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British retirees get just 29% of their previous pay as the UK lags the EU – ‘so worrying’

State pension payments may rise by eight percent next year as dramatic earnings predictions were made. The news drew fresh questions on the feasibility...

Pension tax raid: Rishi Sunak's actions may leave retirees with just five years to act

He said: "The rumours swirling about the LTA over the last few days will represent a worry for pension savers across the country. "Pensions by...

Pension planning: Lifetime ISA 'rules for retirement' shared as retirees struggle with tax

In April, HL surveyed 2,000 people and the results showed almost half of basic rate taxpayers don’t know the most tax-efficient way to save...

Pension credit claims pushed as the number of retirees living in poverty tops 2 million

Pension income issues have been prevalent for a number of years as large swathes of the retired population struggle to get by. This issue...

Early retirement 'unwelcome drama' for nearly half of early retirees forced out of work

Nearly half of early retirees were forced out of work by poor health or redundancy, new research from retirement specialist Just Group has found....

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