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Just bought a PS5 or Xbox Series X? You'll probably want to invest in this new Samsung TV

If you’ve been one of the lucky few and have managed to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X you might now want to consider buying a new telly. Samsung’s latest Neo QLED TVs were unveiled earlier this year with them arriving in stores this month. Along with a new design and improved screen the Korean firm is boasting that its tellies are the perfect companion for anyone with a next-gen console.
That’s because they the first in the industry to gain a ‘Gaming TV Performance’ Certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) in Germany.

Now, it’s likely that you won’t have heard of VDE but this German company is the only organisation in the world that combines science, standardisation, testing, certification, and application consulting under one umbrella.

This sought-after stamp of approval puts Samsung in pole position when it comes to playing games on the big screen with the Neo QLED televisions praised for their Low Input Lag which refers to the period of time from when an electrical signal is sent from the gamepad to when it is displayed on the screen

A TV with a lower input lag will provide gamers with a more immersive gaming experience.

The Neo QLED also scored well for their High Dynamic Range which has a brightness of higher than 1,000 nits.

This HDR technology is able to make bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker to offer optimised contrast which is again better for playing those top-rated titles.

Along with these features, there are some other treats that might get gamers excited including Wide Game View and Game Bar, both industry firsts, which deliver a broader viewing experience with 21:9 and 32:9, and the ability to quickly check a variety of gaming information.

In addition, Samsung says its 3Neo QLED TVs deliver fast game motion at 120Hz with Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, even during gameplay with fixed UI. Sound has also been enhanced through AI-based surround-sound and object tracking sound (OTS+), delivering the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

Speaking about the new TVs Yonghoon Choi, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said, “An increasing number of gamers look for large screen displays with high-end picture quality when shopping for a TV, and Samsung continues to lead the TV-focused gaming experience.”

If you’re holding off buying a Samsung phone because of the Note 21, we’ve got bad news

Samsung usually launches two new flagship smartphone each year – a new entry in the Galaxy S series within the first few months of the year, followed by an upgraded Galaxy Note in August. The South Korean company has followed this pattern for years now, so avid Samsung fans can plan their purchases to make sure they always get the latest and greatest handset available. However, this year will be different. 
Samsung has confirmed plans to discontinue its Galaxy Note series …for this year. During the 52nd annual shareholders meeting, DJ Koh, co-CEO of Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications division, confirmed that severe shortages of chipsets and clashes with existing Samsung products would make launching a new entry in the Galaxy Note range a little difficult this year. As a result, Samsung has no plans to debut a follow-up to last year’s Galaxy Note 20 anytime soon.

DJ Koh was keen to stress that this doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note series is being put out to pasture permanently. Koh reassured shareholders the Galaxy Note would return next year… although, he caveated that by stressing that its release date might not follow the pattern established in previous years.

Speaking during the shareholders meeting, DJ Koh stated: “Galaxy Note is an important product category to us that has been continuously loved by consumers for the past 10 years in the global market. The S Pen user experience is an area that Samsung’s mobile business has worked harder on than anybody else. Their launch timing may be different, but we will make sure that we don’t let Galaxy Note consumers down.”

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When it launched in late 2011, the Galaxy Note stood-out from the rest of Samsung’s smartphones because of its palm-stretching screen size and S Pen stylus. As time has passed, the screen sizes on all smartphones have gradually increased – and now it’s less common to see a screen size that fits in pockets (or half the population’s hands) than one with the same measurements that caused widespread mockery when the Galaxy Note was revealed on-stage a decade ago.

Elsewhere, Samsung has also brought S Pen support to its Galaxy S series with the launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra earlier this year. Rumours suggest the stylus will also be a key selling point of Samsung’s next folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung seems pretty adamant that none of this means we’ll see the Galaxy Note series quietly shuttered anytime soon, however, it does seem possible that Samsung will merge its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series into a single, non-foldable flagship line of devices, while its pliable phones will take the autumn release date previously held by the Note series.

For the time being, anyone who was holding off for the arrival of the Galaxy Note 21 in August to upgrade their old smartphone will need to wait another 12 months… or should bite the bullet and pick up a Galaxy Fold or Galaxy S series handset instead.