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Samsung brings bigger and better TV features to your desk, just don't tell the boss

So that’s the new hardware but there are also some updates to the software with Samsung boasting that is unveiling a range of new features including TV Plus.

This free service brings access to a swathe of shows and content from platforms including Vivo, CNN, SuperToons TV, Action Movies, Rakuten TV and the Comedy Channel.

Samsung is also launching its Universal Guide as well which offers content recommendations based on an analysis of the user’s preferences and viewing patterns, ensuring fully personalised suggestions on popular apps such as Netflix, Prime Video and more.

Along with these new features owners will also continue to get access to Apple AirPlay, Microsoft 365 applications and Samsung DeX.

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The next update to your Samsung Galaxy Watch will come from Google

Despite Android being the most popular mobile operating system on the planet (there are now 3 billion active Android gadgets in the wild) Google has struggled to translate that success into a successful smartwatch platform. While the rival Apple Watch has become a must-have accessory for a dizzying number of iPhone owners, Google’s Wear OS has languished behind its fruit-flavoured competitor in terms of adoption and features.
However, that could be about to change.

During its annual developer conference, Google IO, the Mountain View-based firm announced a pretty drastic change to its smartwatch software. Google has teamed-up with Samsung, which has enjoyed success with its Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit smartwatch and fitness trackers, to bring its competing wearable software together. Tizen OS, which is used to power Samsung smartwatches, televisions, fridges, and more, will now be able to communicate with Google’s Wear OS.

Like Android smartphones, which are built by a number of different firms but can all communicate, regardless of whether your friends have Samsung-branded smartwatches on their wrist and you have a Google-designed option – you’ll all be able to take part in fitness competitions together, send encouragement in texts, and more.

That means a huge number of new smartwatch owners will suddenly be able to interact with one another, share messages of encouragement, and check each other’s statistics from runs, walks, and swims.

But that’s only half the story. By bringing together its operating systems, Google and Samsung are also making it easier for developers to craft apps for both brand of devices. No longer will Spotify need to build a separate smartwatch app for Wear OS, Tizen OS, and Fitbit. Instead, a single app will be able to work seamlessly with millions of devices from the three popular brands.

Google, which completed its $ 2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit at the start of this year, will allow developers to beam apps to Samsung, any future Google-branded wearables, and Fitbit gadgets with a single click. Likewise, customers who have owned Samsung-branded wearables for years will be able to move to Fitbit without losing any paid-for apps, fitness tracking data, and more.

All in all, it’s great news all around… except that this latest cross-platform version of Wear OS might not be compatible with your ageing smartwatch.

When asked by Google-centric blog 9to5Google about how many of the Wear OS device currently on wrists worldwide will be able to run this shiny new update, a spokesperson for Google said: “We will have more updates to share on timelines once the new version launches later this year.”

Google is kind of dodging the question there, something which immediately raises some eyebrows. Surely, if they were supporting every device …they’d just reassured all of us right now?

Express.co.uk will be keeping an eye on the situation over the coming months. Google usually launches its blockbuster operating system updates in the autumn, so expect to see some the latest-and-greatest Wear OS version sometime before Christmas.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Sony rivals Samsung with a massive update to its 4K TV lineup – here's what's new

The new large-screen Sony TVs going on sale include the 75” and 85” X85J 4K HDR LED, 75” BRAVIA XR X90J Full Array LED and 83” BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A90J 4K HDR OLED TVs.

Some of these televisions, such as the A90J, include a new Cognitive Processor XR tucked behind the screen which the Japanese tech firm reckons will allow its tellies to replicate the way humans see and hear.

That basically means this chip can keep an eye on exactly what’s going on on the screen and adjust the picture accordingly for a more lifelike image.

A lot of televisions from other manufacturers have similar technology, but Sony says that whilst most TVs can detect and analyse certain elements – such as colour and contrast individually – the Cognitive Processor XR can monitor an array of elements all at once, just like our brains.

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Samsung issues urgent warning to all Galaxy owners – check for this Android update NOW

However, not all devices are currently patched with Samsung telling users to check the settings menu to make sure their phone is fully updated and safe from this threat.

“While a number of Samsung devices have already been patched starting in January of 2021, most Samsung devices with an Android Security Patch Level of May 1, 2021 or later, will be considered protected from the disclosed vulnerability,” the firm said in a post on its security page.

“Samsung encourages all users to ensure their devices are updated once the patch becomes available for the devices.”

To make sure your Galaxy phone has the latest software simply head to Settings >Software Update. Here you should find if the phone has any installs pending. If your phone needs an upgrade simply tap “Download and install” to get things underway.

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Samsung blocks all Android updates from some Galaxy smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launched back in April 2017. These handsets were too old to get the latest feature-filled versions of Android for some time, however, Samsung has been updating these devices every quarter with the most important security fixes. That is now coming to an end, Samsung has announced.

That means the Korean tech firm will no longer issue updates to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus – even if new vulnerabilities are discovered by hackers in the last version of the operating system on these handsets.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that will happen. But if it does, you could have a smartphone in your pocket – with banking apps, credit cards, personal text messages, family photos and more stored on its memory – that will remain open to cyber attacks for the rest of its lifetime. That’s really not ideal.

The good news is that anyone who decides to trade in their Galaxy S8 for the latest flagship smartphone series from Samsung will be able to hold onto their new handset for even longer.

When the Galaxy S8 hit the market back in 2017, Samsung promised to release two major Android operating system upgrades for its priciest handsets. Indeed, the Galaxy S8 series enjoyed a bump to Android 8.0 in February 2018, before getting its final major upgrade to Android 9.0 one year later. Since then, it has only received stability, performance and security updates.

Samsung now pledges to update its flagship smartphones to three major Android operating system upgrades.

So, if you buy a Galaxy S21 running Android 11 out of the box today, you’re guaranteed to get all of the exciting new features coming with Android 12 later this year, as well as Android 13 and 14 (as they will presumably be called… unless Google decides to ditch the number branding and return to the dessert names of yore). After that, these handsets will presumably still receive security features every quarter, before switching to a biannual release schedule.

Interestingly, if you still have a Galaxy S8 Active or Galaxy S8 Lite in your pocket, these handsets will continue to receive software updates. The Galaxy S8 Active arrived on store shelves around four months after the Galaxy S8 in August 2017, so will probably receive one final update before it too will be dropped from these updates.

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Galaxy users could be owed money from Samsung, do YOU qualify for the payout?

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Hagens Berman is now inviting any affected Galaxy S20 owners to join in on the class-action lawsuit on their website and said losses experienced due to this problem could be recouped.

Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman and attorney for consumers in the class action, said: “Samsung sold its Galaxy S20 as a high-end option for consumers, with a ‘professional’ grade camera, charging upwards of $ 1,600 per device, only to have them suddenly lose a major aspect of their functionality.

“During a time of social-distancing and increased use of online access, consumers are especially in need of a reliable mobile device, yet Samsung has refused to deliver the reliability it promised its customers.”

Hagens Berman also said that a Samsung Care Ambassador previously addressed the root cause of this issue in a Samsung consumer forum.

The ambassador allegedly said: “This happened to one of our ambassadors. After many complaints about the issue, we found out that it has to do with pressure buildup underneath the glass and not customers banging it against something”.

Own a Galaxy Watch? Samsung just released a very important update

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Samsung is rumoured to be only a few months away from unveiling its next-generation Galaxy Watch, but that doesn’t mean the South Korean company has taken its eye off the ball for current smartwatch owners. The Seoul-based firm has a reputation for keeping older models up-to-date with performance tweaks and – more often than not – brand-new features. In fact, we’ve often wondered whether the company is trying to put off Galaxy Watch owners from stumping up the cash for a newer model as so many shiny new tricks eventually make their way to older hardware.

With its latest software update, Samsung is focusing on the basics. The firm has started to roll out a new operating system update to the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3, known as R80xXXU1FUD1 and R84xXXU1BUD1, respectively. The lowercase x in that software build number will vary between region and based on the model number of your wrist-worn gadget, so don’t worry if it’s not an exact match from what you see on-screen.

These updates are designed to improve Wi-Fi connectivity with these smartwatches.

According to the notes submitted alongside the new software, Samsung hopes the update will improve reliability and stability.

For those who don’t know, while the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 pair with your smartphone over Bluetooth when both gadgets are in close proximity, Wi-Fi is used when they’re a little outside that range. This means that, even if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is charging on your nightstand upstairs – you will still be able to receive text messages, emails, and other important notifications on your wrist downstairs, or even out in the garden.

One million Android users hacked by ‘most sophisticated’ attack ever

If you’ve lost Wi-Fi signal in the past and been unable to see an important call coming in – or missed a text message that needed a quick reply – this could be a crucial update.

Samsung says its new update will also improve Messaging performance. It’s unclear exactly what the issues impacting Messaging were and how this update aims to solve them.

If you own a Galaxy Watch or Watch 3 smartwatch and want to improve the Wi-Fi and Messaging performance, the update is out now. Updates for the smartwatch series are handled via the Galaxy Wearable app. You’ll need to have at least 15 percent charge remaining in your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch 3 before the update can kick-in.

Samsung brings its best Galaxy smartphone features to its Windows 10 laptops

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Samsung has launched a trio of Windows 10-powered laptops inspired by its best-selling Galaxy smartphones. These new portable PCs arrive with a super-slim design, touchscreens, and built-in access superfast downloads when away from Wi-Fi. In fact, with some even offering 5G speeds of over 300Mbps you might prefer connecting to that mobile signal rather than your slow old home broadband.

The most impressive of the range is the new Galaxy Book Pro 360, which is as thin as a flagship smartphone, but still comes packed with enough features to power you through your daily digital tasks.

As the name suggests, the Pro 360 has a flippable screen that transforms it into a tablet and it’s fully compatible with Samsung’s S Pen stylus so you scribble and write without using your finger. It comes in two sizes with the smaller 13.3-inch weighing in at just over 1kg.

If you’re not bothered about that bendy display then there’s also the launch of the Galaxy Book Pro that gets a design that’s even lighter – in fact at just 0.8Kg you might forget it’s even in your bag.

Both the lightweight Galaxy Book Pro and bendable Galaxy Book Pro 360 feature AMOLED screens, which should provide some pretty impressive visual. The displays automatically adapt based on what you are doing, which means Netflix binges will look like a cinema screen, while colours are more realistic when photo editing.

Elsewhere, you’ll also get some dynamic sound from both of these machines, thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos. This provides a more immersive audio experience, Samsung says. You can also link your new Galaxy Book laptop to a Samsung tablet for a dual-screen experience.

If you need to bash out some emails, Samsung has also made some big improvements to its keyboard with better travel, wider keys and quieter design which should stop annoying work colleagues. A larger and more responsive trackpad is also included.

For those endless Zoom calls, there is a new mic system that is able to cancel out background noise making sure you are heard loud and clear.

Another clever feature coming to these devices is something Samsung is calling Intelligent Performance Manager which can adjust the fan inside the case depending on where and when you are using the laptop. Using some clever AI these machines can work out if the laptop is on your lap and make sure things are kept much cooler.

If you’re in a quiet library the PC can run almost silently to make sure you don’t disturb anyone. Samsung is also boasting that its new laptops can survive life on the road and have been tested against drops, temperatures dust and even salt spray should you happen to be working on the beach.

If you need to plug in some accessories you’ll find USB-C ports and a microSD card slot. The Book Pro also adds a USB-A port as well.

If you’re worried about security then Samsung has plenty of advancements to help you keep things safe including a new Secret Screen mode which makes it impossible for the person sat next to you on the train to read what’s on the display.

If someone tries to log in, the new Security Cam will take a snap of them and send it to you via email.

Prices for the Galaxy Book Pro start from £1,099 with the Pro 360 costing £1,199. For those wanting a cheaper option, there’s the standard Galaxy Book which gets a less pixel-packed LCD screen and a less portable design that is thicker and heavier. This laptop will go on sale starting from £699.

“With the Galaxy Book Series – we have addressed some of the wider industry pain points associated with computers – including connectivity, battery and file sharing to give a truly mobile-first experience” said James Kitto, Vice-President of Sales, Samsung UK & Ireland.

“Connecting seamlessly with our Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, we believe the Samsung Galaxy Book Series will future-proof our customers as the UK gradually opens up – providing power, connectivity and portability in the new era of how we work and play”.

LG TVs follow Samsung with 90 extra channels for you to enjoy for FREE

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“We are eager to contribute once again to the disruption of the entertainment industry with this major step on the growth and innovation on Rakuten TV, which aims to enrich our business model and content offer” stated Jacinto Roca, Founder and CEO at Rakuten TV.

“At a time when the entertainment sector is living an unprecedented transformation, and consumption habits are constantly evolving, we are striving to adapt our business model to meet users and advertisers needs at once.”

Rakuten says that users can easily launch the service with a single click through the branded remote-control button or via the pre-installed app on the home screen.

This update isn’t the only good news for telly addicts.

Samsung will reveal its 'most powerful Galaxy device ever' later this week

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Last week might’ve been all about Apple as the US firm revealing a powerful new iPad and redesigned iMac, but this week, it is Samsung’s turn to grab the headlines. The South Korean technology giant is holding a major event on Wednesday, April 28, where it has promised to introduce a mighty new machine.

“Join Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 on April 28 and discover the most powerful Galaxy yet,” Samsung boasts in the invitation to the latest Galaxy Unpacked showcase event, which is shared on its website.

Now, before you get excited about a blisteringly quick new smartphone or wireless earbuds, it’s almost certain that this won’t be a launch to rival the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Buds. Instead, sources with knowledge of Samsung’s plans have claimed the firm will release some new Galaxy-branded laptops with some pretty serious performance.

Nothing has yet been made official, but leaks suggest a total of three Windows 10-powered laptops will be unleashed at the keynote presentation. Rumours are rife that these devices will include a Galaxy Book Go, Galaxy Book Pro, and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

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Top tech tipster, Evan Blass, has recently posted some leaked images which appear to show a laptop with a super-slim design and almost bezel-free screen. There’s also been plenty of speculation about the specs with the Galaxy Book Pro expected to include a stunning OLED screen, fast 11th Gen Intel processor and the option to connect to speedy 5G data without needing to tether the laptop to a phone.

It’s thought the Pro will come in two sizes which will include 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch models. If you fancy something a bit different, it seems the 360 could be the way to go. This as-yet-unannounced laptop looks set to offer a hinged screen that flips over to transform the device into a tablet.

Leaks have also suggested that this laptop will feature an S Pen stylus which should tuck neatly inside its aluminium body. The Galaxy Book Go could be the cheapest of the range and offer portable computing at a more affordable price.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Samsung unveils on Wednesday but it could be an exciting event for those wanting a new Windows 10 laptop. Express.co.uk will be bringing you all the news live from this event so be sure to check back from 3pm on April 28 for all the latest Samsung gossip and releases.