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Food recall: WH Smith recalls crisps due to allergy fears – 'do not eat'

Food recalls are issued when a product is unsafe to eat. Usually, a brand or a retailer recalls the item, and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) also announces the news on its website.
In its notice, WH Smith said: “If you have bought Simpleas Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Pea Snacks as detailed above, and you have coeliac disease or an allergy or intolerance to wheat, barley, oats or gluten do not eat them.

“Instead return the product(s) to the store where you bought it from for a full refund.”

Customers can return the product with or without a receipt, WH Smith added.

The company has also been advised to contact the relevant allergy support organisations, which will then tell their members about the recall.

Additionally, the FSA gave shoppers advice on what to do if they have bought the product.

It said: “If you have bought the above product and have an allergy or intolerance to barley, and/or oats, and/or wheat or gluten, do not eat it.

“Instead return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.

The FSA often announces food recalls, and another was released on its page yesterday.

Welsh food manufacturer From Our Farm is recalling multiple flavours of its Biltong Beef Snack because of the possible presence of mould.

The flavours are Original, Chilli, Tomato and Basil, and Blazing.

If the products contain mould, this makes them unsafe to eat.

The FSA advised customers: “If you have bought any of the above products do not eat them.

“Instead, return them to the store from where they were bought for a full refund.”

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India's Royal Enfield recalls about 237,000 motorcycles on ignition coil defect

India's Royal Enfield recalls about 237,000 motorcycles on ignition coil defect© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: The logo of Royal Enfield is pictured on a bike at Royal Enfield’s flagship shore in Bangkok, Thailand, February 24, 2016. Royal Enfield, owned by India’s Eicher Motors and one of the world’s oldest motorcycle companies, launched its first fla

BENGALURU (Reuters) -Eicher Motors-owned Royal Enfield said on Wednesday it will recall close to 236,966 motorcycles across some models due to defects in the ignition coil that can cause misfiring and, in rare cases, an electric short circuit.

Royal Enfield is an iconic brand in India, the world’s biggest motorbike market, with a dedicated fan-following for its range of cruisers and classic-looking motorcycles.

The recall will apply to Meteor, Classic and Bullet model motorcycles sold in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, Royal Enfield said in a statement.

The defect was discovered during routine internal testing and the issue has been isolated to specific batches of material sourced from our external supplier between December 2020 and April 2021, the company said, adding that the issue is rare and does not impact all motorcycles manufactured during the period.

Shares of Eicher Motors, which also makes trucks and buses through a joint venture with Sweden’s Volvo, trimmed some gains after the announcement and was last up 0.3% amid a weak Indian market.

Royal Enfield also said it expects less than 10% of the recalled motorcycles to need replacement of the defective part.

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The Blitz 80th anniversary: Brave veteran recalls praying through bombs 'Give me this day'

The final phase focused more heavily on ports before most of the attacks attributed to The Blitz ceased in May 1941.

The Luftwaffe dropped around 41,000 tons of bombs during The Blitz, which caused issues with production, transport, and food supplies, and when ports were the focus, it impacted rifle production.

The synopsis of the new documentary into The Blitz reads: “The film offers a brand new insight into how ordinary people managed to survive with incredible acts of courage and features amazing never seen before archive footage, along with powerful interviews with those who experienced it first-hand…

“This fascinating and powerful documentary sheds light on those fateful months and how they affected the British people living in the cities under attack.

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Ford recalls nearly 617,000 U.S. Explorer SUVs

Ford recalls nearly 617,000 U.S. Explorer SUVs© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Ford logo is pictured at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay/File Photo/File Photo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ford Motor (NYSE:) Co is recalling nearly 617,00 Explorer sport utility vehicles in the United States at the request of regulators because retention pins could loosen and allow roof rail covers to detach from the vehicle.

The recall covers 2016 through 2019 model year vehicles. Dealers will install push-pins and replace any damaged rail clips and roof rail covers, as necessary. The second largest U.S. automaker said in documents posted Sunday the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in April had requested Ford conduct a safety recall after first inquiring about the issue in early 2020 following 11 reports of roof rail cover detachment.

Ford in November approved a onetime repair extended coverage action for 10 years or 150,000 miles to address the issue.

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Hershey recalls chocolate shell topping, may contain almonds

The Hershey Company is voluntarily recalling a particular lot of its chocolate shell topping.The company says the bottles were incorrectly filled with heath shell topping which is made with almonds.

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to almonds are at risk if they consume the product.

If you bought Hershey’s chocolate shell topping after April 15, and still have some, you should check your bottle to see if it’s included in this recall.

You’re eligible for a refund.

It would have the lot code 25jsas1.Hershey says it has contacted all retailers that received the affected product and asked them to remove it from store shelves immediately.

So far, there have been no reports of illness or injury.

Author: CNNWire

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Tesco recalls ice lolly also sold in Asda, Sainsbury's and Iceland – 'do not eat'

A food recall is issued by a supermarket or a brand when an item is unsafe to eat. This could be because there are traces of foreign materials in the food, or that it contains an ingredient that has not been declared on its label.
The supermarket added that no receipt is required when customers return the product to their nearest Tesco store.

The Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies come in a pack of five and all batches are affected.

The ice lollies are also sold separately in ice cream freezers.

Wall’s recalled the product first and a statement was also issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The FSA publishes news of food recalls when a product is faulty and could cause damage to people if eaten.

In a statement about the Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies, the FSA said: “Wall’s is recalling Twister Peek-A-Blue ice lollies because they contain milk which is not mentioned on the label.

“This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents.”

The organisation also mentioned that Wall’s has issued a point-of-sale notice to its customers, explaining why the product is being recalled and telling them what to do if they have bought the product.

Wall’s said: “The safety of the people that buy and use our products is always our number one priority, which is why we are taking the voluntary precaution of recalling all batches as it could pose a safety risk to those people with an allergy or intolerance to milk.”

The brand advised that customers should contact its careline team for further information, either by calling 0800 146252 or emailing [email protected]

Wall’s Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies are not only sold in Tesco, but in Sainsbury’s, Iceland, and Asda too.

As well as the ice lollies, Tesco is recalling one of its dairy products.

The President Mini Cheese Selection is being recalled by the supermarket as the item may contain nuts which are not mentioned on the label.

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James Martin recalls his ailing health – 'I had a few operations. And I wasn’t too good'

The Eatwell Guide shows that to have a healthy, balanced diet, people should try to:

  • Eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day
  • Base meals on higher fibre starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice or pasta
  • Have some dairy or dairy alternatives (such as soya drinks)
  • Eat some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other protein
  • Choose unsaturated oils and spreads, and eat them in small amounts
  • Drink plenty of fluids (at least six to eight glasses a day).

According to the Eatwell Guide, if you’re having foods and drinks that are high in fat, salt and sugar, you should have these less often and in small amounts.

Try to choose a variety of different foods from the five main food groups to get a wide range of nutrients, it states.

The five main food groups are fruit and vegetables, starchy food, dairy, protein and fat.

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‘The real Russian collusion’: Cancel culture victim Gina Carano recalls game role, blasts vaccinations, masks & US president Biden

Actress and ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano has revisited her role as a Russian military sniper for the Soviet Army in a videogame – and offered her take on Covid-19, mandatory vaccinations, US president Joe Biden, masks and more.

Scrapper-turned-thespian Carano fell foul of the cancel mob in February, saying she had been targeted by bullies before being fired from the Disney+ TV series ‘The Mandalorian’ in a response to her social media posts likening the demonizing of people for their political views to the divisive tactics of Nazi Germany’s government.

That has not stopped Carano from offering her forthright views on her accounts, although she made a lighter post as she recalled her role in the 2008 game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, showing herself on set and in costume as character Natasha Volkova.

Carano’s Instagram story, meanwhile, turned to politics and the pandemic, claiming that the enforcement of mask-wearing in some US states has not prevented hospitalizations from Covid-19.

The 38-year-old pin-up also shared a post claiming that people would have been “shut down” for sharing purported data about viral surface contamination, highlighted a negative story about Biden’s border policies, called the public health crisis a “never-ending story” and reproduced a meme visiting rape, slavery, theft and the “tyranny” of compulsory vaccinations.

Taking aim at Biden again, Carano shared an image likening the Democrat’s appointment as president to a horse being stuck between the rungs of a gate, a car becoming trapped in the branches of a tree and another vehicle being wedged above the gate and entrance doors to a property.

She then focused on the riots at the US Capitol that were a shocking feature of former president Donald Trump’s final days in power, pointing to a report that said “media hyperbole” had been culpable for “fabricating crimes that didn’t exist”.

“The MSM [mainstream media] will never correct this,” the post concluded, without showing the full article.

Following her whirlwind tour of some of the issues close to her heart, which had been prefaced by a look at several artworks that have been created in her honor, Carano finished with a photo of a sign reading “turn off the news and love your neighbor”.

“Sunday love to you all,” the Texas-born combat trailblazer added to her following of almost two million.
Also on rt.com ‘I’m not going down WITHOUT A FIGHT’: Actress Gina Carano vows to overcome cancel mob & ‘Disney bullies’


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Asda urgently recalls chicken due to salmonella concerns – ‘Do not consume the product’

Asda has several foods recalled at the moment including crisps, children’s ready meals as well as baby milk formula. The latest recall from the supermarket affects a popular chicken product.
“Please return it to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund. You do not need your receipt.”

The affected batch code that customers should look for is 31120953.

Customers who would like any further information should call Asda Customer Relations on 0800 952 0101.

This isn’t the only food recall in place from the grocer.

This specific food item is sold in Asda as well as other supermarkets like Morrisons.

PepsiCo is also recalling its Smith’s Snaps Spicy Tomato 8x13g multipack bags of crisps. 

This is because some of the batches may be under-cooked and the crisp is noticeably harder than usual.

This means the product may present a choking hazard and is therefore unsafe to eat.

Customers should look for the faulty batch if they have recently bought the crisps.

Smith’s Snaps Spicy Tomato Flavour

Pack size: 8x13g multipack bag

Best before: May 29, 2021

The supermarket said: “If you have purchased Smith’s Snaps – Spicy Tomato Flavour, Multipack 8x13g, with the above date code, please bring it back to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund.

“You do not need your receipt. Alternatively, you can contact Smith’s directly for a refund on the customer care line below.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and if you would like any further information please contact:

“Asda Customer relations – 0800 952 0101 or Smith’s Customer Care Line – 0800 274777.”

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Jimmy White recalls 'bizarre' Stephen Hendry phone call after World Championship draw

White has been a regular practice partner for Hendry since the former made his return to the sport, but the 58-year-old admits that will stop over the next week.

“We obviously won’t be practising any more and tuning up together,” White added.

“In the past few months when he was getting back on the tour we decided to have a few games.

“It’s well-documented that my best preparation wasn’t that great in the 1980s and 1990s, but I have always enjoyed practising. And if you enjoy practising you can keep going as long as your eyesight is good.

“My game’s in good shape. If I can beat Stephen in the first match I have three other tough matches and then I get to the Crucible then hopefully I can win another five matches and become world champion.”