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Scotland football fan shame as foul-mouthed, anti-English video sparks urgent police probe

Scotland football fan shame as foul-mouthed, anti-English video sparks urgent police probe

During the 14-second clip, a group of men repeatedly sing: “If you hate the f**king English clap your hands”. It was filmed at the Ochilview Bar near Falkirk, Stirlingshire as Scotland marked their opening game with a 2-0 loss to the Czech Republic on Monday.

The majority of the people in the video are wearing Scottish football shirts, while social distancing appeared to go out of the window for others.

Bosses at the pub later blasted the fans’ behaviour as “unacceptable” and said they were “disappointed”.

And while police are “assessing” the footage, others have claimed that the culprits could have breached Scotland’s recently introduced Hate Crime Bill.

The controversial bill – which critics claim could make some private conversations illegal – passed through Holyrood in March.

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“There’s two-tier policing with Rangers fans (whom the SNP detest because they’re mainly pro-UK) condemned for gathering to celebrate their team’s victory just days after Scottish Nationalists applauded anti-UK government protests in Kenmure Street.

“The SNP selectively apply laws, allowing xenophobes free rein, and punishing their enemies.

“For all that the SNP condemn England for voting for Brexit and dragging Scotland out of Europe against its wishes, their nationalist supporters are more parochial and xenophobic than any Little Englander.

“Scottish Nationalists were filmed at the border in hazmat suits yelling f**k off and doing dubious salutes to English cars driving up, with the tacit support of Nicola Sturgeon, who took 48 hours to issue a half-hearted telling off.

“Can you imagine the outrage if English nationalists went to Dover and shouted abuse at people coming from Europe?”

Writing on Facebook, the bar’s owners said: “Yesterday’s behaviour from some (of) our customers was unacceptable!

“A video being posted on another social media platform of singing uncouth songs was not condoned! We are disappointed.

“We are a family run business and never have bad press but after yesterday’s behaviour we have been tarred with the wrong brush.

“As I am sure you remember being asked to stop and the bar was closed after the outburst, to which you were not happy with but after (being) explained to by staff the reason we thought you saw the wrong doing in your ways.

“As a business we do not condone hate speech/songs and we can only promise to ensure that this sort of behaviour will not happen again.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the video which will be assessed by officers.”

The SNP has been contacted for comment.

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China faces ‘national shame’ if Covid lab-leak theory proven – ‘Spells the end’

China faces ‘national shame’ if Covid lab-leak theory proven - ‘Spells the end’

Writing for The Mail on Sunday, Mr Becker attacked scientists who dismissed the theory Covid-19 originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

He said: “Part of the opposition to the lab theory rested on antipathy to Donald Trump and his administration’s campaign against China,” wrote Becker,

“Given a choice between supporting Trump or the Chinese Communist Party, most scientists openly sided with the Chinese.”

In his article, Mr Becker also pointed out China’s history of experiments on animals, which are born with mutated genetics, and the country’s previous laboratory leaks.

He suggested “China has a reputation for recklessly encouraging, or at least tolerating, all kinds of experiments that are not permitted elsewhere in the world”, and also claimed the country’s scientists take “daring” and “unethical” risks.

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Don't End Up on This Artificial Intelligence Hall of Shame

When a person dies in a car crash in the US, data on the incident is typically reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Federal law requires that civilian airplane pilots notify the National Transportation Safety Board of in-flight fires and some other incidents.

The grim registries are intended to give authorities and manufacturers better insights on ways to improve safety. They helped inspire a crowdsourced repository of artificial intelligence incidents aimed at improving safety in much less regulated areas, such as autonomous vehicles and robotics. The AI Incident Database launched late in 2020 and now contains 100 incidents, including #68, the security robot that flopped into a fountain, and #16, in which Google’s photo organizing service tagged Black people as “gorillas.” Think of it as the AI Hall of Shame.

The AI Incident Database is hosted by Partnership on AI, a nonprofit founded by large tech companies to research the downsides of the technology. The roll of dishonor was started by Sean McGregor, who works as a machine learning engineer at voice processor startup Syntiant. He says it’s needed because AI allows machines to intervene more directly in people’s lives, but the culture of software engineering does not encourage safety.

“Often I’ll speak with my fellow engineers and they’ll have an idea that is quite smart, but you need to say ‘Have you thought about how you’re making a dystopia?’” McGregor says. He hopes the incident database can work as both a carrot and stick on tech companies, by providing a form of public accountability that encourages companies to stay off the list, while helping engineering teams craft AI deployments less likely to go wrong.

The database uses a broad definition of an AI incident as a “situation in which AI systems caused, or nearly caused, real-world harm.” The first entry in the database collects accusations that YouTube Kids displayed adult content, including sexually explicit language. The most recent, #100, concerns a glitch in a French welfare system that can incorrectly determine people owe the state money. In between there are autonomous vehicle crashes, like Uber’s fatal incident in 2018, and wrongful arrests due to failures of automatic translation or facial recognition.

Anyone can submit an item to the catalog of AI calamity. McGregor approves additions for now and has a sizable backlog to process but hopes eventually the database will become self-sustaining and an open source project with its own community and curation process. One of his favorite incidents is an AI blooper by a face-recognition-powered jaywalking-detection system in Ningbo, China, which incorrectly accused a woman whose face appeared in an ad on the side of a bus.

The 100 incidents logged so far include 16 involving Google, more than any other company. Amazon has seven, and Microsoft two.  “We are aware of the database and fully support the partnership’s mission and aims in publishing the database,” Amazon said in a statement. “Earning and maintaining the trust of our customers is our highest priority, and we have designed rigorous processes to continuously improve our services and customers’ experiences.” Google and Microsoft did not respond to requests for comment.

Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology is trying to make the database more powerful. Entries are currently based on media reports, such as incident 79, which cites WIRED reporting on an algorithm for estimating kidney function that by design rates Black patients’ disease as less severe. Georgetown students are working to create a companion database that includes details of an incident, such as whether the harm was intentional or not, and whether the problem algorithm acted autonomously or with human input.

Helen Toner, director of strategy at CSET, says that exercise is informing research on the potential risks of AI accidents. She also believes the database shows how it might be a good idea for lawmakers or regulators eyeing AI rules to consider mandating some form of incident reporting, similar to that for aviation.

EU and US officials have shown growing interest in regulating AI, but the technology is so varied and broadly applied that crafting clear rules that won’t be quickly outdated is a daunting task. Recent draft proposals from the EU were accused variously of overreach, techno-illiteracy, and being full of loopholes. Toner says requiring reporting of AI accidents could help ground policy discussions. “I think it would be wise for those to be accompanied by feedback from the real world on what we are trying to prevent and what kinds of things are going wrong,” she says.

Author: Tom Simonite
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More shame for boxing as Floyd Mayweather threatens to kill Jake Paul

More shame for boxing as Floyd Mayweather threatens to kill Jake Paul

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul says he was hit by “one of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards” in an almighty scrap that saw icon Mayweather threaten to “kill you, motherf*cker”, reacting after the yob stole his hat during a face-off.

Even by the standards of master trash-talkers Mayweather and Paul, few would have expected the colossal scrap that ensued after the upstart pulled a stunt on the revered veteran as they exchanged barbs during the promotional event for the 44-year-old’s farcical fight on June 6 against Paul’s brother, Logan.

Approaching his sibling’s notoriously short-tempered rival at the vast Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, provocative Paul whispered to the camera that he was planning to pinch one of Mayweather’s famously expensive garments from the renowned fashion fanatic.

“I’m going to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat,” confided Paul in a pledge that had all the hallmarks of a scripted stand-off more worthy of wrestling than boxing. “I’ll let you know how it goes.”

If the incendiary incident was planned, few could have predicted the immense scale of the skirmish that followed, with Mayweather barking at Paul while attempting to land blows on him in a confusing frenzy of attempted violence that carried on indoors and through at least one corridor in a blur of brawling.

Cameras struggled to keep up with the dizzying dust-up, making it increasingly hard to keep up with exactly where the pair were and who was involved.

A supremely proud man, Mayweather could be heard repeatedly accusing the 24-year-old of disrespect while threatening to “kill” the “motherf*cker”.

“Honestly – have had three easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action,” Paul said on social media afterwards, referencing his victories over pitifully poor opponents in his boxing career so far, most recently trouncing ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren in two novelty encounters.

“One of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye. Respect.”

Matters were less physical but arguably more poisonous inside the stadium, where Logan Paul brought his record of one fight, one defeat – against fellow YouTuber KSI – to the stage as he towered over the relatively diminutive Mayweather.

The unbeaten 50-fight fighter called Paul his “grandchild” and offered to fight both brothers on the same night, which he could likely do with confidence given the ease with which he has disposed of established fighters during his decorated career.

Evoking a shocking misjudgement by Paul when he filmed himself with friends telling jokes next to what appeared to be a dead body in a forest in Japan in 2017, Mayweather, who has a huge audience in Japan and held a lucrative fight there, told him: “I know what you did in Japan.”

In a tasteless response, Paul fired back by telling Mayweather that he knew “what you did to your wife” – a likely reference to Mayweather’s history of charges for domestic violence, which have included a brief jail sentence.

Jake Paul, meanwhile, portrayed himself with a torn shirt, looking into the camera to laugh “got your f*cking hat” before touting baseball caps that were already on sale online, branded with the words “gotcha hat”.

It came across as emblematic of the money-making mismatch that the main event will undoubtedly be, and a dispiriting validation of scenes that even a showboater of Mayweather’s standards should have had the sense to steer clear of.

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Premier League talking points: Liverpool rebuild, Arsenal's Emery shame, Spurs get Spursy

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Premier League talking points: Liverpool rebuild, Arsenal's Emery shame, Spurs get Spursy

Matthew Dunn rounds up the latest Premier League talking points in his weekly column with Liverpool potentially set to help see their successors crowned, Brighton still not out of danger, Leicester good for Champions League and Klopp to escape with a top four place as Tottenham go all Spursy. 


Safe to say now it was a double celebration for Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday as hours before their Carabao Cup final success any last doubts that they would not win the league were killed off.

Now the race looks set to be finished mathematically next week. Manchester City will beat Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Saturday lunch-time and then finally Liverpool get to have a say in the title race – by crowning their successors.

A win for Liverpool against Manchester United at Old Trafford next Sunday would not only restore some belief at the end of an absolute head-scratcher of a season for Jurgen Klopp’s team, but it would put City finally over the line.

Then a serious reinvention needs to begin at Anfield if they are to match the standards Pep Guardiola has re-established in recent months.


It was an embarrassing own goal in all senses of the word. When Bernd Leno let the ball through his legs on Friday night, he put Arsenal in the worst position known to mankind.

Bumping into your ex knowing your life is worse now than it was when you parted.

Unai Emery was sacked when the Gunners were eighth in November 2019 and a win against Everton would have had Mikel Arteta’s side clinging on to the same position.

Instead, they are 10th – a position that highlights their lack of direction and makes a mockery of their ‘Super League’ credentials.

Still, as any acne-infected teenager will tell you, it would have been even worse if they had been Spotified.


The thought of a combination of Sam Allardyce and gathering momentum is totally frightening. However, when Keinan Davis’s injury time strike denied West Brom their third win in four matches, their survival battle was effectively ended.

Burnley’s emphatic win at Wolves eased fears that they were on the brink so now it is just up to Fulham to pull off the shock.

They will have had 13 days to prepare to face a Chelsea side locked in the middle of a Champions League upset, so Saturday could be a big chance to put the cat among the pigeons.

Brighton, by contrast, seem to be running through treacle. For all their positive football and well-regarded philosophies, they have struggled to keep in front of the bottom three.

The one win more they realistically need cannot come soon enough.

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Chelsea star Timo Werner fires Real Madrid warning before semi-final


Just when the fixture list feels like it cannot get any more convoluted, Leicester are suddenly involved in the only two Premier League fixtures this midweek.

Not only is it a chance to catch up their game in hand on the others chasing Champions League places against Palace, but they get to steal a march on those rivals when they play Southampton on Friday before anybody else kicks a ball in anger.

A big six team would claim a big six points. Leicester can show they are more worthy of the name than some others that have been bandying it about last weekend.


Undoubtedly the biggest talking point from here on in is who finishes in those top-four places and qualifies for the Champions League.

The two Manchester clubs are a given.

And having gone through the remaining fixtures one-by-one, lining up behind them will be…

Leicester 67pts, Liverpool 65 pts, Tottenham 65 pts, Chelsea 64 pts, West Ham 64pts, Everton 61 pts.

Chelsea get bogged down with other interests and Liverpool pip Tottenham on goal difference after Harry Kane and co once again go all Spursy and lose at Leicester on the final day of the season.

‘Shame that fight won't happen’: Fans dream of fantasy Khabib-Usman match-up as Nigerian takes step towards GOAT status

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‘Shame that fight won't happen’: Fans dream of fantasy Khabib-Usman match-up as Nigerian takes step towards GOAT status

The unexpected retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov may have robbed fight fans of a monumental showdown between the undefeated Russian and Kamaru Usman, who took another step towards welterweight GOAT status at UFC 261.

Usman has now won 14 straight fights in the talent-rich welterweight fold, one more than Nurmagomedov claimed in his entire UFC career – and after ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ enhanced his glowing reputation even further with his second round knockout of Jorge Masvidal in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday night, some fans have been left wondering what might have transpired had Khabib not pursued his retirement papers.

Also on rt.com Kamaru Usman OBLITERATES Jorge Masvidal with massive KO in welterweight title clash at UFC 261 (VIDEO)

Nurmagomedov first announced that he was stepping away from the cage following last year’s title defence against Justin Gaethje, and resisted Dana White’s unceasing campaign designed to tempt the then-UFC lightweight champion to reverse his decision. 

A glimmer of hope for White, as well as Nurmagomedov’s extended fanbase, came when rumors once again raised their head of a potential fight with fellow UFC icon Georges St-Pierre – but those now appear dead in the water. 

However, with Usman now confirmed to be the greatest welterweight fighter in the sport – and GSP’s true successor at 170lbs – some fans have been left wondering what might have been.

Makes me laugh the way [Khabib] has been retired for 6+ months, but still trends when the UFC is on,” wrote one fan on social media. “Remember that Usman once said: ‘I would never fight Khabib, that’s my brother. It’s just a mutual respect’. Let Khabib be and just enjoy the new P4P king!

“Usman clearly the best in the world right now while Khabib is the undisputed GOAT. Shame that fight won’t happen,” added another.

ESPN’s UFC insider Ariel Helwani also co-signed Usman’s claims that he is the greatest pound-for-pound (active) fighter on the planet.

Usman says he’s the best P4P fighter on the planet,” wrote Helwani. “With Khabib retired, I think you can make a very, very strong case for that argument.”

While Nurmagomedov’s retirement appears set in stone, he had long signalled an interest in challenging himself against St-Pierre – the greatest fighter in welterweight history. 

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However, with Usman now occupying the role of the clear, standout 170lbs competitor in the world one wonders if Khabib may have been a little premature the declaration central to his retirement: there were no challenges left which truly interested him.

Both Usman and Khabib are managed by Dominance MMA head Ali Abdelaziz too – the man who was central to arranging a fight between Khabib and another of his clients, Gaethje, last year.

And one wonders if this might be enough evidence for White to restart his campaign of persuasion. 

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‘Shame it’s not like this with racism’: Premier League stars break silence on Super League as Klopp admits he knew nothing (VIDEO)

‘Shame it’s not like this with racism’: Premier League stars break silence on Super League as Klopp admits he knew nothing (VIDEO)

Jurgen Klopp said he was told on Sunday about Liverpool’s plans to join the European Super League (ESL), claiming his squad had copped an unfair backlash as two players spoke out strongly against the controversial proposals.

Liverpool endured a frosty reception at Leeds for their Premier League game on Monday night, where their midtable opponents wore t-shirts with slogans reading “football is for the fans” following the shock news that the Reds are one of five English clubs to break away from established competitions to form a new multi-billion dollar league.

Klopp said his players had been challenged by members of the public, and Leeds players also wore a slogan reading “earn it” – a reference to the idea that the competition will largely dispense with qualification on merit. Banners were also seen in the stands while a plane brandishing a banner flew over Elland Road.

“I heard about it for the first time yesterday,” admitted Klopp in terse post-match remarks to Sky Sports in which he also denied rumors that he will resign over the issue and said he felt responsible for the relationship the club has with its largely outraged fans.

“We got some information – it’s not a lot, to be honest. It’s a tough one. I cannot say a lot more about it because we were not involved in any processes, not the players nor me.

“We didn’t know about it. We knew since yesterday, like you, about it. I know all the talk and I don’t like it as well.

“Don’t forget that we have nothing to do with it. People should not forget that you’re dealing with human beings.”

“We are in the same situation as you: we got the information and then we had to play football. It’s not my decision. I will try to sort it somehow.”

Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw after a late equalizer in a match that was preceded by home boss Marcelo Bielsa making a wider point about greed in society.

“It shouldn’t surprise us,” he told the BBC. “In all walks of life, the powerful look after their own and don’t worry about the rest of us.

“In the search for higher economic earnings, they forget about the rest. The powerful are more rich and the weak are poorer. It doesn’t do good to football in general.

“There are a lot of structures that should have prevented these forces from coming. Sincerely, I am not surprised because in all walks of life the same thing happens. So why wouldn’t it happen in football?”

England stalwart James Milner looked uncomfortable as he spoke about the saga but did not hold back in offering his opinion.

“I don’t like it and hopefully it doesn’t happen,” the veteran responded. “I can only imagine what’s been said about it and probably agree with most of it.

“When it broke, yesterday, was the first we heard of it. The players have no say, so the welcome we got to the ground tonight felt a bit unjust. We’re here to play football.”

The many critics of the concept, which has enlisted 12 clubs initially, would also have been buoyed by Leeds top scorer Patrick Bamford’s eloquent appraisal.

“It’s amazing, the amount of opera that comes into the game when somebody’s pockets are being hurt,” the striker smiled.

“It’s a shame it’s not like it with all the things that are going wrong at the minute, racism and stuff like that.

“We’ve just seen pretty much what everyone else has seen on Twitter and stuff. We’re like fans, really, and everybody else: talking about it, can’t believe it and we’re in shock.
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“I haven’t seen one football fan who’s happy about the decision. Without the fans, every single club would be pretty much nothing.”

Liverpool are likely to be banned from the Premier League and Champions League next season if their participation in the ESL goes ahead.

“If you thought, what could make the year worse? All that happened, the pandemic, all the injuries, other stuff and then that [the ESL] came up,” Klopp rued to 5 Live Sport. “Another challenge… but we’ll get through somehow.”
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‘You should hang your heads in shame’: Cycling bigwigs’ ‘disgrace’ after ousting star who dared to lob fans a water bottle (VIDEO)

‘You should hang your heads in shame’: Cycling bigwigs’ ‘disgrace’ after ousting star who dared to lob fans a water bottle (VIDEO)

Rule-makers at cycling world governing body the UCI have been ridiculed and drawn an angry reaction after Michael Schar was shockingly disqualified from top event the Tour of Flanders for throwing his water bottle towards fans.

The Swiss AGR2 star was competing in the showdown in Belgium when he was deemed to have broken rules by harmlessly throwing his bidon into the cheering crowds, appearing to do so as a way of giving the recipient a keepsake.

Allowed to continue through a lengthy chase and two changes of bike, the jury eventually pulled Schar over and told him to stop racing.

Rather than being eliminated for bad conduct towards bystanders, though, his afternoon was ended for littering.

“I thought it was a joke but Michael Schar really has been DSQ for throwing a bottle to the fans,” one angry fan wrote in a Twitter rant aimed at racing bigwigs. “Absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Shame, UCI.

“Please make it clear, UCI. Throwing stuff in open nature should be forbidden, not throwing to the fans.

“Yesterday, one of the guys who finished on the podium in [the] GP Indurain threw away his gel in the ditch [with] no people around live on TV and you did nothing.”

A seemingly cooler reply asked: “Is it really a littering thing or is it a Covid thing? Throwing a bottle to fans in a pandemic would be a bit of a risk, wouldn’t it?”

“Life is a risk,” came the snappy answer.

“If the UCI cares so much about ecology, they should reduce the amount of vehicles following the race instead [of] disqualifying a cyclist for throwing a bottle towards a fan,” pointed out a punter.

“It’s ridiculous,” scoffed another.

Schar’s bizarre dismissal is the consequence of an update to UCI rules which came in at the start of the month.

From now on, ranking points can be docked if riders “jettison” objects including “food, bonk-bags, feeding bottles, clothes, etc” in any area except newly designated litter zones.
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