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Crock-ing off: Dethroned UFC champ Yan blasts ‘b****’ Sterling after rival calls Russian a ‘f***ing moron’ over disqualification

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling have thrown the gloves off over the ex-champ’s disqualification from their now-infamous UFC scrap, with the Russian elaborating on Sterling’s perceived fake injury after being called a “dirty p****”.

Yan was on top in the much-anticipated fight before sending the apparently-concussed Sterling sprawling around the octagon at UFC 259 on March 7, eventually earning a disqualification for what was deemed to have been an illegal knee in the fourth round.

Champion-by-default Sterling has been widely mocked by fighters and fans over his fight-ending reaction to the ill-judged blow, which caused cynics to suggest the incident had given him a positive way out of an encounter he was losing.

“Now I can definitely say that Sterling was feigning,” a revenge-seeking Yan told Championat, adding that he hoped to secure a rematch in May or June.

“When the doctor appeared in the octagon, the judge told him that it was a prohibited strike, and [advised the disqualification].

“And Sterling immediately began to die even more. You saw the kind of theater he set up.

“Barely alive, and then immediately gave interviews so cheerfully, and in the evening with might and main he was already celebrating with his friends.”

‘No Mercy’ had already responded to a post-fight image of Sterling appearing to drink alcohol with friends by expressing sarcastic concern for the bantamweight’s wellbeing and surprise that he had recovered so swiftly.

Sterling inflamed the war of words on Wednesday by posting an animation of cartoon character Homer Simpson appearing confused as he leafed through an instruction manual, adding to Yan: “Hey, did you and your team learn the rules yet?”

That was enough for the bitter rivalry to descend into another round of obscenities and counter-claims.

“Just be grateful, cowardly b***h,” warned Yan, before Sterling hit back: “Grateful that you’re a dirty d*******.

Yan told Sterling to “keep playing victim” and labeled him the “softest fighter on the UFC roster”, to which Sterling replied: “Play victim?

“You really can’t be this dumb, can you? Ahh, I can’t to slap the s*** out of you like the coward you are. You dirty p****.”

Yan published footage from the fight and claimed he only needed “one takedown”, while Sterling boasted that he had been surprised at how easy the fight was and said: “I still outstruck the striker. And you still lost because you’re a f***ing moron.”

In between Yan telling him not to “forget to bring your balls to the octagon this time, b****”, Sterling defended himself against messages from viewers who felt he had been less than honest and performed poorly.

“A lot of stuff looked bad but I was in the fight and the one pressing forward almost the entire time,” he said.

“I hope Yan thinks he was ‘killing me’ from round one to round four. Going to be a complete flip of the script [in a rematch].

“I honestly wasn’t coherent enough at that exact moment [after the illegal strike] to make that decision [to continue]. I appreciate the support and I will be back to make things right.

“It still blows my mind that people think you can actually fake this. I’ve seen guys barely get hit and cop out of fights, yet I’m the actor. I’ll just keep poking at people’s ignorance, albeit at my health’s expense.

“It baffles me that Yan is once apologetic about his ‘mistake’, then says I was faking.

“He disqualified himself. I won on his dirty play. We will pick up where we left off, except this time I won’t be depleted. He gave me an extra life.

“The guy starts attacking me that I was faking?? What the f*** planet do we live on where you can fake that?

“Screw it, he gifted me pay-per-view points. Maybe now I can finally be set for life after the rematch. Joke’s on him.”
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‘You lost because you're a f*cking moron’: Sterling heats up war of words with UFC rival Yan over illegal knee controversy

Nearly two weeks from their controversial fight at UFC 259, there is no sign that the war of words between newly-crowned bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan is set to slow down.

Sterling became the first fighter in UFC history to win a world title as a result of his opponent’s disqualification after Yan was penalized in the fourth-round for a blatantly illegal blow to the American fighter. 
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The title challenger was subsequently declared unfit to continue the fight after taking a hard knee flush to his temple while on one knee inside the cage – a move which is outlawed by the unified rules which govern the sport – with Yan’s subsequent disqualification meaning that he surrendered his world title to Sterling.

The fight was characterized by a months-long social media feud between the two standout 135lb fighters – and that haranguing is showing little sign of abating, with both men apparently refusing to take a backward step in their rivalry.

Yan fired another social media salvo overnight, publishing videos to his Twitter account of him manhandling Sterling at various points throughout the fight, while also mocking submission ace Sterling’s pre-fight declaration in which he suggested that all he had to do to win was take Yan down and the rest would come naturally.

Sterling, though, soon issued his own riposte and countered by saying that he “outstruck” Yan throughout the contest – and told the Russian fighter that he lost because he is a “f*cking moron” for throwing what was a clearly illegal strike during the fight. 

UFC president Dana White indicated in the post-fight press conference that he intends to rebook the Yan vs. Sterling fight as soon as possible to bring some closure to the keenly contested finish of their first meeting – and something tell us that we may have to get used to further Twitter bickering from the two elite bantamweight for a few more months at least. 
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Ronnie O’Sullivan handed GOAT snub as rival John Higgins named snooker’s all-time best

Six-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan has been overlooked in favour of John Higgins for the title of snooker’s greatest ever player, according to a new study. ‘The Rocket’ is widely regarded as one of the finest competitors to have graced the Crucible, but was beaten to the all-time crown by Higgins, who won the most recent meeting between the pair last month.
The 45-year-old registered an impressive 10-3 victory to seal the Players Championship title and condemn O’Sullivan to his fourth successive loss in a final.

Higgins has now claimed another triumph over his old rival after he was named the greatest player of all time as part of a study by the University of Limerick.

The project, led by Joseph D O’Brien, examined close to 48,000 results between 1968 and 2020 before concluding that Higgins stands head and shoulders above the rest.

A complex algorithm weighted results based on the individual quality of opponents and the head-to-head records of leading players.

Higgins was named at the top of the all-time list ahead of O’Sullivan in second place, with Mark Williams and Stephen Hendry occupying third and fourth respectively.

JUST IN: Stephen Hendry won’t want to be ‘made to look silly’ in comeback

However, although the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’ was happy to gain the recognition, he claimed that O’Sullivan would be his own pick.

“I’m truly flattered,” said Higgins. “But I have to admit I have not won enough of the big titles consistently to be regarded as the greatest of all time.

“If I had to give the accolade to anyone it would have to be my rival for so many years…Ronnie!”

Higgins has claimed four World Championship titles over the course of his professional career, while O’Sullivan boasts six, one short of seven-time winner Hendry.


The latter made his long-awaited comeback earlier this month, putting his retirement on hold to pursue another attempt at silverware.

He took on long-time friend Matthew Selt at the Gibraltar Open but was defeated in an anticlimactic return to the table.

O’Sullivan issued his own verdict on the ‘GOAT’ debate last year, suggesting that Hendry could also be considered as the best to have ever played the game.

“If I’m not the greatest player that’s ever played the game, then there’s probably only one other player who can claim that mantle, and that would be Stephen Hendry,” he told Yahoo.

“For me, it’s about just having fun with the game, winning and losing, take that out of it and I have nothing to prove. My CV’s great.

“I’ve got nothing to prove as a snooker player and for me it’s about just having fun, enjoying the game and enjoying being at the tournaments.

“And enjoying knowing that if I did put my head down and played a full schedule, I probably would be still one of the best players and as dominant as anyone could be dominant in their sport.”

Bridges praises ‘tough as f*ck’ rival as ‘Blonde Bomber’ wins on ring return and fans demand big-name fight

Aussie ‘Blonde Bomber’ Ebanie Bridges earned a unanimous decision win over durable rival Carol Earl on her ring return as fans claimed big-name promoters could “sell the sh*t” out of the curvy pugilist for future bouts.

Bridges improved her unbeaten record to 5-0 as she picked up the ANBF Australasian title with victory against the 45-year-old New Zealander Earl in their super bantamweight bout in New South Wales on Saturday.

The bout had been preceded by a typically racy trip to the scales from Bridges – who also works as a math teacher in Sydney – as she stripped down to a blue bikini. That was a stark contrast to Muslim rival Earl, who had undergone her formal weigh-in in the bathroom to allow for her faith.

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When the pair stepped between the ropes at the Bankstown City Paceway on Saturday, it was Bridges who emerged with her hand raised via a decision victory. 

Bridges, 34, was returning from a hiatus of more than one year, and afterwards paid tribute to her 45-year-old rival – who herself was fighting for the first time since April of 2019.

“After 13 months out of the ring I finally got back in there and got the UD win,” the blonde boxer tweeted.

“Full respect to her, she brang it and has a granite chin. Was great to get the rust off and get rounds in the bank. Can’t wait for what’s next.”

As for what does follow her latest trip to the ring, some fans called on big-name Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn to line up a showdown with the winner of the rematch between Britain’s Shannon Courtenay and Rachel Ball in April, with the vacant WBA bantamweight title at stake.

Ball had been due to meet Bridges for the title in November, before the Aussie withdrew with an arm injury. Ball instead faced Jorgelina Guanini, whom she outpointed for the WBC interim title.

On that occasion, the glamorous Bridges had faced accusations that she had earned the title shot due to her “fake boobs” – prompting her to fire back in sarcastic fashion.

After Bridges overcame Earl on Saturday, one fan implored boxing promoter Hearn to promote the Aussie for all she was worth.

“Now it’s on to the winner of [Courtenay] vs [Ball]. [Eddie Hearn] you can sell the sh*t out of this one,” wrote the Twitter user in a message shared by the boxer.  

Bridges’ profile is such that earlier during the Covid pandemic she revealed she had found a bizarre yet lucrative side-hustle selling her training socks to foot-fetish fans.

Desperate punters were even paying up to £500 (US$ 700) for the sweaty items, according to Bridges, who described the buyers as “weirdos.”
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PS5 News: PlayStation 5 restock WARNING, Xbox Series X surprise, new Switch Pro rival

PS5 new is dominated by gamers trying to buy a console from the likes of John Lewis, Currys, Argos and Game.

And the latest restock is happening this week but comes with a PlayStation 5 warning for those hoping to snap up a next-gen gaming machine.

While the likes of Currys and John Lewis are expected to offer more PS5 stock this week, it will likely happen early.

According to one reliable PS5 stock tracker, John Lewis will be offering its next drop very early in the UK.

This is to avoid issues with the John Lewis site crashing whilst customers are trying to buy consoles.

Console hunters are being warned that they will need to be up and ready to purchase a PS5 from 5am GMT onwards.

We don’t have an exact date for the next PS5 stock drop, so customers will need to keep an eye out for updates between March 8 and March 12.

The news was shared online by the PS5 Instant Stock Tracker account on Twitter, who told gamers today:

“John Lewis planned drop next week, very early morning to prevent their site crashing. Very, Currys and AO have been updating their PS5 pages in anticipation of next week

“JL can’t do a reasonable time, their website just can’t take it. They’ve tried 8 am a few times and it’s a horrible experience for everyone.

“They tried 7 am, the website still crashed. The last drop was around 5 am and their website was fine, so I believe around that time.”

And while the PS5 remains one of the leading new consoles to buy, the Xbox Series X has a few surprises too.

Away from the leading Xbox Game Pass subscription service, another quirk has been spotted by owners.

As spotted by gamers this week, Microsoft has started testing the new Edge browser, including on Xbox Series X.

This may also open up the Xbox Series X to perform more functions, with Microsoft confirming last year:

“We’re committed to not only making it easy for developers to bring their Chromium-based extensions into our store, but also to make it simple for users to find them. We will be making a significant update to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons site to make it more visually appealing—new categories, new search capabilities, and a new layout will get those extensions in front of customers. Expect to see this roll out starting this month.”

Other big news this week includes the launch of a new console rival from Nintendo.

The new and improved Nintendo Switch console will reportedly support 4K visuals when docked and will include games Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It should be noted that Nintendo has shared no release date or official announcement, but there is one key thing to remember.

If the Switch Pro is announced, there will probably be similar issues in buying one as we see with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

The base Nintendo Switch console remains out of stock at many UK retailers, and while stock constraints on other products are expected to end later this year, it seems likely that the Nintendo Switch Pro will face similar issues.

Let's talk about six? Rival fans ridicule Liverpool as they slump to new low with SIXTH home loss in a row

Jurgen Klopp’s dreams of a second successive Premier League title have turned into a nightmare after his team suffered their SIXTH home defeat in a row after another Anfield slump, this time against relegation-threatened Fulham.

While some fans may have been wary of saying it out loud, there is now no doubt that the wheels have well and truly come off Klopp’s Liverpool juggernaut after the German’s injury-ravaged team dropped three more home points to Scott Parker’s side to mark their worst run of league form since the 1951-52 season. 
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A Mario Lemina strike towards the end of the first half was enough to seal a famous three points for the Londoners after the Gabonese international seized on a mistake from Mo Salah to squeeze the ball inside Alisson Becker’s right-hand post.

Liverpool made seven changes from the side which lost 1-0 at Anfield to Chelsea on Thursday with the likes of Diogo Jota, Naby Keita and Xherdan Shaqiri drafted into the side – but any hopes that an injection of new blood into the starting lineup may help eradicate their recent woes proved unfounded as the Reds appeared weary and listless throughout. 

And as you might have expected, fans on social media didn’t go easy on them.

Incredibly, Liverpool had gone 68 home league matches without defeat before beginning their run of defeats against Burnley in January. Since then they have emerged from games at Anfield with Brighton, Manchester City, Everton, Chelsea and now Fulham without a single point to show for their efforts.

This time a year ago, Liverpool went 22 points clear at the summit of the Premier League table after a home win against Bournemouth as they marched towards their first Premier League title in three decades – but just 12 months later, Liverpool’s form is among the worst in the English top division and they risk missing out on Champions League qualification altogether.

The negative statistics keep piling up, too. Liverpool have yet to score a home goal from open play this year while it is now fourth months since they kept a clean sheet at their previously impenetrable home ground. 

And in a season which promised so much, nowadays Liverpool must arrest the decline into mediocrity – after all, the last time this happened it was another 30 years before they won the league again. 
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