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Clarence Thomas rejected an emergency request to block the mask requirement despite the Court’s willingness to disrupt other Covid-related regulations

Clarence Thomas rejected an emergency request to block the mask requirement despite the Court's willingness to disrupt other Covid-related regulations
The request was brought by a man seeking to leave Florida by airplane, who said his Generalized Anxiety Disorder prevented him from wearing a mask.
While the Supreme Court has been willing to disrupt other coronavirus-related regulations, particularly as they affected religious gatherings, there was no apparent appetite for disturbing the public transportation mask mandate.
The request was filed with the Supreme Court on Monday by Lucas Wall, who was unable to board a flight last month from Orlando because of his unwillingness to wear a mask. His court filings said that, due to the mask mandate, he has since been “stranded” at his mother’s residence in The Villages, a retirement community in central Florida. He said that that the federal mask requirement for travel would prevent him from taking a flight he planned to Germany later this week.
He alleged the policy, which was implemented by the Biden administration soon after the President’s inauguration, was unconstitutional and that it violated various regulatory authorities.
Thomas considered the request as he oversees the appeals circuit that includes Florida, where Wall’s initial lawsuit was filed. Thomas denied the request for a Supreme Court intervention without any additional explanation.

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Reports: Britney Spears’ request to have father removed from conservatorship denied

A judge has rejected Britney Spears’ request to have her father removed from her conservatorship, according to multiple reports. But that is not the final step in the battle that took a dramatic turn last week when the singer spoke publicly in court about the conservatorship that controls her life and money.

Reports: Britney Spears' request to have father removed from conservatorship denied

James Spears serves as co-conservator of his daughter’s finances, and also had control of her life decisions for most of the conservatorship. He currently serves as co-conservator of her finances.

Los Angeles Superior Court documents indicate the judge on Wednesday denied the request from the singer’s attorney to remove James Spears as conservator, according to Variety and NBC News.

“The conservator’s request to suspend James P. Spears immediately upon the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company of California as sole conservator of estate is denied without prejudice,” court documents read, published in Variety.

But Variety notes that those documents are not in direct response to last week’s hearing in which Spears told the judge that she wants to end the “abusive” case that has made her feel demoralized and enslaved. The website says Spears has not yet filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship.

Variety reports Wednesday’s documentation was for the judge to approve Bessemer Trust as the co-conservator.

Meanwhile, James Spears has asked the court to investigate Britney’s statements. James Spears emphasized in a pair of documents filed late Tuesday night that he has had no power over his daughter’s personal affairs for nearly two years.

His filing says the court must investigate “serious allegations regarding forced labor, forced medical treatment and therapy, improper medical care, and limitations on personal rights.”

“Given the nature of the allegations and claims, it is critical that that the court confirm whether or not Ms. Spears’ testimony was accurate in order to determine what corrective actions, if any, need to be taken,” the documents said.

The conservatorship was put in place as Britney Spears underwent a mental health crisis in 2008. She has credited its initial establishment with saving her from financial ruin and keeping her a top flight pop star.

Her father and his attorneys have emphasized that she and her fortune, which court records put at more than $50 million, remain vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. Under the law, the burden would be on Spears to prove she is competent before the case could end.

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Tyson Fury attacks Deontay Wilder for £20m request to 'move over' for Anthony Joshua fight

Tyson Fury attacks Deontay Wilder for £20m request to 'move over' for Anthony Joshua fight

There was always an agreement in place for a third fight to take place between the pair and there were originally plans for that to happen in December last year.

When those plans fell through, Fury’s camp are said to have been convinced that the clause for a third fight had expired and allowed him to move on and look to secure a deal with Joshua.

But the ruling from the arbitration now suggests otherwise, throwing a spanner in the works for Fury’s proposed fight with Joshua in a few months.

The 32-year-old has now responded to the latest developments by calling out Wilder over his supposed demands.

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Nintendo Actually Responded To A Fan Request Asking For Rayman In Smash

Nintendo Actually Responded To A Fan Request
One of the most popular playable character requests for Super Smash Bros. over the years has been Ubisoft’s Rayman.

While he’s already been added to Nintendo’s all-star brawler as a spirit and trophy, the chances of him joining as a playable character seem far less likely – especially now that Ubisoft isn’t making much use of him, and considering the fact Sakurai only has a few slots remaining in the second Fighters Pass.

This hasn’t stopped one fan, though, from requesting Ubisoft’s beloved mascot. The New Zealand-based Smash fan – who goes by the name CallMeKorora on Twitter – sent off a letter to Nintendo of America last year – requesting Rayman in Smash, and surprisingly, Nintendo actually responded.

In short – while there’s no clear “yes” or “no” line, the Nintendo representative was more than happy to forward the suggestion to the “other departments” within the company. Sure, it might not really pass the message on, but the letter itself is rather neat. It also included some free bookmarks!

There has been a lot of talk about adding Rayman to Smash Bros. games in the past as a playable fighter, and even Ubisoft said it was all for it a number of years ago:

Would you like to see Rayman one day join Nintendo’s famous fighting game series? Share your thoughts down below.

Biden budget request calls for major investments in cybersecurity, emerging technologies

Biden budget request calls for major investments in cybersecurity, emerging technologies

President Biden[1] called for over $ 1.3 billion in cybersecurity funds as part of his proposed budget request sent to Congress on Friday, along with major investments in emerging technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence. 

The budget proposal was submitted in the wake of two of the largest cyber espionage attacks in U.S. history, including what has become known as the SolarWinds hack, which likely involved Russian hackers and compromised at least nine federal agencies and 100 private-sector groups. 

In an effort to combat these rising threats, Biden requested a budget increase of $ 110 million for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along with $ 20 million to establish a “cyber response and recovery fund” at the Department of Homeland Security.


CISA is one of the key federal groups leading the response to both the SolarWinds hack and recently uncovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server, which allowed at least one state-sponsored Chinese hacking group to access thousands of businesses.

CISA was previously given $ 650 million in the recently approved COVID-19 relief bill, an amount that CISA leadership described as a “down payment” to meet its needs[2]

“This funding would allow CISA to enhance its cybersecurity tools, hire highly qualified experts, and obtain support services to protect and defend Federal information technology systems,” Biden’s budget proposal, submitted to Congress by the Office of Management and Budget, reads. 

Additionally, the budget proposal recommends $ 500 million for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) at the General Services Administration in order to strengthen federal cybersecurity and replace aging systems, and allocates $ 750 million for reserve funds to strengthen agency information security.

The funds would be in addition to $ 1 billion recently allocated to the TMF program by the COVID-19 relief package. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the significant cyber incident impacting agencies through products such as SolarWinds, continue to highlight the urgent need to modernize Federal technology, with particular emphasis on mission essential systems and citizen-facing digital services,” the proposal reads. 


Biden also proposed extensive investments in emerging technologies, including through proposing the establishment of a directorate for technology, innovation and partnerships at the National Science Foundation. The organization would prioritize research and developments in fields including quantum computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and cybersecurity. 

Biden last week called for the establishment of the technology-focused directorate by including $ 50 billion to fund the organization in his proposed infrastructure package.[3]

The Commerce Department’s research and development around emerging technologies was also prioritized in the budget proposal. 

The budget proposes increasing the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) annual appropriations by $ 128 million to further drive research and innovation around emerging technologies. 

Additionally, it would give the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) $ 39 million to help spur development and deployment of broadband and 5G wireless technologies.

The funding proposal comes amid growing bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for investment in cybersecurity and emerging technologies, particularly in the face of threats from Russian and China.

The Biden administration has teased several measures it intends to take in responding to recent cyber espionage incidents, including an upcoming executive order meant to strengthen federal cybersecurity. A more specific response to Russia for its alleged involvement in the SolarWinds attack will also be announced in “weeks, not months” to come, according to White House officials.


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Chelsea hit with Erling Haaland transfer delay as Tuchel makes Abramovich request

Chelsea hit with Erling Haaland transfer delay as Tuchel makes Abramovich request

Chelsea join wonderkid race

Chelsea have reportedly joined Manchester United and Barcelona in the race to sign Valencia wonderkid Fabio Blanco.

The three clubs are battling it out to land the 17-year-old, according to Spanish publication AS.

Right winger Blanco has been dubbed ‘the new Ferran Torres’ due to similarities with his former Valencia club-mate, who joined Manchester City in the summer.

He currently plays for the La Liga club’s under-19 side and will be out of contract this summer.

That has alerted Chelsea as well as United and Barcelona – while Real Madrid, City, AC Milan and Juventus are also reported to be interested.

CDC rejects cruise company request to sail in July

CDC rejects cruise company request to sail in July

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shot down calls from the cruise industry to allow business to restart in July, saying it would stick to its original plan of letting cruises resume in November.

USA Today reported[1] that the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) asked the CDC to lift its “framework for conditional sailing order” in order to allow cruise ship sailing to resume in July.

“The outdated CSO [framework for conditional sailing order], which was issued almost five months ago, does not reflect the industry’s proven advancements and success operating in other parts of the world, nor the advent of vaccines, and unfairly treats cruises differently,” Kelly Craighead, president and CEO of CLIA, said.


CLIA pointed out that the CDC has not issued further guidance since its last order in October, despite saying it would do so. The cruise organization argued that the cruise industry was experiencing unfair treatment, claiming it is the only sector of the U.S. economy that is still shut down.

CDC spokeswoman Caitlin Shockey said the current order would remain in place until Nov. 1 and that the agency is working on what the next phases should look like.

“Returning to passenger cruising is a phased approach to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19,” Shockey said. “Details for the next phase of the CSO are currently under interagency review.”

Companies have announced the resumption of cruises in other parts of the world. Royal Caribbean in early March announced it would hold a “fully vaccinated” cruise[2]. The cruise line’s newest ship, Odyssey of the Seas, is set to launch from Haifa, Israel, for the first time in May.

Several cruise ships became coronavirus hot spots early in the pandemic, as the virus spread quickly in the contained spaces. Some were forced to remain docked in quarantine, and in one high-profile case, the U.S. Coast Guard initially didn’t allow the [3]Coral Princess to dock[4] after it reported dozens of cases on board.

The close quarters in cruise ships increase the risk of spreading infectious diseases, and Martin Cetron, the director of the division of global migration and quarantine for the CDC, told USA Today that the risk of spreading disease continues when passengers disembark.

“It’s quite clear this is a formula for accelerated introduction, transmission and then accelerated spread,” Cetron said.


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