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Former Oklahoma City Thunder employee turned in by coworkers pleads guilty in US Capitol riot

Former Oklahoma City Thunder employee turned in by coworkers pleads guilty in US Capitol riot
Danielle Doyle, 37, pleaded guilty to illegally demonstrating inside the US Capitol on January 6 and agreed to pay $ 500 in restitution for damage done to the building during the riot. Prosecutors have cut the same deal for other defendants that face similar allegations to Doyle, who was not violent or destructive inside the building.
Doyle’s plea comes in a flurry of deals involving defendants that face lesser charges, with two more defendants scheduled to plead guilty later this week.
The charges have a potential maximum of six month in jail, though it is likely Doyle will be ordered to serve much less, or even no jail time, when she is sentenced in October. Only two rioters have been sentenced so far, one of whom received jail time.
Federal prosecutors identified Doyle after two of her former coworkers at the Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma’s NBA team, reported her to the FBI after they noticed her in CNN video of the riot. Employees for the team had circulated a video of the clip, which showed Doyle inside the Capitol, according to a filing supporting her arrest.
A review of Doyle’s LinkedIn profile shows that she worked for the team from 2010 to 2020 in ticket sales, and the organization confirmed to CNN in March that she had resigned in December 2020 to take a position elsewhere.
Investigators also found surveillance footage allegedly showing Doyle climbing through a broken window and walking down a staircase and through a hallway in the overrun Capitol building.
Fifteen other rioters have pleaded guilty so far in the massive federal investigation, according to CNN’s reporting.

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Riot police and 20 arrests as London goes wild after England win – fans surfing off BUSES

Riot police and 20 arrests as London goes wild after England win - fans surfing off BUSES

The Three Lions dispatched the Danes 2-1 in a tense game to secure their place in the final of Euro 2020. England’s heroes will now face Italy on Sunday at 8pm at Wembley in what will be their first appearance in the final of a major football tournament since the 1966 World Cup. After the game, thousands of fans spilled onto the streets of central London as they raucously and jubilantly celebrated the win.

One video posted to Twitter showed fans congregating in Piccadilly Circus, where they were met by a heavy police presence.

Fans scaled traffic lights and phone boxes, waved St George flags, sang songs and partied hard, as riot police looked on.

In another clip, a number of fans were filmed dancing on the top of a red double-decker bus in central London.

One person proceeded to surf off the bus, landing back on terra firms with a bit of a bump and to cheers from onlookers in the crowd.

The antics of fans provoked a mixed reaction on social media.

One user condemned the behaviour of the crowds, saying: “Absolute state of our fan base, why can’t our fans celebrate without being a joke of the footballing world.”

READ MORE: England fans flashed laser pen in Kasper Schmeichel’s face

The force added alleged offences included “common assault, public order and assault on police”.

England’s victory on Wednesday night finally breaks a jinx which has persisted since the beginning of the nineties.

The national team had lost their last three semi-finals – at the Italia World Cup in 1990, at Euro 1996 in England and at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Valorant 3.01 release time and patch notes news as Riot delays update

Valorant 3.01 release time and patch notes news as Riot delays update

Riot Games has confirmed that the delayed 3.01 patch for Valorant will be arriving later today, July 7.

The development team chose to push back the update due to the 4th of July celebrations taking place in North America.

And there is good reason to make such a decision as it means that the full Valorant team can deal with any issues with the upcoming patch.

The good news is that we do know that today will see the new Valorant 3.01 released across all platforms.

There is a good chance that there will be a delay between the Valorant patch going live in North America and the same patch arriving on European servers.

The latest details shared by Riot Games reads: “Patch 3.01 goes out tomorrow (July 7). Expect the usual patch times based on your region.”

Based on what has been shared above, we would expect the Valorant 3.01 patch to land during the morning in North America.

With that in mind and taking references from past launches, the Valorant release time could be set for around 6am PDT.

This will be followed by a wider release, if there are no issues flagged with the current build.

Valorant 3.01 is not expected to offer any new content due to the recent release of Episode 3 Act 1.

But while it won’t be as exciting as trying out a new Agent, gamers can expect some important bug fixes to be included.

We don’t know exactly what they will be but fans will know what needs to be fixed to make Valorant easier to play.

A message from the Valorant patch notes reads: “When we think of VALORANT, we consider every map, weapon, and character to be a part of an ever-changing sandbox where you can use your skill and creativity to overcome any challenge you face.

“We believe VALORANT is at its best when you face a wide variety of unique challenges and are forced to make hard choices about tools and strategies you’ll use to overcome them.

“To that end, we have taken a pass at the entire economy of the game, changing weapon and ability prices so they better suit their impact on a match and allow players to create more dynamic, varied loadouts, and strategies.

“Game-spanning changes like these can be painful as we are asking you all to relearn many things that you’re now comfortable with.

“There will be times when you are forced to make harder choices about what you bring into battle each round or forced to engage with an opponent differently—but just know that your enemies are facing the same challenges.”

Gamers can expect full patch notes to be shared by Riot Games after today’s update has been released.

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Pelosi Will Move to Create a Select Panel to Investigate the Capitol Riot

Pelosi Will Move to Create a Select Panel to Investigate the Capitol Riot

WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday that she would move to create a select committee to further investigate the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, promising a meticulous look into the riot and its root causes after Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan push to form an independent commission to do so.

The effort came after Ms. Pelosi had signaled for weeks that she planned to take matters into her own hands after Republicans thwarted attempts to scrutinize the storming of the Capitol by a mob of Trump loyalists who sought to disrupt Congress’s counting of electoral votes to formalize President Biden’s victory. It would require the approval of the Democratic-controlled House.

“Jan. 6 was a day of darkness for our country,” Ms. Pelosi told reporters. “Our temple of democracy was attacked by insurrectionists. The gleeful desecration of the Capitol resulted in multiple deaths, physical harm to over 140 members of law enforcement and terror and trauma among staff, workers and members.”

Ms. Pelosi had maintained that she preferred that the Senate follow the House’s lead and approve a bill to form a bipartisan commission, modeled after the one that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. But with Republicans opposed and many G.O.P. lawmakers working to downplay the riot, she conceded that no longer seemed possible. Fewer than 10 Republicans — the number needed to overcome a legislative filibuster — supported such an inquiry when it came to a vote in the Senate this month.

“It is imperative that we seek the truth,” she said. “It is clear the Republicans are afraid of the truth.”

Creating a select committee would hand Democrats who hold the majority the power to issue subpoenas for witnesses and documents that could reveal crucial facts. It would also all but guarantee that the investigation would take on a highly partisan dynamic on Capitol Hill, where Republicans have argued for months that Democrats are only dwelling on the riot to try to tarnish former President Donald J. Trump and their party.

In 2014, the Republican-controlled House created a select committee to investigate an attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, which Democrats denounced as intended to damage the presidential prospects of Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state. It ultimately became one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigations in history.

Ms. Pelosi said the Jan. 6 committee would investigate the root causes of the riot, including white supremacist ideologies and extremist groups, as well as security failures at the Capitol that allowed it to unfold.

Several investigations into the assault are already underway, but none have a mandate to look comprehensively at the event similar to the fact-finding commissions that scrutinized the attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

But much about that day remains unknown, including: who put explosives outside the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic Parties that drew law enforcement attention away from the Capitol as the crowd grew and became more violent; what was the level of coordination between extremist groups and the Trump supporters who planned the rally that preceded the attack; what Mr. Trump was doing as the mob overtook the Capitol; why the National Guard took more than four hours to respond; and what changes can be undertaken to ensure such an attack never happens again.

“Most of us had our hearts set on an independent bipartisan commission similar to the 9/11 commission — the speaker was very invested in making that happen — we just ran into a brick wall of G.O.P. opposition,” said Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland and a member of Ms. Pelosi’s leadership team. “They apparently see no political mileage in undertaking any inquiry.”

Mr. Raskin, who led the impeachment case against Mr. Trump over a charge of inciting the riot, said his prosecution team was “not able to follow many leads about the president’s organization and mobilization of different groups to participate in the events of that day” and he hoped the select committee could pick up that work.

“We need to learn about how that coalition of extremists came together and who facilitated it and to what extent it’s a threat to us in the future,” he said.

It was not immediately clear who would sit on the committee or who would lead it. Ms. Pelosi said she hoped that Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California and the minority leader, would name “responsible” people to participate.

But Mr. McCarthy, who opposed the formation of an independent inquiry, said Wednesday that he preferred to allow Senate committees that had already been examining the attack to continue, rather than creating the body that Ms. Pelosi was proposing.

“When it comes to what happened on Jan. 6, we want to get to the bottom of that. It’s disgusting what transpired that day,” he said. “Unfortunately, the speaker has always played politics with this. Time and again. She’s never once talked to me about it.”

Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, one of seven Republicans who voted to find Mr. Trump guilty of inciting the insurrection during the Senate’s impeachment trial, also said a select committee was unnecessary.

“Listen, they want to expand this to prosecute the former president — I get it,” he said. “But we need to get politics out of this. The American people need answers. They’ve gotten a lot of them from the Rules Committee and we ought to move on.”

But Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who was ousted from Republican leadership for criticizing of Mr. Trump and was one of only 35 members of her party to back the formation of a commission to investigate the riot, said such a panel was critical.

“It’s really important for us to make sure we have a full investigation into what happened Jan. 6,” she told reporters this week.

Nicholas Fandos contributed reporting.

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New videos show Jan. 6 US Capitol riot from officers' point of view

New videos show Jan. 6 US Capitol riot from officers' point of view

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department released six never-before-seen clips of police body-camera and surveillance footage showing rioters harassing and attacking police on January 6 around the US Capitol.

With several taken from the viewpoint of DC Metropolitan Police officers as they were overrun, the videos are the latest chilling example of how a pro-Trump crowd broke past police into the federal building and disrupted Congress.

While police worked together to protect themselves and the building, hundreds of angry rioters outnumbered them.

Assaulting police is one of the charges the Justice Department has brought against dozens of Capitol riot defendants, among nearly 500 federal criminal cases.

More than a dozen news outlets have spent months seeking access to videos used in court against Capitol riot defendants. Much of the police body-camera footage and surveillance tapes that are now being used in court still haven’t been seen publicly, and judges have just begun ordering the release of tapes used in court in cases in recent days, including the six released on Wednesday.

Another judge on Wednesday in the same courthouse applauded Chief Judge Beryl Howell for ordering video to be released, saying they would show Republican lawmakers how serious the siege was — and that the rioters were far from acting like tourists.

In some of the video clips, police body cameras capture almost an hour of the siege from the officers’ point of view, as police walk through the crowd around the Capitol and the crowd screams insults at them.

Rioters yell at the police “f**king traitors,” “pigs” and “a**holes,” and then a man with a skateboard, who prosecutors say is 21-year-old Grady Owens of Texas, hits police with it.

Owens is charged with six crimes, including assaulting officers with a dangerous weapon, impeding passage through the Capitol and other violence on the grounds. He has pleaded not guilty.

Two more of the newly released clips related to Owens’ case are from an overhead camera in a doorway at the Capitol, showing how rioters continued to push against a police line to get into the building.

In other police body-camera clips released Wednesday, the police line point of view picks up a separate clash where the rioters attacked.

One clip, taken around 2:30 p.m. that day, shows Capitol and DC police officers in a skirmish with a man in a red “Make America Great Again” hat. Police officers then fall to the ground, and the melee continues — with some supporters with their hands up, another wearing a gas mask, an object being lobbed into the air toward police and another man yelling, “Get out!”

Prosecutors say this video captures riot defendant Brian Mock of Minneapolis yelling and shoving a police officer. Mock is also alleged to have kicked an officer on the ground.

In the second clip related to Mock’s case, from four minutes later on January 6, a police officer with a riot shield has been pushed to the ground amid another skirmish with the pro-Trump crowd. The rioters surrounding the Capitol then begin chanting, “USA! USA!” Prosecutors say this showed Mock taking riot shields from officers.

Mock hasn’t been formally indicted at this time. His attorneys have argued he wasn’t assaulting officers — other than a shove and a kick — and instead was encouraging them to leave the scene in front of the Capitol.

One of the officers in the second video bruised his elbow when he fell to the concrete, prosecutors told a judge earlier this week.

A judge in Minnesota, where Mock was initially arrested, had agreed to release him from jail as he awaits trial. But the Justice Department pushed in court over the last week to keep him detained.

Howell, who sits in the Washington, DC, federal courthouse, is still considering whether Mock should stay in jail.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Howell expressed her disgust with the violence of the pro-Trump rioters.

She said she would give “serious consideration to detention” in the case of a person who came to DC to stop Congress’ certification of the presidential election and knocked police officers to the ground. She also cut into the riot as a moment that made the country shudder and made the US “a laughingstock” around the world.

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F.B.I. Is Pursuing ‘Hundreds’ in Capitol Riot Inquiry, Wray Tells Congress

F.B.I. Is Pursuing ‘Hundreds’ in Capitol Riot Inquiry, Wray Tells Congress

WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. is pursuing potentially hundreds more suspects in the Capitol riot, the agency’s director told Congress on Tuesday, calling the effort to find those responsible for the deadly assault “one of the most far-reaching and extensive” investigations in the bureau’s history.

“We’ve already arrested close to 500, and we have hundreds of investigations that are still ongoing beyond those 500,” Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, told the House Oversight Committee.

His assurances of how seriously the agency was taking the attack by a pro-Trump mob came as lawmakers pressed him and military commanders on why they did not do more to prevent the siege despite threats from extremists to commit violence.

“The threats, I would say, were everywhere,” said Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, a New York Democrat who is the chairwoman of the Oversight Committee. “The system was blinking red.”

Ms. Maloney confronted Mr. Wray with messages from the social media site Parler, which she said referred threats of violence to the F.B.I. more than 50 times before the attack on Jan. 6. One message, which Ms. Maloney said Parler had sent to an F.B.I. liaison on Jan. 2, was from a poster who warned, “Don’t be surprised if we take the Capitol building,” and “Trump needs us to cause chaos to enact the Insurrection Act.”

“I do not recall hearing about this particular email,” Mr. Wray replied. “I’m not aware of Parler ever trying to contact my office.”

In hearings before two congressional committees on Tuesday, lawmakers sought new information about the security failures that helped lead to the violence.

At one hearing, Ms. Maloney presented her committee’s research into the delayed response of the National Guard, which showed that the Capitol Police and Washington officials made 12 “urgent requests” for their support and that Army leaders told the National Guard to “stand by” five times as the violence escalated.

“That response took far too long,” Ms. Maloney said. “This is a shocking failure.”

Documents obtained by the committee showed that, beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 6, top officials at the Defense Department received pleas for help from the Capitol Police chief, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington and other officials. But the National Guard did not arrive until 5:20 p.m., more than four hours after the Capitol perimeter had been breached.

“The National Guard was literally waiting, all ready to go, and they didn’t receive the green light for a critical time period, hours on end,” said Representative Ro Khanna, Democrat of California and a member of the committee.

Lawmakers had tough questions for Gen. Charles Flynn, who commands the U.S. Army Pacific, and Lt. Gen. Walter E. Piatt, the director of the Army staff, both of whom were involved in a key phone call with police leaders during the riot in which Army officials worried aloud about the “optics” of sending in the Guard, according to those involved. It was the first time lawmakers had heard from either general.

In their testimony, they described the frantic call in which the chiefs of the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police became agitated as they tried unsuccessfully to get military support while rioters attacked their officers at the Capitol.

“Both speakers on the phone sounded highly agitated and even panicked,” General Flynn recalled.

By contrast, he said, General Piatt was a “calm” and “combat-experienced leader.”

General Piatt has defended his caution in initially advising against sending in the National Guard, telling the committee that he was “definitely concerned” in the days before Jan. 6 “about the public perception of using soldiers to secure the election process in any manner that could be viewed as political.”

He told the committee that National Guard forces were “not trained, prepared or equipped to conduct this type of law enforcement operation.”

“When people’s lives are on the line, two minutes is too long,” General Piatt said. “But we were not positioned for that urgent request. We had to re-prepare so we would send them in prepared for this new mission.”

General Flynn is the brother of Michael T. Flynn, President Donald J. Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser who has emerged as one of the former president’s biggest promoters of the lie of a stolen election.

In submitted testimony, General Flynn said he had not participated in the call but merely overheard portions of it when he entered the room while it was in progress. He said that he had not heard any discussion of political considerations with regard to sending in the Guard.

“I did not use the word ‘optics,’ nor did I hear the word used during the call on Jan. 6, 2021,” he said.

The panel did not hear testimony from the acting chief of the Capitol Police, Yogananda D. Pittman, who declined to attend, citing her need to hear testimony at the other hearing, before the House Administration Committee. Republicans were quick to criticize her decision and repeatedly referred to her absence during the session, which stretched into the evening.

Ms. Maloney said she was also “disappointed,” but she added that Chief Pittman had committed to testifying on July 21.

In a simultaneous session on Tuesday afternoon, the House Administration Committee heard testimony from Michael A. Bolton, the Capitol Police inspector general, and Gretta L. Goodwin, the director of homeland security and justice for the Government Accountability Office.

Mr. Bolton testified about his fourth investigative report into the failures of Jan. 6, which found that the department’s tactical unit did not have access to “adequate training facilities” or adequate policies in place for securing ballistic helmets and vests (two dozen were stolen during the riot); the agency’s first responder unit was also not equipped with adequate less-lethal weapons, among other findings.

Mr. Bolton’s reports found that the Capitol Police had clearer warnings about the riot than were previously known, including the potential for violence in which “Congress itself is the target.” He also revealed that officers were instructed by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to hold off the mob, in part because they feared that they lacked the training to handle the equipment needed to do so.

About 140 officers were injured during the attack, and seven people died in connection with the siege, including one officer who had multiple strokes after sparring with rioters.

“It is our duty to honor those officers who have given their lives but also ensuring the safety of all those working and visiting the Capitol complex by making hard changes within the department,” Mr. Bolton said.

Ms. Goodwin said that some of the command-and-control issues had been flagged by her agency in 2017. But the Capitol Police Board, which oversees the operations of the force, had not acted on the Government Accountability Office’s recommendations or responded to its requests for progress reports.

“As of today, the board has not provided us with any substantive information consistent with the practices noted above,” she said.

At previous hearings on the attack, some House Republicans used the opportunity to try to rewrite the history of what happened on Jan. 6, downplaying or outright denying the violence and deflecting efforts to investigate it.

On Tuesday, some Republicans on the Oversight Committee tried to redirect the inquiry into other topics, calling for investigations of Black Lives Matter protesters or the Biden family.

“I would love to ask about the Durham report, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter’s business dealings in China and a host of other things,” said Representative Jody B. Hice, Republican of Georgia.

The hearings came as Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, highlighted on the Senate floor an assessment from the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security that concluded that adherents to the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon were likely to try to carry out violence, “including harming perceived members of the ‘cabal’ such as Democrats and other political opposition.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said on Tuesday that she was considering moving forward with a select committee to further investigate the Capitol riot.

Ms. Pelosi said her preference was for the Senate to approve a bipartisan commission, but that no longer seemed possible after Senate Republicans blocked it.

“We can’t wait any longer,” she said.

Emily Cochrane and Glenn Thrush contributed reporting.

Author: Luke Broadwater
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Paris riot: Fury against Macron explodes as protesters storm and trash government building

Paris riot: Fury against Macron explodes as protesters storm and trash government building

Outrage at Emmanuel Macron’s civil service reforms has seen riots erupt in the French capital of Paris. Furious Parisian garbage collectors and sewer workers stormed a municipal building in the capital over the French President’s proposed austerity measures. The protesters trashed the building, with footage showing people overturning rubbish containers inside the courtyard.

Trade unions claim the new labour reforms would reduce annual leave and increase working hours.

The austerity measures were approved by Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet back in 2019, prior to the Covid pandemic, with the aim to slash over 120,000 civil service jobs across three years.

French political analyst Anne-Elisabeth Moutet told RT: “It’s not just resistance to change. There’s a guerrilla war between the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and President Emmanuel Macron.

“Macron wants to streamline the finances of the country. He ordered this before the Covid crisis, which has made it much more difficult because we have spent so much.”

JUST IN: Macron savages for ‘posturing’ over Northern Ireland

She added: “He is very unpopular with the people with whom he is unpopular but he still has a fairly important rump of people that will support him. He is very polarising and divisive.

“I think he is worried. The polls are much more narrow and he is within the margin of error in some polls against Marine Le Pen, such as 52 against 48 percent. So yes, he is worried.”

The protest, which took place on Wednesday morning, saw hundreds of furious workers storm a Paris town hall in the French capital’s 13th arrondissement.

The demonstration, which saw entire rooms were ransacked, was organised by the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) trade union.

Regional elections will be held in the country this month and a presidential election is scheduled to take place in 2022.

According to the Politico Poll of Polls, President Macron’s approval rating as of June 2 was at 38 percent.

A total of 58 percent disapprove of Mr Macron, while six percent said they had no opinion.

President Macron’s approval rating has not been above his disapproval rating since December 2017 according to the poll, when the rating rose to 48 percent.

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Valorant Duality Redeem Code Latest from Riot Games

Valorant Duality Redeem Code Latest from Riot Games
With so many people playing Valorant right now, it’s easy to see how issues could arise from a Duality Card giveaway.For those who might have missed it, Riot Games revealed that they were given away a free Duality Player Card, starting this weekend.

However, since the code giveaway began, problems have affected the system to redeem the Duality Card.

This has left gamers a bit flustered, as the Duality Card was only going to be available until June 1 to claim.

The good news is that Riot Games has provided an update regarding the situation, confirming that they have dropped the time limit.

That means there is now no time limit on when you can claim the Duality Card, removing some of the pressure.

The original system provided a Valorant redeem code which could be posted to redeem.playvalorant.com.The Valorant redeem code is YTILAUD – this will unlock the Valorant Duality Card. And the latest information on the current situation reveals that Riot Games are hoping to bring the system back online soon.

The message reads: “We know a lot of you have been trying to claim your free Duality Player Card.

“We’re working with our partners to stabilize the code redemption tool as we continue to experience a high volume of traffic. We’ll be removing the time limit and expiration on the code.

“We will update you once things return to normal.”

Valorant Player Cards are the background pictures that can be unlocked to use for your name in lobbies, or when you load into a match.

“To reiterate; this is because we’re prioritizing quality over speed—VALORANT is a game played on the slimmest of margins and we want to make sure everything we put out has the level of refinement you expect.“That said, expect a new Agent for Patch 3.0. This time around we are throwing in some abilities that should feel familiar to folks who’ve played traditional FPS games their whole lives, but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique within our roster.

“This is an Agent who’s utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.

“Our hope is that the @*&#*&!(&H! #$ &*! *%# &@! *U&^A! “@*!!*(@@*&^” (@&* ^@!^& &@! *&# &^C#^ANG W*^@ $ O )(E&# *[email protected]! S!T#$

“Huh, I’m sorry my keyboard just stopped working there… oh well. The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello.”

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35 Republicans Buck Trump Back Study of Jan 6 Capitol Riot

35 Republicans Buck Trump Back Study of Jan 6 Capitol Riot

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thirty-five House Republicans joined Democrats Wednesday in voting to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, risking the wrath of former President Donald Trump and flouting GOP leaders who condemned the proposal as unfairly partisan and unneeded.

The Republican mavericks were led by New York Rep. John Katko, who wrote the measure with Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss. Katko, that panel’s top Republican, was battling two tides that have overwhelmed Congress in recent years: the nearly overwhelming potency Trump still has among Republicans and a jagged-edged partisanship that often confounds even mundane legislation.

“I encourage all members, Republicans and Democrats alike, to put down their swords for once, just for once, and support this bill,” said Katko.

Most of the 35 GOP defectors were moderates. All 10 Republicans who voted in January to impeach Trump for encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol supported the commission.

The 10 included Katko and Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Trump’s most prominent House GOP critic, though she did not speak during Wednesday’s debate. The vote came a week after her colleagues dumped her from a Republican leadership position for repeatedly criticizing Trump for his role in the attack and his false claims that he lost the election because of widespread voting fraud.

Also voting for the commission were nine of the nearly two dozen Republicans whom Democrats consider prime targets to oust in next year’s elections. Their numbers included a pair of freshmen from South Florida and Katko, a fourth-term Syracuse-area lawmaker who has survived close races before.

A moderate and a former prosecutor, Katko defended the proposed commission as a fair and needed step toward understanding the riot, how it happened and what security improvements the Capitol needs to prevent a future assault.

“This is about fact. It is not partisan politics,” he said pointedly.

The 35 defectors represented a relatively modest but still significant proportion of House Republicans, of whom 175 opposed the legislation. Their defiance underscored the party’s rift as some lawmakers supported an investigation of the shocking and violent Capitol attack while leaders tried to avoid enraging the former president, whose support they believe they’ll need to win House control in the 2022 elections.

The Democratic-run House approved the measure 252-175 and sent it to the Senate, where Democrats face an uphill fight to garner at least 10 Republican “yes” votes they will need to prevail.

Three Republicans spoke in favor of the legislation: Katko and Fred Upton and Peter Meijer of Michigan. The two Michigan lawmakers had also voted to impeach Trump.

If not for resistance by the Capitol Police, “Who knows how many of our heads would have been swinging on those gallows” that members of the mob erected outside the building, Upton said.

Meijer, a freshman, took what seemed veiled shots at Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and some of his GOP colleagues.

Without mentioning names, Meijer said the attack occurred “with the encouragement of prominent elected officials.” He said some who initially criticized the attack “have walked back their words or softened their speech.”

Meijer added, “More troubling, there has been an active effort to whitewash and rewrite the shameful events of that day to avoid accountability.”

Days after the Capitol attack, McCarthy said Trump “bears responsibility” for the rioters’ assault. But he opposed impeachment, eased his criticisms of Trump and opposed creation of the commission. Other Republicans have downplayed the attack, with one comparing the rioters to tourists.

McCarthy did not speak during debate on the bill.

The measure would create a 10-member commission — with five members appointed by each party — to investigate the Capitol riot.

The Associated Press

Author: AP News
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Paris protest: Riot police hurl tear gas at demonstrators as Macron demands end to dissent

Paris protest: Riot police hurl tear gas at demonstrators as Macron demands end to dissent
Riot police in France have clashed with pro-Palestinian protestors on the streets of Paris after large crowds gathered for a banned rally to protest the actions of Israel in Gaza. Flag-waving protestors took the streets of the French capital following six days of heaving fighting between armed Palestinian militants and the Israeli Defence Force which has seen more than 100 killed and left thousands of people in Gaza displaced. 
Footage from the rally captures the moment heavily armed riot police charged the march and forced the Pro-Palestinian protestors to flee under a barrage of tear gas canisters.

French officers with riot shields can be seen running through the smoke as they attempt to disperse the crowd.

Masked protestors can be seen responding by hurling smoke grenades and other missiles back at police.

The rally falls on Nakba Day an annual event to commemorate the exile of Palestinians following the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.

French authorities had banned the demonstration in advance, citing violence at previous Palestinian solidarity demonstrations.

Emmanuel Macron’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin called on the police to ban today’s demonstration earlier in the week.

On Thursday Mr Darmanin tweeted: “I have asked the Paris police chief to ban the protests on Saturday linked to the recent tensions in the Middle East.”

He added: “Serious disturbances to public order were seen in 2014.” 

Jeremy Corbyn was present at the London rally and addressed the crowd with the former labour leader being met with cries of “oh, Jeremy Corbyn.” 

He said: “Think what it’s like being a mother or father and seeing a building bombed in front of you, knowing your family is in there, and you can do nothing.

“It’s our global voices that will give succour, comfort and support in those settlements alongside Gaza and all over the West Bank, East Jerusalem who are suffering at this time.

“End the occupation now. End all the settlements now and withdraw then. End the siege of Gaza now.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed