her resignation as DUP leader after internal party unrest.

Earlier this month there was serious loyalist rioting across the province which left dozens of police injured.

Mr Weber explicitly blamed this on the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

He said: “We have a particularly problematic situation with the Northern Irish situation with the re-emerging violence, which, by the way, is Brexit violence.

“It occurs because of Brexit. The EU created peace, Northern Ireland and Brexit are causing violence again.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

Gemma Atkinson in furious rant after she's accused of being 'racist' and 'having affair'

“And, I’ve been accused of encouraging anorexia, because said I was 72kg when I was at my strongest and fittest, I felt amazing,” she added.

The mother-of-one went on to warn trolls about the affect such words could have on somebody.

She continued: “To me, I’m just like, ‘bless you’ if that’s the type of person you are, but you could message someone younger than me and more vulnerable than me who could do something stupid because of your words.

“So, if you’re one of those people on social media looking for things to be p****d off at, just come off and do yourself a favour.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed