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Prince Charles set for ‘seismic’ royal tour to make ‘big noise’ in support of climate

Prince Charles set for 'seismic' royal tour to make 'big noise' in support of climate

Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers sees Prince Charles taking an “absolutely massive” move on climate change as the royal could visit China next year. Mr Myers notes how the Prince of Wales has already been mingling with international leaders at major events to talk about climate change. While nothing has been officially confirmed, Xi Jinping has extended an invitation to Charles, 72, to visit and talk with major Chinese CEOs about climate change next year.

Speaking on Pod Save the Queen, Mr Myers looked at Prince Charles’ recent speech at UN Biodiversity Conference hosted in China.

The future king called for the world’s biggest polluters to pay more to tackle climate change.

The heir charmed over attendees when he spoke in Mandarin – and was invited by Xi Jinping to speak in 2022.

Charles attended the event virtually and urged China to join the Sustainable Market Initiative.

Mr Myers looked at how Charles could continue the debate when he ascends the throne, commenting: “I think it’s very, very interesting.

“This is starting a conversation that he’s obviously trying to take globally so we may see him in China next year.

“And that will be absolutely massive because if he is, as the next head of state, a big noise on the international stage.

“We’ve seen him talking at Davos, we’ve seen him talking to UN leaders.

The prince said at the UN event: “China is, of course, critical to our shared future on this planet.

“It is, therefore, my great hope that, together, we will be able to work towards establishing a China Council as part of my Sustainable Markets Initiative….in order to help accelerate the green economy globally.

“This Initiative aims to help find immense and accelerating solutions to the practical problems posed by climate change, and to scale them up to promote the global cooperation which is critical to achieving a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

“I am delighted that we now have an opportunity to engage with you all as representatives of the Chinese private sector.”

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Royal Family LIVE: Relaxed Kate and William ignored long list of rules handed to guests

Royal Family LIVE: Relaxed Kate and William ignored long list of rules handed to guests

Queen Elizabeth has given permission for Buckingham Palace to be lit up in green to celebrate the Earthshot prize awards ceremony.

Later today, Prince William and his judges will give a £1 million prize to five different green entrepreneurs, inventors and project managers as part of the first-ever Earthshot Prize awards ceremony.

Divided into five categories created for the occasion (the restoration and protection of nature, air cleanliness, ocean revival, waste-free living and climate action), the winners will inaugurate the competition.

The Earthshot Prize is expected to last until 2030 and will award £5m every year.

Showing support for the prize, Buckingham Palace literally turned green with new lighting on Saturday evening.

On Instagram, the official account of the Royal Family reminded its 10m followers that the prize was “created by The Duke of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation” and “has led a worldwide search for the most inspiring and innovative solutions to the environmental challenges facing us all.”

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Beaming Queen in royal blue ditches her walking stick for Champions Day at Ascot

Beaming Queen in royal blue ditches her walking stick for Champions Day at Ascot

The Monarch attended the prestigious racecourse in Berkshire for the QIPCO British Champions Day. The Queen appeared to have ditched a walking stick she used when attending a service at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, alongside Princess Anne.

Her Majesty also wore a pair of black gloves and mid-height heels ahead of the Champions Day, considered one of the “most prestigious events in the British sporting calendar”.

It comes after The Queen, 95, made a rare public intervention on the climate change crisis during a visit to the Welsh Parliament.

She told Presiding Officer Elin Jones that she was ”’irritated” by people who “talk but don’t do” when tackling the climate change crisis. 

The Queen’s remarks emerged in clips of a conversation filmed on a smartphone during a reception following the opening of the Welsh Senedd on Thursday.

It is rare for the Queen’s thoughts on a political topic to be made public and her comment was made during an unguarded moment.

Royal biographer Penny Junor said the Queen’s view was not “controversial” and echoes the frustration of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge.

Ms Junor added of the Queen’s comments: “I think what she’s said is really not controversial at all, it’s what most people are thinking.

“Charles has been banging his head against a brick wall on this for years, William is out there banging his head and I think it’s absolutely fair enough that she should say what she feels.”

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“After nearly 70 years on the throne she’s not going to suddenly break a tradition of a lifetime, which is to always be above politics.

“It’s a fair point to say she likes people to get on with things, something I think would have been much supported by Prince Philip as well.”

However, in the lead up to the COP26 climate change conference, the anti-monarchy group Republic has said the royals do not deserve any praise for supporting the environment.

Graham Smith, chief executive officer of Republic which campaigns for an elected head of state, criticised the monarchy’s stance on environmental issues.

He said: “The royals need to be challenged on their ‘do as we say’ attitude. They cannot seriously lecture the rest of us on the need to change how we live when they expect to travel by helicopter, private jet and royal train.

“The hypocrisy is staggering, and allowing people like Charles and William to portray themselves as environmentalists will only harm the cause of tackling climate change.”

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Prince Philip ‘fell in love’ with dessert in Iceland – used often at royal dinner parties

Prince Philip ‘fell in love’ with dessert in Iceland – used often at royal dinner parties

The Queen’s husband passed away at Windsor Castle in April aged 99, two months before his 100th birthday. Britain’s longest serving royal consort was well known as an adventurer and keen sportsman. He was stationed around the world with the Royal Navy and later launched his eponymous Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. However, Philip was also known to enjoy less strenuous pastimes such as gardening and cooking.

His grandson, Prince Harry, paid tribute to Philip in April, saying he was the “master of the barbecue”.

Someone else who fondly remembered the late Duke’s culinary passions was chef Darren McGrady.

The 59-year-old was personal chef to the Queen, Princess Diana, the Prince of Wales, and princes’ William and Harry for 15 years.

Now based in Dallas, Texas, he has also cooked for US Presidents, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Speaking in an unearthed video recorded the week after Philip died, Mr McGrady revealed that the late royal had a sweet tooth.

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In the video, which has now been viewed more than 500,000 times, the chef described Philip’s favourite pudding.

The simple dish, known as crepes Islandaise, is composed of very thin pancakes filled with jam and cream.

Philip first encountered the variety of crepes at a banquet in Iceland and enjoyed the pudding so much he asked for the recipe.

McGrady said: “He attended a banquet in Iceland and he loved this dish so much he asked for the recipe and then when he got it he sent it down to the kitchens.

“He was so excited that he’d got this recipe for the royal chefs to prepare.

McGrady said: “He had these plums that grew at Balmoral that just were amazing.

“Often you’d see him in the garden just stood there picking these gorgeous Victoria plums.”

He added: “The Victoria plums in the Balmoral gardens make the best plums – I know it was one of the Duke’s favourites.”

The chef also revealed that the first time he met Philip he mistook the royal for a gardener, having just recently joined the kitchen team at Balmoral.

He said: “This old man came in in tatty clothing, a real tatty sweater with all the elbows falling apart, and I thought he was the gardener.”

Mr McGrady said the man had requested to see the head chef.

He added: “So, I went off into the larder, found the chef. I said ‘Chef, the gardener is looking for you’. He said, ‘the gardener, at this time of night?’

“Well, we walked back into the kitchen together and the head chef said ‘Good evening your Royal Highness’ and I suddenly realised it was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.”

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