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David Beckham stuns with peroxide blonde look as wife Victoria shares unexpected reaction

Alongside his photos, David, who is well known for love of fashion, pointed out that he is the trend setter in the family.

“Sometimes the boys need reminding who did it first in the 90’s,” he wrote online, adding a laughing emoji.

“By the look on their faces they are not to pleased about it #DadDidItFirst @joshwoodcolour @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham,”(sic) he amusingly added.

Many took to the comment section of the post, including his wife, who gave her seal of approval.

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‘I don’t think all Brits are racist’ Alison Hammond clarifies post after sparking reaction

Following the Euro 2020 final, black England players were subjected to racial abuse which prompted many to defend them online. Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock shared a viral picture of players Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who had also been targeted by trolls.

She wrote: “You can live here but be quiet. You can work here but not all of you. You can speak at the table but not too loud.

“You can play for us but you can’t lose. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Black British Experience. We stand with you Kings.”

Alison Hammond shared the singer’s post writing: “My heart breaks!! The UK will never prosper when it’s core is Rotten!”

In response to her tweet, one Twitter user said she disagreed with Alison and highlighted that most British people were against racism.

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They wrote: ”I adore you Alison, but I have to disagree.

“England is not rotten at its core, a vast majority of Brits despise racists and are disgusted by there actions.(sic)

“Please do not think all white people are the same. We should be united against racism not divided x.”

Clarifying the meaning behind her message, the This Morning presenter said: “And that’s exactly what I interpreted my tweet to be.

The presenter replied: “He who feels it knows it!”

Rashford, Sancho and Saka were targeted by trolls after they bravely stepped up to take a penalty in the Euro 2020 final, but failed to score.

Following this, England lost to Italy in what was the former’s first final since the World Cup in 1966.

Speaking out after the game, manager Gareth Southgate condemned the racial abuse and clarified that he made the decisions about the penalty takers.

He said: “For some of [the players] to be abused is unforgivable. It’s just not what we stand for.

“The national team stands for everybody and so that togetherness has to continue.”

Marcus has since spoken out about his penalty, telling fans he felt as though he had let them down, as part of a lengthy post.

Despite his feelings, many flocked to his post to assure him that the nation was proud of him and his team mates’ efforts.

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Ulrika Jonsson strips off again after brutal reaction to naked shoot: ‘You’re welcome!’

Swedish-British television presenter and model Ulrika Jonsson, 53, has taken to Instagram to celebrate National Bikini Day with a sultry snap. It comes just a few weeks after the star sparked backlash by posing naked to raise awareness of men’s mental health in a charity photoshoot.

Ulrika posted the defiant mirror selfie today, which saw her flaunting her bikini body in her bedroom in view of her 157,000 followers.

The former Shooting Stars team captain showed off her toned stomach in the snap in a stylish bright orange two-piece swimsuit.

Her face was covered by her phone, which she held up to snap the picture.

Ulrika wore her blonde locks straight and posed for the camera in front of her bed.

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The photo in question that had irritated the troll showed Ulrika baring all in her garden.

Posing in only her wellington boots, she took part in the photoshoot to raise awareness for mental health.

She also had a flower in her hair and some minimal jewellery, as she clutched onto her wheelbarrow in the photo taken by Emma Talitha Reynolds.

Alongside the snap, she penned: “To mark us becoming 150k strong on this page, I’m baring myself for @strongmenorguk .

“Text STRONG to 70085 to donate £5 to help men cope with bereavement; open up and talk about grief.

“It’s never unmanly to talk.”

The mum-of-four then added: “No flowers were harmed in the making of this.”

Ulrika nominated some of her friends to take on the challenge next.

These included Ore Oduba, Saira Khan, Jenny Stoute, James Cracknell and Richard Bertinet.

Author: Kathryn Ingate
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‘Horrified’ and ‘finally’; reaction varies on Cosby release

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted,” tweeted Phylicia Rashad, who starred as Cosby’s wife on “The Cosby Show.”

NEW YORK — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled to overturn Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, allowing him to be released from prison after three years.

Several hours have the ruling came down, the comedian once known as “America’s Dad” was out from behind bars.

Celebrities and prominent people involved in his case reacted to the news.

“Mr. Cosby should never have been prosecuted for these offenses. District attorneys can’t change it up simply because of their political motivation.” — Cosby appellate lawyer Jennifer Bonjean, in an interview.

“Today’s majority decision regarding Bill Cosby is not only disappointing but of concern in that it may discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault in the criminal justice system from reporting or participating in the prosecution of the assailant or may force a victim to choose between filing either a criminal or civil action.” — Cosby accuser Andrea Constand and attorneys Dolores M. Troiani and Bebe Kivitz, in a joint statement.

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected!” — Phylicia Rashad, who starred as Cosby’s wife on “The Cosby Show,” on Instagram.

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“I am furious to hear this news. I personally know women who this man drugged and raped while unconscious. Shame on the court and this decision.” — actor and activist Amber Tamblyn, on Twitter.

“When you look at what happened, the fact that a jury reached a conclusion after a trial where they heard evidence, there was nothing about the opinion today that detracted from that. I think that’s important for people like Andrea and other women who came forward.” Stewart Ryan, a lead prosecutor in the case now in private practice, said in an interview.

“The Cosby ruling demonstrates how failures in our criminal justice systems make accountability for sexual assault impossible. … Sexual assault, harassment and extortion happens in workplaces every day. Systems that ensure accountability for powerful abusers, protect workers and prevent agreements that shield abusers are urgently needed in entertainment and other industries.” — Anita Hill, chair of The Hollywood Commission, in a statement.

“I know many young women and men who are so Afraid to press charges against their rapist and Re traumatize themselves I am heartbroken today to hear of the news of Cosby’s release .this is sickening. My heart is with my sister survivors. We have work to do.” — actor Rosanna Arquette on Twitter.

“Certainly the optics of this are terrible. But the message has to be very clear and simple — that this was a mistake by prosecutors, a very unusual one and a technicality that is unlikely to happen again.” #MeToo attorney Lisa Banks, in an interview.

“Today’s devastating decision to overturn the conviction of a man who caused so much harm, pain, and emotional trauma to so many women is a travesty and an injustice. It reminds us again of the struggle that the survivors of his predatory behavior and actions have endured to make their voice’s heard. The semblance of justice these women had in knowing Cosby was convicted has been completely erased with his release today.” — Time’s Up foundation CEO and president Tina Tchen said in a statement.

“WHEN will things get better for women and girls regarding sexual assault, sexism, misogyny and ageism? What will it take? So discouraged.” —Kathy Griffin on Twitter.

“Told you so on #BillCosby. He was convicted by a court so tainted by public opinion and social pressure that it allowed obviously prejudicial evidence and improper witnesses. He may be a bad guy, but in this case he was railroaded by the mob.” — Geraldo Rivera on Twitter.

“To every woman who was sexual assaulted by #BillCosby my heart hurts for you today and I am full fury. It’s horrifying.” —-actor Debra Messing on Twitter.

“All the smoke should be pointed squarely at the prosecutor’s office in the #Cosby case for making that colossal error.” — former NFL player Damien Woody on Twitter.

Addressing Britney Spears’ conservatorship, former congressman Joe Walsh tweeted, “So Bill Cosby gets out of jail, and Britney Spears remains in jail. That’s pretty messed up.”

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Robert Rinder recalls his brother's 'humorous' reaction to him coming out

“I’m sharing my coming out story because I want both LGBTQ+ and straight people to know how joyous life can be when you are true to yourself,” he wrote.

“I am proud that we have reached the stage where if you share your truth with your loved ones, it is likely to be a good experience. For those that don’t have that support, they have a burgeoning community to turn to.

“For now, we need to frame coming out stories in positivity as it might make it safer for someone else to live without secrecy and fear.”

He added: “There is nothing more freeing than decloaking yourself from shame and terror and stepping into the sunshine.”

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Young fan has amazing reaction after getting racket from Novak Djokovic

Djokovic explained the boy had been shouting encouragement even when he faced a two-set deficit during Sunday’s French Open final.

Editor’s note: The attached video is from April 2020 about how Novak Djokovic kept up tennis skills around the house during pandemic lockdowns. 

Moments after winning the French Open final, Novak Djokovic gave his racket to a young boy who had been giving him very vocal support and advice throughout Sunday’s match.

Moments after Djokovic rallied to beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in five sets, he gave his racket to the youngster in the stands, who jumped up and down in excitement and seemed genuinely shocked by the gesture. 

Djokovic later explained in a press conference that the boy had been shouting encouragement even when he faced a two-set deficit, and even had coaching tips.

“I don’t know the boy, but he was in my ear the entire match, basically, especially when I was two sets to love down, he was encouraging me,” Djokovic described. 

“I found that very cute and very nice,” Djokovic said. “To give the racket to the best person was him. That was my gratitude for him sticking with me.”

Djokovic became one of three men — alongside Rod Laver and Roy Emerson — to have won each major twice. As the reigning champion at the Australian Open and French Open, he heads to Wimbledon, which starts June 28, eyeing another rare achievement: He is halfway to joining Laver and Don Budge as the only men with a calendar-year Grand Slam.

The 34-year-old Djokovic eliminated 13-time French Open champion Nadal — a challenge the Serb likened to scaling Mt. Everest — in a semifinal that lasted more than four hours Friday night.

That was only Nadal’s third loss in 108 matches at the clay-court major tournament.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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'Europe is not the EU!' Guy Verhofstadt torn apart for deluded reaction to damning poll

The Belgian MEP acknowledged the results showed that a majority of EU citizens are disappointed with the bloc as it is today. But Mr Verhofstadt clung to the result that saw a majority of respondents believing Europe needs more co-operation.

The latest Eurobarometer published this week revealed that just 23 percent of all EU27 citizens surveyed chose: “I’m in favour of the European Union as it has been realised so far” – a drop of four percent compared with the previous survey.

For some countries, the results were even worse – in Italy and Greece for example, just 15 percent of respondents chose the option.

Just six percent were optimistic about the bloc’s future, with almost half – 49 percent – thinking it was going in the wrong direction.

There was further bad news in relation to the bloc’s much-criticised coronavirus response.

Only 48 percent of EU citizens were satisfied with the measures taken by Brussels, with less than half even knowing what the EU has been doing about it.

Just 44 percent of EU citizens were satisfied with the degree of cooperation between member states in combating Covid.

When asked about what the EU should prioritise in tackling this crisis, nearly 40 percent of EU citizens identified rapid access to safe and effective vaccines as the most crucial issue.

Meanwhile 29 percent said the EU should put more money into the development of treatments and vaccines.

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There were also no questions related to the impact of Britain’s decision to quit the bloc, despite the UK having represented 13 percent of its population and having contributed 15 percent of its GDP.

A press release commenting on the results and issued by the European Commission last week said: “Eight out of ten respondents know what the EU is doing to tackle the pandemic’s consequences, while citizens put public health, the fight against poverty, supporting the economy and jobs as well as tackling climate change at the top of their priorities for the European Parliament.

“Overall, the European Parliament’s spring Eurobarometer survey shows robust support for the European Union as well as broad consensus that global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic are best tackled at EU level.”

A total of 26,999 EU citizens from 27 EU countries were interviewed between March 16 and April 12 for the Eurobarometer survey.

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“Citizens are disappointed with the European Union institutions after the pandemic, but they still believe strongly in European cooperation.

“This is why the Conference on the Future of Europe is so important.

“Destroy the EU, never!

“Reform the EU, so it can act, absolutely!”

His comments sparked the fury of social media users who took to Twitter to respond to the Belgian politician.

One person said: “And cooperation happened before and will continue to happen after your superstate.

“Europe is not the EU!”

And another: “People believe in cooperation, not in German exploitation and domination.”

Someone else added: “Even the UK believed in European cooperation but not Federalism!”

Another user said: “There is no future for Europe while the EU cartel bullies try to continue with their failed political project.”

Finally, someone lashed out: “Eurocrats are spiteful, threatening, bitter and hostile towards anyone who seeks to leave them, yet claim to be democratic?!

“Look how the EU is now treating Switzerland.

“The anti-democratic EU ignored Danish, Dutch, Irish, French, Greek referendum results against EU treaties.

“I respect democracy so if other Europeans are happy in the EU then that’s their democratic choice.

“But I’m sceptical of the honesty and accuracy of the pie charts shown by Verhofstadt given the large rise of Eurosceptic party votes in nations such as France and Finland, etc.”

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Ken Bruce finally returns to BBC Radio 2 studios as Zoe Ball shares emotional reaction 

“They have done that sort of thing in the past and I’ve dodged a few bullets, I’m well aware of that, I’ve been very lucky to keep going because I just managed dodge aside when they were firing,” he added to Johnnie and Twiggy Walker on their Consciously Coupling podcast.

Ken’s total net worth isn’t public knowledge but he is known to be one of the BBC’s highest earners, and in 2020 it was said his yearly pay packet had risen to £250,000 – £300,000.

The DJ commutes by train from Oxfordshire into London every day to host his popular show that features fan-favourite quiz PopMaster.

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Jodie Turner-Smith addresses reaction to being cast as Anne Boleyn: 'Might be a stretch'

Channel 5 caused quite a stir after they announced UK actress Jodie Turner-Smith, who is born to Jamaican parents, will be portraying Queen Anne Boleyn in their latest dramatisation that turns traditional history into a modern thriller. But not only is the adaptation a brand new take, the broadcaster has opted for what they refer to as “identity-conscious casting”, choosing actors and actresses who match the energy and personality of the characters they will play rather than their physical appearance.
But Turner-Smith, who is best known for starring opposite Daniel Kaluuya in the film Queen & Slim, wasn’t surprised that her appointment to play the Queen who survived Henry VIII’s wrath, attracted backlash.

In a new interview she addressed the reaction she had received, noting she is aware it might be a stretch for some people to come to terms with.

“It’s much more approachable and appealing to a contemporary audience when you cast this way because we are distilling this down to a human experience,” she said.

“If you ask anyone to watch a film or to observe any art, you are asking them to suspend their beliefs.

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“I am aware it’s going to be a stretch for some people because they will feel too distracted by that, but I think for a lot of other people who are finally ready to see the world in a different way, they’re going to see that this is a human story we are telling, and a fascinating one at that.”

Actor Paapa Essiedu, known for I May Destroy You, has been casted as Anne’s brother George.

Weighing in on the matter, he also told Radio Times: “Everyone has the right to comment.

“But I would question anyone who’s got a problem with this but hasn’t got one with believing that a space-ship can fly in Star Wars or that a giant bird can talk in Sesame Street.”

In a separate interview, Turner-Smith revealed to Glamour UK why being a mother herself drew her to the character.

“I had just become a mother and that was what really jumped out at me, the story of Anne as a mother,” she told the publication.

“I did know it would be something that people felt very passionately about, either in a positive or a negative way, because Anne is a human in history who people feel very strongly about.

“More than anything, I wanted to tell the human story at the centre of all of this.”

Turner-Smith’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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Elvis Graceland archives tour: The King's bling and Lisa Marie's fantastic reaction to it

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The instantly recognisable TCB ring contains 16 carats of diamonds with an 11 1/2 carat solitaire diamond in the centre. TCB stood for Elvis’ motto ‘Taking Care of Business.’

Angie also told us: “His pinky ring size was between an 8 and a 9, his ring finger was around a 10. He wasn’t in to thumb rings.” 

Elvis had always loved to give expensive jewellery as gifts, but in his later years, he started wearing more and more himself.

Angie said: “Elvis never left Graceland not dressed. He was always ready to be seen and that meant to be fully dressed with his accessories, rings, jewellery, necklaces.

“Lisa always said you could hear him coming down the stairs before you saw him. And it wasn’t him walking heavily it was the clangs of the necklaces and stuff.

“When he left the upstairs he was ready to be seen and always fully decked out. He knew as soon as he went out the gate that he was on stage.”