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‘Advanced technology’ Scientist calculates how fast UFOs filmed by US Navy really are

Alien or not, UFOs are zipping around in our skies and the US government has acknowledged as much. On June 25, the US Pentagon...

Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca scientist Dr Green says the jab is ‘pretty much salty water’

"We don't know what's in it," was the argument put forward by the anti-vaxxer, which Dr Green replied: "I know I'm just here in...

German scientist predicted man named 'Elon' would lead humanity to Mars in 1953 book

The Mars Project, written by Wernher Von Braun, seemingly prophesied billionaire Elon Musk’s rise to power - and his multi-planetary ambition. The German rocket...

Prominent Chinese Scientist Failed to Disclose Company Ties in COVID-19 Clinical Trial Paper

One of China's leading scientists in the fight against COVID-19 failed to disclose ties to a pharmaceutical company in a paper stemming from a...

How to live longer: Scientist shares seven habits you need to have to boost longevity

Author This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed Regarding exercise, Steele said: “If you literally don't do any exercise at all, even...

Biden to nominate ocean scientist Rick Spinrad to head NOAA

Author Christopher Flavelle This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News President Biden on Thursday announced he would nominate Rick Spinrad, a professor of oceanography...

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