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Queen Elizabeth enjoys exclusive passport perk which younger royals do not

Once any Royal Family member ascends to the throne, UK passports will be printed in their name and thus they will no longer require their own travel document.

Until then, though, they face all the same border checks as every other traveller – this includes visa applications when visiting specific nations.

In 2014, for example, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge had to apply for a passport for Prince George’s first-ever overseas trip when he was just a few months old.

Of course, Royal Family members do get to enjoy some travel perks.

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'Dull as Prince William' John Cleese aims jibe at royals as he bemoans Euro 2020 matches

They told the actor: “First games are often cagey and International teams have less time together so work primarily on tactical shape and preventing the opposition scoring. 

“Attacking tactics are more complex and take more time. But I think it’s been pretty entertaining so far. Hang in there.”

John replied: “Thank you.

“I did enjoy the first 20 minutes of the England match

“But is there no limit to the amount of predictable square and back passing that we can tolerate ?”

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Gogglebox star Mary Killen says 'Queen is without ego' as royals 'grapple' with duty

During the programme, Giles took a cheeky jibe at Mary’s expense which left viewers shocked.

With the octopus slowly dying on screen, Gogglebox’s Lee explained: “So you have sex, have baby, and then pop your clogs.

Giles and Mary then appeared on the screen, with the former taking a swipe.

“She’s served her purpose,” Giles remarked, following the film’s ending.

Mary commented: “Oh that’s sad though.”

“And yet you’re still alive,” Giles quipped.

Gogglebox airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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Kate Middleton and William skip protocol in 'breakthrough' video: Royals 'just like us'

Despite their roles in growing in the Royal Family, Judi claimed they have chosen to show their light-hearted side.

She suggested the choice of clips in the montage suggest they are happy to share jokes with each other and the public.

The expert added: “This might be an important point currently.

“So much has been spoken about royal ‘duty’ recently and even the idea that William is somehow ‘trapped’ in royal life.

“But what Kate and William have chosen to show here is a very close couple having fun with one another and with us.

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Prince Philip 'saddened' as royals 'portrayed as a soap opera' amid Megxit, says Brandreth

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“That’s the general rule in life, he was interested, the Duke of Edinburgh, surprisingly, in so many different things than you’d expect – from the caricature view that people have of him.

“But he was interested, for example, in the work of [Carl] Jung, he was interested in wellbeing and mental health the Duke of Edinburgh.

“And he read a lot of Jung, and Jung looked at the history of his patients towards the end of his career and came to the conclusion that the happiest of his patients were people who were outward looking people, who didn’t look down in, but up and out. 

“And the Duke of Edinburgh’s philosophy is, look up and out, take an interest in the world around you, and an interest in art, and nature, and science.


'Stay off Oprah!' Piers Morgan issues warning to royals after advice from Prince Philip

Piers Morgan, 56, has compiled Prince Philip’s 10-point guide to royal survival after reflecting on the Duke’s words of wisdom over the years following his death at the age of 99. The outspoken presenter insisted that the late royal’s advice should be his legacy for each member of the royal family, before taking another swipe at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Piers began by praising the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen Mother’s shared “tough, uncompromising, stoic, and resolutely silent” attitude to royal life.

He then took a thinly-veiled dig at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, by arguing: “Many of the younger royals that followed them have behaved very differently – emoting on television, playing the victim, wallowing in self-pity, complaining about their regally gilded lives, and getting themselves into all manner of lurid scrapes that have damaged the family’s reputation.”

Piers cryptically added: “As his mourning family prepare to gather this Saturday to say goodbye to one of its greatest figures at his funeral, they would all do well to heed his advice.

“I won’t name individuals for any specifically pertinent points, but they’ll know who they are…”

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Piers went on to recall Prince Philip’s words about how royals should conduct themselves during TV interviews.

Quoting the Queen’s husband, he penned: “‘Give TV interviews, by all means,’ Philip said. ‘But don’t talk about yourself.’”

Piers then shared the Duke’s reported opinions on Meghan and Harry’s decision to speak about their experiences as senior royals in their interview with Oprah.

Quoting Philip’s biographer and long-time friend, Gyles Brandreth, he continued in his latest MailOnline column: “Gyles Brandreth said the Duke thought Meghan and Harry’s decision to grant their friend Ms Winfrey a lengthy prime-time US TV audience was ‘madness’ and ‘no good would come of it.’ 


“Whenever it mattered, there he was; indomitable, steely-eyed, jut-jawed.”

Piers has been very vocal about disbelieving the comments Meghan made while speaking to Oprah about how her mental health had suffered after she joined the Royal Family.

The former Good Morning Britain host has also dismissed the Duchess’ comments about the racism she faced.

Piers got into a row with his ITV co-star Alex Beresford about Meghan’s interview before storming off the set.

He then shared his decision to quit his hosting role on the programme.

Ofcom had received a record-breaking number of complaints before ITV bosses held discussions with Piers about disbelieving Meghan in an on-air rant.

Piers recently told Tucker Carlson on FOX News while discussing his GMB departure: “I was hired by ITV to do the morning show because they were struggling with the ratings, they wanted me to shake things up… I was a highly opinionated person and they knew that. 

“Over five years we trebled the ratings and the last day ironically was the first day we beat the BBC.

“Instead I was corralled into a position that ‘You’ve got to apologise… or your position is untenable.'” 

Prince Philip will: The royals who could inherit his staggering £24million estate

Prince Philip had died at the age of 99, it has been confirmed. He was the Duke of Edinburgh and was married to the Queen for 73 years.

He reportedly had a fortune of around £24million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Prince Philip earned this from his former career in the navy and as a working member of the Royal Family, receiving a salary of around £400,000 a year from the Sovereign Grant.

Along with the Queen, he reportedly had money in a portfolio of stocks and an expensive art collection.

As these are shared with the Queen, it is likely she will keep hold of the assets.

He was the father of four children, Prince Charles, 71, Princess Anne, 69, Prince Andrew, 60, and Prince Edward, 56.

It is likely they will also get a share of his assets.


Prince Philip was given the title of the Duke of Edinburgh on the day of his wedding on November 20, 1947.

While the title will officially be returned to the crown now, it is thought his youngest son, Prince Edward, will soon inherit it.

Before he retired, Prince Philip was president and patron of roughly 800 organisations.

Many of these roles were taken over by Prince Edward when his father retired and he will reportedly take on more roles once held by the King Consort.

As Prince Philip was not the ruling monarch, the line of succession has not changed.

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Camilla 'let Charles shine in Greece' after he was 'eclipsed by Diana on royals tours'

The expert said: “His delight looks tangible as he is awarded a gold medal by his hosts and his evening suit looks especially sharp and stylish.

“The way that he is holding his arms out in an empty embrace as he speaks suggests a desire to entertain and to bask in the fact that he is the centre of attention.”

Despite the challenges posed by carrying out a royal tour during a pandemic, the couple still managed to make a strong impression, Judi claimed.

She also claimed Charles and Camilla seemed to mirror one another more than they have on previous tours.