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3 kilo per person: Russians projected to eat record amount of ice cream in 2021

3 kilo per person: Russians projected to eat record amount of ice cream in 2021

“These people will never be defeated,” UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill said during his visit to Moscow in the harsh winter of 1944, according to a popular legend.

The comment was allegedly made on the way to an official meeting with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, when Churchill saw a group of Muscovites eating ice cream on a snowy street through his car window.

As the years went by, Russians’ love for the cooled dessert didn’t wither, but kept on growing, gradually becoming a passion.

According to the Russian Agricultural Bank, consumption of ice cream in Russia is set to increase to 3.1 kilograms per person, marking a growth of 1%, a record high over the past decade.
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“The amount of ice cream consumption in Russia at the end of the current year will increase to 448,000 tons, or 3.1 kg per capita,” experts from the Center for Industry Expertise, affiliated with the lender, said.

Last year, Russians consumed 444,000 tons of the sweet cooling dessert, or three kilo per person, marking a 9% year-on-year growth.

“The surge in consumption would be a continuation of the gradual increase in demand over the past 10 years,” the analysts said, stressing that Russian ice cream producers could further ramp up exports taking into account the seasonal factor of ice cream consumption in Russia.

In 2020, Russian manufacturers reportedly produced 451,000 tons of ice cream, marking an 8% growth compared to the previous year. The experts expect the output to grow to 463,000 tons by the end of the current year.
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Exports of Russian ice cream grew eightfold, from 3,000 tons in 2010 to 26,000 tons last year. Sales of Russian ice cream abroad are expected to increase 15% to a record 30,000 tons by the end of 2021. Kazakhstan, the biggest importer of Russian ice cream, boosted imports by 27%, to 11,200 tons in 2020.

The growth totaled 2% to $ 20 million in monetary terms. The US, the second major consumer of Russian ice cream, reportedly tripled imports, having purchased 3,800 tons, worth $ 9.2 million, in 2020.

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Official admits feeling ‘pressure’ as anti-doping

A Polish official who removed a Russian player’s flag during the World Draughts Championship in Warsaw has said he is “truly sorry” – while the World Anti-Doping Agency has insisted it did not order the move to be made mid-match.

The world anti-doping watchdog confirmed that it ordered the Russian flag to be removed in order to comply with a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which has banned Russia’s national symbols at major sports events for a two-year period.

Bosses have insisted that the request didn’t imply immediate action was required, even though the Russian tricolor was removed mid-game in a distraction for Russian finalist Tamara Tansykkuzhina that was said to have cost her a round.

WADA did not intend and did not ask for the flags to be removed during a match,” the body told Reuters in a statement. “The manner in which they were removed is not a question for WADA.”

The incident happened at the showpiece on Tuesday, when Tansykkuzhina’s national flag was abruptly taken off the table on which the championship final was being played, causing a scandal that drew responses from sporting chiefs in both countries and the Kremlin.

Six-time world champion Tansykkuzhina and her Polish opponent, Natalia Sadovskaya, were battling for the world draughts crown when match secretary Jacek Pawlicki stepped in, explaining that he was acting on a call from WADA.

He later apologized for the incident that saw a political row break out, admitting that WADA’s order could have been handled differently.

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There’s this position on the board called ‘zugzwang’, which means there’s no good move to make… and that’s what we had yesterday: a zugzwang,” he said.

Maybe we should’ve turned off the cameras at that moment. We didn’t think of that. We were really under pressure and we were afraid.

“I’m sure that many Russians are upset and for that I am truly sorry. We never had any bad intentions.”

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Half of Russians voice support for public use of new digital ruble – poll

One in every two Russians, according to the latest poll, will welcome the use of the digital ruble – the new form of national currency that is currently under development by the country’s central bank.

At the same time, every fifth respondent indicated they are adamantly opposed to the new form of money, which is set to coexist with cash and non-cash rubles.A concept for the digital ruble was presented by the Bank of Russia earlier this week.

The regulator said that the prototype would be created by the end of the year. The digital ruble will be issued by the regulator, and will be backed by traditional money, thus eliminating risks.

“The data of the business school shows that 14% of respondents will definitely use the digital ruble,” the Skolkovo Centre for Research in Financial Technologies and Digital Economy, which carried out the survey, said.
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According to the report, 36% of people polled said ‘rather yes,’ when responding to the question, whether they want to use the digital ruble.

“Only 38% of respondents spoke against the new form of national currency, with only 22% flatly refusing to use the digital ruble,” the survey revealed.

Strong demand for the new product mostly results from Russians’ commitment to innovations in the sphere of digital, according to Egor Krivosheya, head of research at the center.

“Various surveys show that our country is currently among the leading ones when it comes to the penetration of financial innovations, with the share of people who use advanced solutions, like mobile banking or contactless payments, totaling up to 80%,” he said.

The analyst added that some Russians still don’t want to use new payment tools, mostly by force of habit as well as due to lack of trust in technology and the banking system.

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‘This just doesn’t happen’: Joy for 16yo Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva & Trusova as Russians rule figure skating world champs (VIDEO)

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva shed tears as she thrilled her huge global fanbase by scooping silver on a remarkable night for Russia at the World Figure Skating Championships, finishing second to 16-year-old phenomenon Anna Shcherbakova.

Six years after she last competed at the World Championships in Shanghai, Tuktamysheva was overwhelmed by emotion as she made a triumphant return in Stockholm, finishing on 220.46 points.

A relative veteran at the age of 24, Tuktamysheva was unable to overhaul sensation Shcherbakova, who followed in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Alena Kostornaia, to ensure a teenage Russian took the world title for the eighth successive year.

Another 16-year-old, Alexandra Trusova, produced an exhilarating comeback to win bronze and secure a clean sweep on the podium for Russia, attempting five quads as she won the free skate small gold medal and finished with 217.20 points, 3.26 behind Tuktamysheva.

Each of the three dropped at least one spot in their free skates, including Shcherbakova, who was grounded on a quadruple flip but hit back with seven triple jumps including a triple Lutz-triple loop combination.

“I’m really not satisfied with my performance,” Shcherbakova said afterwards, despite her justified grin. “I’m really happy that I’m first overall because it was my goal.

“It was a real fight for me because, from the first element, everything was not like I wanted and in every [remaining] element I understood that I [had to] try to do my best on the element and not lose points.”

Disputes over the scoring continued to rage online, although any rancor was largely replaced by admiration for the winning trio and a chorus of fawning over Tuktamysheva, who also won gold at the European Championships in the Swedish capital in 2015.

As she basked in the glow of her ladies’ singles glory to the strains of the stand-in Russian anthem, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1, Shcherbakova laughed at the site of the Russian flag almost falling off its stand before organizers adjusted and re-raised it.

“She is an absolute f***ing legend,” one fan emphatically concluded after seeing Tuktamysheva hit two triple Axels in her free skate. “This will go down in history.”

Another said: “There wasn’t a girl who didn’t fall today – that’s why this was a weirdest championship ever.

“But I’m so, so, so happy for Anya Scherbakova and especially for Liza Tuktamysheva, who is an incredible fighter.”

An editor and figure-skating fanatic said that Tuktamysheva’s absence from the podium had been the longest since Britain’s Daphne Walker took silver in Stockholm in 1947.

“The judging was obviously questionable but this is a huge feat for Liza,” they said. “This just doesn’t happen.”

Shcherbakova will turn 17 on Sunday. “I really didn’t think about it before because I was thinking only of my competition,” she replied when asked how she plans to celebrate.

“But maybe we will do something with my coaches. I really want to say thank you to them. It was a really hard season.”
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UFC’s Jon Jones criticized for ‘fragile male ego’ after Khabib Nurmagomedov dig as Russian’s EFC 34 delivers explosive KOs (VIDEO)

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has reignited the argument over whether lightweight great Khabib Nurmagomedov should be considered the greatest UFC fighter of all time, failing to resist having a dig at the Dagestani.

Ever since the Russian lightweight king announced his retirement after stopping Justin Gaethje at UFC 259 in October, Jones has appeared offended by claims that the 29-0 Russian stands above him and the likes of Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva as the greatest mixed martial artist to step foot in the octagon. 

Though the furor had died down in recent weeks, with Jones instead involved in a tit-for-tat with fans of recently-defeated rival Israel Adesanya, UFC president Dana White’s long overdue acceptance of Khabib’s decision before the weekend saw it rise to the surface once more.

Taking to his millions of followers on Instagram Instagram, Jones posted a version of a famous meme with a Khabib-twist, which shows the Russian receiving a gold medal and popping champagne to celebrate his four title defences. 

The last shot showed the grappler on a podium in last place, behind the likes of the aforementioned trio, Demetrious Johnson, Jose Aldo, and Jones’ future heavyweight foe Stipe Miocic in this respect.

“Nothing wrong with going out on top. Enjoy retirement, champ,” read Jones’ bitter caption.

One Twitter user quipped that Jones was “the definition of fragile male ego”. Back in Russia, meanwhile, Khabib’s EFC 34 night provided a pair of explosive KOs.

Valeriy Pak took barely 20 seconds to destroy Artur Arutyunyan, having first knocked him off balance.

Pak then forced a stoppage with a barrage of punches that preceded a series of left and right hooks.

In the co-main event, Jora Ayvazyan demonstrated a ground-and-pound game that Nurmagomedov would be proud, earning a technical knockout victory over Andrey Odinstov.
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Russians boosted precious metal investments during Covid crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a record demand for gold, silver and other precious metals in the Russian capital, state lender Sberbank has revealed.

In Moscow alone, 8,879 ingots of different precious metals with a total weight of 1.162 tons were sold last year, the bank said citing its data. The purchased precious metals were worth more than 1.975 billion rubles (around $ 26.761 million) – that is 2.5 times more compared to investments made in precious metals during the pre-pandemic 2019.

Most of the funds were invested in gold bullion bars. According to Sberbank, Muscovites bought more than 6,000 ingots, weighing 389kg worth 1.89 billion rubles ($ 25.61 million). 
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Silver was the second most popular metal, with investments for 2,400 silver bars with a total weight of 759kg totaling 51.3 million rubles (over $ 695,600). Platinum and palladium attracted 36.4 million rubles ($ 493,500) and 1.1 million rubles ($ 14,900) respectively. 

Meanwhile, the demand for gold and silver coins tripled in 2020 compared to a year earlier. Sberbank sold over 205,917 investment and commemorative coins, weighing 2.5 tons and worth around 6.5 billion rubles (over $ 88 million). Gold and silver coins named ‘Saint George the Victorious’ gained the most popularity among Muscovites. 

Sberbank says that rising financial literacy among Russians as well as the desire to save and boost their assets elevated demand for precious metals. Last year saw gold shining amid market chaos, with bullion prices rising nearly 25 percent. Silver also spiked in 2020, gaining around 50 percent year-on-year.

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