Ex-NATO commander says West sending Ukraine tanks ‘creates real

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis said the West sending tanks to Ukraine to provide additional aid in its war with Russia “creates real problems” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Putin is trying to scare the West with the Kremlin’s comments that NATO countries’ move to send tanks to Ukraine increases their “direct involvement” […]


Redefining the ‘metaverse’ — how to determine real utility in

It’s time to redefine what has come to be known as the metaverse — a reimagined internet, integrating both established and new technologies (think mixed reality) — to Web3. Though possibilities appear to be plentiful, the ‘digital reality’ perception of the metaverse is too far off in the horizon and not currently widely relevant. Rather […]


Lost Ark reset bug compensation “a real slap in the face”

If you’ve been hit by the Lost Ark reset bug affecting many players in recent weeks, there’s good news as developer Smilegate announces a compensation package for anyone affected. However, the contents of the pack and certain restrictions on how it can be claimed have left many fans of the MMORPG underwhelmed. The issue was […]


Robson Green had ‘real problems’ that would have been detrimental

If Green had continued to indulge in an excess of drinking, for example, health issues would have come knocking on his door. Drinking more than 14 units of alcohol per week is a health hazard in numerous ways. For instance, if you consumed more than 14 units weekly, after 10 to 20 years of regular […]


Crawfordville, Florida: Things To Do, Lodging, Dining, Real

Crawfordville, Florida Things To Do, Lodging, Dining, & Real Estate At End Of Article Crawfordville is a small unincorporated town in North Central Florida on US-319, known locally as Crawfordville Highway, about 18 miles south of Tallahassee.  It has a population of about 5,000 and is the county seat of Wakulla County, which has a […]


For real?

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BMF’s Da’Vinchi speaks on meeting the real Terry Flenory

During the production of BMF, the real-life Flenory family were often spotted on the set and posed alongside the cast for Instagram. With fans well into season two, many are eagerly awaiting the show’s return after Friday’s major cliffhanger which saw Meech rushed to the hospital. The kingpin was brutally shot by his enemy Lamar […]


Want to Rent Out Rip Wheeler’s Real Dutton Ranch Cabin from

No matter where you live in East Texas, grabbing a few down friends and a stay at the Dutton Ranch is a real possibility. A short plane ride out of Tyler, TX, and a connecting flight, perhaps two, later you can land at Missoula International Airport where y’all can live it up like Rip. The […]


Dawn Olivieri Uses Her Real Life Experience To Inform Her

According to Dawn Olivieri, her “Yellowstone” character is informed and portrayed through real-life experiences that she’s actually been through. “I’ve lived this reality in my actual life where I’ve done this to guys,” she told ET last year. “I will use my experience and my grasp on a mental landscape and I will construct a […]


“Modern Family” Star Julie Bowen Got Real About Having An Eating

This post contains discussion of eating disorders and body image issues. Julie explained why she thinks she struggled as a teenager. “I interpreted being messy or making mistakes or having an ass or like fat coming out of the top of your jeans [as] a symbol that you couldn’t contain yourself,” she said. “That you […]