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Four-day week: Iceland trial of shorter hours on same salary prompts UK demand on Twitter

The trials took place between 2015 and 2019 and saw workers paid the same for shorter hours. The results showed productivity either remained the same or even improved.

The trial run by Reykjavík city council alongside the Icelandic national government included one percent of the working population cutting their work week from 40 hours to 35-36 hours.

Workers reported feeling less stressed and their work-life balance improved.

People have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the trial.

“We’re still using a working week model from the 19th Century despite 21st Century technology and productivity. It’s time to update how we work,” a user from the UK said.

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“Five days on and two off is a massive imbalance. Four on and three off would be much better,” a user from the UK said.

One user from the US said: “Once again reminded that a three day weekend/four day work week would do amazing things for our collective well being.”

Another from the US wrote: “Yet another, ‘DUH! We’ve been saying this for decades now!'”

“It’s time to make the three-day weekend permanent. Nothing will be lost except a lot of misery,” a third user from the US wrote.

Will Stronge, director of research at Autonomy, told the BBC: “This study shows that the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector was by all measures an overwhelming success.

“It shows that the public sector is ripe for being a pioneer of shorter working weeks – and lessons can be learned for other governments.

“Iceland has taken a big step towards the four-day working week, providing a great real-life example for local councils and those in the UK public sector considering implementing it here in the UK.”

Last year, a poll conducted by Survaton found that 63 percent of the British public support shifting to a four-day work week with no pay reduction.

The poll found that only 12 percent were against the idea.

Following the success of the trial, around 86 percent of the workers in Iceland started to negotiate contracts with permanently shorter hours.

Gudmundur D Haraldsson, a researcher at the Association for Sustainability and Democracy, said: “The Icelandic shorter working week journey tells us that not only is it possible to work less in modern times, but that progressive change is possible too.

“Our roadmap to a shorter working week in the public sector should be of interest to anyone who wishes to see working hours reduced.”

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Carol Vorderman speaks out on battling pain due to one leg being shorter than the other

In view of her 463,000 followers, she penned: “Morning gang. Walked 10 miles to kick off the @pcbigwalk as #TeamCaptain for @ProstateCymr.

“Little secret…one leg is 5mm longer than the other (most people have this but don’t realise), so I put an orthotic in one trainer to stop knee problems. It works. I’m defo weird.”(sic)

Carol accompanied the tweet with a video as she explained she has to wear an orthopadeic heel wedge.

“So, I had one of those put in,” she explained, referring to the insole.

Author: Michelle Marshall
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Zack Snyder's Justice League run time: Is the UK run time shorter than the USA?

Zack Snyder’s new cut of Justice League has got fans very excited about the future of the franchise. The film has already had much better reviews than the 2017 movie, and some are even calling for a sequel. The run time is much longer than most films, and some UK fans have worried they are getting a raw deal.

Is the UK run time for the Snyder Cut different than the USA?

UK fans of the DCEU on Twitter have been concerned they are not getting their full dose of Justice League.

This is because the run time on the UK and USA versions is different, as listed on their relative streaming platform.

One Twitter user asked: “NowTV lists Zack Snyder’s Justice League as 3 hours and 50 minutes in the UK not the promised 4 hours and 1 minutes on HBO Max.

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No scenes have been left out of the two versions, but the change in length is all to do with technology.

PAL, a TV encoding system, runs at 25 frames per second compared to the usual 24 frames per second which many would be used to.

Essentially, the change in frame rate means a film broadcast here would play four percent faster, meaning the length looks to be cut.

Given the film is just over four hours, four percent of that would roughly land at around the 10 to 12 minute mark, meaning this change is perfectly understandable.


Zack’s version of the film does in fact include more in it than previous versions, given the 2017 Justice League was a mere two hours.

Zack brought back cast members to reshoot, as well as adding scenes which were previously left out.

For example, Darkseid and DeSaad were not revealed in the Justice League movie from 2017, despite being mentioned by Steppenwolf.

DeSaad’s scenes were cut from the theatrical cut, but fans have had the chance to see him in deleted scenes.

The pair will make their feature debut in the Snyder Cut, played by Ray Porter and Peter Guinness respectively.

As well as that, the film was controversial thanks to the reintroduction of Jared Leto’s Joker, who was not included in the first version.

This has left fans theorising about what this could mean for the franchise, and especially given the polarising nature of The Joker and his omission from the Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey.

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and some other cast members returned to film some extra shots, albeit remotely, but most of the changes in this film are around special effects and additions in that way.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available to stream on NOW and Sky Cinema now