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Imagine trying to act this scene. And without laughing your a** off. Truly a great actor. Remember watching this for the first time? Names for some other good comedies? Currently rewatching old gems


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‘I can’t remember the last time I felt unwell’ – save 20% on Incite vitamins on Amazon

AS WE HEAD into winter many people begin to prioritise their vitamin intake to ensure they don’t fall into the trap of low energy levels and mood swings that can come with a vitamin deficiency – and right now on Amazon, you can save 20 percent on some of the best vitamins for fighting the winter blues.

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Remember Clippy? Microsoft’s most hated Windows feature is making a surprise comeback

The set of retro backgrounds was created by Microsoft’s designers to add some excitement to remote working and video calls, because “a little trip down memory lane can be good for the soul”.

The other three images are similar throwbacks. The classic time-killing card game Solitaire, which since its release in 1990 has been one of the most-played video games of all time, has been recreated in 3D. An homage to old-school creative app Microsoft Paint shows a brush escaping to smear paint across the virtual walls.

The best might be the recreation of the Windows XP default wallpaper, which shows gently rolling hills and a bright blue sky. The new version has included a sprinkling of tiny dandelions – perfect to soothe nerves during stressful meetings.

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Joe Biden struggles to remember why the US invaded Afghanistan in shock blunder

US President Joe Biden spoke to reporters at the White House on Thursday regarding withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan. During his answer on why the US invaded Afghanistan, he paused which sparked concerns regarding his memory. In 2002, Biden was one of 77 senators who gave President George W. Bush the authority to begin his mobilization into the Middle East via the Patriot Act.

President Biden said: “I was up in that pass when Osama Bin Laden allegedly escaped out of harm’s way.

“We went to Afghanistan for two reasons, one for…”

Mr Biden then looked down and paused, seemingly trying to remember the reason.

He then continued: “One, to bring Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell, as I said at the time.

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“The second reason was to eliminate Al Quaeda’s capacity to deal with more attacks from the US in that territory.

“We accomplished both of those objectives, period.”

President Biden is known to have struggled with a stutter since childhood, an issue he admitted still causes him problems when “really tired.”

Many have defended the President and insisted that his gaffes as President are due to him still fighting his stammer.

President Biden submitted himself to testing in the early stages of the presidential campaign and passed.

President Biden is the oldest US President in history and was sworn in as the US’s 46th President in January 2021.

A health assessment from experts at The George Washington University in 2019 classed the President as “healthy” and “vigorous.”

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PSA: Remember To Update Your Joy-Con, As Well As Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Life

Nintendo has rolled out Version 12.1.0 for the Switch and as you might have already heard, it allows you to delete old software data to download new data. This update also comes with a bunch of stability improvements.

Since this update has gone live, users have also noticed a new update has been issued for the Switch Joy-Con controllers. As usual, Nintendo hasn’t said what exactly it does.

Here’s how you can perform this update:

How To Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

1) From the Home menu, choose ‘System Settings’. Then choose ‘Controllers and Sensors’ from the left-hand side.

2) Scroll down to ‘Update Controllers’, press it, and let the console do its thing.

Have you performed this update yet? Noticed any changes to your Joy-Con? Tell us down below.

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Our opinion: Use Fourth of July to remember

Sunday is the Fourth of July and we have a lot to celebrate.

This year we will get to have an actual Fourth celebration, complete with reverence and fireworks, family and friends. It’s a positive step forward from last year when COVID-19 forced us to sideline many of those things we have come to look forward to at this time.

We should be grateful for this opportunity and at the same time recognize how far we have come in just a year’s time.

But during this year’s Fourth we should also recognize the moment and be inspired by the history of it as a chance to get back to what being an American means. It can be a moment, whether introspectively or with others, to remember that we are one country.

Broadly speaking, these last 10 years or so have been a reflection of an ugly side of America, driven by divisive politics and radical ideologies. We have in many ways become two different Americas, more willing than ever to cast blame on the other side for those ideologies that don’t conform to our own ideas of America.

Not only do we need to remember we are one country, but we also need to remember we are part of a global community. It’s just as important to keep in mind that without the aid of other countries, we may not be here as a country today, or at the very least we might be a very different country.

And yet, in many ways, we are indeed a very different country. Partisan battles play out in government and on the street.

In years past, America has always been about being one country on the Fourth of July. A chance to celebrate a country that routinely led the world on a global stage. It was a reason to proudly recognize the spirit of a nation.

We hope we can be there again and we hope this year can be the start of that. A chance to roll back to an America that stands as one, rather than an America that stands apart.

Author: Daily Herald
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Random: Remember That Zelda HD Tech Demo For Wii U? It's Now 10 Years Old

E3 is almost here! In the lead-up to the event, the Nintendo Reddit community has been reflecting on the Japanese company’s big reveals and announcements at the annual convention over the years.

With this in mind, it’s now been 10 years since Nintendo gave the world a look at “The Legend of Zelda HD” tech demo running on an early version of the Wii U. This dates back to 2011 and also happens to line up with the original reveal of the next-generation hardware at the time.

This impressive-looking video followed on from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and was just ahead of the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The mainline Zelda games that did make it to the Wii U in the end included Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild.

E3 2021 could potentially be just as exciting this year – with many (including us) hoping to see the sequel to Breath of the Wild. It is Link’s 35th anniversary after all. There have also been rumours about Wind Waker and Twilight Princess making a return.

Do you have any memories of watching this HD Zelda clip in 2011? Would you like to see a Zelda game that looked like this in the future? Leave a comment down below.

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