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Big cat ‘sighting’: CCTV captures suspected beast ‘walking like a lion’ several times

Housing manager Pauline Jones told The Leader she watched the footage several times on her laptop.

She insisted the creature, which she describes as “walking like a lion”, is too big to be a domestic cat.

She told the outlet: “It’s quite difficult because the camera that it is on has mesh around it.

“At first I couldn’t make out what it was so I transferred it from my phone to my laptop.

“I thought there’s no way that’s a cat, it must be somebody’s dog – but if you look at its tail and the way it is walking there is no way it is a dog.

“When you look at him or her walking it has a different gait to a domestic cat, the way it lifts its paws is more like a dog, they are bigger and heavier.”

Author: Dylan Donnelly
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Experts say UFO sighting over Indonesian volcano did come from space – but was it alien?

Mr Song just happened to get extremely lucky when he photographed it over Mount Merapi.

Speaking to CNN Indonesia, he said his camera’s shutter speed was set to four seconds, which explains why he managed to capture the shooting star – long shutter speeds cause moving objects to streak.

When meteors crash into the atmosphere they disintegrate and can leave behind colourful streaks of light – shooting stars.

In this case, LAPAN said there were two active meteor showers at the time the photo was taken.

A translated statement posted on the agency’s website reads: “The flash of light that is visually not too big and coupled with the absence of an explosion, it is estimated that the meteor that falls is not too large, at least the size of a pebble and may burn up in the atmosphere.”

Author: Sebastian Kettley
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UFO sighting over Utah: Bizarre light formation is 'cloaked alien craft' claims ET hunter

The outrageous claim was put forward by Scott C Waring, a self-titled UFO expert and host of the blog UFOSightingsDaily.com.

Mr Waring is a staunch believer in extraterrestrial phenomena and is convinced aliens are living among us, hidden in plain sight.

He has previously called on SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk to retrieve from the Moon what he believes is the carcass of a crashed UFO.

The conspiracy theorist has also claimed to have found evidence of ET activity on Mars in pictures snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Commenting on the Utah UFO on his blog, Mr Waring bizarrely claimed the four lights are indicative of a single alien craft using some sort of cloaking technology.

He said: “Wow this video is amazing! Those lights in the sky remind me of the famous Phoenix Lights UFO incident long ago.

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UFO sighting over Texas sparks concern as 'mind-blowing' object ominously floats in sky

A man can also be heard in the video saying: “No idea what that is. Is it going down, or it is going…

A child is also heard in the background saying it looks like a spaceship, while someone else suggests it looks like a “parachute opening”.

Despite the more obvious and plausible explanations suggested, UFO hunter Scott C Waring believes the video footage could be of the real deal.

Mr Waring runs the popular UFO blog UFOSightingsDaily.com, where he frequently shares bizarre clips and pictures of supposed ET phenomena – many of which are too farfetched to be taken seriously.

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UFO sighting: Alien hunters believe they have spotted a UFO over London

The object in the sky appeared to move in circles, leaving witnesses stunned. One witness claimed the object looked like it was a ball of fire that hovered in circles. In a video and statement submitted to the UFO investigation network MUFON, the camera person was amazed by what they were seeing.

The statement said: “I was walking down the Talgarth Road in Kensington. It was snowing and so as you could imagine, I wasn’t exactly looking up.

“I do have excellent peripheral vision though. Somehow, I caught a glimpse of bright orange from the top right side of the sky.

“As I focused, I noticed that it was a huge, fire – bright orange orb.

“It was moving forward but also spinning in very tight circles.

“I grabbed for my phone and was only able to record it as it was heading away. I do have almost two minutes of video.

“My camera definitely doesn’t do the brightness of the orb any justice.

“But it was as bright as fire and definitely not something that we use for any type of flight system.”

While there is no official explanation for the sighting, there is likely a logical explanation for it.

For example, the UFO could be a drone. Another possibility is that it could simply be a helicopter monitoring the capital city.

Astronomer Chris Impey, from the University of Arizona, said most UFOs have “mundane” explanations.

He argued there are billions of objects in the space near Earth which are more than likely the inspiration for supposed UFO sightings.

He wrote in The Conversation: “Most UFOs have mundane explanations.

“Over half can be attributed to meteors, fireballs and the planet Venus. Such bright objects are familiar to astronomers but are often not recognised by members of the public.”

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UFO sighting over Florida leads to underwater alien base claims

Beachgoers in Florida were stunned to see what appeared to be a UFO travelling through the skies. The object in question looks as if it is perfectly spherical and pitch black. It hovers in a straight line, barely moving off course along the horizon.

A witness statement accompanying a video uploaded to UFO investigation network MUFON claimed the object suddenly disappeared.

The statement said: “Object flew west to east and disappeared about 500 feet above the ocean.

“Object suddenly appeared flew by for a couple of minutes and then disappeared.”

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring Waring caught uploaded it to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily.

Mr Waring claimed UFOs have the ability to travel to sub-ocean bases.

He did not offer any explanation as to how, however.

The conspiracy theorist wrote: “The clip is 1 min and 12 seconds and shows a craft tilting slightly and seems to be a UFO in a thick almost pentagon shaped craft.

“The object was seen during sunset and flew over the ocean and suddenly disappeared from sight.

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While there is no proof that UFOs are here, the sightings and claims from conspiracy theorists can lead to bigger questions.

Chris Impey, university distinguished professor of astronomy at University of Arizona, wrote for The Conversation: “While UFOs continue to swirl in the popular culture, scientists are trying to answer the big question that is raised by UFOs: Are we alone?

“Astronomers have discovered over 4,000 exoplanets, or planets orbiting other stars, a number that doubles every two years.

“Some of these exoplanets are considered habitable since they are close to the Earth’s mass and at the right distance from their stars to have water on their surfaces.

“The nearest of these habitable planets are less than 20 light years away, in our cosmic ‘back yard’.

“Extrapolating from these results leads to a projection of 300 million habitable worlds in our galaxy.

“Each of these Earth-like planets is a potential biological experiment, and there have been billions of years since they formed for life to develop and for intelligence and technology to emerge. Astronomers are very confident there is life beyond the Earth.

“As astronomer and ace exoplanet-hunter Geoff Marcy, puts it, ‘The universe is apparently bulging at the seams with the ingredients of biology’.”

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Big 'cat' spotted: 'Jet black' beast sighting at train station in new suspected encounter

Cathy Fox claimed she saw the big cat in Prestatyn, North Wales on May 1. She was in the passenger seat of a car when she saw a creature with “small ears and a long tail” lurking in the bushes near the railway line.

Ms Fox described the creature she spotted as a “jet black, huge, cat-like animal”, according to the Rhyl Journal.

She reported the sighting to Puma Watch North Wales, and said: “I was in Prestatyn on Saturday afternoon and saw a jet black huge cat-like animal, small ears long tail, in the growth at the side of the train tracks.

“It was at Prestatyn train station I was a passenger in the car as we drove over the bridge over the tracks I saw it in the undergrowth.

“I’ve reported it to the police.”

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It marks the latest suspected big cat sighting in North Wales. Earlier this month, a couple said they saw a creature running alongside the A5104 near Llandegla.

Alexandra Williams said she and her husband saw a “huge black cat running across a field” while driving into Llandegla from Flintshire.

She added: “It was definitely a big cat and we can only assume it was a puma.”

In April, there were four separate sightings of a creature described as a big cat along the A5 between Chirk and Oswestry.

Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch North Wales, told the Rhyl Journal he had asked police to confirm the report.

Tony said: “Earlier this year, footprints of a suspected big cat were found in nearby Dyserth and also in hills above Meliden. There have also been multiple sightings a few miles along the coast in the Talacre area.

“Big cats such as pumas are solitary with a hunting range of dozens of miles.

“They’re mostly spotted in Snowdonia and the Clwydian hills but reports of sightings in urban locations some distance from these areas are becoming more frequent.”


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UFO sighting: Alien hunter claims to have '100% proof' of flying saucers over Florida

The person said: “Hmmm, so what’s the reason you sat on these for so long? Is it because of Occams razor? The easiest possibility is most likely to be the correct one?

“To me, the obvious candidate is rain droplets caught by the camera.

“But I too could be wrong for I wasn’t there to see one of these at the time the photos were taken either…”

There might be no telling what caused the UFOs – debris, raindrops or software glitches – but it is highly unlikely these are genuine UFOs.

But there is a well-understood psychological phenomenon that could explain Mr Waring’s interpretation of the images: pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a peculiar trick of the mind that causes people to see recognisable shapes and patterns where there are none.

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UFO sighting: Leaked footage shows 14 'crafts' swarm US Navy boat ahead of Pentagon report

Newly-released UFO footage shows as many as 14 apparent ‘flying crafts’ swarm the US Navy’s USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego, California. The new 46-second clip was posted on Twitter by documentary-maker Jeremy Corbell, who said it was taken from the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019. The incident appears to verify a previous video also released by Mr Corbell of the same incident.
That video showed what appeared to be spherical objects hovering above the ocean before descending below the water.

On Thursday, Mr Corbell tweeted: “2019 – US Navy warships were swarmed by UFOs; here’s the RADAR footage that shows that.

“Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019.

“This is corroborative electro-optic data demonstrating a significant UFO event series in a warning area off San Diego.”

JUST IN: Former MoD insider says ‘maybe we’re about to get answers’ on aliens

In response to the footage, a Pentagon spokesperson told NBC: “I can confirm that the video you sent was taken by Navy personnel, and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations. I have no further information on it for you.”

In the released clip, a radar screen is shown with several objects moving around the Navy ship.

Some of the UFOs are recorded as flying as fast as 160mph.

At one point, an unidentified man is heard saying: “138 knots. Holy f***! They’re moving fast.”

In March, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe admitted that American government had evidence of known craft that can break the sound barrier without a sonic boom and perform manoeuvres impossible with human technology.

Speaking after the release of the new video, Mr Corbell revealed that other mysterious incidents took place off the coast of San Diego across the same time period in July, 2019.

He told the website Mystery Wire: “On the other ships, they had different things that happened.

“So some were just like lights that did figure-eights and patterns and 90 degree turns. Others were like a different colour light, like red.”

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UFO sighting over US Navy ship USS Omaha is borderline 'act of WAR' says MoD insider

On the other hand, Mr Pope said the reports might shed new light on the technological advancements of America’s adversaries.

And though there is no guarantee the leaked UFO sightings are indeed aliens, the expert said they are nevertheless concerning.

Mr Pope investigated UFO reports for the British Government in the 1990s to assess whether they posed any threat to Britain’s safety.

Known to some as the British Fox Mulder, he appeared on Fox Business to discuss the latest leak.

He said: “Well I don’t know for sure what we’re looking at but it’s nothing short of sensational and it’s extremely concerning.

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