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Time runs short for eligible students to get coronavirus vaccine before school year starts


Tuesday is the last day for Columbia Public Schools and Moberly Public Schools students to receive the first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine if they want to be fully vaccinated by the first day of school on Aug. 24.

The Pfizer vaccine, which is the only COVID-19 vaccination approved for people younger than 18, requires two doses 21 days apart. Two weeks after the final dose, a person is considered fully vaccinated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective at preventing coronavirus after two doses of the vaccine and if the individual didn’t previously have the virus.

The Pfizer vaccine is only approved for students 12 or older, so elementary-age students are not eligible. That means in CPS, more than 8,000 students could start the year unvaccinated because of their age, based on last school year’s enrollment.

Last year’s first day enrollment numbers at CPS showed 8,411 elementary students, which is 45.7% of the 18,413 total number of students enrolled. First-day enrollment numbers last year were lower than usual because of parental concerns about COVID-19.

John Potter, who has three children enrolled in CPS ages 6, 9 and 12, said his children won’t be getting vaccinated because they already have natural antibodies and he wants to wait for more research to be done on the vaccine.

“I just think there’s a lot of unknowns, especially with children because they just haven’t had as long of time as they have with adults,” Porter said.

On July 12, CPS updated guidelines for its summer school students. CPS now requires students 11 years old and younger to wear masks in the classroom. Potter said this change in rules led him to take his two youngest children out of in-person summer school.

“One of the main reasons my kids are in public school is so they can interact and socialize with people in the community. And I think the masks really hamper that,” Potter said.

Check back for updates to this developing story and watch ABC 17 News at 5 and 6.

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Helen Skelton hits out at backlash from viewers over her short skirts ‘I don’t have time!’

Helen continued: “I think anybody who works in telly would find it very difficult how to say no to it.”

Despite her hint, Helen appears to be fully booked up.

She explained: “I’m in the middle of filming two series for Channel Four and this live series for Channel Five and I’ve got this National Grid podcast starting next which is 12 months of me kind of exploring the nation’s clean and green energy.

“To be honest, I’m chock-a-block full at the minute and I’m kind of really excited about the podcast.”

Discussing the podcast that has seen her become a judge for National Grid’s Voices for a Green future competition, she said: “It’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do before, but when National Grid approached me about doing this, I was like ‘yeah, I mean that’s kind of a bit different’.

“It’s a chance to kind of really get out and find out about how many green energy sources you know this country is already using, we’ve come so far in terms of moving away from fossil fuels and I don’t think people realise it.”

Author: Daniel Bird
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Primary Day in New York: Rain, Short Lines and a New Kind of Ballot

It appeared ranked choice was having an unusual effect on some New Yorkers: They were civil. Political rancor had no place on the street corner, the two volunteers agreed — particularly when voters could select both of the candidates.

“Be rude?” Mr. Bruce said. “Who, moi?”

On the pavement outside of a polling place in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, Evelyn Yang, the wife of Andrew Yang, a candidate for mayor, was making her own ranked choice, of sorts: In chalk, she wrote her husband’s name on the concrete — just above a chalk doodle in support of Kathryn Garcia, one of his rivals. Over the weekend, the pair of opponents had formed an alliance and campaigned together.

“I love ranked-choice voting; I think it should be the future, not just here in New York City but around the country,” Mr. Yang said. “In some cases that might require a little more time to tabulate the results. But every vote should be counted, and I’m willing to be patient.”

“New Yorkers are not a very patient lot,” Mr. Yang said with a laugh.

Not everyone agrees: Eric Adams, the presumed front-runner, has criticized the ranked-choice system and said that Mr. Yang’s alliance with Ms. Garcia, though a typical tactic in such elections, was intended to dilute Black voting power.

After voting at Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School in Williamsburg, Vismar Dominguez, 40, was heading with his godsons to Zeff’s Pizzeria across the street to celebrate. He was hopeful about his preferred candidates’ chances, but said he felt like the ranked-choice voting was a waste of time.

“I think it’s useless because I only wanted to vote for the guy I wanted,” Mr. Dominguez said. “Before it would have taken me two minutes to vote. That took me 10, and it felt pointless.”

As Josh Klinski, 43, a grant writer, left P.S. 84 José de Diego in Brooklyn, he said he felt good about his choices for mayor — but utterly mystified at the actual tallying process.

Author: Sarah Maslin Nir
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What a comeback: Manuel wins at trials, Adrian falls short

After announcing she’d been diagnosed with overtraining syndrome, Simone Manuel punched her ticket to Tokyo with a win in the 50-meter freestyle Sunday.

OMAHA, Neb. — Simone Manuel is going back to the Olympics.

Days after revealing she was diagnosed with overtraining syndrome, Manuel brought the crowd to its feet on the final night of the U.S. Olympic swimming trials with a thrilling victory in the 50-meter freestyle Sunday.

The first Black woman to capture an individual gold medal in swimming, Manuel’s hopes were on the ropes after she failed to even qualify for the final of the 100 free, the event she won five years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

But Manuel bounced back from that disappointment to win the chaotic sprint from one end of the pool to the other in 24.29 seconds.

She edged Abbey Weitzeil, who already had locked up her spot on the team with a victory in the 100 free, by one-hundredth of a second.

While Manuel earned a trip to Tokyo, Nathan Adrian’s bid for a fourth Olympics came up short when he finished third in the men’s 50 free.

Caeleb Dressel tied his American record with another dominating performance, touching about a half-body length ahead of Michael Andrew in 21.04.

Andrew earned his third individual event at the Olympics with a time of 21.48, with Adrian next at 21.73.

Dressel hopped on the lane rope and splashed the water, while a smiling Adrian came over to congratulate the successor to Michael Phelps as America’s biggest male swimming star.

The 32-year-old Adrian beat testicular cancer and arrived at Omaha as a new father. He hoped to make his fourth Olympics, but the eight-time medalist failed to qualify for the final of the 100 free and came up just short in the 50.

The two shortest races of the trials were followed by the final event of the eight-day meet, the men’s 1,500 free.

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There's A New Pokétoon Short, And It's Bloody Gorgeous

You may remember Pokétoon from this exact time last year, when Scraggy and Mimikkyu appeared in 1930s rubber hose style, reminiscent of the early Disney cartoons (and Cuphead, of course). You may have also worried that we’d never see another one… but Pokétoon is back, baby!

The newest Pokétoon is made by Studio Colorido, who also made the rather beautiful Twilight Wings Pokémon series. It stars a young girl who dreams of being a champion, and features lovely details like a Pidgey Cuckoo Clock, a big, fat old pet Charizard, and a lil baby Nidoran that almost gets eaten by an Arbok.

The story itself is about the young girl bonding with that lil baby Nidoran — at least, until his parents, Nidoqueen and Nidoking, turn up. We get a bit of lore about the confusing Nidofamily, and although it’s entirely in Japanese, you can either turn on the translated subtitles, or just get a general sense of the story from watching without. Warning: you might cry.

It’s far from the first inventive use of different art styles that the Pokémon Kids channel has used — there’s also an incredibly adorable puppet show with Pikachu and friends, and another Pokétoon (released earlier this week) that’s all about Kung Fu Panda Martial Arts Pancham. If you’ve got a kid (or you really love watching brightly-coloured videos) then you may also enjoy this non-verbal Pokéjam, featuring Snoms on buckets.

We’re pretty envious of kids right now, to be honest.

Slowpoke - Pokétoon

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ARK Patch Notes: Short list for ARK Genesis Part 2 update on PS4 and Xbox One

The launch of the final ARK Genesis DLC has been completed today, and while gamers can expect plenty of updates in the future to help fix bugs and other issues, this looks to be the final story instalment.

Things will continue into ARK 2, but ARK Genesis Part 2 looks set to be the last major update for the current game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Studio Wildcard has provided some concise patch notes for today’s ARK Survival Evolved expansion, complete with listed changes in other areas.

These latest update notes will appear pretty thin for those who are already exploring Genesis Part 2, but it should be noted that they are mostly focused on changes made outside of the new expansion.

A complete list of ARK patch notes released today by Studio Wildcard can be found below:

  • Genesis Part 2 is now available! (For unofficial hosts, the map name is Gen2)

  • Epic Settings bumped up further for improved visuals

  • Added a “Allow Enanched Max View Distance Mode” checkbox to settings

  • Added a “Reset Cinematics & Cosmetic Items” button to settings to enable a one-time playing of cinematics/receiving your cosmetics again.

  • Copy Dino Settings to nearby Dinos adding to Multi Use wheel on Creatures

  • Multiple Ferox bug fixes in various game modes (dedicated, non-dedicated, and single player)

  • Fixed an exploit with MEKs

  • Fixed an exploit with Managarmr

  • Ferox will now display stats for both of its forms

  • Enforcer can now climb walls by holding down shift (similar to Bloodstalker)

  • Cryofridge is now paintable

  • Player Taxidermies now support hairstyles

  • TEK Helmet multiuse wheel has been moved on keyboard to R

  • Training Dummy updated to support equipping armour so more precise DPS can be identified

  • Multiple holes, meshes, volume, floating folliage fixes across all platforms.

  • New player whistle “All Passive Flee”

  • New Server Configurations:

Further highlights from this week’s ARK Genesis DLC release can be found below:

Biome Variants – Some old friends will be making a reappearance in Genesis Part 2 — here’s an early look at our GEN-R variants, which include new versions of many previous expansions’ creatures!

Net Projectile – When a normal bola isn’t doing the job, in comes the net projectile. Using the net projectile with a harpoon, you’ll be able to net larger creatures.

TEK GEAR – Secure your base in Genesis Part 2 with the Remote Camera Security System. Issue commands, view, and communicate all from a remote location. You can even use them to spy-on and communicate with your enemies!

Void Wyrm – The silhouette might read as a wyvern but these mechanical sentries are nothing of the sort. Be careful when you’re out exploring, Voidwyrm does not take well to interlopers!

Jar of Pitch – If you’re going on a siege, you’ll definitely want something that can leave an impact. The Jar of Pitch allows you to do just that by leaving an impact area covered in flames.

Astrodelphis – Curious and inquisitive, the swift Astrodelphis may look like the cetaceans that once swam in Earth’s oceans but this variation had loftier dreams and made an interstellar home amongst the stars, evolving unique traits.

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Lisa Shaw dead: BBC Radio presenter dies at 44 after short illness

BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw has died at the age of 44, her family has confirmed. The presenter was known for her mid-morning show as tributes have begun pouring in.
The BBC shared a statement from Lisa’s family earlier today announcing the news.

This read: “We are all completely heartbroken, in disbelief, numb, and saddened, that there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that will never, ever be filled.

“We are so grateful for the time that we have had with her, and there are so many happy memories that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.

“She was the best wife and mammy, sister, daughter, aunty, friend and colleague that anyone could hope for.

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“She loved connecting every day with the wonderful people of the North East, and it gives us great comfort to know how many lives she was an integral part of every single day.

“We’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support we have received at such a difficult time, reinforcing how deeply cherished she was by so many people. We will love and miss her, always.”

Lisa was from County Durham and studied at Bournemouth University.

She began her career working for the North East commercial stations Century Radio and Real Radio.

Here, she won the Sony Gold Award for breakfast show of the year.

She then continued her career at Metro Radio and Heart.

Lisa had joined the BBC radio station back in 2016 as a daytime presenter.

BBC Radio Newcastle also paid tribute to the presenter on their Twitter account.

They wrote: “We are so sorry and saddened to share with you that after a short illness our beautiful colleague Lisa Shaw has died.

“Everyone at the station is devastated and thinking about Lisa’s lovely family.

“She was a brilliant presenter, a wonderful friend and a loving wife and mum.”

Many of Lisa’s colleagues have also begun paying their respects.

Head of BBC Local Radio Chris Burns said: “Lisa was a talented presenter who had already achieved a lot and would have achieved much more.”

BBC Radio Newcastle’s executive editor Rik Martin said the station were “devastated and thinking about Lisa’s lovely family”.

He added: “She was a trusted colleague, a brilliant presenter, a wonderful friend, and a loving wife and mum.

“She loved being on the radio and was loved by our audiences.

“We’ve lost someone special who meant a great deal to a great many people.”

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Austin FC comes up short to LA Galaxy, loses second straight match

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin FC had chances but the team just couldn’t capitalize in Saturday’s 2-0 loss to the LA Galaxy.

It’s the club’s second straight loss, and second straight match in which they failed to score a goal.

The LA Galaxy scored their first goal in the 35th minute, courtesy of Sebastian Lletget. The play resulted in an injury to Hector Jimenez when he tried to stop Lletget on the attack.

The Galaxy added another goal late in the second half, courtesy of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, in the 77th minute.

An area that was glaring for Wolff was the club’s lack of energy, he felt that they should’ve been sharper throughout the entire match, particularly, in the first half.

“We just weren’t moving in our typical manner, in and around the penalty box, getting behind the line,” Wolff said. “I think the energy level was off, our running was off, the dynamic wasn’t its normal self, and we’ll have to look into that.”

This is the fifth match of an eight match stretch in which Austin FC will be on the road, and it seems to be taking a toll on the team.

“It’s tough, it is that’s just the way it is, the games are going to keep coming and it’s not going to get any easier,” Matt Besler said. “I think for the most part, we can be happy and proud of where we’re at right now, we’ve managed to get six points through five games and we’ve just got to keep going, we’ve got to continue to get points when we can.”

Austin FC continues its eight-game road trip to start the season next Sunday, May 23 at Nashville SC. The match is scheduled to begin at 8pm.

CW Austin TV home for regional coverage of Austin FC

The CW Austin, KNVA, will be the television home for Austin FC soccer for both the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The channel will air a majority of Austin FC’s regional telecasts for the next two years.

Author: Jonathan Thomas
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Denver Beer Co. falls $999,993,870 short of fundraising goal to buy Rockies

The money raised will instead go to a charity that helps hospitality workers affected by the pandemic.

DENVER — So maybe raising $ 1 billion to buy a Major League Baseball team was too lofty a goal for a local brewery.
But that’s exactly what Denver Beer Co. set out to do when they launched an effort at the beginning of the season to raise enough money to make a serious bid to buy the Colorado Rockies.
Responding to fan frustration over the direction of the franchise in recent years, the craft brewery invited Rockies fans to contribute to the cause through a GoFundMe page.
>The video above is about the launch of the fundraiser.
“We know Rockies fans are frustrated,” Berger said in a video shared on YouTube Friday, so let’s bring the team back to the city, to the fans. Let’s go buy it away from [Charlie Monfort] and give ourselves a chance at winning baseball in the city.”
But as of the May 1 deadline, the grand total was $ 6,130 — exactly $ 999,993,870 short of the goal.
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Undaunted by the shortcoming, Denver Beer Co. vowed on their Facebook page  Friday to make an official offer to Rockies ownership with the amount raised.
If they are unsuccessful, the brewer said it will contribute the proceeds to the Colorado Restaurant Foundation’s Angel Relief Fund, which helps hospitality workers who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.
RELATED: Jeff Bridich steps down as Rockies executive vice president and general manager
“Either way, you’re helping our community,” the Facebook post said. 
The Rockies are currently in last place in the National League West. Their lackluster performance has led to the resignation of executive vice president and general manager Jeff Bridich, who is infamous for trading away star third baseman Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitcher Austin Gomber and four minor league prospects during the offseason. The Rockies also gave the Cardinals $ 51 million in the transaction.
The move was widely regarded as not nearly enough compensation for the perennial All-Star. 
According to FanGraphs, the Rockies are projected to lose 95 games this year.
9NEWS has reached out to the Rockies for comment.

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How to stop acid reflux at night – the 5 steps to short and long-term relief

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Over the counter medication

Those dealing with stubborn reflux can pursue over the counter treatment.

People can find several at their local pharmacy, including traditional antacids, which neutralise stomach acids.

H2 receptor blockers (or sci-fi sounding proton pump inhibitors) block or reduce stomach acid production.

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